Diablo® III

MP10 from the beginning

Cleared Act 4 Hell with a Demon Hunter. MP10 all the way! Too chicken and too undergeared to try Inferno on MP10 so I quit this MP10 nonsense ;p
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Im' in :)

Leveled my Witch Doctor in MP10 from the start.
Lvl 50 and at about half of Act 3 nightmare right now

Name : Zaina
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30/10/2012 00:34Posted by Tix
Im' in :)

added as lvl 49 .same as in profile to avoid any misunderstanding.. i'm updating it every morning

Fruit, sad to hear. you now moved to the list of guys who left challenge...btw name of your DH fruit or grape?

Dromoter, thanks for nice pics. your ZK and Ghom added to first post now.
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I've started another: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Kligson-2791/hero/21787455
Will see if I have the patience to not use the auction house/stash. Only vendor and loot drops for this one...

Bubba (already on the list) is about the enter halls of agony, nightmare @ lvl 41. He is my obsessive compulsive full map-clear guy, btw. Twinked with only budget gear from AH and i even found some drop upgrades for him :D
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Anyone killed mp10 butcher?
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I'm in too! http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Silver-2640/hero/21790161
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so messed up lossed my monk (2nd hc10 char) today :D low lvl though

i was like gasp* hand in front of mouth*

diablo got so much better with just MP10
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Deca (my monk) is dead. Should really pay more attention when slightly undergeared, lol.
I'm gonna try the same (no AH/stash/twinks) with a wiz, DecaII. I'll update this post when her profile is online.

Oh, and butcher nightmare has been slain by Bubba. Fun fight!
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Challange accepted, i started my monk Vendetta few minutes ago, i will post link of her when my profile will be updated... :D I think i will have lot of fun here... :D
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more progress for today . kinda slow .. need more gear

Level 33:

Siege: https://www.dropbox.com/s/95r5bkzd3yob6la/n_siege.jpg
Cidea: https://www.dropbox.com/s/305fr1jkqnvbwnb/n_cidea.jpg
Azmo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dx89dpq3qf9wtou/n_azmodan.jpg

All kill movies on http://www.youtube.com/user/proBITSbiz/videos?flow=grid&view=0
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I've been playing for 2h and, I am 12lvl and mad king of tristram is down... but my profile is still not updated -.-

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Im pausing for a while until my ISP fixes their damn internet backbone, unplayable atm

(keeping the DH at MP10 tho)

Will reply when im back.

So just to clarify im still in the MP10 challenge
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30/10/2012 05:47Posted by fitz
sad to hear. you now moved to the list of guys who left challenge...btw name of your DH fruit or grape?

Its name was Flip, but he's already been deleted..
No way I'm gonna try MP10 Inferno, so yeah I'm out ;p

I've made a new Demon Hunter (level 27), anyone care to team up? :j
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Wow... no AH is quite the sobering experience. Slow going with the wiz. She's level 12 currently and nearing the the mad king. Don't know if i have the balls to take him down yet, lol.
It's especially slow because this is my first "serious" ranged character. It's starting to grow on me a bit, though. Had some awesome close calls today *grins*
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31/10/2012 10:51Posted by Kligson
Wow... no AH is quite the sobering experience.

The idea is simple like a rag, old as time and stinks as fetid cesspit.

Starting a new char from the beginning with MP 10
Everything(AH, restarting location, skipping packs) allowed except playing on different MP.

AH is allowed!
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some party will help :)
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31/10/2012 10:54Posted by Fruit
AH is allowed!

I know. It's a self-imposed limitation. :D Makes it a lot(!) harder
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Crafted some armour and took the plunge. Took me about 5 minutes to bring him down, but the mad king is dead! (normal diff)

Laughable stats included in the screenshot: http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/4425/screenshot007rp.jpg
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I died because of some lag, i had 2500ms latency -.- Started new character with same name :) but now i have youtube channel so i will put some gameplay when i kill some bosses.
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Anyone with a character between 20 and 30 who wants to party up?! I got a Demon Hunter (27)!
No boring people, please >: i

31/10/2012 14:08Posted by DMaras
I died because of some lag, i had 2500ms latency -.- Started new character with same name

That's the spirit!
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