Diablo® III

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Helm of Dead King

150-250 Vita
Adds %20 poison dmg
Damage reduce by %5-15
Convition aura
Slow enemies by %30 when you atacking
socket 1-2
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legendary amulets,,,


+240-400 strength
+230-360 Armor
+3 random properties

+240-400 Vitality
+5-11% life
+3 random properties


+240-400 Intelligence
+ 60-80 all resistance
+3 random properties


+240-400 dexterity
+ 6-8% attack speed
+3 random properties
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I mostly dont sell things on AH, too lazy to check for prices as i play only one class.
For last week I have been trying to make about 40M, made 35M though :)
At first when I started selling the things I had stashed before (considered them good at some point) they sold...cheap.
I just found tons of good stuff on the AH and was a bit pissed saying myself why couldnt I have this prices with the last patch...
Current game content is doable with the cheap stuff on AH. Really. You just wont be that cool.
Legendaries must be slightly out of reach for vast majority of players, making the player extatic when they finally drop> must be really RARE and BEST items. Items you wouldnt be very likely to sell or see on every other player.
There should be more punishing stats on them to make it impossible/inpractical to be covered in them from head to toe.

Sandrose- ring:
+180-200 INT/STR/DEX
+360-390 VIT
+40-80 All res
+ 10perc AS/MS/CC
- Bleed for 100x Paragon level life/sec
- chance to cast mirror 2 images and refill your class resource on being hit by an enemy
- chance to instakill random enemy on the screen on crit hit while drainig 100perc value of your class resource AND life in the interval of next X secs (X being the duration of town portal cast timex2)
* class resource going always together with the class main stat of the finding character
** the proc of second effect would be the same as now is the chance for legendary drop
*** game drops max 300 of these/year

- and MORE items like that :)
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Posts: 128
Id like to see some new legendary items that have D2 skills. Like shield with % chance to cast holy shield, armor with chance to cast bone shield. Weapons with frozen orb, charged bolts or maybe some aura like fanaticism, concentration or conviction. Boots with 12% runs speed and vigor aura!
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Traitors skin- chest armor:
+380-400 INT/STR/DEX
minus 80-95 VIT
+180-200 All res
+ CC reduction 10-15perc
regenerate 100x (Paragon level) life/sec
minus 2x (Paragon level) MF
- when you die, this item loses 10perc durability permanently, and you lose 1 Paragon level
- when the item loses durability completely, your character changes sex (really, just for the fun with sex specific names of many characters :)
* item being always class main stat of the finding character
** game drops max 3 of these/character
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The gift of foresight - Monk set

The Legend of Darth Maul
2h Daibo - Guru Staff
995 - 1337 dmg
+143-286 Minimum Damage
+191-381 Maximum Damage
+41-50% Damage
Increases Critical Hit Chance of Tempest Rush by 2-8% (Monk Only)
Increases Spirit Regeneration by 4.00- 7.33 per Second (Monk Only)
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 150 - 178%
4.40-4.80% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
+ 10% chance of 1 soc

(Looks like Darth Mauls Light saber)

Resistance of the Terminator
Chest Armor - Archon Armor
+ 170 - 280 Armor
+ 70 - 130 Dex
+ 50 - 100 Vit
+ 5-12% life
+ 80% all res
+ one of 5 magic Properties
- + 50 Light res
- + 50 Fire res
- + 50 Cold Res
- + 50 psn res
- + 50 Arc res
+ 10 % chance on 3 soc

(Looks like a metallic skeleton when worn)

The Glasses of Neo
Spirit stone - Ghost Sight
+ 120 - 170 Def
+ 60 - 85 all res
+ one of 5 magic Properties
- + 50 Light res
- + 50 Fire res
- + 50 Cold Res
- + 50 psn res
- + 50 Arc res
+ one of 2 magic Properties
- + 130 - 175 Dex
- + 175 - 225 Dex
Critical Hit Chance increased by 7%
Increases Spirit Regeneration by 2.00- 4.33 per Second (Monk Only)
+ 1 soc

(Looks like a pair of sunglasses when worn)

2/3 set
+ 15% movement speed
+ 30 All res

3/3 set
Attack speed increased by 10%
Increases Spirit Regeneration by 3.5 per Second (Monk Only)
+ 14% life
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Sword of Justice

1h Sword

*One of 3 Properties
+150 - 200 Strength
+150 - 200 Dexterity
+150 - 200 Intelligence

* +50 to All Resistances
* +250 to Regenerate Life
* 3% Chance to Fire All Diablo 3 Developers on hit
* Fired Developers rest in pieces

" Aren't you thankful the sword did not include community managers?"
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Wrath of Fire
(2h mace)

1345-1898 Dmg
20-299 Str
30-80 Fire ress
45 All ress
3-9% chance to cast Meteorite on hit
95% to cause an explosion of fire on kill.
1-2 sockets

Athena's amulet
(Legendary amulet)

+2% all dmg
90-450 str or Dex
"Random Magic arrows on hit, Dealing 3% weapon damage"
20-36% Magic Find
30 All ress
+19.9% Attack speed
-350 Armor
2% of you'r max HP becomes Attack speed

Zeus Bolt
(1h Sword)
500-600 Damage
2.35 Attack's per second
+125 dex and str
-30 Vitality
Each hit strikes a lightning bolt at random enemy dealing 1.5% of they'r
All ress, Crit chance, Armor, Max HP, Dodge chance.
and lowering them by 2% for 5 seconds (Does not stack. but can strike multiple enemy's at the same time)
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Hammer of the ancients
(2h mace)

attack speed 0.7
8 affix
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+35experience per kill
+2magic properties
+50% chance that enemies will drop more rare belts :D
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Annulus Messor (Ring of the Reaper)
Legendary Ring

1.5% Damage Dealt is Converted to Health
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 4.5%
Increases Gold and Health Pickup by 7 Yards.
Enemies that die within your pickup radius have 100% increased chance to produce a Health Globe
One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+145-155 Intelligence
+145-155 Dexterity
+145-155 Strength
+1 Random Magic Properties

"No Wealth, no Ruin, no Silver, no Gold, Nothing Satisfies me but your Soul." -Engravings of the Ring
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Item: ring
Name: wrath of jay wilson
Ability: summons a mad jay wilson that kills everything on hes path everytime people complains about the loot.
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Feet of fast consumtion

+ 24% Movement Speed
+ All blue and below qualiti items are comsumed and give you vendor gold price plus 25%. Makes a sound of a cashregister each time an item is comsumed
+ Indentifies all items that are pick up.
+ 50% Gold Find
+ 4% Attack Speed

Did i forget to say Boots
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good lvl 63 bow ...
just make GOOD LVL 63 bow ...

that WF is only good for followers.
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@rse Biscuit (off-hand source).
200 int
100 vit
chance to turn enemies into turds on hit.
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Sword Of Fate
+15-20% Str
+5-10% Vit
10-15% chance to kill monsters instantly (even bosses)
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Ring of Sauron
+200 mainstat
+9 attack speed
6 crit chance
40-75 all res
20% chance to summon swords(13 swords each one does 50k dmg) from heaven to drop down on your enemies
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Boots, ilevel 63

  • +10-80 fire resist OR poison resist OR cold resist
  • +1-10% movement speed
  • +50-200 dexterity OR 50-200 intelligence OR 50-200 strength
  • +10-150 vitality
  • corpses in 10-25 yard range have 5-25% chance to explode in 10-25 yard Fire Nova OR Poison Nova OR Frost Nova, dealing 5-20% of your weapon DPS; the effect can happen multiple times
  • Flair: "Mark my words, boy: when I'll die, you'll remember me."

    Garret's Hands

    Fist Weapon, ilevel 63

    1-1000 damage

  • +1-200 dexterity
  • +1-3.5 life steal OR +1-600 Life on Hit
  • +1-5% critic chance
  • +1-100% critic damage
  • 1 random property
  • +each strike has 1-10% chance to add Exploding Palm with Essence Burn rune effect
  • Flair: "That's the attitude, boy!"
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    90 Human Rogue
    Posts: 344
    Perf eni AP

    Hoto +40

    P eth zaka umed

    P shaco

    pala t 20-20

    P anni

    2x soj Pala gcs 45l 20l scs. Old schoolers will know
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    03/10/2012 16:07Posted by Danellos
    I get it that you want to be sarcastic,but you'd better cut the jokes and tell your bosses that the game need serious revamps,if they still want people to buy future Diablo content.

    Of course he isn't being sarcastic dude. Community managers rarely if not never employ sarcasm. ;p

    Uhm, "aren't you thankful?!".
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