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Beta is public?

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i hope it still works after ifinish work
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is this the official link?

Beta client: us.media.battle.net.edgesuite.net/downloads/d3-installers/4de82d80-ddeb-4e61-80ae-b4e8817f54b0/Diablo-III-Beta-enUS-Setup.exe

Yes. I am in Beta and can confirm that is the official Blizzard download link for the beta.

Here are all the downloadlinks:

English (US):














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Downloading the client now. This better still work when my download is finished.

And if Blizz did this on purpose, then thaaank you! Really want to see Diablo 3 in person.
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is there a EU client you can play on?
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So... Is it common that it sorta gets stuck at like 60%?

Edit: The setup, that is.
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Doesn't work... Americas wants me to create a BattleTag, europe gives me 3003. !@#$ this.
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18/04/2012 12:13Posted by Khalanei
is there a EU client you can play on?

Not sure what you mean. French and German are the EU clients. However, there are only north american servers live right now. So connect to the american server with whichever client version you prefer and have fun.
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I imagine servers will crash with everyone bum-rushing the back door ^^
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Tested this and works.

18/04/2012 12:15Posted by ArgInsekt
Doesn't work... Americas wants me to create a BattleTag, europe gives me 3003. !@#$ this.

Go to your battle.net account page and simply set a battle.tag. It does not require anything.
EU & Asia servers are down, so we'll have to use America.
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This is absolutely.................................................. DAMN IM SO FKING HAPPY!!

I am probably the most unlucky man ever . Every beta key giveout , the Nvidia giveout , contests , twitter stuff , Facebook beta giveaway .. i have missed , or was not selected , or both above. But now! I , ME , play the game , and i am so happy , and i gotta say to blizz... THIS GAME ROOOOCKS!!!


Edit : Also , dunno if this is an error or something , but i barely managed to log in to the forums , also it seems that when i try to select Auction House , it says that i need to be connected even if i am connected.

Some weeks ago a guy asked if D3 can be played with a crappy connection. I have a mobile internet and i tryed to see if i can play the beta with 500 latency. The game is playable , there are some delays (1 second max) , sometimes the game freezes and i died , but that happened only once (people flooding the servers , might happen).

Anyway , i managed to kill the SK at lvl 8 (lol) and i gotta say ,the game is absolutely briliant , the game runs smooth on high , looks cool and all that , gameplay which is preety cool , addicting and all that ... THANK YOU BLIZZARD!!!
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I can play beta with my account and i never got into beta in the first place
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OMFG ! You guys better not be troling :O...

Installing the client as fast as i can :D

FINNALY ! I hope iam in time to test beta :D

This gotta be the slowest download EEEEVERR ! lol

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18/04/2012 12:15Posted by ArgInsekt
Doesn't work... Americas wants me to create a BattleTag, europe gives me 3003. !@#$ this.

You have to create a BattleTag. Just do it, it does not hurt ;-)
18/04/2012 12:15Posted by Zeke
So... Is it common that it sorta gets stuck at like 60%?

Yes. if nothing happens for 15 minutes, open your task manager and kill the beta client and the agent.exe. then try again. had to do this 4 times before i could play...
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Do you guys think they made it open beta and didnt tell us anything yet ? :D
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Ah, working now, !@#$ YEAH :DD:D:
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Grrrr, it still better work when I get home from work! Otherwise I'll be sad panda, ;< as they say...
The fact is this. With beta you can get a hold on all classes, making up your mind BEFORE they go live. This saves you a considerable amount of time and energy!

Also it allows you to 'race' past the first 40 or so minutes... as you are accustomed to the game and your class :)
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18/04/2012 12:23Posted by Zotesh
Do you guys think they made it open beta and didnt tell us anything yet ? :D

I believe they are either preparing the free trial version of Diablo III for launch or they are setting up the international servers for stress testing in the near future. Or both, who knows. An official word will surely follow.
Yay! Finally! :)
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