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Farming gear vs farming money

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Hi everyone,
I am wondering whats better, should I farm mobs for the gear or is it just better to focus on farming money and buying the gear from AH afterwards? Or is it actually the same thing?
anyways anyone can give me some tips whats most proficient way to make money (besides selling items in AH) and whats best place/boss to farm for gear?
Also is it proficient to farm Whimsyshire considering the cost?
talking about hell/inf dif. btw
thank your for any input
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I've farmed whimsyhire on both normal, nightmare and hell.

on normal, it takes me roughly 15 minutes to run through the map. I average about 15k gold.
on nightmare, it takes me roughly 20 minutes to run through the map. I average about 20k gold.
on hell, it takes me friggin ages to solo it... 30 minutes minimum. I average about 25-30k gold.

this does not include decent rare's and selling them in the AH.
however, I've only found 1 legendary. currently its in AH and a bid of 100k on it.
that was on Hell mode btw.

However, since its so rare to get a really decent item that can make some decent money in AH (I consider 50k+ decent), Ive found Gold farming to be better.

I run Nightmare Act 3. from beginning to end (light torch towers all the way to killing azmodan). this run takes me just under 1 hour 45 minutes.
I kill almost everything, explore any caves etc I find but i don't waste time.
Ive run this 4 times today, and I started with 210k, and now I have 1.4million.
Ive found 2 items worthy of the AH, which have both been sold for 35k each.

other than that, just pure gold and selling all items found to the merchants or salvaging magic/rare's etc.

as I'm level 60, I have the valor. with 5 stacks, I have 210% Gold Find and 152% Magic Find.

i think its working nicely to farm act 3. but others might have other opinions.
in the end, its 100% down to you.
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thx for the reply, so 1.2 milion in 7 hours, not bad...so ure using complete farm gear with gold/magic find? How much would it cost me to get it from AH aprox? Also want to ask, r u leveling your blacksmith artisan? Is it worth it? I upgraded him so far to lvl 6 but then i stopped cos it was sucking all my money and the items there are just random and I found it better to just buy w/e I need from AH
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Blacksmith helps you get endgame gear, once you've got the plans to drop. This is the point where gold has little meaning anymore - you just want better items. So you can turn all the countless random blues/yellows into the type you actually want.

Before that he's mostly useful if you don't like trading/using the AH.
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Now I dont understand that at all...when blacksmith craft an item for you (blue or yellow), it gives random abilities, unless u got recipe for legendary/set items which arent rly best end games items at all...or am I missing something? My question was rather if its better to farm mobs to find the best yellow items or just to farm pure money and then buy the best items in AH...with better I meant time efficient
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personally, id rather farm gold, while also collecting materials to make weapons later on.

but for now, until some sort of stability is given from blizzard regarding the random attributes on different weapon grades, I'm not wasting any money on crafting.
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As long as you can craft bows with +str and +int on them, it's not worth wasting your money on some yellow crap. Blizz needs to change that to a somewhat useful stat pool based on the item. I mean, there still could be +10 thorns or +20 bleed damage over 3 sec. appearing on the crafted item. Fine! At least that would be SOMEWHAT useful.
Right now it's just utterly stupid.

That being said: Forget about blacksmithing! (special recipes aside)

Personally, I find gold farming runs to be the most efficient. Heck, out of all the items I'm wearing right now, only 1(!) was actually found by myself: A pair of lvl 30 gloves with like +30 dex/vit and some ias. Piece of crap, but I decided to keep it for nostalgic reasons.^^

So in short: Gear farming sux lemons. So does crafting.
Get gold - raid AH - profit!
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Inferno ACT II atm with my WD and all i can say after 2 days farming Elites / Champions is that it costs about the same money in repairs / Potions as i earn killing them. Basicly me and my Monk Friend are farming it together and most packs go over quite well and once the Valor stack is at 85 we got aroud 100-110% MF / 130 + Gold Find % and most packs drops atleast 1-2 rares for the both of us. Today i've made around 500k in AH gold selling 99% low lvl crap (51-57 rares).

Once i got time over i did a few mobs in Act II Inferno and voila my first chest dropped me a green 900+ dps barb two hander set item. So imo farming elites / Champions is 100% pure luck to find something worth it while farming gold will earn u the most profit with the least expenses but theres no chance to get anything valuable what so ever after you reached 60 that is atleast which kind of is the part where u need the money most.

If you find AH slightly expensive just put max limit in the bottom to whatever u find reasonable and you'll find something sooner or later i promise. (tip for leveling, ONLY buy weapons and if ur WD/ Wiz buy as HIGH wep dmg weapon u can find at ur lvl and don't care much about how much int etc it is. For example Nightmare i had a 400+ dps staff and in end of hell i bought my 700 + dps axe for my WD which i still use tho it's starting to get outdated in act II inferno, BOTH of those weapons had only maybe 50-100 int and doubtfully any vit.
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thx for the tips guys...yea I always do that in AH, like I am not gonna pay milions for half decent stuff obviously...got Wizard lvl 56, currently at the end of act II Hell, got 21K HP and 8 K dps, so far doing good, everything bought from AH cos cannot find any decent stuff...
Slashkill where is the best place to farm for money in your opinion?
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bump...still looking for some more places where to farm for gold
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Anywhere really after normal mode.

It's not like inferno would yield quadruple the amount of gold per mob or so. Just plow through nightmare act X. Put on some blue gold/magic find gear and off you go. ;)
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