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Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

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As the title suggests, we’re going to be reducing the amount of damage monsters do in Inferno whenever Monster Power is enabled. Before I detail what’s changing, though, let me first explain why we’re making some adjustments.

When we originally designed and implemented the bonus values for monster damage in Inferno, we were unaware that a bug was causing monster abilities (i.e. Rare and Champion affixes) to not scale correctly with each Monster Power level. While this bug was caught during testing and did not make it into the game, the result of it being fixed meant that monster damage—specifically damage done by monster abilities—was ultimately higher at MP1 through MP10 than we intended it to be when 1.0.5 released.

So, to bring monster damage back in line with our original goals for the system, we’re implementing a hotfix that will reduce the scaling bonus to monster damage in Inferno difficulty by approximately 25% for all Monster Power levels.

Here are the new damage values that will be hotfixed in for each MP setting:

MP1: 109.60% (down from 114%)
MP2: 120.12% (down from 130%)
MP3: 131.65% (down from 148%)
MP4: 144.29% (down from 169%)
MP5: 158.14% (down from 193%)
MP6: 173.32% (down from 220%)
MP7: 189.96% (down from 250%)
MP8: 208.20% (down from 285%)
MP9: 228.18% (down from 325%)
MP10: 250.09% (down from 371%)

Please note that these changes will only apply to monster damage in Inferno difficulty. Monsters in Normal, Nightmare, and Hell will be unaffected and continue to use their current values.

This hotfix is currently scheduled to be released tomorrow morning during normal Tuesday maintenance in the Americas, which means the new bonus damage values in Inferno will take affect once the game servers come back online.
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nerfy nerfnerf nerf nerf nerf

So soon aswell, are people really struggling that much?
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Well monster abilities were in fact doing a lot of damage.

You could get hit a few times at MP10, but if an arcane sentry caught you standing still you were dead...
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Really Blizz... nobody was whining about the higher damage (crazy uh?) and you nerf the difficulty, again, this time with no reason at all. Where's the challenge in the game now?People will be farming MP10 in a month this way...
Casual gamers won again?
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Thank you Blizzard for new updates but there is a problem with connection. Latency is crazy and jumping around 300 - 1000. It's impossible to play the game.
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Hahaha, now I won't even have to ditch MF pieces in higher MPs.
At least you can call it "compensation" for Wiz/Monk DEF nerfs.
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Why do I have the feeling that this nerf is not needed and quite bad for the game, let me elaborate:
1) the higher difficulties gave more of a challenge, now after the hotfix lvl 10 would feel like lvl 7 on live. I know what you crybabies will say " o lvl 10 was only a gear check" so what? let it be something to stride for and invest in, not a joke/walk in the park
2) round 2 in the quest for completely destroying the auction house, gold and real money, more "noobs" farming => lower to the ground the price of good items. When finally I was enjoying the game a bit more this comes, yes my fun comes from selling to nublets insane items.
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That's a fair and good chance, I feel that it's a tiny bit too much for lower MPlvl but at higher (6+) it's much MUCH more reasonable now that defensive skills have been nerfed, if the defensive skills remained the same then it would be fair to keep the same damage and it would still be harder.
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Again some brilliant management choice! Instead oh raising higher the damage on MP5+, they lower... what king of idio.t is managing this game?!
MP10 2,5x damage of MP0 inferno??? What is the challenge???? Game easier patch-by-patch...
Edited by Vigyori#2521 on 22/10/2012 18:29 BST
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Well it's true that monsters abilities do a lot of damage compared to normal attacks from monsters. Attacking a lightning, desecrator plague arcane training dummy or a monster with those affixes are the same thing right now (but this nerf will not fix this, only the overall damage per monster level, not the relative damage of the monsters'attacks compared to the damage of their affixes).
Edited by Vulmio#2124 on 22/10/2012 18:28 BST
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Do NOT nerf it!

You created it for the challenge. All the streamers I watched were OK on MP10 Uber Bosses. I even saw one monk nearly do it solo on MP10 (hi INVIS). I managed to do Uber Bosses with my crap char on MP8. Now if you make them as easy as current MP7 (250%), I can do them without any problems. Where is the challenge then?

Challenge is good.
Edited by MisaNuff#2592 on 22/10/2012 18:33 BST
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very good, almost no one from my friedns list can plan on mp5+ atm, dmg is insane especially when u r not solo and we are playing diablo since May
Edited by Revan#2827 on 22/10/2012 18:34 BST
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totally pathetic nerfs.

they should rather BUFF the dmg, but lower the HP.
what is the point of bashing 5mins on a lvl10 elite mob with no extra reward?

22/10/2012 18:34Posted by Revan
very good, almost no one from my friedns list can plan on mp5+ atm, dmg is insane especially when u r not solo and we are playing diablo since May

maybe u are doing something wrong then? TONS and TONS of ppl can clear lvl 7+, but no one is doing it, because its inefficient as !@#$. farming above 4-5 is pointless, even for the best of the best geared ppl.
Edited by Lucius2#2597 on 22/10/2012 18:43 BST
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Omg dont nerf this its finally a challange. me and some of my friends been getting into mp 6 to mp 8 with low cost gear.
We play anything from 3 barbs 1 monk , 2 barbs 2 wiz , 2 barbs 1 DH 1 Wiz

saidly the WD doesnt get online much.

We moved from Mp3 - Mp5 in 2 days - Mp6 now testing Mp7-8 with friends all using low budget monk,Wiz,DH.

If this goes ahead you are about to stick the final nail in the coffin .

Increase the Damage scale making mp 10 require the almost perfect gear
Stop The OP DOT affix combinations on the the Elites and nothing else needs changing.

Or Instead of the Hotfix just make all items drop perfect roll because the damage nerf is going to crash the game and economy and no matter how many updates/patches expansions you will not pull back your core players only the Goldfarmers/Bots will reap rewards.
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nerfy nerfnerf nerf nerf nerf

So soon aswell, are people really struggling that much?

Maybe if you try some original build you'll get the idea. ;)
Edited by Ipos#2379 on 22/10/2012 19:05 BST
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Who is complaining about the nerf did not get hit by a uber skeleton king whirlwind at MP7 while magda is sending insects every second :)
Edited by marsovac#2732 on 22/10/2012 18:59 BST
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dont nerf x10, leave it intact, the top difficult should not be nerfed.
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Blizz you might wanna add another 10 monster power levels within the next month before people complain they've hit the ceiling again.
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22/10/2012 18:59Posted by Alec
dont nerf x10, leave it intact, the top difficult should not be nerfed.

Be reasonable... if we as CM build can do it, it does not mean that we are the only wizards that should be allowed to do it...
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22/10/2012 18:55Posted by Ipos
Maybe if you try some original build you'll get the idea. ;)

I haven't been on my barb in over a month. I'm all about my DH right now so... Yeah.

And I make no claims to be facerolling, I started on MP1, i'm now able to farm MP3 without much trouble.

I just think it's rediculous that Monster Power is being nerfed already. Generally people are fine with it as is.
Edited by Curoch#2460 on 22/10/2012 19:23 BST
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