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How are u going to spend the paragon points?

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29/11/2013 08:55Posted by rakh

thx a lot, its clear now :)
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I'm still not convinced :/

Can someone explain the discrepancy between




I have around 15,1 billion EXP on all characters, which is not 140 paralvl (2.0) on Diablofans spreadsheet?

Can someone pls explain it to me like a toddler, my coffee still didn't kick in :/
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there is no discrepancy between




numbers are ok

try this :

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@rakh Thanks, thats the xp chart I was refering to in my first post, and the one enslave.se use.

@Pixie No, discrepancy :) The spreadsheet shows what every level costs, not the total amount of xp needed for that level. At the bottom of each column it sums up the total xp needed for every 100 para level. The green and red numbers.
7 848 000 000 gives you 100 paragon levels.
30 096 000 000 gives you 200 paragon levels.

If you have 15.1 billion xp you are then you are in between these numbers. You can add the 40 levels manually, with a calculator, if you want the check if enslave.se is correct. Or maybe there is a way to make the docs.google do this for you?

Edit: Ops, replied at the same time there rakh, I was refering to the link to the xp chart in your erlier post. The one from diablofans.
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The spreadsheet shows what every level costs, not the total amount of xp needed for that level

This was confusing part :) Thanks guys, gonna start grinding again
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26/11/2013 08:26Posted by hANNO
Please advise, if you will inject all your paragon points in one character and if you have some idea how to distribute them. I see movement speed and pick-up as a good places to start using some points ...

what are your ideas?

I see you do not understand paragon 2.0. It is account wide where all characters get the same amount of points to spend. So instead of a pool of paragon points for all characters on the account it is same amount of points for all characters. I will illustrate, let's say that an account has a paragon level 150.

It is not 150 points for all 12 possible characters.
It is 150 points for every character on the account.

If there are two barbarians, three wizards, three crusaders and a witch doctor here is how it will not break down.

150 point pool for all of them. Instead it is like the following.

Barb 1 150 points
Barb 2 150 points
Wiz 1 150 points
Wiz 2 150 points
Wiz 3 150 points
Crusader 1 150 points
Crusader 2 150 points
Crusader 3 150 points.

Now of the player plays both hardcore and normal then there will be a different paragon level for each type.
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All wackos sitting on 10 chars with 100 para each now can have one uber char with hilarious skills? Wonderful idea.... Gratz Blizz for making a simple stupid move too keep the game alive...
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It is not 150 points for all 12 possible characters.
It is 150 points for every character on the account.

I'm like many others grinding for more XP for the release.

What will happen if I delete a P100 char in RoS? Will the XP from this char be removed, or will they still stay in the "account pool"? I don't mind having many P100 of the same class, but you get my point. :-)
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because there are 4 tabs so you will be able to spend 44 points in each tab at of this moment
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