Diablo® III

How to beat Diablo on inferno?


I am a decent wizard. (50-60k DPS (build dependant),55k HP, 380+ resists,3000 armor, etc)
I reached Diablo yesterday.
I am able to farm inferno act3-4 with my team (monk+dh+me) and solo.
(Basically i ran 2 times, and i can solo act4 with extreme ease)

However i did not beat Diablo yet.
I have to go to vacation 2 days from now so i don't have time to experiment and i WANT to kill him before i leave.

Please give me advice on:

- how to beat Diablo with a DH and a monk

- how to beat Diablo wizard solo

Please only reply if you are a wizard player who already beaten Inferno Diablo.

Thank you.
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I did not beat him yet, but I'm on it ... so I think I'll share my thoughts as a basis for discussion! :)

I think you need to prep for a long fight - so here are my build and Item thoughts:

Kiting, dodging, regging while slowly draining Diablo is key.
Your stats seem nice, especially DPS - what's your build / Life Regen? You're using Glass Cannon I guess?!

I am at 40k dps (with ~2.5 attack speed), 40k life, 400+ resists, 1500Life/Sec (fully buffed).

My general build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#bXlRSO!aXf!baZbZY

The Idea is to cast Blizzard + Hydra and run around Diablo, obviously dodge his fire attacks. Fire Piercing Orbs at his direction, aiming from minimap while you don't have to dodge. Phase 1 + 3 you can hide behind these big rocks, don't hesitate to use Pots + Pools (they will respawn) if you get hit. Use diamond skin if a hit is inevitable.

Phase 2 is the real problem - only engage if at full life, run away the rest of the time and wait for CDs / regeneration. With 1.5k Life / Sec you need to run around for 20 Seconds without being hit to recover from low life! :)

I didn't have time yet to get enough tries done, but I got fairly deep into Phase 2 - but died twice due to lag.

As my gear gets better I might swap Force Weapon for Teleport/Frost Nova for even more survivability. But that's ~10-15k DPS, which is too much yet.

A question aside ... does Diablo have an enrage of any sort? Didn't notice anything yet although my fights seem ridiculously long.
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