Diablo® III

Cull the Weak

Anyone has any idea how does this passive ability work?


It's stated that the damage is increased against slowed enemies. Does it include the root effect too? What about stun and immobilize?
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Just spam frost arrow and everything is slowed and taking extra damage because of the passive from the next frost arrows.
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I use it with rapid fire and the rune for slow.
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I take it for bosses and use Icy Elemental arrow works like wonder.
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Does it increase everyones damage ingame? I guess not right?
But it does work with other peoples slow, like the wizards blizz?
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it boosts only your damage but doesnt matter who slows it
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I used it with Scoundrel multishot + slow because frost damage wasn't that great.
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HI, I want to give feedback, that it's a little too weak:
If you have the choice between
Cull the weak and Archery - both give 15% more damage (given you are using a bow)
So it's obvious that you will always take Archery before Cull the weak. I think having a condition: (here) enemy must be slowed, should result in a little higher bonus. Like 20%.
Edited by ffFiend#2900 on 24/08/2012 22:09 BST
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