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2 handed and dual wield barbarian?

does anybody use it? i tried but it sucks BIG time :s (and the 2 handed weapons i find rarely have just a bit more damage then the 1 handed i find)

dual wield just takes the damage from 1 weapon

so in both cases you lose the shield (+ it's defence) and gain... nothing kind of blows (or am i overlooking something here??)
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orly i had no idea it was only damage from 1 weapon does that include weapon speed also?
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This is bothering me too. I apparently don't understand the actual calculation of the damage. Could anyone shed light on this?
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same here. I have not found a single two handed weapon that has been able to compete with dual wielded weapons. Most of the ones I find have lower DPS! I'm only just past the torture chambers of Leoric, but can anybody tell if it gets better in that regard? I really liked the idea of my barb using a two hander, but right now it's seemingly not worth it.
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You have to remember that 2h weapons will hit a higher initial damage, and the only reason dual wielding shows more damage in the stats is because their attack speed, so they hit less but faster.

Either is good, i prefer 2h so i can be all HULK SMASH.
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Keep in mind this is not a WoW raid, so overall DPS is not the most important thing. 2h weapons hit a LOT harder, they're just slower and that's why you may see less overall DPS being shown.

2h weapons will also make your skills hit like a truck.
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i have a lvl 24 2 handed axe for my barbarian with 55 strength, 79 vitality, 2-4 holy dmg, 34 life per kill and a socket. That axe hits like a truck \o/
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If I get a 2h that's on par with the 1h i'm finding, i'll be using 2h for sure. Clear through mobs so much faster with a 2h imo. Only really used a 2h for 1 act so far as i'm finding realy crap versions of them!
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as a 29 barb i had my try with the 1h + shield and 2 hands. i notice a hige difference.
the highest dps 1H i find are usually daggers and the dps of 2H sux. so this got me thinking.

he biggest dif is in the skill dmg. using a 2H over a dagger nearly doubles the dmg of my seismic slam.

what i think (doesnt mean its true) is the following:
DPS is calculated by weapon dmg x attack speed + crit and other stuff. 2H have a bad speed which makes the overall dps lower to the fast weaps. but the weapon dmg where skill dmg is based on is way higher.

so the smaller your weapon the more dmg u do with auto attacks but less with skills.
the bigger your weapon the more dmg u do with skills and less with auto attacks.
duo wielding is sort of in between (1h with double stats and a 1.15 attack speed bonus).

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Also, note that, if you are using cleave, most 2H weapons have a wider AOE than 1H. But generally I have the same problems with the most. I lose 10 dps (from 75 to 65) when I use my 2-handed than dual wielding.
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lvl 28 atm and I've used 2-hander since level 3. Love it! Though unlike someone said above, you don't hit like a truck... YOU HIT LIKE CHUCK NORRIS WIELDING ANOTHER CHUCK NORRIS!!
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Stick to 2H before the skills are normalized for something like 1.2 speed.
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im lvl 38 now and found that for survival a shield is a must, with my 2h vengeance procs once or twice but with shield it procs a tonne...you lose the 1.8k crits but gain the ability to spend your monies on something other than repairs, also off topic any1 else noticed that the rares that drop are alot lower than your current lvl?

im almost 50 now..and if you dont stack vit and use a shield you die...welcome to hell
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im only lvl 17, ive been switching between dual wield and 2h, both very good
2h hits harder dual wield attack faster. realy not much diffrence
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I have been using a 2h since lvl 3
Im lvl 33 now and im still cleaving through those hordes with a smile on my face
A smile covered in blood.
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I have found that given my set up i enjoy dual wielding more it allows me to enter and exit combat faster granted that 1 handed are way faster then a 2 handed also allows to switch targets faster and generate rage faster. also to i use ignore pain skill with the rune that heals you for 20 percent of the damage you deal now with 1 handed weapons i'm hitting a lot faster healing myself a lot quicker during the duration of that spell which has saved my life countless times. Then come inferno if your in a group or not i would have different gear sets as an option both 2h and 1 handed weapons for boss fights or just certain rare mobs you run into.
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I killed diablo with 2h build , and im farming act 4 easily with this build stats . if i can help you with this im glad . no more tank ! i was have tank build and gear 42 block etc . and i sell all my items and i go for 2h dps .


and my stats : http://postimage.org/image/j4xnijpsr/

and achv : http://postimage.org/image/kf548gfa3/
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If you have ever played eve online, you will know that Alpha is everything. DPS only matters if our enemy lasts a long long time. Take it this way.

The first big hit of your weapon is instantaneous and has no cool down what so ever. Then you wait and hit again. In a two swing fight, the DPS of any weapon is DOUBLE what its stated dps is.

Any time there is travel time between hits that is as long as the weapons swing rate, this takes effect. So 2 handed, high alpha weapons are awesome for raw swinging for interrmittent creatures.

The second aspect is that your powers are one hit deals. They also sometimes avoid weapon cooldowns. So they are going to give you more of this alpha-strike effect. So if seismic slam, and revenge and overpower are all based off the damage of a SINGLE SWING of my weapon, then I want that damage as high as possible.

High Alpha increases DPS in short fights.
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I used the sword and shield at first thinking i would need a shield but if you have all your equipment with high Strength and Vitality (with certain attributes like + 23 Vit after each hit) that helps you defeat the big bosses without using a shield, so don't be afraid to use the 2 handed weapons, the big hammer kills like a beast but i just got the Pledge of Caldeum - Legendary Polearm and it works awesome, btw im on level 31!
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wouldnt a great skill like level 70 for next xpac passive skill be something like the warriors titans grip in wow if so MASSIVE GG PWNAGE.....omg......if that was the case dual wielding skorns AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
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