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farming leorics signet

so - this has changed for the better

farmed at max mf on mp10 and found 6 legendary in 3 runs (not ring)

before i farmed 30 runs and found 2 legendary at max mf

hopefully its gonna be sooner then later but definitely looking easier in terms of legendary drops/run
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At which act does it drop?
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17/10/2012 13:13Posted by Omskakas
At which act does it drop?

act 1 hell -> southern highlands/spider cave/moonclan cave/northern highlands. OH NO, sry this is for Justice Lantern.

Leoric Signet is in ACT 2 Normal in the zoltun kulle quests/areas
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17/10/2012 13:34Posted by Truditorul
At which act does it drop?

act 1 hell -> southern highlands/spider cave/moonclan cave/northern highlands. OH NO, sry this is for Justice Lantern.

Leoric Signet is in ACT 2 Normal in the zoltun kulle quests/areas

Well i found leorics30 in a2 normal just before entering Magdas lair. So Magda quest...
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i was figuring i would only do 2-3 runs a day

found a 21% dex ring on the 2nd run 2nd day

picked up a total of 9 legendaries - runs take me around 15 mins each so worth the time investment since it saved me 10m or so
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Lucky you. Yesterday it was bit laggy and I was too drunk. So I decided to try this. I got 10 legendarys but no ring.

Do you guys know if MP level magic find % goes toward mf cap or not?
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Lucky you. Yesterday it was bit laggy and I was too drunk. So I decided to try this. I got 10 legendarys but no ring.

Do you guys know if MP level magic find % goes toward mf cap or not?

no, it does not go to the mf cap
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mp10 on normal is basically the same as mp0 on normal for a lvl 60

you should be able to run it on 475 mf including mp10 buff and nv (300+100+75)

also doing it as a monk is trivial.. 15 min clears including sewers - alcarnas - oasis - all dungeons in oasis and at begining of act..

full speed + fleet foot + unending tempest rush

and then you find a fleet foot shrine.. haha lucky the thing dings shines a beacon cause i'm a screen away by the time loot drops
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This bloody ring might be the rarest ring in the game... I am running quite fast with 33%movement speed (10 FF, 11 boots, 12 bracers) on ML10Normal with 475% MF which is the cap and I guess that the dropping chance of this ring is the lowest one - there are 25 legendaries which can drop on Normal level in Act 2 including this ring. I have spent about 70 hours so far and have found 100+ legendaries, but no ring. The most frequent drop is the chest armor Aquilla armor along with spirit stone See No Evil - more than 10 drops for both of them. This ring should be called The Lucky Ring - because you need extreme luck to drop it. All of you who found it within short time are the lucky ones. Maybe that is also the reason why this ring goes for 20mil+ on AH. As someone suggested it is probably better to buy it, because time spent on finding it and time saving leveling up might actually be the same!?!
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what are you farming? dalgor oasis is where u want to be
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Since legendary items from level 3 to 18 drop in all Act2 I don't think that Oasis is the only place where it can drop. I choose Desolate Sands quest and go through sewers, oasis, desolate sands to Zoltan and kill him. Average drop of leg is app. 1 in 1/2 hour. The strangest thing is that every possible legendary dropped but not this ring. However, I have to say that the other ring dropped only once.
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thats where your going wrong

it doesnt drop in desolate - you will get manald heal instead..

you need to farm oasis/sewers/instances that spawn in oasis..
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Hah! I have same the same feeling. I farmed the ring for hours and killed 2000-3000 elites with my (now deceased) WD. I got one Ring and 30-50 other legendarys. OP was very very lucky to find his ring in just few runs.
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OK, I will try, but it that case it would mean that the ring is territory bound? Kind of strange, because other legendaries drop at any place in Act2, i.e. see no evil dropped everywhere. I will report back with the success from sewers and oasis farm only.
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its drops from lvl 17 mobs.. once you get to desolate the mobs become 18
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Decided last week to try and get an Leoric's Signet, just for the fun of it. I chose act II MP10 (for the extra drop, if that is the case on non-inferno). Basically used old MF gear and speed to have over 1300 elite kills in about 4 hours! Cleared the sewers, black canyon mines, road to alcarnus, dalhgur oasis including dungeons, desolate sands including dungeons and ZK. Had 475% MF (guess the MF gap is increased in normal MP levels as well) and found one after about 2 hours farming! There were also a lot of broken crowns and the crudest boots dropped, went to hell public game and dropped them unided, You should have seen them run for it, that was the best part of it!


and voila a perfect roll!


Now I guess it's become worthless with the MP levels and the Hellfire ring but still cool to have a perfectly rolled Leoric's for maybe leveling an alt someday.

This was on softcore however, but gonna repeat it on hardcore when I get at least 1 char to lvl 60.
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Well, this is getting annoying. So I now I am running only black mines (2-5elites), road to Alcarnus (1-2), sewers (1-2), cistern (1-2), dulghar oasis (8-14) so in one run in can be between 13 and 25 elites, but legendaries can drop from any monster or chest, from anything. One run takes about 20min and I do not know how to be faster - maybe Monk cannot be, I know that DH can move very fast. I have 34% movement speed and use tempest rush channeling almost all the time, because of fast spirit regen, but still with MP10, 475%MF there is usually 1 legendary in an hour - 3runs. So I am just wondering how someone could kill 1300 elites in 4 hours, I can only 300-350 in best scenario. I know that not running Desolate sands reduces this a lot, there is a high number of elites, but since I changed farming and not going to desolate sands I had following drops:

Pants - Pox Faulds 3x
Mojo - Gazing Demise 1x
Dagger - The Barger 1x
Cer. knife - Moon Slayer 1x
Fist weapon - Rabid Strike 1x
Mace - Boneshatter 1x
Daibo - Balance 6x
Spear - Grimshaw 1x
Helm - Broken Crown 1x
Spirit Stone - See No Evil 9x
Mask - Split Tusk - 2x
Gloves - MageFist 1x
Belt - Vigilance Belt 2x
Quiver - Sin Seekers 1x

Before this change of farming route, when I went also to Desolate sands I found 100+ legendaries and much faster, but not leorics signet.

NO LEORICS SIGNET RING, am I doing something wrong? I am not sure about other classes, but it seems that for monk - monk related items drop more often - spirit stone and daibo than the rest. Is it that for other classes i.e. for DH some bows drop more often?
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how i got mine...

5 stacks in VotA - which kinda worried me cause the ring wont drop there..(a ring will but it will be manald)

then went straight to path to oasis.. backwards through sewers - port back to oasis.. clear all oasis - all instances.. then sewers

then rinse repeat
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the mobs i heard it drops most from.. any of the snakes.. especially elites.. and the swarms... especially elites.. and the gas running things... especially elites..

mine dropped of a gas running thing - elite - in tomb - oasis
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I have found 3 signets (a 21, 26, 27%) I have around 450 mf at NV 5. Using a monk with the unlimited tempest rush build(which can be found on youtube under leorics signet farming)

Here is my strategy, Start off in vault of assassin, usually get a 5 stack (dont worry about normal monsters just fly by and kill elites because manald drops here). Next go to sewers, black canyon, road to arcanus/arcanus then a quick non-thorough oasis(because its very open and for some reason i hate doing it) you can also do the forgotten ruins here if you happen to find it.

The trick is to do a lot of runs, so make them quick. I found one ring in sewers and two in arcanus. Note, the third one i found(27%) was found off a normal monster in the upper section of arcanus. Hope this helps yall tailor your runs!
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