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  • All your games in one place
  • Log in once
  • Automatic game updates

The Blizzard Desktop App is designed to improve your gaming experience. It’ll streamline your login and make it even easier to keep up with your friends!

To begin installation, download the Blizzard Desktop App.

What does the Blizzard Desktop App do?

Single Sign-On: Log in once to access your Blizzard games, and you’ll stay logged in for up to 30 days.

Install and patch your games: Install your games through the app and keep them up-to-date—even when you’re away from your computer!

Get the latest news: The app serves as a central hub to find the latest Blizzard game information, including developer blogs, new features, and more. Filter news based on the games you play to make it even easier to stay in the know.

Catch up with friends: With the Blizzard Desktop App’s voice chat and messaging functionality, you can stay in touch with your fellow Blizzard gamers around the globe.

Grab the latest in-game gear: Visit the Blizzard Shop to snap up Loot Boxes, Pets, and more!

Livestream to Facebook: Broadcast your gameplay to your friends so they can watch you dart through King’s Row, defeat Diablo, or journey through Azeroth.