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Blizz-gm whispered me

Hello all,i am pretty new,i post for the first time here,i bought the game like 4 months ago +/-
This morning someone with nick name 'Blizzard GM57' whispered me that i'm using some plugin board and that i will be suspended if i don't verify my account informations on blizz-gm.com or something like that...
I made a screenshot,i don't know how to attach it though...any help ?
I swear i never used plugins or hacks and cheats,i don't even know where to get it and i am really only playing for fun,don't even care too much about gear or whatever.
Can anyone help me with this ? I really don't want to get my account suspended for nothing.
Thanks in advance!
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they trying to scam you. There is no gm in game. Gm will never whisper to you for account information. Dont worry u are safe. There are some ppl who dont have any sense of honor. pity.
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It's a scammer, so do nothing! Certainly don't go on that fake website to verify your account! Blizzard will never ask for your account information! Certainly not through whispering!

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Tis nothing but a low life thief just trying to con you into actions where it will be able to steal from you.
Just ignore mate, Blizz will never contact you in such fashion whilst playing Diablo3.
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Thanks guys,i thought it was real...
Got scared for a moment.
I checked his profile,it has only one char lvl 1...and its name is Blizzard Emp or something like that.
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23/01/2013 09:23Posted by Proz0r
It's a scammer, so do nothing! Certainly don't go on that fake website to verify your account! Blizzard will never ask for your account information! Certainly not through whispering!
This is true. It is also best to be cautious if you are directed to a website outside of the Battle.Net domain. If you have received a message such as this, please do report them via the in-game features available to you.

If you are ever unsure if the message or email that you have received is real or not, it's best to err on the side of caution. You can also contact our support team via this website to confirm the validity of any messaging you receive from someone stating they represent Blizzard.
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Check out markeedragon on YouTube he has some really interesting interviews with the gold farmers,the gold brokers and game developers that gives a insight on how these company's work. The scams they use.and the life some off these people live.

There's big money to be earned from these games its crazy.

Personally I never ever reply to any email or in game whisper. I never cheat so I don't feel that I need to ever respond to such things.

Good luck and be safe ..never use same email and password for fan sites /PayPal and Bnet.make sure everyone is different.

After watching quite a few interviews I changed every password last night just to be safe.I do t care much of losing my game account and items they can be restored. What worries me is if they gain access to my personal bank details and PayPal. That is just extra stress I don't need at this moment in time
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LOL! Same thing happened to me about two months ago. It was right after i posted in general chat that i just found the trifecta zunimassa ring i'm wearing. I think it was even the same guy. Pretty obvious scammer. Good thing you didn't fall for it.
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LOL,it was the same thing with me when i think about it now,just before he whispered me i found pretty dope zunimassa's boots with 175 int,122 vit,67 all res...i linked it into the chat and after few minutes i got the whisper.
Kinda odd ain't it ?
I sold them few minutes later for 330m on ah lol
I didn't report him,i really thought he was some kind of admin in game....
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