Diablo® III

The "What monster you hate" in D3

I'm currently on act 3/inferno, and I'm having a very hard time. Those frustrating 1h/ko, nerfed SS, getting killed from offscreen, monster out of nowhere behind you 1h/ko, 6 invisible snakes at one time around stinging you with a spear, damage reflect, invulnerable minions, etc.

So, the monsters I mostly hate in this game are
-those flyes from act2 oasis and further
-invisible snakes with spear (reference: before belial)
-lacuni huntress (those animals jumping on you and throwing grenades - act2)
-monster before Maghda, transforming humans, coming from offscreen and slap you to death
-icy quillback "spiting" with speed of light - semi-imposible to evade

and worst of it, those listed above elite style.

I am already too frustrated to continue, I had no fun today.
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85 Undead Rogue
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allmost everyhting in act4 specially the invisible blink monsters, terror something and the angels that charge from points where you can't even be prepared...
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Oppressors, soul lashers, lacuni stalkers, those corrupt angels.

Basically any mob that charges you.

The nagas (invisibile snakes) are easy to deal with when you get the hang of it... but you need some open space to maneuver or you'll burn all your discipline on smokescreen instead of vault + kiting.
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Just lickers(Soul lasher etc.)

Other than that I only hate certain affixes for packs.
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Everything that can make itself invulnerable and hit you from stealth/offscreen.

Ironic, isn't it?
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I hate those balloon looking guys in act 3 with a passion....
they run around and around and when you least suspect it they bump in your back
killing you in 1 hit.....

they are destructive... who would have thought that of a balloon
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90 Night Elf Druid
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Soul rippers and lashers. Damn, they were hell even on "hell" difficulty. :-(
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Soul Rippers/Lashers. And the demon in Act 4 that is completely invisible until the very moment it kills you in one hit.
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Terror demons, there is no viable way to avoid their first attack when they appear out of nowhere unless you get a lucky dodge
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Those nasty pasties always seem to be sitting behind a door just waiting for me to open it.

If only i could coax the templar to open doors and scout ahead....
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