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achievements bugged.

85 Blood Elf Paladin
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my lvl13 wizard has some bugs, im pretty sure i have a templar, but it doesnt show in the achievements, even gold looted is still at 0/10000, i've already slained king leoric, but still no achievemnts.

can anyone help?
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85 Undead Rogue
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Similar issue. Done the criteria for several achievements, not a single one awarded yet.
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I lost almost all my achevments after relog. Hope it'll be fixed.
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Same here, i dont get a singel achivment after i disconnected 4 hours ago, didnt notice befor i reached act 2
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I'm in act 2 at level 18 with 0 achievements.
Not even one achievement.
Defnitely bugged.
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85 Orc Death Knight
Posts: 20
I have another issue....i passed normal difficulty and went to nightmare then decided to wait for a friend and redo some bosses in order to obtain more achievements and what I found out later is that all my achievements were missing besides the ones i did .....
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Posts: 2
same here amidst act 2 zero achievements. did the campaigns coop and my friends got all the achievements. any solution?
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I too keep loosing my achievement everytime I relog. Before I had 110 Achievement Points and now after relogging I have 70. Several of the Story ones are missing after they were earned.
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82 Worgen Warlock
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I've also had this. Relogged and a while later I noticed I was missing all of my achievements but 2. Many of them I can't earn again, such as "To the Smithy!" and "Level 10". This is terrible.

I contacted support. I hope they can do something about it...
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same here,very frustrating,blizzard come on,you can do better than this...
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30 Night Elf Rogue
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Same here, playing my Demonhunter for 5 hours now and not 1 achievements yet while my real id friends on their Wizards keep getting achievs.

Please investigate and fix it asap, don't wanna be level 20+ soon and not have any achievement -_-
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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im level 12 and i didint get even single achi
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
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Ran through act 1 3times this morning going for all the lore books, was missing only like 7 from all of act 1... Got to act 2 and lag kicked in so i relogged (client restart), now first thing i notice when logging back in is that i just got an achievement that i swear i got like 9hours ago - not slept yet and ive been achievement 'whoring' as i go along to get the most out of every act then to see it whiped clean has completely demolized me into redoing it :(
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97 Blood Elf Warlock
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Several people lore books I have on my list aren't shown as complete in my achievements. For example: I have all of Lachdanan's scrolls, but part 5 doesn't show up as completed for "A Quick Study".
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90 Draenei Shaman
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achievements do seem bugged, completed act one and did not get the achievement, in fact, it did only track the very first qeust.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Posts: 66
just finished the game under normal, still no achievements, any clues blizzard?
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