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How hard is for Inferno to actually drop lvl 60 loot?

As the title says, been farming inferno for quite a while now Act I an lower half of Act II. This is simply frustrating that more than 95% of the drops (stats out of my head) are lvl 59 and below...
I loled so hard when Butcher in Inferno mode dropped lvl 50 blues, all right I know I am supposed to hunt down the elite packs...get my 5 stacks of buff...fine....did all that and guess what...same thing, if on a run I get one lvl 60 blue/rare I consider that a success.

In every decent RPG game, loot corresponding to the difficulty you are running at the level is supposed to drop. Is this a bug in the game?

Does Blizzard just make inferno difficult by denying people the loot ? What incentives do I have to go farm on the 100th time Act I inferno ? Why do I even play this game ?
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I agree, i am in same place as you..and i think this is ridiculous...
the drops are just too bad, i get level 51 yellow drops from act 2 inferno..thats supposed to be the hardest level of this game and it took us 20 min to kill an elite pack..it dropped lvl 50 items.
and in act 2, you just get 1 hitted by a random mob.. i know blizzard said it has to be hard and stuff. i understand it...but there has to be a balance..a random nonelite mob shouldnt be able to 1 hit that isnt fair..and its impossible to not get atleast 1 hit as a monk or melee. player..blizzard has to add some kind of damage reduction for melees...a random mob just hitted me for 28k..thats my health...im running with 1100 wep. and if switch it to more armor and health id lose my dmg by 70%....currently i have 17k dps..a wizard with way worse gear has 26k atleast...and the funny thing is he can take more than 1 hit as ranged and still survive...
blizzard havent thought well on this game i realize that now..i feel this game as waste of time at the moment along with all ppl i know..
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Never had any boss drop less than 2 rares with 5 stacks...
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27/05/2012 01:12Posted by Viha
Never had any boss drop less than 2 rares with 5 stacks...

He's not saying yellows don't drop....he's talking about the yellows being of no use to a lvl 60 trying to clear inferno.
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Good items are rare. Most items are going to be junk. That's just Diablo - it was no different in D2.
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At least you could pvp when u got bored of farming in d2.....
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Progressing through the acts is ment to be hard. Progressing through act 1 to 2 isn't ment to deck you out in full 60 gear (then what would the point of further acts be?). I can however tell you, that 80% of the blues/rares I'm getting in act 4 are lvl 60 :).
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If you have played Diablo II before complaining you would know that most of the items dropped on Hell difficulty was crap from Norm and NM.
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27/05/2012 02:30Posted by Jimmy
If you have played Diablo II before complaining you would know that most of the items dropped on Hell difficulty was crap from Norm and NM.

no clue what you mean, we surely didn't play the same game buddy. Now go troll someone else.
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27/05/2012 03:01Posted by Skarr
we surely didn't play the same game buddy.

I played Diablo II , what did you play? Hell difficulty simply unlocks all tier items (depending on monster level). Anything can drop not only tier 3 items so you might wanna get your facts straight.
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If you search the AH you'll see that level isn't anything

lvl59 items can have like 50 allres
lvl60 act1 items (doom armor and such) ~55
lvl 60 act2 stuff ~60
Act 3 stuff i'v seen with 75 allres
(only my observations)

I'm Act3 atm and the items are 80% lvl60 ... but the stats arn't better than act1 lvl54 loot most of the time...

PS: jimmy is right
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