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Developer Live Stream Interview w/ Archon the Wizard

Developer Live Stream Interview w/ Archon the Wizard

Last Wednesday, game designers Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day joined Archon the Wizard in his anniversary stream on Twitch to chat about the game, address some popular community topics, and answer questions live from viewers.

In case you weren't able to tune in on May 15, you can still catch the full discussion below. There's about 4 hours worth of content, so (in the words of Deckard Cain)...stay awhile and listen.

(Warning: videos contain mature language.)

Thank you to Archon the Wizard for hosting this chat, and to everyone who stopped by to watch and ask questions!

Looking for a write-up of the stream? Be sure to head on over to Diablo IncGamers for a recap (courtesy of Flux) or check out this extensive transcript provided by diablo.somepage.com.

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