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5d Fazula's Improbable Chain A daft question I know however is it possible to obtain this item? I've been using every blood shard I get buying the random belts from the NPC but no luck I've also been using the cube to upgrade rare belts into legendary belts no luck there either The Belt makes you start with 50 Archon Stacks for those who know the ability but not the item nameArma0 5d
6d Weapon Stat Reroll I have now rerolled stats on 5 weapons and have wasted at least 100 deaths breath on this. All I want is a socket. All I get is damage stats, nothing else. The same 3 lightning, basic damage and arcane. What is happening with this reroll crap.Taklan1 6d
6d First Set Pieces on Seasonal Chars So when you hit lvl 70, you get your first few set pieces, they are different for every class. The thing is I hit 70, but didn't get anything although i claimed my mail and stuff. I'm thinking this is a bug. I'm waiting for your thoughts and opinions, thank you!MatriXMC1 6d
6d When will u get seasonal reward? Hey. I recently started playing D3 again, so I'm kinda rusty with this whole seasonal thing, so bear with me :) I found out that you can only get 1 season set reward, but my question is: I have a lvl35 seasonal DH at the moment, but I would like to start a seasonal WD to get the Archyr reward at the end - can I have two seasonal characters going at the same time and still get the reward for the WD, even though I started the DH first? Thanks! I'm sorry if this topic has already been adressed, I wasn't able to find it anywhere :) Best regards, ShortyShorty0 6d
24 Nov WTF Blizzard ? Legendary now = Rare Wtf with these legendary items with no special abilities blizzard , the amount of satisfaction now you get from finding a legendary item is so low... They don't drop very often, but even when they drop these days you get 5/7 items (approximately) with no special ability what so ever, so they are the same as rare (yellow)items. Now it's even harder to get the item you want because you added those "crap" legendary.... Sorry for the language, but I got pissed playing for two hours and getting all those "legendary" items....Klaudas0 24 Nov
21 Nov legacy of nightmares legacy of nightmares set doesn't feel like its giving 100% damage on each ancient legendary I have equiped. Please look into this.Thagmata1 21 Nov
18 Nov Fastest way to get Illusory Boots? Hey guys what's the absolute fastest way to get Illusory boots? Is it possible to farm Normal Mode Act 2 caches for them, or do I have to be doing Torment? I really want these.. Thanks!Razzer40 18 Nov
17 Nov Season 8 Reforge a weapon to Legendary issue I've tried 2 different items. Both times I have added one or two sockets and I do not get a completion for it. All other tasks are complete. I do not have Uliana's torso or legs but I can't see why that would matter. Both items were lvl 70. One rare, one legendary. Any ideas as to why?Gladman1 17 Nov
15 Nov Ramaladni's not stackable Hello, as mentioned in the title, Ramaladni's are not stackable anymore. I don't know if it's just on my side, but they definitely were stackable before. I'd love to see them being stackable again. It's a liiiiitle bit inconvenient to have them take up multiple inventory spaces when they used to only take up a single one. It's only a small thing, but like it was mentioned at BlizzCon: The devil lies in the detail. If my suggestion is in the wrong forum, please point it out, I will correct it.H4rdC0re2 15 Nov
07 Nov Crafting from normal items I have seen a great number of live streams in the past months and nearly all things, concerning features, seem very polished. But for me, it seems normal items (like a white sword or clothes) don't have a use other than filling blank slots with something. You just pick them up to disassemble and that's it. It would be great, if you could use an item you found as raw material for crafting. Either you chose a recipe and get it applied to the base item's statistics (speed, dps, damage range) or you get at least a discount for the recipe. Example: You:'I want a new crossbow!' BS: 'That'll be 12 common scrap and 6 essences.' You: 'Can't you just take this crossbow I found? I mean it's fully functioning, has better stats and you don't have to make a new one from scratch.' BS: 'Hmm, sounds reasonable. Okay, 6 scraps and 3 essencens will do.' The motivation behind that is simple: I run around dungeons and I find a lot of non-magical items. It would be great, if you could put those to good use. Say you need a better dagger and there drops one of the highest available tier (still non-magical) for your level. You could scoop it up, bring it to the blacksmith to improve your weapon. There would still be a lot of 'white trash', but at least you could hope for something useful more often. This would be similar to getting the best weapon to create a runeword in D2.skeddar16 07 Nov
07 Nov Ramaladni's Gift crazy drop rate disparity? I have a friend who, admittedly, has been playing D3 a lot longer than I have. He says he's getting a Ramaladni's Gift every evening that he's online and playing (sic)! He linked me a stack of 16 of them. I haven't yet seen a single one. My brother (who also has been playing longer, but not THAT much longer) has found only one. I could use a few of these Gifts pretty badly. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Do they drop more often for certain classes perhaps? Or perhaps is the drop rate increased with paragon levels? Because this drop disparity is pretty huge!Shaamaan21 07 Nov
07 Nov Season 8 no Ramaladni's gift drop I play Season 8 and i have 600 paragons with no ramaladni's gift drop is that normal?panosgreco3 07 Nov
03 Nov Proposal: Higher tiers of normal gems. As someone with 100+ of flawless royals in every color (I can't be the only one), I think it's time for some higher tiers of those normal gems. Everybody has the highest level gems in their gear now and I think it's sad it's something everybody has. It should be for the elites only, just like with augmented gems in gear. So my proposal is this: Make 2 higher tiers for normal gems. 3 flawless royals into something and 3 of those into the new highest tier (so 9 flawless royals to make 1 of the highest ones). The stat needs to be worth it. So far, the crit bonus in weapon goes 115%, 120% and 130%. Make the next tier 140% and 150% - or even 150% and 175%. For the main stat bonus in gear, it goes 160, 220 and 280. Make the next tier 340 and the highest one 400 - or even 375 and 500. For diamonds in helmet, it goes 11.5%, 12% and 12.5%. Then make the higher tiers 13% and 13.5% - or even 13.5% and 15%. That way, the elitest in-game could get up to 25% more crit, 2.5% CDR in helmet and 220 more main stat per gem in gear. That's something worth grinding gems over - something that's not present now. Blizzard have given us a reason to farm pretty much everything else - but not normal gems. The price of creating those new gems should also be pretty high, something like 10 DB's and 10 souls plus something like 10M gold. I'd keep the cost of augmenting as it stands now, 3 flawless royals. That system works well. Any pros/cons or questions?Ba1aB2 03 Nov
30 Oct Gem upgrade bug ? are gems upgrade bugged ? doing grs , gem upgrade at 60 % ( lvl 68 ) failed 18 times out of 18 , fix this plz .Darkdominus0 30 Oct
20 Oct Wings still obtainable? Can't fins any info on this. Are Wings still obtainable as of 2.4.2?monvos1 20 Oct
09 Oct Enchanting STUCK, unable to reset to original. Hello Blizzard. Your enchanting system is great. However, once a item is enchanted, there is no way of returning the item to its original. When I got to level 70, I was eeger to try the new enchanting, and now my item is stuck on secondary stat enchantment. I belive this is an item I will have for a long time, rendering me unable to further improve the item, due to the fact that its now locked on secondary stats. My neck has 91% CD, and I would like to enchant the 88AR -> X CC. However, that is now impossible, leaving me with a neck that I will have for a long time, unable to make it better. My question is: - Why is there no way of reseting an item to its original standard with the oppertunity to choose a different stat to enchant?Floopy20 09 Oct
03 Oct Please Blizzard, change that spawn-rate!!!! After 5927 bounties in season 6, 1567 in season 7, and a lot of goblin-runs in both seasons and off-season, i killed about a million billion rainbow goblins and still don't have the Princess Lillian wings!!!!!!! I know, i know, RN-Jesus doesn't love me, but seriously - all the guys have it, and me as a lady, i can't look all pretty and sh*t? PLEASE do something about that; it's a cosmetic item, it shouldn't be almost impossible to get! :-(Dori861 03 Oct
02 Oct (Terminate) Focus & Restraint before angry with me , yes i like huge yellow number like all 11 chars have a pair of them.easy to use left click-right click %100 multicapative damage at your service! boom boom.but why i hate them.. i can write pages and some reasons; -its more powerful than same 4 pcs set (blacthorn,mighty earth,shadow bane etc).this not fair.this is redicilous. -killind diversity -wastes super rare rings(soj,oculus ring,skullgrasp,band of rue chambers etc) -ignores set rings (DH set and WD set rings example) i think blizz should remove all set jewellery because all class set fixed to six than what we have left? belt bracer and jewellery. we have no room to move.i dont want to continue writing. (summary: remove them for freedom,make class spesific jewellery and boost them) be happy;Nemesis40 02 Oct
01 Oct upgrading an augementation Hello, I would like to know what happens if i add an augmentation to an ancient set piece that already has an augment of lvl50 on it. Will this augment replace the previous one and thus completly disregard the previous used gem, or will the augment instead be upgraded? This last makes more sense to me, but obviously i dont want to take a risk hereStorm3 01 Oct
01 Oct how to get specific ancien? hello, how to get a specific ancient? apart from drop? use mistery shop and use the yellows to get legendaries in the cube? Is possible to reset an amulet transfusion? i got an ancient amulet when i was a noob and did not realize once you transfuse you cant do it again and I cant add the slot to it..SoD0 01 Oct
28 Sep Fix Chiltara's drop rate? [Gibbering Gemstone] Any planed hotfix's on this? The mob Chiltara that should drop Gibbering Gemstone at 100%.. the drop rate now is non-existing.. just want to know... if you're going to fix it? or you're going to leave it broken making people farm it and possibly die (Hardcore) over an non-existing item... *le facepalm* Thanks for patch 2.0.1 though.. made the game more fun! // Freaknic How many hours have you wasted to get Gibbering Gemstone? x)Freaknic350 28 Sep
27 Sep Reforge not working Hi, so I tried reforging my obsidian ring of the zodiac like 10 times, and 99% of the time the states were resource cost, crit chance, attack speed, and cooldown reduction. Can someone tell me why this happened to me? I thought the cube randomized the stats, this just gave me the same bad ones over and over... such a waste of materials :(Osiriskiller0 27 Sep
19 Sep New get ancient legenary kanai recipe What do you think? 3 legendaries of the same id + 250 souls + 250 breaths = 1 ancient legendary E.g. you place in cube 3 witching hour belts (doesn't matter ancient or not), 250 souls, 250 breaths, smash cube button and get brand new ancient witching hour. Any balance suggestions?Dreik3 19 Sep
07 Sep Auto-pickup dust, crystals and death breath! Ok look here Blizzard: I dont have time to stop and pick up !@#$ when im whirlwinding @ 100 mph, I slay elites like butter in T6 rifts (who doesn't?) and now that I try to reroll my boots im out of deathbreaths? I have 132.000+ Elitekills som I guess I shouldn't run out of these? I have a bunch in NS, but doing season now. So come on, present a solution to this, the barbbuild is built on momentum, we cant stop to pick up these "essentials" if we wanna keep our permaberserk going. Sure I might be lazy, but have this as an option for us lazy bastards then, ofc weapons of all kinds I pick up if I want too, but the material is something you always need and stopping to pick this up when doing speedrifts really only annoys you. TL;DR AUTOPICK UP DEATH BREATHS AND OTHER CRAFTING MATERIALCoolsson39 07 Sep
06 Sep where is the Jeweler ? started ACT 2 and no Jeweler ... thxTryM341 06 Sep
30 Aug Ghoul King's Blade and Adventure Mode Hey guys, I've used the forum search and google on that topic several times already but havent found a satisfying answer for me. Does the Ghoul King's Blade drop in Adventure Mode at all? I know the videos and pictures showing the Story Mode. I know that people said that it can drop in Adventure Mode but a lot rarer. I know that some videos even say that it is Story Mode only. I know that a Bluepost said that transmogs are Adventure Mode only. Does anyone have a video or picture showing the Mysterious Chest in the Adventure Mode? Not only from hearsay that the dog's uncle's best friend's mother has heard that someone found it there. I'm getting somewhere close to 300 runs. I have no problem with something being rare. I just wanna know if I waste my time when I include that area in my farm runs for now. Thanksskhar0 30 Aug
27 Aug Is there any way i can still find angelic wings? i have just started the game two months agoAlelos0 27 Aug
27 Aug Is there any way i can still find angelic shards? I have started playing diablo a couple a months ago and all the videos i see for the angelic shards are at least two years old.Alelos0 27 Aug
26 Aug staff of herding that skrap got som use at alljAnis0 26 Aug
26 Aug [Announce] Kanai's Cube Checklist (printable) I've just updated my printable Kanai's Cube Checklist for Season 6, patch 2.4.1: I recommend printing 2 or 4 pages per A4/Letter sheet. Please let me know if there's any errors. And please respect my copyright. You can use my files freely for your own personal use, but please only distribute the link, not the files, and certainly not modified files. legendary legendaries powersStarlite3 26 Aug
26 Aug Zombie dogs blocking my Gargantua dmg? So, like the topic, my zombie dogs are sometimes blocking my garg's from dealing damage. Is that common or is my game messed up? So, i have a total of 4 Zombie dogs and 3 gargs. It also feels like i lost a lot of damage when i equipped "Tasker and Theo" and unequipped "The tall man's finger". I would totally go for "the tall man's finger" if i didn't need to have "Royal Grandeur" equipped in the cube. Any tips?OggySexbang0 26 Aug
25 Aug Flawless royal recipe? Came back to D3 this season, up to the "Champion" chapter right now. Finished almsot everything (3x lvl35 gem took the longest) when I realized I don't have a single flawless royal or even royal recipe; I need to craft one to finish the chapter. Where do I get the recipes from nowadays?Timboron0 25 Aug
24 Aug Haedrigs gift Hey Guys. I dont get the Gift from Haedrig and i do everthing to reward it. Can you pls help me. thanks.xFlippy1 24 Aug
22 Aug Gibbering Gemstone Okay, so for awhile now I have been constantly farming for the Gibbering Gemstone. it's super tedious and to no avail I haven't found that damn Gemstone I've killed Chiltara at least 20-30 times thank god for Chiltara being able to spawn more but I feel like the drop rate is still bugged. Is the Gemstone still bugged? You have no idea how bad I want to go and slaughter cute teddy bears and unicorns at my discretion and not rely on those stupid portals.Nathans518 22 Aug
21 Aug Caldesann's despair item logo's Hey Blizz and readers, While I was just upgrading my gear with caldesann's when I realized it would be handy if you could quickly distinct cals from non-cals items in your stash (specially coming out of a season when its gear sorting time). My idea is very simple by adding an additional logo to your items like the one it gets from a transmog. Only downside I can think off is too many logo's being on it if you also have the item rarity on. Guess let it be know below if you agree/disagree. (Keep up bringing us great entertainment Blizz!)Batzie0 21 Aug
17 Aug Is there a way to determine an items origin? Hey... I know, my question sounds weird... But is there ANY way to determine the origin of a particular item? By that i don`t mean the NPC it can be dropped by, i mean if it has been crafted / found by another player and has been traded / who identified it / cubed / if it has been account bound by the second it was "born" / ... Actually, anything which can help to determine on which Account the item originated. I know, its no technical issue which makes the game unplayable for me per se, but it would kinda make my Diablo 3 experience a lot more awesome if i could determine sth. of the above in this particular case. Right now, i would freakin pay more for this information than i spent on Diablo 3 itself... and i have seen the real money auction house ;). So, any help, hopefully from official side xD, is muuuuuuch appreciated!Smou0 17 Aug
14 Aug Seasonal Item Reward not Given Just finished chapter 3 of seasonal play, and I wasn't given the promised set item reward. I did receive it in my inventory after finishing chapter 2, but nothing happened after chapter 3. Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong?ALUCARD0 14 Aug
04 Aug Vyrs astonishing aura Hey guys, i need some help here! I have for one week tried to get the vyr torso in ancient, but sadly with no luck. i have tried following: reforging, upgrading rare, speed farming and bloodshards. Am i doing something wrong or am i just unlucky ? What should i focus on to get it?Hector0 04 Aug
01 Aug Do bane of the stricken pass the debuff on death? According to this and a multiple of sources only one enemy at a time can have the debuff from the gem. But there is something I have not managed to figure out or find information about. How this gem work when you attack multiple targets and the first enemy who get the debuff die. I know that is it is the case it will have to start rebuilding from scratch but lets take the extreme example, a demon hunter use strafe at the beginning of a rift floor and keeps that strafe cast up the entire floor. The first enemy get the debuff of course but: When it die do the second enemy that got hit the the debuff? When it die do the first enemy who get hit after the first enemy is dead get the debuff? Do that one strafe only count as one attack even though it lasts for up to 10 minutes and the gem is useless in this example?Wolfenstein0 01 Aug
31 Jul Monk Gear Hi there, I just want to express my anger and disappointment at the fact that trying to gear a monk is a joke.... the rng trolls me every time. I have had everything other then the things i need... i had blackthornes like 10 times... is it really that hard to give me some set pieces?? I have used Blood Shards and the cube and spent over 6000 Blood Shards and 800 Death's Breaths trying to get 1 item. Please sort the drop rates. Thanksdimthegreat10 31 Jul
26 Jul Delay item Hover in the Chest inventory Hello, This is the closest place i could fit this topic in, but please do move it to the right place. Currently, the hover is instant. It can get very annoying when you are sorting and arranging a lot of items in your inventory chest. I suggest you delay the hover effect with the item properties for at least a second or two. It doesnt have to be instant at all. We will stop and closely read each item description patiently. We can wait a few seconds for the data to load..... Thanks.Dragosvr921 26 Jul
20 Jul Kadala drops I know its all supposed to be based on RNG, but really? 4 pairs of the same damn pants, 3 of them in a row. Apparently I need to be using Blackthorn's when what I really want is Zunimassa's.Athenas881 20 Jul
19 Jul Did you save Kanai's Skorn ? Unfortunately i didn't :( so im hoping there's a kind spirit out there who is willing to share it with me for a few seconds to get the transmog. Add me in game SuperFooldk#2719 Thanx in advance Ps.. i have some of the 2.4.1 transmogs i can share if interestedSuperFoolDk2 19 Jul
18 Jul Cube eats gems? Does reforging legendary with gems eat the gems when using the Cube? I just reforged a chest with 3 gems and they are gone. I was assuming they would be put in my bag space just like when you salvage gear....Reyice1 18 Jul
17 Jul Salvage legendary Plain and simple then you salvage a ANCIENT legendary item, you should get more than one forgotten soul. I would say that at least 3-4 forgotten souls would be fitting.Braveheart1 17 Jul
16 Jul Wand of Woh Hey guys, been wondering what to do with this Woh to make it better Should i go for a higher damage or int roll? reroll something maybe IAS to CDR? Im waiting for a gift to drop for the gem slot thats why it doesnt have 1 yetNiiNjjA0 16 Jul
12 Jul Help please with my build Hello. I'm trying to build a zunimassa witch doctor with carnevil shooting fetishes and piercing dagger of darts. Yesterday i found a mask of jarem and now wondering is it worth or not, cuz i haven't found any info about how these items work together. Could anyone advise me, please?mrTrigger1 12 Jul
24 Jun Wizzard can't get legendary shield from Kadala? Hello I'm writing this because I've tried too gamble for a shield from Kadala for a while (almost 5000 shards lost) and can't get any legendary even Denial or Ivory Tower. I've tried 3 characters: 2 Wizards and 1 Crusader. Wizards don't get a thing but my Crusader only need 50 shards for Denial... And another 100 for some Crusader shield. Is this bug or what? Can somebody tell me that they gamble for shields also and get some legends there (Wizards not WD or DH but I think they have same problem...)? I know wizards with shield... But for my build I need some (for endgame - Wand of Woh)Herbx10 24 Jun
22 Jun Random my @ss!! What the hell is wrong this season with these so called random items drops?! I'm playing level 60-65 greater rifts for a week now with my monk and I literally get the same useless crap over and over again!! Rift bosses sometimes even drop the same item 3 times simultaniously! Is this a bug or something? This is ridiculous!! Also if I craft something myself with the cube or spend my bloodshards, same results...... Blizzard please do something about this!MetalHead0 22 Jun