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14/10/2012 00:59Posted by RIMAKLAN
I would suggest to create legendaries which could be dropped by each boss of each act. I mean axe of Butcher , shoulders of belilal, chest of azmodan and something like that. But they could be dropped only by those bosses.

So bassically what im trying to say, those items should be EXTREMELY rare,since chances are not higher,but these particular items could be dropped only from those bosses. So let it be able to roll up to ilvl64 or something. Would be nice. Extremely rare,but bosses would be much more fun to kill
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I think a new idea would be that items that are played with alot , slowly become better , like the stats become increasingly better when u kill say 100 or a 1000 monsters, or on xp gained when playing with them. That way a worthless item could become a great item to use. Just an idea
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I think a new idea would be that items that are played with alot , slowly become better , like the stats become increasingly better when u kill say 100 or a 1000 monsters, or on xp gained when playing with them. That way a worthless item could become a great item to use.

Hey, that's actually kinda cool idea to think about. I, honestly, doubt Blizzard would deliver it without expansion, but if they would come up with system based on this, with proper scaling - we really could make our "own" legendaries.

"- Hey, did you see that fist weapon? Holy bell. I think it was used by [best EU monk], thanks to it it does now deal +xxx damage. If only I could get one like that myself.

- Well, old champ, now you can! Using items for prolonged period of times buffs them in a substantial manner. Now, if you really like a weapon or a piece of equipment, you can make it even better by using it!

In essence it could be used like Badass rank from Borderlands 2, which is, btw, a great system to begin with.
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160-280 Str/Dex/Int
60-180 Vit
200-300 Armor
60-80 Resistance to All
1 Random Propertie
40-100 Avarage Damage <-- or even more :)
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I got ALOT of good items in my mind. i hope that Blizzard Responses to this :)

Wrath Of The Lich King (Legendary Helm)

170-210 to Strength
70-80 All Resistance
50-70 Cold Resistance
Skills Deal Also Cold Damage 10-20%
Critical Hit Chance 6-7.5%
Attack Speed 7-10%
Cannot Be Frozen

Diablo's Legend

Right Hand Of Diablo (set Item)
Base Damage 950-1500
1300 Fire Damage
200-250 to Strength or dex
Critical Chance 6%
Critical Hit Damage 60-100%
Attack Speed 13%
Chance To Bleed 9000-15000

Set Bonus:

(2) Set bonus:
Chance to become diablo and walk on Earth once Again

Diablo's Legend

Left Hand Of Diablo (set Item)
Base Damage 800-1100
1300 Cold Damage
1000-1300 Life On Hit
200 to Strength or Dex
Attack Speed 13%
critical Hit Damage 50-100%
(1) Socket

(2) Set bonus:
Chance to become diablo and walk on Earth once Again
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The Bow of a thousands truths

2000-2500 damage

average damage
200-300 dex
1 socket

30-45% change to rebound arrows (similar to reflect damage) very clear animation so you are able to dodge it but you can't just no brain

2 random properties
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actually blizz already have good ideas:
- weapon with a chanse to enable "ignore pain" on any character while receiving damage. Very nice idea!, except the implementation just sucks (no one knows the chanse% and in practice it seems like the % is nearly zero)
- weapon that have a chance to spawn a minion on hit, but who does need a minion that can't do any noticeable damage that can make the weapon competitive?
- and so on...

so my legendary:
- must have all it's minimum possible stats better that 90% of maximum possible stats on yellow items. Why?, because currently the majority of dropped legendaries are just worthless crap and not better in any way than ordinary yellow junk
- must have unique well described abilities that are really noticeable. Ability to double attack speed on hit for ~4sec with a chance like 1/50 - is just absolutely nothing
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+1 Male
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Earrings - bound to account
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sticky white gloves

-8 cc
-70 all res.
- 20% chance to stick enemies to the ground with white stuff ...
- 1 of 4 random props, 100-150 dex/int/str/vit
3 random magic properties

only available on male characters...

cool imagination
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Dear Blizzard Devs,
It is very nice of You asking about what coooooooool legend drops do we want to find.
Here is my one:
We all have been waiting to see D3 out, but patching things over and over again in such a short period of time is a bit frustrating,considering the vast amount of time since D2 release.
We- the players have 2 choices after all: To be or not To be a part of your money machine:
(RMAH and AH(in particular your favorite players).
As Devs you have to have tools to observe drop rates, stats used, chars used most of the time.I Guess this is a must have equipment as a part of your job...
However I have one question such as:
How fair is your RGN?
What is the % of drop rate allocated to every player for a single piece of legendary or set drop item within the game?
I cannot somehow believe in "lucky"drops as this is a software program that is designed to serve a purpose for its creators.Hence I do not believe after 200h of play time the RNG decided to give me :
1x legendary item worth of lvl 60... and 1 set item worth 1mill gold(tops sell price)?Those were drops acquired with almost 400% Mf gear. :))
It does sux when others are getting 1x legendary/set every run and others 1x lifetime.
Makes some of us believe you have got a fair and square RNG after all.
Blizzard Devs can check my account if I have got a single item that was worth 1+ mill gold from my drops and sold for so far..
It was meant to be a fun game, but actually is more like going to work for farming items hours after hours that never drop.
Dear Blizzard Team correct me if I am kinda wrong here pls.

Ive read the drop rates will be increased in the upcoming patch...
Does that mean I will have to farm 400h for 1x legend/set item instead?

After reading this can you Guess if I do really want to dream of an imaginary legendary item drop or actually my kids can get it in their life time for real?If D3 is still around...

P.s. Did I not pay the same price as everybody else?Why am I not being able to enjoy the same drops and items too?
Thin red line....
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Here is my contribution!

Fist Of Ytar
Legendary Fist Weapon

Damage Per Second

+(174-326)-(352-714) Lightning Damage
+8-35% Lightning Damage Damage
+170-200 Dexterity
+170-200 Vitality
Increase Attack Speed by 10-11%
+8-35+ Chance of casting Hand Of Ytar on attack.
+2 Random Properties

Item Level: 63
Unique Equipped
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Leorics Pendant

40-60 AR
10% Experience gained
0.000000001 chance to insta level on elite kill
+2 Random affix

Item description: Leoric liked his ring so much... he had them make a pendant that was similar.

Item Level: 20ish?

Note: people will complain 0.000000001 chance to insta level is far too low and you will be made to double it :D

Tinfoil Hat

No drops when equipped
RMAH purchase disables no drops stat.
+1 Random affix

Item description: For the crazies on the forums. Love Blizzard.

Item level:64 and a half
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a Legendary helmet named The Eagels eye it will have
high critical hit change
it will allow you to zoom out farther than normal so you have more vision.
and other normal stats
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a Legendary set helmet named The Eagels eyes it will have
high critical hit change
it will allow you to zoom out farther than normal so you have more vision.
and +3-4 random affix

a legendary set bow named The Eagels Wings (or something)
High critical hit change
this bow has a special stat that it does more damage (min: 100% - max: 150%) as the enemies are further away.
+4 random affix

a legendary set quiver named The Eagels Claw (or something)
High critical hit change
5% change too knockback on hit
standart attack speed
High critical hit change
+2 random affix

set bonus
2: Dexterity + 100
3: Skills have a 5-10% change too move to the target (just like hungering arrow) (Demon Hunter Only)
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here's a good one

Delinquent's Folly 2 hand crossbow - this is a remade manticore, BETTER :P

1150-1599 DPS
750-1100 min dmg and 1200 -1500 max dmg ( NOT ELEMENTAL , ONLY PURE DMG)
31-40% enhanced dmg
150-325 dex
100-199 vita
100% crit dmg
1-3 sockets , YES 3 !!
10-15% chance to summon a Juvenile Delinquent from Hell that uses a SLINGSHOT that deals 50% weapon dmg and increases gold and health globes pickup by 7 yards. Duration 1 minute.

i kniw i may have gone a bit crazy here but since the monsters will be SO powerfull i think that we need a better xbow than just ur regular Manticore :)
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@vanquisher, omg 3 sockets on one weapon, you are realy crazy... totally op and mandatory weapon.
@Rook, hey man, if you are making a FIST, don't forget some monk related stats please, spirit regen and/or life on spirit spent.

My Unique: It's somewhat based on offensive and killing, but lacks defensive to make up for that. This is truly an unique because it can have 10 unique stats!

The strongest - Legendary Archon Armor
+150 to 300 strength (varies)
+5% chance to gain an unique 150 strength buff when killing an enemy (lasts 60seconds) (can be refreshed) *
+2-5% regeneration of your ressource pool on kill (varies) (or some fixed values for each class) *
+1500 to 3000 life on kill (varies) *
+150 to 300 Health regeneration (varies)
+100 to 200 Life on Hit (varies)
+1% LifeLech
+10 to 15 cc reduction (varies)
+5 movement speed
+1 random property

Similiar for the other classes:

The most agile - Legendary Archon Armor
+150 to 300 dexterity (varies)
+5% chance to gain an unique 150 dexterity buff when killing an enemy (lasts 60seconds) (can be refreshed)

The most intelligent - Legendary Archon Armor
+150 to 300 intelligence (varies)
+5% chance to gain an unique 150 intelligence buff when killing an enemy (lasts 60seconds) (can be refreshed)

* explanation: (or when somebody else killed your monster .5 seconds after you damaged it)
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or 2 sockets (=<
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Again people should be reminded that no Legendary item should be mandatory. Blizzard has said this and this is why legendary items appear so weak - most of them a bit too weak. By mandatory I mean they can be good, but not better than a best rolled rare item. Otherwise everyone will try to get the same item. So 1H weapons with 1500 DPS and all the cool stats at insane numbers are obvious no-go.

I previously suggested the "Broken Jewerly" set and now going for another:

"The Broken Armor" - set.
All 7 armor parts:
1 to all stats
1 all resistance
1 Armor
+ 2 random atribute

Set bonuses:

3 parts:
50 to all stats
50 all resistance
200 Armor

4 parts:
50 to all stats
50 all resistance
300 Armor

5 parts:
100 to all stats
50 all resistance
500 Armor
10% Life

6 parts:
200 to all stats
50 All resistance
10% Life
700 Armor
5 CC

7 parts:
300 to all stats
50 all resistance
10% Life
500 Life regeneration
1000 Armor
5 CC
50 CD
10 AS

Total set Bonus:
707 to all stats
257 all resistance
30% Life
500 Life Regeneration
2707 armor
10% Critical Chance
50% Critical Hit Damage
10% Attack speed
+14 random atributes depending of the items themself.

The whole set can be awesome, especially if the random atributes are great, but a set of well rolled rares will still be better.
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