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15 May Ulianan's set dungeon, seriously ??? i have finally managed it after around 15 hours of attempting it and boy i got lucky i just ran in and killed everything without thinking about the objectives especially the 21 mob one and low and behold i did it lolmistermofo1 15 May
15 May The morning sun. New beginnings for diablo III I have been part of the entire diablo Journey, since the beginning. A few words concerning my personal view, and this view I welcome to be questioned. The first was Diablo one, the foundation layed upon a stone surface. There was the sorcerer, whom stood above the rest, and held power inexorable that the other heroes could not measure against. This character needed player skill to control. I write this as recently I've discovered, to my acute surprise, that diablo III not only needs technical insight to master.. but the skill and mechanical speed of the player, all those gaming reflexes are needed to survive the game. Action & Thought combined. Concerning Diablo II, it in itself was a necessary transition, an experiment, a temporary state of frozen torment that the community had to endure, in order to appeal to the frozen heavens and hell beneath to cause, the Diablo III to take form! Diablo II, all those trials and tribulations were all contained with that realm, and only when Diablo III came to be, then all those individuals were released from that shell and they infused the spherical orb of Diablo III. So now, it is here. and I wish to paint in some alluring brush-stroke, an ideal impression or direction I hope the game to be steered towards. Let it be said that I once was immersed in the observation and study of StarCraft II, but truly my stance their was a mild fool, bewildered uttering much disenchanted muse. Yet now, as I consort with great heroes within the Seasonal realm of hardcore, in diablo III. I see the valour and might, and dexterity of countless players, reflected in their heroes and their deeds. But I also know that some of them are verily, adepts of the game, with reflex of iron mind. What I hope to have. while these are whims of fantasy. Is more chance, and better outlet for these heroes to show their strength. Maybe.. more focus upon Dualing and brawling, where within a player may lay claim to some reknowned crown and distinguished as an infallible hero to the public. And another my challenge and take that Crown. And with that the depth of the game shall be expanded, beyond the execrable depths of Torment X. Let a Crusader summon a holy storm, with intent to consume the opposing Sorceress. But she absorbed all that arcane energy, forsooth she donned some demonic amulet that absorbed that white energy, and it simply cured here. And then she teleported behind and eviscerated the crusader with Spectral blade. Let a barbarian unleash an earthquake an a demon hunter, only to find has mislead with deception, chasing after an illusion of deception, and all his efforts were for nothing.. Things like that!! Make it, much like starcraft ii where the player skill is reflected in the power and presentation of the character hero!PrincePookie9 15 May
15 May Happy Birthday Diablo! Happy Birthday Diablo! 15 May
15 May WHEN will AREA dmg get fixed?? Blizzard Either remove area damage or fix it before u run more seasons.... We have no idea what builds or skills works perfect with area damage or not? Please enlighten us.. Thanks i love your game <3Stormtiger5 15 May
15 May kill counter of relevant beasties / Instances Since Diablo 3 have no intention to implement any integration for AddOns in to their game, it would be nice to see some short of a kill counter of relevant beasties like Goblins or specific entered instances. For example, this can be viewable in an interface or in the chat box. For example, cosmetic items is getting more and more relevant in too the game after the patch 2.4.1. And it would be nice to see how many Rainbow Goblins i have killed in total or how many instances i have entered like Whimsyshire, Whimsydale or Gardens of Hope Level 1. As it sits now we do have already some track record in the achievement system as for example, "Hard Wells", "Savior Of The Fallen" and "Elitist Few". But it would be nice to have some short of a track record for some specific elements in the game. The grind for those specific items is taking place and i see some very huge random numbers is being thrown out there on the forum which some of them is absurd and unrealistic. With this implementation we would have more correct statistics overall. This is just minor idea i have, and i guess its irrelevant for some players out there but for me this would be a small gameplay improvement.Ninetynine1 15 May
15 May game freezes in some levels! URGENT! PLZ BLUE ATTENTION hi, My game completes freezes in some levels, and sometimes in the loading of a new level or when entering far leves in rifts. this is really annoying and scary since i play HC characters, because i can hear the sounds of my character and mobs fighting but i lose complete my graphics output when this happens... odd because last season it was ok.. so, i find that a friend of mine have the same problem, i was thinking it was my graphic card, and i alreeady tried all sort of things in software and hardware and didnt solve the problem, i was surprised to kknow that another player has the same problem... i'm playing the game with a AMD Radeon hd 6870. My friend is playing with a AMD Radeon hd 5700. PLEASE some1 can check out from the developer's team or Blue.. YoS3 15 May
15 May Trading/Sharing Transmogs Hello, I'm Farming Hours and Hours since patch 2.4.1 but I'm still missing 3 transmog Items from the yet found ones. Since I keep these transmog Items I was courios if someone else kept them and might wants to trade/share them? I'm missing: Ghoul King's Blade - Mysterious chest at act 4 Gardens of hope lvl 2 King Maker - Unique Enemey Regreb the slayer at act 2 stinging winds Templar's Chain - Mysterious chest at act 1 Cathedral lvl 2 I can provide any other yet found weapon. Anyone interested? Info: I got all Items in Season SC but I would take them in Non Season as well.Renegade5 15 May
14 May Next season 4 support meta ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Just kidding, the supports are not very fun to play. I think best meta would be 4x dps, but 3x dps if fine too. Maybe its time to nerf the groupwide buff/debuff skills? So its worth going atleast 3x dps. I really enjoy this game, but its difficult to find group with more than 1 dps because with 3x support its the most effective way to play. Didnt Josh Mosquiera said that he wants the players to be the *badass Dh that is killing mosters to get cool loot?* Isnt playing a 0 dps class complete oppsite? I really think that is pretty huge turnaround from that what was planned by the blizzard devs (atleast what Josh Mosq. was saying before RoS start)rob016 14 May
14 May Dead D3 Auction House was the only PvP D3 ever had.BlitzedKreig3 14 May
14 May Sounds goblins What sounds goblins move to the voices of characters from the effects? When the stream can not afford to turn effects. golbin often inadvertently activated and buddies are out of luck.AJey4 14 May
14 May Oculus Ring not working in 2.4.1? Hi I just noticed that the circle from my Oculus Ring doesn't give me a damage increase. I have tried equipping it both on myself and on my follower and no matter how long I stand in its circle I don't get an increase in damage. I tried making a short test video here: Can somebody tell me what is going on?Lokos5 14 May
14 May Barb Whirldwild still core? Been wanting to play a barb for a long time, but when I keep focusing on that spinning whirlwind, I pretty quickly get somewhat dissy! Can do it all day with some other playing barb, but I can't play one my self with WW. If not, is it coming back? Whirlwind = Barbarian. I mean, no ability has followed by anywhere, near the WW around. I don't care beyond season 6. Has always been like this:P One thing (lot of genres) in one game. So weird... Thanks! :)Moff13 14 May
14 May Will the Cash shop ever be implemented ? I know the Chinese have a cash shop for things like the wings and stuff, just wondering if it will ever come to west servers. Purely cosmetic items of course, just every time i see someone with wings i just think fml..... There's another item i will never be able to get much like an ancient yangs :/. Can't literally think of any reason not to have would probably make more money then game sales it's selfJordan33 14 May
14 May THE GAME IS GETTING BORING! BLIZZARD! PLEASE Hello everyone, I want to share my diablo 3 game experience results. I am not the best player out there that can say "ohw the game easy" why? because i know Greater rift hardcore/softcore is Awesome when doing higher ranks. But i miss the challange feeling out side that grift, the new patch is beautiful and awesome. but come on guys! honestly sinds kanai's cube is in game everything has changed (no complains it's freaking awesome). But back to the point! I want some new elite packs I want to feel the horror that's coming . I miss deep farming like untold secrets that I need to find out. anyways there are so many awesome ideas of other d3 players that blizzard can pick out so the game doesn't get "ohw i have 5mil xp pool to be paragon hoelahoe or i need that last piece of set so i can go bash some muscitos in rifts.....(I HATE MUSCITOS! XD)" anyway not for saying "ohw listed to all ideas" but just a few that can be used? Right? what about removing Diablo 3 and call it Diablo online. So it's goes deeper right? And please don't come with PoE I want Diablo to smack there faces and be come better. That game PoE is Nasty msdos wannabe game! not even close to best game (unistalled and used disk clean up after) So what do you guys think? And please Guys I know you people are frustrating and nerdy but for the love of god Please say I AGREE I want more!JAWZANDREX7 14 May
14 May Legendary Gems Redesign I think legendary gems should get a second bonus stat that unlocks at a higher level besides the ones that unlock at lvl 25. Especially for higher grifting. Might unlock at lvl 60 or whatever. I would like to have "reset all cooldowns after killing an elite pack", preferably on the bane of the powerful. What do you think ?Chaos1 14 May
14 May Paragon Button (can i remove it?) This season i play 2 different supports. In my group we have experienced some lag (not much), if i have paragon points in Area Damage, so i have 50 unspent PP in AD. Whenever i enter game on those characters i get the PP-Button and it is really annoying me. I know its easy just to click and close, but i was wondering if there was any way to disable this feature, as it is my own decision to avoid having AD in my paragons. // AffiAffi3 14 May
13 May Game connection lost I keep getting the message when i load a game that my game connection has been lost. I have two laptops that both can rundt d3 but now the one laptop keeps disconnecting? As I can read it has been a problem for years? Is there any fix for this issue?Zimmermann3 13 May
13 May Client disconnection I keep getting disconnected from the client, everytime i try to start my game and it loads, i cant even move my character, its just immediatly BOOM, disconnected, i have been trying to fix this for 3 days now, and 1 thing blizzard, fix this !@#$%^-it!Jaina5 13 May
13 May SEASON 6 HAEDRIG'S GIFT BUG After completing season 6 journey part2, I received my portrait but noting in my mail. I reloaded the game, and still no mail(Haedrigs Gift) Please look into this bug, as I did see the in-game notification, and was looking for mail. Thanks :)CapCaavemaan2 13 May
13 May [BUG] Horror God Mode Good morning to everyone. It has being mentioned to other threads as well , but i believe it deserves a "solo" thread this one. There is a bug in the game where Horror simple do not die !!!! It receives fatal damage and simple it refuses to die , it evades every shot being thrown at it (actually the shot doesn't even evade, it is just like it is invisible or something.) It is not that hard to avoid or anything , it is just annoying. Also in higher end GRifts (60+) it can cause you enough trouble (especially in solo mode) by killing you. I haven't encounter the problem on bounties , only on Nephelim and Greater Rifts Can you please take a look on this one ? Thank you in advance.tsem133 13 May
13 May Raekor Boulder Toss better than MotE Boulder Toss??? Why would this even be something that you would allow to happen, Blizzard? One of the main things that Might of the Earth did as a set bonus was buff Ancient Spear, specifically for Boulder Toss use. now, with the new Raekor set changes / buffs, Raekor BT hits for almost over 10x what MotE BT hits for. No joke. But, there's more to this... With the new gameplay to Raekor being all about just tossing boulders around, the Furious Charge damage is pretty irrelevant to the build. so much so that its pointless to buff FC damage through Vile Wards or Standoff. This takes these two items completely out of the game; they are pointless. They are items specifically designed to buff Raekor, and no one even wants them anymore. If you do use them, its simply because... why not? But, they still remain irrelevant to the build now. Point is... Raekor is getting buffed so much that its starting to seem out of control at this point. Its gone from being the #1 barb build, to the ONLY barb build... to !@#$ it all, its better at the things that other sets are designed to do as well. Its kinda ridiculous, do you see what i mean?Daoist4 13 May
13 May Massive damage from white mobs? Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm getting extremely random spikes in damage taken from seemingly nowhere, but i will be a bit more specific as to why i find it odd. 1. I can stand toe to toe in T10 with any yellow or blue group or boss. The damage seems to be coming from normal (white) mobs. 2. 99% of the time is ALMOST one shotting me, leaving me with little enough health that I can no longer see any red in my orb. If I have a potion ready, then I can easily bring my health back up and carry on... so, its not lag of any kind. But, yet it drops me to pretty much 1hp in the blink of an eye and stops there for a second. however, if i take anymore damage, I die as normal. only a couple of times have I outright been one shot by this mysterious "Chuck Norris Zombie" By the way.. its not a powerful mob type, its not a specific mob at all. It is completely at random, like the game suddenly buffs one or a group of them. Also, I'm not the only one that has noticed this happen to them, my friend that I'm playing with was complaining about the same thing before I started to notice it myself.Daoist16 13 May
12 May Are there plans to add these transmogs to the game? These are already farmable items with existing graphics. I think it would be awesome if finding these would grant transmogs much like the recently added white items in the game. Are there any plans to do so with the next patch? The Clipper Wirts Original Leg Griswolds worn edge Rakanishus Blade Splintered OarHam0 12 May
12 May Cursed Chests locations master list I didnt notice any topic about this. I havent found many of them, but since they are fun and grant achievements, why not make a list of them. If you encountered them, please post below and list will be updated (preferably with screenshot). ACT 1 - Achievement obtainable! The Cursed Cellar - Damp Cellar (Outside New Tristram) The Cursed Chamber of Bone - Cathedral lvl1 (elipsoid area with stairs behind it) The Cursed Court - Cathedral lvl2 (random, down the stairs for me) The Cursed Grove - Fields of Misery (Old Man Resplendent Chest location) The Cursed Hatchery - Caverns of Araneae (just before boss corridor) The Cursed Camp - Southern Highlands (past the bridge, go upper right) The Cursed Bellows - Halls of Agony 3 (Area entrance) The Crused Mill - Between Fields of misery and Drowned Temple - Bounty ACT 2 - Achievement obtainable! The Cursed Outpost - Howling Plateau (area when frightened girl spawned previously) The Cursed Battlement - Howling Plateau (same area as above, but a shrine) The Cursed Shallows - The Flooded Cave Lvl 1 (in Oasis, random inside) The Cursed Archive - Vault of the Assassin (central area with stairs in 4 directions) The Cursed Spire - Unknown Depths (random spawn) The Cursed Pit - Storm Halls (random spawn) ACT 3 - Achievement obtainable! The Crused Depths - Keep Depths Lvl 2 - (random spawn) The Cursed Garrison - The Battlefields (center of the area, up the stairs) The Cursed Glacier - Icefall Caves Lvl 1 (near entrance to 2nd lvl, large area) The Crused Caldera - Arreat Crater Lvl 2 (side area of the map) ACT 4 - Achievement obtainable! The Cursed Chapel - Silver Spire Lvl 2 (side area of the map shaped like peninsula) The Cursed Dias - Gardens of Hope lvl1 - Bounty ACT 5 - Achievement obtainable! Every one can be a bounty as far as I have noticed.Revan52 12 May
12 May Patch 2.4.1 Hotfixes - Updated 20/05 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated May 11. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.3.0] [2.4.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Fixed an issue where the bounty "Kill Fharzula" would be unable to be completed if Fharzula was killed before the Spirit of the High Cleric finished speaking (4/5) Fixed an issue where the bounty "Wortham Survivors" would not spawn objectives if the player entered the zone from the Highlands Passage zone (11/5) Fixed an issue where the bounty "Catapult Command" would not spawn objectives if the player entered the zone from the Skycrown Battlements (11/5) Fixed an issue where monsters with special death effects, such as Grotesques, could occasionally not be killed (20/5) Crusader Fixed an issue where the 35% damage increase from Akarat's Champion was not being applied when using the 6-piece bonus for Armor of Akkhan (28/4)Брайвир0 12 May
12 May Where to find the beige coloured pennant? Hello boys and girls. I've been searching on Google and Youtube for any information on where one can find the beige/light brown coloured pennant and I can't find anything at all. I'm not talking about the blue pennant that you get from the season journey, but this one that was posted with the other cosmetics items in the "Patch 2.4.1 Preview: Cosmetic Items" thread. Does anyone here know how to obtain that pennant or is it still unknown? Thank you for your time, -RhunokRhunok1 12 May
12 May No banwave on non-season? FeelsBadMan yeah, pretty sad i must say. With such a massive assault on seasons, NS was just left as is. And there are many notorious botters out there. One of botters on my list is over 3000 paragons already. Bots 24/7. :(DarkSol10 12 May
12 May HELP. Set problem Guys !! i salvaged my akkhan set helm in a hury and it is over a week ago now.... is there any way i can get the akkhan set helm again... or is it completly lost.... :( help pls :')lindgaard73 12 May
11 May best goblin farming route 2.4.1 Hi guys please check out my goblin farming guide below, for any requests/questions please post on the youtube video or add aries#2402 (europe) 11 May
11 May Ohhh... this feeling.... Of an empty tab on NS. Thank god this season is over for me. It was much harder this time to force myself to play for QOL feature. Now 13 mules instead of 14. Thank you, BlizzardDarkSol3 11 May
11 May No more rainbow goblins Our 4 ppl group have been split farming for almost 6 hours today with no results finding a rainbow goblin, so we asked a big community dedicated to this cosmetic farm to notice us somebody if he finds a rainbow gob, none has found one til now...Imad21 11 May
11 May Thorns build auto-stats issue I don't wanna revive the auto-stat discussion but I wanna know who agrees that putting all (or most of) the stats that go to strength/dex to vitality instead would be better for a thorns build if we could assing the stats ourselves. Do you think doing so would make a significant difference with the Heart of the Iron ? Any ideas ?Chaos0 11 May
11 May Extend diff and add act specific crafting mat drops The bounties are so boring now and nephalem rifts are too easy. Please extend difficulty and add drop chance for act specific crafting materials. Also, add item filter so I can hide blue items :Dslarur0 11 May
11 May Cursed chest of the meteor still not working. Didn't work last season, and not now.Toffifee1 11 May
11 May Where is a good cursed chest for the conquest? I saw act 5 blood swamp chest was good but I don't know where to look for itfrogg6261 11 May
11 May Blizzard Nerfs Paragons 2.4.1 After taking a quick look at the patch 2.4.1 notes I saw that blizzard intends to do another "nerf" to paragons in the form of "The amount of Experience granted in Greater Rift 70 and above has been reduced" Here is the info on XP nerf Grats to Wodijo ---------------- As we all know the first nerf to paragons was Caldesann's Dispar that was intended to reduce the value of main stat and thus reduce the power of paragons. This didn't work out so well as the Leap in Power Creep made players ( most of them botters ) to have a lot more paragon in season 5. I do not know what to expect from the patch 2.4.1 nerf to paragons but there are only 2 possibilities, ider they nerf xp slightly and considering the new INCOMEING power creep the nerf would be useless or they will nerf XP by a larger scale the higher you go in grifts thus achieving the real purpose of this change and that is NERFING THOSE DREADED PARAGONS. I just hope they don't shoot darts blindfolded again. What do you guis think ? PS1: Go make some friends, Nyarlathotep, i'm not interested in what you have to say PS2: Nyarlathotep, why are you spamming every thread I make, are you that much of a lonely girl ?Raijin215 11 May
11 May Diablo 3 Anniversary 2016 I was just wondering if anyone know if blizz are going to do the buff or something like the cow level this year ? ? ?MontySniper4 11 May
11 May Client disconnection I keep getting disconnected from the client, everytime i try to start my game and it loads, i cant even move my character, its just immediatly BOOM, disconnected, i have been trying to fix this for 3 days now, and 1 thing blizzard, fix this!Jaina1 11 May
11 May Goblins, Cosmetis- Transmogs,Wings, Pets Hello everyone, just wanna share my findings with those who are still searching and enjoying new patch. It's a playlist with many cosmetics, goblin farm routes, wings, pets, etc. You may find whatever you are interested for. Hope you like it. Enjoy the farming and don't give up because of RNG! Ghoul King Blade Drop: 11 May
11 May nerf twister buff other dps classes For months the meta is boring twister stacking with 3 zdps. The buffs to sets wasn't enough, only chantado wizard is viable and thats it. The game is increadibly boring and playing a dps class besides wizard is not worth it. there should be different setups besides playing with a single wizard. It shouldn't be that hard to give other classes something. Seems like blizzard doesn't care about diablo anymore, all we need are some hotfixes that's all. It's like moths of waiting and zero content with small tweaks, shouldn't be that hard.Wickson7 11 May
11 May So Is There Maintenance Tonight Or What? 22 mins passed it's scheduled start time, want to run rifts but don't want to risk the servers shutting down with no countdown again..Berronax8 11 May
11 May Why are there no custom games? This game has truly made progress since it's launch and can now be enjoyed in many of the same ways as its predecessor. Why is there absolutely no option for a games list, filled with games made by other players. with a possible level range editor? The current system for finding games with random players is either by random matchmaking or by physically finding people in channels, which is completely undesirable to me. Even an option to name games and have them put on a selectable list for players of the same level range would be a huge improvenent if I am not overlooking somethingItachi6 11 May
10 May Restore character I was wondering, does anyone know how often you can restore deleted characters? I know WOW has 30 days, but can't find any info about Diablo 3: RoS. Basicly, i regret I deleted my female barbarian, did a restore and my low level demon hunter came back (which was the last one that got deleted), hence my question for the info.Sinner0 10 May
10 May Remove Rainbow Goblin!! ....arrrr this is so annoying! I have been farming Treasure Gobilns at T1 since the "double goblin bonus" and had managed to spawn the treasure vault a grand total of ... once! Now in the same period I have killed several Rainbow Goblins and have spawned the Whimsydale Portal every single time!! Does anyone else think this is a pointless waste of time and effort?!? I get the feeling that every time a rainbow portal spawns it takes the place of a much needed (and looked for) treasure vault portal - grrrrrrr!!yappster7725 10 May
10 May My idea My idea -New characters with demon side ( like aliance/horde) and class(rogue , warlock, Priest). -Common maps and inside that maps valuable materials (for crafts legendary items) and rare or elit (hard) boss, for play with friends! and special goblins( high price items drop for Action house?) -Action house for all ( demons and humans) and do not use real many pls ( its killing game trust me) -PvP system and rank system , pvp items. -Legendary items like a hard to find or hard to craft and looks cool ( Warglaive of Azzinoth , Thunderfury ! ) -Dungeon or Raid system ( tier 1,2..?) ... ... ... I belive if Blizzard do that or something like this. Will return to the people you lost. For me blizzard games best ever in the world! I just want to see the value it deserves. As I said, this is my idea.Ahmet4 10 May
10 May Season char I recently bought Diablo III, I started seasonal char, now I am 40+ lvl as a Witch Doctor, I have a normal char like 10 lvl Barbarian. When the season ends, what will happet to my items? Will they disappear or transfer to my barbarian? Thanks for the answers I am newbieSouliens5 10 May
10 May Paragon Points Does anyone know whether paragon points put into attack speed affects Witch Doctor pets?JoeNTMY1 10 May
10 May New awesome features vs. lag issues. Ok so the dev team decided to give us a new goblin, pair of wings and a nice whimsical portrait. THAT'S AWESOME. Omg I am so exited it's gonna take me like 37 seconds to get the new goblin 3 times and never kill it again! My life is complete now. I would like to just notice that the game is almost unplayable now due to lag at high levels. A double pack when one pack is health linked and the other is a yellow illusionist makes the game stop. After around a minute of lag, everyone is dead. Monk is pissed because he lost his pool and we are all using very inappropriate words to describe our beloved game and the studio that made it. IN CONCLUSION How about you stop painting a piece of !@#$ in rainbow colors and fix the FKING LAG. Sincerely yours SehSeh15 10 May
10 May We want vanilla First watch I remember when i had found a good legendary and was soo excited to check it out on the actionhause, and hoped i could make alot of gold on it so i could buy some better gear. And the thing i realy miss today is that u could spend so much time gearing up ur character and u would never be done. I know..... its the same in ros but again not. Because in 5-10 hours in ros u can gear a character up right? And then alll that about paragon 1000 2000 3000 up to 10000 levels is destroying the game... Much better in vanilla were para 100 was the higest and then that was it!.. And back in the day mp 10 was hard and u died now t10 easy paisy and well grater rifts just feels like the only reason why u are doing it is because u want those paragons.. Another problem today is alll those sets, u can,t do like back in vanilla were u could try new skills and builds in different versions. Today u are bound to use a set and bound to use those skills ur set is buffing... And there will always only be one set there is the best so we just run around every patch and use the same skills. Its makes the game boring.. Pls blizzard make a new game call it diablo 3 vanilla i would play it! ;)nuller96 10 May
10 May AI of the pets VS AI of the devs. How do you think people who can beat my gargantuan of being retarded and useless?PangGblast1 10 May