The BlizzCon Costume Contest Returns

The BlizzCon Costume Contest Returns

The costumes featured at the BlizzCon 2011 Costume Contest were absolutely spectacular. It was incredibly difficult for our judges to narrow down all the entries to just three winners from a field of such stunning contestants. If you missed that truly impressive display of cosplaying talent, don’t fret — the contest isn’t over yet!

We’re giving 20 contestants we weren’t able to recognize at BlizzCon a second chance at sartorial glory, by offering you a chance to vote on your favorites. We’ve added images of each contestant to a brand-new Costume Contest Voting Gallery. Each contestant’s picture is marked with a number. That’s where you come in; just make note of the number belonging to your favorite costume, then head over to our poll to cast your vote.

The costumes that earn the most votes will earn a chance at some impressive loot, including cash prizes of $1,000, $750, and $500. Runners-up will receive a SteelSeries prize package that includes 5H V2 Headphones, a 7G Keyboard, and an Ikari Optical Mouse or a World of Warcraft virtual pet package that includes Lil' Ragnaros, Moonkin Hatchling, Lil' K.T., Pandaren Monk, and Lil' XT.

Voting ends on November 18 so cast your vote soon! Please be sure to read the contest rules for details.

Costume Contestant Voting Gallery


Vote for your favorite BlizzCon 2011 Costume Contestant By Number!


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ended - 28-Nov-2011

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