Diablo® III

WTS Various items cc/cd stuffin here


Selling amulet with
-15 average dmg
-102 dex
-72 intelligence
-85 crit dmg
-9 crit rate
Edited by EvilDoll#2680 on 19/01/2013 11:06 GMT
Also adding a Litany of the Undaunted:
-crit dmg 35
-176 life regen
-cr 4.5%
-7% dmg reduction
Adding Witching hour:
31 fire resist
8 atspd
39 cd
Got a question for a mod! Since we can't bump threads, can we make other threads with the same items at some interval of time?
Adding a zunimasa;s pox ring:
-63all ress
-32 crit dmg
-184 life regen
-3 crit chance
Still waiting for an answer from a mod, related to my above question
i got banned twice for bumping, but i wasnt able to get a single clear answer out of the blizzard team. actually the answers i got struck me with unprofessionalism and the suggestions were everything, but well thought through.

what i got in a nutshell tho:
- bumping isnt allowed in any way. every post without ANY ADDED information about your sale is considered bumping.
- instead of bumping a topic, you shall open another topic after "some days, tho dont overdo it, because else its considered bumping as well".

tho reopening new topics with the same salematerial is quite contradictionary, as it only spams the forum even more and kinda begs for more confusion, as some ppl just bookmark a topic and might not notice new topics about the same items.
but ye, take your own sense out of that...

even after pushing quite persistent, i wasnt able to get a clear answer out of blizz and in the end i got a nicely phrased "SFTU and dont mail anymore" as it is usual from support crews, who know that the stuff they put up is rubbish.
Lovely... Thanks for the info
Edited by EvilDoll#2680 on 20/01/2013 15:58 GMT
Also willing to trade the above items for Nat boots with 190+dex/90+vita. Can trade all for boots, if boots are very good.
Adding Inna's Radiance(helm)
-lighting res
18/01/2013 19:43Posted by EvilDoll
Got a question for a mod! Since we can't bump threads, can we make other threads with the same items at some interval of time?

No. You are free to make a new thread for different items, but not multiple threads for the same item. The reason for this are the same ones for why you cannot bump - it will flood the forums and make it harder for buyers to search for items.

Locking this thread due to the bumps, please feel free to create a new thread.
This thread is locked.

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