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Because more than sure people will have more than one Hero created, and with the shared stash, there will be any Heirloom items (WoW style) that will level with you all the way to max lvl?
Like reach with a hero inferno, upgrade your blacksmith to the max level there and he can do a heirloom item for a second char you want to progress or something.
Good idea? Bad idea?

Heirloom items (if i dont mistake) are blue stats items of the curent level you are, that level with you, so equiped with 4-5 of those items you can go till inferno with no worries.
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They already have items like those in D2
exmaple armor has 100 + 300 (bases on char lvl) for a char of lvl 60
those are sort of like heirlooms there are unieks that have those but also lower quality
dunno if they want to do that for D3 though
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As the Diablo games are defined by the loot hunt more than any other feature, I highly doubt this would work. It would make playing the game so much less interesting if you didn't have to worry about finding items levelling up, that it would defeat the main objective! :)

The shared stash already lets you store items to use on your alts ready and waiting for various levels, so I don't think this would add anything into the game :)

Even this way, you would look forward to those breakpoint levels when you could equip that next awesome piece of gear :D
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NO!!! but if you stash each and every legendary/set item, you will have plenty of gear for your next character to use :)
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The idea of heirlooms in D3 it's verry "sick" if we wanna use those kind of items (+ x% more XP) .We will loss (again, just like in Wow) the real feeling of leveling a new class and everything will be a rushed.
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Yeah no.
Not something I would want (this isn't WoW).
Having items which scale with your level would be contradictory to the item hunting which Diablo is about.

NO!!! but if you stash each and every legendary/set item, you will have plenty of gear for your next character to use :)

I agree, since items have no Binding to your characters, you can pretty much leave any good gear you find in your shared stash for your lower level characters to use. No need for heirlooms.

If you were specifically hoping to have this for the +% XP then don't despair, it is an attribute which magical items can roll afaik (I may be wrong). So just collect those items and plop them in the stash.
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Please NO Heirlooms in Diablo 3 - that will clearly ruin the game, the leveling process - everything.
Keep heirlooms in WoW ! :)
Leave D3 Heirloom free
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plz rember this is a rpg hack and slash game not a mmo rpg game the ide behinde herlooms is to get a char up to participate in raids, endgame content and dungons ect. moste mmo's real content starts at max lvl.
thats not the case with hack and slash games

a big part of diablo 2 is going true the game finding gear and kill alot of monster and you dont rely whant "special" items that you never replace and speeds you true that.
and i think d3 will be the same.
well thats my opinion
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the idea of hierlooms, is to rushing through the bordom of leveling up in a mmo. The problem is just that leveling isn't boring in an ARPG. So it sounds silly to bring those items over. Leave them to the mmo players.
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i vote for NO heirlooms cos then we lose the fun of lvling a new char,even in wow with full heirlooms the lvling seems pointless ,feels like we better ding 1-85 instant why bother lvling up
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