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21 May About Grotesque bug When i first encountered this rather minor bug i wasn't too bothered with it. But now it just keeps on f****** me in the *** hard! Today i started doing bounties all went well until the last bonus act which was Act1 and the 3rd bounty i got a cursed chest to kill 100 mobs, finished it but to see that damn thing still alive/unkillable and wont let me finish the bounty. Had to create a new game not thinking too much about it. Same deal in other game, had act 1 bounties and the main target grotesque to kill had the exact same bug and i couldn't complete it! Wtf.. really.... come on! This sh** has been a pain even in GR solo progression, i've saved a grotesque elite pack to spawn RG only to have them bugged and to drop nothing....Nothing! Seriously, this seems like a rather minor bug, why does it have to take several weeks to even consider doing anything about it? Dunno which classes that are affected by these bugs but i play WD and it happens more then 60% of the times vs Elite or Rare Grotesque packs.Likeherpies3 21 May
21 May Can you fix the lag? US gets maintenance midweek to fix something people havent even noticed. Meanwhile our group have to leave rift after rift at 98+ due to game just crashes due to lag. Night...after night...after night... Thanks...Harleybane3 21 May
21 May is crusader bugged ? before the new patch, i could survive T10 with some effort (= staying alive with kiting from grotesques/horrors or arcane cannons) now, i get 30% health drop from 1 hit by any white mob ! i get tremendous damage from any elementary damage (including poison dot !) i get damaged from exploding horrors, half a screen away ! ...all this at T8, where i had to flee to! this is since the last patch and btw, my damage output hasn't changed (and ofc i didn't change my build)RUNtoFUN1 21 May
20 May Forward to this forum thread Please check this out guys Have funZeratul1 20 May
20 May Can i re-pick a main? So, i thought i would enjoy the Crusader as main, but i dont like the thorns playstyle... I prefer something more direct, a barbarian or a monk, can i change my main mid season? If so how? and what will happen to my journey quests and items?r3dt4g11 20 May
20 May I've been away for 3 years.. - Hacked I picked up this game in 2013.. levelled a barb upto 53 and then dropped it.. After trying and failing to get back into wow recently I thought I'd give diablo another go.. I'm enjoying it! Now it looks like whilst I was away someone has been using my account. I've got a lol 60 monk at 110 paragon on my profile. I've just jumped into season 6. I don't really understand seasons yet but from what I can tell.. If ure playing seasons then other characters don't have an impact on this.. Am I best off just deleting the monk? Will it have any adverse affects if I keep it or discard it? (I don't want to get banned) Forgive me if it's a stupid question.. I haven't played for a long time.. and I didn't play that much in the first place.. any information would be appreciatedShallow2 20 May
20 May Who will win the paragon race? My two cents on the state of the game 4 years after release: Patch 2.0 - The new paragon system is introduced When infinite paragon levels were introduced in patch 2.0, most people (including myself) saw it as a positive change as the removal of the level cap was seen as a way to stretch the “end game” even further. Although gaining experience got a higher priority after this change, the main focus of the game was still loot hunting – gaining paragon was still more or less “a nice bonus”. Life was good. Patch 2.1 - Greater rifts introduced After the introduction of greater rifts and consequently infinite difficulty levels, the focus of the game was increasingly shifted towards “efficient” play style to gain the most experience while playing. The meta game has always been a part of Diablo, but the hunger for paragon meant that following the meta builds became the only play style that made sense. Still, getting the BiS gear was challenging and the main goal of the end game. Patch 2.3 – Kanai’s Cube introduced With the introduction of Kanai’s Cube, players could craft every item in the game and also convert them to ancient versions with enough materials. Although this change removed a lot of the rng frustration, it also sped up the BiS gear acquisition significantly. The transition to the end game was made even easier after the addition of Headrig’s Gift in patch 2.4. This means that many players start the end game fun of endless paragon farming already in the first week of a new season. The loot hunting is now reduced to a 1-week long sprint, after that getting some ancient gear + augments, but not really anything drops that makes you go WOW! I have played since release of D3v and really like the game, but the current state of the game is totally side tracked from the original success factor of the Diablo series, loot drops that give you the WOW feeling and motivate you to keep playing. There are no winners in the paragon race – I hope Blizzard realizes that rather sooner than later.Peku8 20 May
20 May GR No Death Breaths .... Just a question here .... There is NO Death Breath drops in GRs?? Is this intensionally made this way or what?? Cause it kind off sucks when i want to upgrade my rare items i got from spending Blood Shards, and i still need to go farm Rifts and waste my time picking up Death Breaths again for a whole day to get 300-500 Death Breaths just to see it gone in 30min worth of GRifting?? To make it worse, i cannot farm Death Breath fast enough cause i have to stop each 20seconds to pick up Death Breaths between a mob just to move on to the next elite to have the exact same issue. Miss clicking, trying to pick up Death Breath between mobs, have a bad run with very few Death Breath ect ect ect. when all i wanna do is GR, not rifting. So yes, why is it made that there is no Death Breaths dropping in Greater Rifts??Sparky5 20 May
20 May Msg for those that want their B-Tag changed just found this on the US Wow forums for those that dont like their b tag anymore or just wanna change it myself will not change my B-tag since i love the one i have :pMokum2 20 May
20 May Is Firebird Vyr's too OP or is this normal behavior? Watch and cry, Wizard has never been so easy than now. ... Action starts from 2:30Shark7 20 May
20 May Traps Hey Blizz, please make more traps in D3. I mean cool and interesting traps that really are dangerous, traps that may kill you in a blink of an eye. It would be a great asset to the game since many peeps complain about this game is too easy, and it would be more challening and fun imo.Corpan5 20 May
20 May Blizzcon 2016 - what are you hoping for? A long shot perhaps, but I'm hoping to see some news or an annoucement of a new expansion.Duffs7 20 May
20 May Thanks for the S6 Why should we play since there is a wizard Archon/Firebird bug in the season? i see many people are doing it atm and you just watch...We are farming gear/mats whole day and someone is coming with only gear with CDR with full non-ancient and doing 90+? i dont even know what to just out..Enough of bugs.. this is the bug guys..And many people are doing it atm..Gio8 20 May
20 May Never found Boots of Disregard for the cube Hi all, I have never got this boot ever again for any of my classes. Obviously I don't want to wear it, I just want to put it in cube to complete the collection. This is the only item left in my cube for all 6 classes which is annoying. I have used countless numbers of shard, upgrading rare item etc and still no luck of finding one. Anyone having same issue? May be some people might not care about the cube but I have OCD. :-(KKWIN7 20 May
19 May Paragon Class LB +more LB types ideas (sets, group) Pls Blizzard consider this... and pls Community Members also weight in on this idea by replying with ur thoughts, adding a paragon (weight class, like in boxing) filter (drop down menu) for the leaderboards in game menu, so we can compare our gr clears with players fitting in our same paragon class, just another little drop down menu selector beside the one for hero class (solo clears) and the 2-3-4 ppl grp, and keep a record of the best 100~1k clears for each para class, classes could be something like from 1-800p, 801-1.2kp etc., based on how much weight paragons have in clearing higher grifts, u do the math Blizz, something like that, u get the picture, this will have a huge positive impact on the game where all those casuals will ve more motivation playing cos of the focus on pushing gr clears for a lb entry, without having to farm paragons 24/7 for 3 months to ve a shot at it, for solo lb it's pretty straight forward, the player paragon level determine which class it fits in, while for grp clears for example, the highest para in the grp determines it, all the content u put out since ros and u can't do such a little thing but to great effect !?! cmon, don't be stooging us :PL1L716R3552 19 May
19 May Questions about seasonal rewards etc Hi people, I recently started playing D3 (maybe a week ago), and I had some questions about the seasonal rewards. Will the characters be removed after the season has ended, or will they be kept as non-seasonal? Are the rewards for all heroes? Even non-seasonal ones? Or is the armor we get for the character we're playing only? Thank you.Ley1 19 May
19 May code 3006 and 3007 hi i am geting code 3006 and 3007 last two days and i keep dcfrom game and keeping kick out of diabl blizzz plz fix this asap tydavidjens0 19 May
19 May Goblin sounds - which type? When goblin is approached it makes this characteristic sound. Which category of sound options manages this sound? Effects, voice or ambient? Thanks in advance.Andurin2 19 May
19 May Season Journey - "Forced" into playing hardcore. That's right, and it's the same thing every season. On the last page (Guardian) you have to level one hardcore character to 70. Big deal? Not really. It's not even a challange but it is boring, especially solo if you don't get boosted and you have zero interest and no intention to keep playing it during or after the current season. Do we really need this? Can we please just remove it from the journey? If we absolutely have to level something then make it 200 paragon or something in normal mode? I enjoy normal mode and I do want to finish my journey. I can and will avoid playing hardcore all the way up to this last page where I'm forced into it, there is no way around it. Create -> Level to 70 -> Delete. Why? This is silly.Alsaron17 19 May
19 May [Bug] Oculus ring snapshot when equipped on follower Last night I did some solo grifting with scoundrel as my follower, I equipped him with an occulus ring, and now when Im playing in public games (without my follower) I still create oculus-zones on kill.Tjomi2 19 May
19 May Kill Adria - right.... Anyone else really hate this bounty? I mean there are some other annoying ones too like Diablo, Cydea and Malthael but this one hurts my brain. Its not hard it just take like 2 minutes to find her and navigate that bloody maze. I dont think anyone would complain if it was removed from the bounties... *wink*wink* :DShamim3609 19 May
19 May ppl with extreme paragons are they boting or??? when i see ppl with over 3k paragons i get like :SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and abit more SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS just to make it clear.... :S this paragon lvls makes gear less importent it seems to me, it's all about the lvls.. if ur BIS geared and low paragon it dosnt matter ur gonna suckExizter8 19 May
19 May Technical Support regarding IT is a joke Hello guys and girls. Today I wanna talk to u what really bothers me alot lately and specifically- the IT blizz's employee and how it fails big time. So lately people arround many EU countries complain about the same problem - high latency during the evening hours, from 17:00 sometimes till the morning. With that beeing said - I see alot of posts report the same issues each day from different countires all over again and the answers the support team provide (IF) are a complete joke. check for yourself if u want. So, there is really no one to speak to regarding that problem and morevor, I opened some support tickets for hope that someone will answer and instead I just recieve rediciolus automated spam messege of like 10 links that mostly try to "teach" me how to defragment my hard drive or to manulaly apply some useless stuff thats really out of the topic. When I provide a full information within the support ticket including tracert, pathping, glass tool, dx diag, msinfo, screenshots + a full description - completely noting what the problem is, I expect at least some human interaction - instead, I just get palm faced. I explain very carefully what the problem is and i just get and insta automated messege with this: Very professional, isnt it? Now, I dont know what with u guys but I never saw such a bad costumer treatment and it will not be tolerated!Angelos4 19 May
19 May Suggestion: allow fast spread of paragon points. Hello my suggestion is a simple one. Instead of each time putting 1 point on each stat at the paragon system, allow us to put all in one click. A "spend all" button if you will. Also a button that allows to add\remove points would be nice instead of having to reset each time i want to change 1 little thing in my paragon distribution. I know its not a hell lot of work to reset and the paragon each time but i think this option could be nice and allow for easier experimenting for all. Ill be happy to hear any comment sorry for any spelling\grammar mistakes i have.ArtilleryJoe11 19 May
19 May Is The Game Dying or is it still worth it? I have returned to diablo after a long break and I have the standard version. I wanted to buy the expansion, but I noticed that 2 years has passed since the release, Is it still worth it or the game is just dying and I should wait for some content?Harley6 19 May
19 May Shop Like Kadala For Death Breath you guys need to make a shop like kadala for death breath... this season i got like 3K of em ...Mightyduck0 19 May
19 May Ancient Yangs - Fastest method? Sup guys, really want to get my hands on an ancients Yangs. From your experience, which is the fastest way? Upgrading rare to legendary or re-rolling legendary? Re-rolling legendary is getting frustrating - every time I split farm bounties in public games there's some nonse that closes the wrong act first and you don't get the bonus cache!KoAtheRAGE4 19 May
19 May Best Diablo 3 video IMHO 19 May
19 May Torment difficulties 8-10 Hey. I am pretty new to the game in my experience. I can play torment 10 finally without getting oneshooted by everything and can play rifts up to the 50s (yes it is a huge accomplishment for me) since I can play up to 50 depending on mob and rift layout I wonder what torment difficulty I shall play on when I am not doing gr. In t8 i kill elites very fast. In t9 it takes a couple of seconds. And in t10 it takes like 20-30 seconds. Is the extra legendary drop rate and xp rate worth it? Ty!TimpalimpaZS8 19 May
19 May Lost mats [bug] This is very serious bug who I discovered! I put 50x resuable parts, veiled crystal and arcane dust and 25 deaths´s breath in my BAG. I lost some mats several times when I click the cube and it opens the bag and then It happens. I didnt even put mats in the cube. From 50 to 35 resuable parts, veiled crystal and arcane dust.Malico0 19 May
18 May More Leaderboards My personal opinion about this game is that it is all about leaderboards. Getting the best time doing the highest Greater Rift and becoming part of the top 1000 players so you can screenshot and show your friends. Which is all good. There are numerous ways to enjoy the game, whether hoarding items, hunting cosmetics or achievements, going for number 1 spot on leaderboards, spending hours of grinding for that 1 useless item just so you can get that EPIC transmog going, the list just keeps going. But like the title says, I would like to see More Leaderboards. For example a 4-man group with ONLY 1 class. Meaning all 4 players are Monks or whatever. I am pretty sure all classes has some sort of support setup and damage setup. I also believe this might help balance the classes (maybe). So lets say a 4-man group of Wizards can do a GR 100 but a 4-man group of Crusaders with theoretical equal power can only manage to do GR 90, then I would think the Crusader class needs a small buff. Yes? No? What do you guys think?Naki1 18 May
18 May No tentative time for server uptime? Just asking because it should be an announcement here...nuff saidKisHarMot3301 18 May
18 May Bane of The Stricken not dropping from GR Guardians Has anyone else noticed that Bane of The Stricken does not drop from GR Guardians even after using a previous one in either a Caldesan's recipe or equipping on another character? All other Legendary gems that I have used in this manner, drop immediately the next time I do a GR (I usually do from 25 to 58 to upgrade my gems to L50). Ever since I got my first Bane of The Stricken weeks ago, not a single one has dropped. I am playing Season 6.AlT7 18 May
18 May How to get third Haedric reward in season 6? I've made a greater rift level 20 solo and I don't have received nothing. Do you have to do it before time runs out? Cause I was about the middle when the time expired. At my legend level monsters last too much.Alaris3 18 May
18 May New season is only for players with the expansion? I have started to play in this new season thing, see how it goes. I got to level 35 but, apparently, goals to complete the first chapter include completing a rift and 5 contracts, which can only be done in adventure mode, and that is only availalbe if I buy the expansion? So this new season feature is not of any use to players that do not have the expansion?? Is having a seasonal hero of any use if I do not have the expansion?Gabriel9 18 May
18 May mercy wings can we still get those after the 24th or is it jsut for preordering the game ?ShoMi5 18 May
18 May Bounties - mats - exchange Hi guys i just came up with idea that would be really nice if we could trade in game mats from bounties (for example act 1 mats) for other mats from different acts .Don`t know about you guys but i found very frustrating fact that i have to farm all bounties for bonus if i only need act 1 , 3 and 5 mats. For example to create augildhs set 2 parts i need all mats without act 5 water but to get them all faster i do have to do act 5 bounty as well so bonus will pass to next act and on the end of the day after crafting everything got lots and lots mats from act 5 and nothing to do with it. So i wont to share my opinion that maybe in next patch or season would be possible to convert in cube or trade with merchant mats from 1 act to another. Share what do you think guys about this and sorry for my bad English but is not my first language Thx.Nargrim3 18 May
18 May New to Diablo 3 Hey guys, If the question was answered before,sorry for that:-) I am new to Diablo 3 and bought the vanilla version(but played a lot of D2 and D1). What I would like to ask is. Currently I am playing with Daemon hunter(10 hours of playtime). Usually i play with the Public option,so anybody can join, but so far I have met only 1 person. Is it that the vanilla version of D3 is like a ghost town and everybody has moved to the expansion? So if I would like to play with somebody(just make a game or join and do the campaing story,questing with others like I remember doing it in D2), do I have some chance to find somebody or do I really need to buy expansion? Thanks a lot and good hunting:-)Yossarian4 18 May
17 May Switching to seasonal (casual). Switching to seasonal (casual), anyone who wants to xp with me ? :) P.S - Or if someone wants to xp me I wouldn't mind either :PZerglikeswag1 17 May
17 May Any hero actually worth playing without class set? I've been wondering if there's actually any hero worth playing without the class set. It's such a huge deal for the char one choose to get it for, and it's a one time thing. Well, maybe a monk, that set seems bad to me at least, but still don't change my point really. The stats aren't all that great, but the bonuses is just such a massive boost!Moff7 17 May
17 May Pets and wings Anybody know if theese drop at non season too? I have made 150 runs to find the zombie pet but no Luck.Brage335 17 May
17 May I dont got Heroes of the storm potrait im lvl 12 on heroes of the storm and i dont got hots potrait on diabloAzer00 17 May
17 May [Bug] Grotesque becomes invulnerable by being feared Grotesque becomes invulnerable by being feared just as death animation starts youtube link: 17 May
17 May Firebird's Finery stacks bug. I recently rerolled Archon Firebird Wizard and there's something that's started confusing me. I know that when you have an elite permanently burning you keep the 50 stacks of Firebird's Finery when it's within 2/3 screens of you, but sometimes I keep the stacks even when the elite dies, and I continue to keep the 50 stacks of Firebird's Finery sometimes for the entire rift even when all the mobs despawn and the rift guardian appears, and has been killed. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening? I'm almost certain it's a bug, which can have some major benefits, but I've not really seen anyone complain about it. SS of me in town after greater rift guardian and everything is dead still with 50 stacks - 17 May
17 May Inna's set dungeon gg blitzzard, you dropped the ball again. Why do you have to make everything !@#$ by horrific design in order to "fix it in a year or two"? Another feature that is supposed to measure skill is just another rng-roll. Mobs get stuck in stairwells, spawns horribly bad, and the different objectives counter eachother inorder to make the mastery-objective a tedious "spam the portal and cross fingers for the perfect spawn". Came back to D3 this season because the set dungeon hype, quitting because of how poorly executed it is.PerKiller0 17 May
17 May Set Dungeon Difficulty too high.agentoranges3 17 May
17 May Your Top 3 Favourite Builds Well title says it. For me, at least for the time being, might change later: 1 LoN Frenzy Barb 2 Thorns with Invoker 3 Jade with Haunt and Locust bonuses What about you ?Chaos14 17 May
17 May Did they nerf the drop rate of the witching hour?? I have spent like 20k shards on belts, not to mention the thousands of materials upgrading rare belts in the cube!! Did they reduce the belt drop rate or something? I have gotten on my season char at least 5 of each of all other non class specific belts 17 May
17 May Oh its bugged... it's seriously bugged. After having a blast in my 6th season, there are things I just can't get past. One of the biggest being bugged elites or guardians in rifts or greater rifts. Killing a pack on TX, then seeing one of the 3 elites survived with 1hp point left, chasing you through the level is fun. But, doing GR70+, finally being happy you're break your own record, then the boss gets bugged and the other mobs are still there is just something... I am not used from Blizzard. Did you just shrink the dev team of D3 because of the Overwatch release coming soon? And everyone is now focused on that game and bugfixing? Because, I don't see any hotfixes planned for D3 to resolve the issue. This has to be the most bugged season. I don't even want to continue playing GR anymore since I never know if I'm going to hit the bugged boss or not. 1 out of 10 GRs I do, there's a boss bugged. Now, give me my key back!lordgreg5 17 May
16 May About Paragon clicking !!! Instead of clicking like a maniac on one button, can't you simply add 3 wheels? As in the slot machines? I would like to reset and change and test lot's of different settings, but I simply don't have the time and the mouse will eventually break. If I wish to try different paragon settings now, I have to click 600-808 times every single time, That is in my world not even a beta solution to the problem. plz....Slipandslide7 16 May