Diablo® III

Error 3006

Fixing this !@#$ anytime soon?
Same problem. Wanted to swap my shield with the templar... Error 3006.
Same issue, thought I got it while joining a public game.
Last blizzard response was four hours ago, rather weak?
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oh come on .. i played demon hunter try public game get dc from game and error 3006 fix it pls
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how long will this last?
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Blizzard, Are you here? ........................
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flush dns dosent work
hoping my ce will arive soon, maybe that will fix it for me....
fix problem by flushdns dosn`t work. give me another way to fix it
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2 day to go work! i will no sleep! please fix log in :(
when is tha patch!?
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I think inmortals need siege mode.
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This is bul!@#$. First servers are up after an hour from ,,release", next server are full so u can type like idiot pass maybe u got luck and enter.
After an hour with login problem, play 1-2h and get dc error 3006 and game will not start again.
THIS IS BUL%^-* !!!
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Flocosul, Do you think templar need stimpack?
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I would hit that templar in the face if I could log in
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I was playing my barbarian, had the same problem with the templar + shield trading. Seriously WHAT THE !@#$ blizzard? How can you release a game with such a gamebreaking (account-breaking actually, cuz you can't even play on another character) bug??? This totally blows my mind. I stayed up tonight and called in sick for nothing, thanks for nothing.. bunch of amateurs.

i would'n't have expected after all these years of development something like this doesn't get noticed. FAIL
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Have this bug too.

Hope our mourning will not pass unnoticed
Same problem, different way to get it:

I tried to join a public game and it just kept loading.
After I restarted the game, I can't log in now.
Shows error 3006 after "loading heros" has the green check mark.
Was a wizard, lvl 9 or 10, german client.

same happend to me, was playing witch doctor (english client)

realy the same story to me...

wd lvl 10, english client
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I didnt trade any shield with templar. Just got a very long ,,LF game" and i alt f4.
When i tryed to enter d3 again i get error 3006.

Blizz u faild hard, this was suposed to be one of the hell launch of one of the hell game, but u faild hard. And worst of this is that u dont give a !@#$. U got ur money now what we can do ?! W8 like idiots, makeing post on forums and QQ like a bunch of kids.
Gj Blizz , i didnt expect less.
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Blizzard launched the game in a ALPHA phase.
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