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Hi i'm a CM Wizard with a budget of 500 mill, would anyone be able to help me build a decent mp10 set for that budget?
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i don't think this is the right place to ask. try the wz forums...
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u dont need that much my build is for 120mil and its made couple months ago

u need 50cc and 2.74 aspeed for it to work

everything else is more dps
i can perma freeze mp10 e's but too low dps to kill em

from what i see u need zuni with aspeed and ammy with aspeed to reach breakpoint
or try getting ice climbers and rare ring with aspeed and 4.5cc atleast
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Check out this great guide for CM spec: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7350715501

Get 2.73+ attacks per second (This helps you greatly in keeping mobs frozen)
Get 45-50% crit chance
Get around 700 life on hit
Get 6-800 all resistance
Get around 40k hp (or more)
Get +armor on pieces where you can't afford all resistance
Get 24% movement speed

Key items:
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail: 150+ int, 240+ vit, 400+ life on hit for around 5 mill. Get more int and vit if you can afford it of course. The more the better!

Storm Crow: 4% crit, 400+ life on hit, 400+ total armor, +4% dmg to elites. Will cost 2-4 mill. You can also get up to 6% crit, but the price will increase as well.

Chantodo's Force: 285+ Average damage, 10% crit, 9% ias, 180+ int. 20-40 mill. If you can't find anyone, lower crit to 9 or 9.5%.

Chantodo's Will: Socket, +0.24 or +0.25 attacks per second. As high dps as you think you can afford. 1080-1100 dps with these stats seems to be around 100-150 mill. But you can get lucky and get a far better price.

The Witching Hour: 9% attack speed, 45% critical hit damage, 60+ all resist. 10-30 mill. Pay more if you find one with other nice stats at +% life, vit or something.

Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit: 170+ int, 170+ vit, 9% attack speed: 2-5 mill. Be ready to pay a lot more if you want all res or more int/vit.

Zunimassa's Pox: int, 9% ias, 33-34% crit dmg, socket. 25 mill.

Zunimassa's Trial: 170+ int, 60+ all res. Around 10 mill.

Lacuni Prowlers: 90+ int, 4%+ crit, 9% ias. 5 mill. If you can afford it, go for all res or +armor as well.

Shoulders: with lots of int, vit and all res. And +armor is a bonus.
Gloves: High int, 8%+ Crit, 8-9% ias, 30%+ ias. Other stats will be a bonus.

Spend a good chunk of gold on a good amulet and 2nd ring.

Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell
Frost Nova - Deep Freeze for farming legendaries/pl -- Bone Chill for ubers
Explosive Blast - Chain Reaction
Storm Armor - Shocking Aspect for farming legendaries/pl -- Energy Armor - Pinpoint Barrier for ubers
Energy Twister - Wicked Wind
Teleport - Wormhole for farming legendaries/pl -- Slow Time - Stretch Time for ubers

Critical Mass
Cold Blooded
Unstable Anamoly for farming legendaries/ubers -- Evocation for ubers

Hope this helps :)
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