Diablo® III

Hard Disk being hammered (stuttering in game)

This does not have anything to do with fragmented drive, but thank you for your help.
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Stupid question. But I am really asking.

Can running Diablo 3 cause problems to HDD coz it overloads it that much?
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i get stuttering in game and i have a SSD disk
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Never sees to amaze me how rare and useless blizz post are ... its like telling an engineering
"try to restart it" so either these are low pay employs who don't have a clue in the world what is the problem .. OR they don't want to tell what's up.
In any case don't hate these guys, hate the guys behind them.
I'm betting on the first explanation.
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Im glad to have a response but for the time being the game is very unenjoyable to play please fix this ASAP
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20/06/2012 22:08Posted by KrapYl
get ssd...

SSD does not improve still have stutering. even on low settings.

These are my specs:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.7GHz
8192MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470
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I've had the game on SSD the whole time.
My stutter problems came after patch, worked perfectly before.

Fix what ever you did in the patch...
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I so wanted no to write in here, but lately this stuttering is so annoying, i am really getting mad. Not because it tries to cache some map or monster data, or whatever its doing, but also it does push me back. So my problems are here.

1. Constant stuttering, no matter what area. ( Running HDD - // before starting to tell me to defrag my hdd, - i did, funny thing everything else works amazing apart from D3 )
2. Causing to lag! Im checking my latency constantly when im lucky im gettin around 60ms and i can play wonderful, but then those lag spikes, causes me to jump back fraction a second, its very annoying when i fight elite packs, and i try to avoid for ex. Arcane Orb, because of info transfer - it doesnt allow me to move away - it just drops back me into that place // - and no they were not vortex mobs. And guess what - no issues with latency it stays constant. So it's something to do with the same stuttering / buffering thing goin' on.
3. the most funniest one, was that because one of these stutter lags, put me out of map. What i mean by out of map, im stuck at some spot on map, and i cant move, same effext when u would have like 2000ms lag, but actually u dont have - solution, teleport to town, and then back - it works. When u r encountering mobs, well - tough shi*s, u will have to pay now, even more punishing with all bugs we have.

well if i am unfortunately crying here, then i might post about 1.3 patch newest addition to Waller affix. Yes i am DH, cause i love the idea and it suits best for my playstyle, but after 1.3 release, not to mention now that i somehow die more that before 1.3 - it seems that now somehow wallers can drop wall right in ur face - i mean literaly drop wall on u, wich disables all movement, and most of offensive ( direct ) abilities. I am not sure if that was intended, but man, i dont mind them spaming that thing now, only when they dont drop wall right on top of u.

P.S. My appologies for any mistakes, not native. Hope we can get some ideas or at least some help with stuttering. BTW tried to clear Cache folder, - still same effect, and for most people im pretty sure its not the HDD/SSD.
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Stupid question. But I am really asking.

Can running Diablo 3 cause problems to HDD coz it overloads it that much?

I don't think it is a stupid question, as you should worry about things like that. I also have that very same question. Is there a risk of any permanent harm? If anyone knows, please respond.
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Also get the exact same thing... before 1.0.3 and after its worse....
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Got exactly the same hdd as the op, defragged, scandisked - no avail.

Rest of the setup 2500k, etc. Not much point since even a nuclear power plant couldn't have enough power to run a !@#$ty code.

Probably the next patch will make the game run out of a cloud environment?
Edited by moomin#2703 on 21/06/2012 15:37 BST
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Its not hard drives, it does it on ssd's and even a ramdrive, its something the client is doing after loading the assets and stalling....thats the problem
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Thanks for the blue response. Could we get an indication of when the next patch is due (which will presumably include a fix for this)?
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Stupid question. But I am really asking.

Can running Diablo 3 cause problems to HDD coz it overloads it that much?

I don't think it is a stupid question, as you should worry about things like that. I also have that very same question. Is there a risk of any permanent harm? If anyone knows, please respond.

My SSD worked flawlessly for 8 months, only issue with my system has been Diablo 3 and one day after a number of crashes it was no longer recognised in my Bios, assuming it was a faulting SSD causing the crashing/stuttering I was looking forward to my replacement SSD. Still the same stutter/lag and crash problems so D3 is uninstalled every other game runs without issue so im convinced D3 bricked my SSD.
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It seems not-quite-so-bad if you turn shadows off. Doesn't completely resolve it tho.
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Buying an SSD won't help, I have an 80GB Intel X-25m SSD and a 128GB Crucial M4 SSD and I still get stuttering. SSDs are wonderful, but not even they can fix poor coding.
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Me and my brother had serious stuttering (him even more so, although he has a faster PC). We also realised it's the HDD fault. It was really horrible "experience".
We got ourselves 8GB pendrives, put all the MPQs there and used MKLINK command to link the D3 files to the pendrive.

Stuttering was 90% eliminated on two completely different machines (only thing common was Windows 7 x64 Pro).

Dunno about SSD, but move to the flash memory really helped us.
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This is an issue we are working on resolving, however if your hard drive is experiencing issues (and you're not using an SSD), please try running a Scandisk and Defrag on the drive, then see what happens:
blah blah blah site

where in recommended (not minimum) requirements says anything about ssd drive?maybe you need us to make a raid 10 scci so we can play diablo....really,thats offensive gm.Instead of stay on the "we try to fix this" because guess what ,the game is still in beta test in case you havent noticed,you bring SSD into the picture...bad bad bad conduct..poor poor poor tech-knowledge,seriusly offensive , and if i was your superior i would take a good look at your statement the next few days.
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there's nothing in that post says u shall use ssd. it says u should not defrag if it's a ssd. well when u defrag them they are getting broken u know :)
it does not mean ur hdd sucks and u are not using ssd go to hell n defrag that bad hdd :P
don't expect an employee of blizzard to say buy ssd if u can't run game smoothly. all our problems are because of their greed on low spec laptop users. this game is using 900 mb of ram and like 100mb of ur gpu with a really low transfer rate. actually this cant be solved via small patches. i don't really expect a solid solition till they release a big patch , but i keep my hopes up for 1.1 patch or an expansion which may come after a year or so ...
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