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16 Jan 2015 Master List of Legendaries (Torment vs Cache) Ladies and gents, I thought I'd complile a list for reference of all the items that are available throughout the Torment difficulties. Enjoy. :) Class Specific Item Sets:- Barbarian The immortal Kings Call The Legacy of Raekor (Barbarian Set) (Level 70) Wizard Tal Rashas Elements Firebird's Finery (Wizard Set) (Level 70) Demon Hunter Natalya's Vengeance Embodiment of the Marauder (Demon Hunter Set) (Level 70) Monk Innas Mantra Raiment of a Thousand Storms (Monk Set) (Level 70) Crusader Armor of Akkhan (Crusader Set) (Level 70) Rolands Legacy Witch Doctor Zunimassa's Haunt Helltooth Harness (Witch Doctor Set) (Level 70) Themed Sets Monkey King's Garb Vyr's Amazing Arcana Thorns of the Invoker The Shadow's Mantle Might of the Earth Raiment of the Jade Harvester Istvan's Paired Blades Bastions of Will Follower Items Smoking Thurible (Enchantress) Hand of the Prophet (Enchantress) Skeleton Key (Scoundrel) Ribald Etchings (Scoundrel) Enchanting Favor (Templar) Relic of Akarat (Templar) Legendary Potions Bottomless Potion of the Tower Bottomless Potion of the Diamond Bottomless Potion of Regeneration Bottomless Potion of the Leech Bottomless Potion of Mutation Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid --------------------------------------- Twitter: @ArbeiaMVP 16 Jan 2015
20 May Yang's Recurve only 5 affixes instead of 6? As you can see here, the ancient left one, has 1 less affixs and the right one has 1 more, both has rama on them. Is this a bug or is this intended?sneakie1 20 May
17 Jan Extracting legendary power bug I was able to extract the legendary power of the Arthef's Spark of Life, but I cannot see it or choose it from the CubeAamar0 17 Jan
08 Sep 2015 Plans not dropping Hey, could not find any post about this, but im missing borns command plan (level 70) have all other plans, no more seem to drop from Odious collectors or bounty bags. Any info about this? Getting really annoyed :(vanZuiden1 08 Sep 2015
30 May 2015 Error while reforging I had a drop during the game. A bow called "Uskang" (I am playing in German). It had around 3k dps. After reforging (+10% dmg) it has now 0,7k dps... how could this happen? please helpPanaro0 30 May 2015
17 Nov Glitch in Matrix! Ok i have problem. I dont know how common it is for crusaders to get wizard gear, but i have leveled up 2x crusaders and it seems for me that crusaders is Wizards little sister or something. Yesterday i got my new Firebirds gloves few weeks ago i got some pretty decent Int staff for my Wizader and it made me pretty happy now i can cast my spark, Blizards, Hydras and all other cool Wizaders spells. Loot system 2.0 is giving it best for my Wizader, Love it, not disapointed at all, and after Torment6 Rift full cleare i got Forgotten Soul, Key of trials and nothing else. Thank you,ArtisRibajed2 17 Nov
05 Oct 2014 put price the legendarys Make price for all legendarys of all kinds in to the mercants or kadalaADMITOS0 05 Oct 2014
05 Oct 2014 keystone not sold and not salvage its a big problem in to this game is a keystone not sold and not salvage and i have not free slots in to my stash.....why Bliz ??????ADMITOS0 05 Oct 2014
21 Sep 2014 lost legendaries. dont know if this is the right place to ask this but im gonna ask anyway. i was in a game with my friend, i threw some account bound legs on the ground "no stash space" to transfer over to another char, but when i left all the legs dissapeared, even tho my friend was still in the game. maybe they did something about that, but i did the same thing yesterday, but t he same thing didnt happen SOrry for bad englando dont know how to change the profil to diablo from wow sorry for that too.Rioprah2 21 Sep 2014
02 Oct 2014 Duplicate Legendary gems and 1 missing. I have got 2 Bane of the Powerful legendary gems and am missing Boon of the Hoarder.Appofia6 02 Oct 2014
31 Jul 2014 Anniversary buff... Whatever happened? Hey. Aren't we long overdue for a new anniversary buff? Considering players are just sitting around, waiting for a patch that won't be out for (i expect) another month atleast, you may want to boost peoples spirit a bit. xoxoatt5 31 Jul 2014
03 Jun 2014 Legendary Flail drop While solo playing Act 3 torment1 on my Monk I had this Legendary Flail drop for the Crusader class, the item was a Swiftmount 1 hand flail 1,267.9 dps Strength 446. Are these supposed to be dropping being the Expansion isn't released yet. Also I thought legendary loot drops were supposed to be for the class you play now that everything is account bound.Mith3 03 Jun 2014
16 May 2014 Lut socks bug? Or is it just me? Hi, After 2.0.5, i spent over 10.000 blood shards on boots, I want to ask if it's still possible to gamble Lut Socks from Kadala? Did one of you get it after 2.0.5? I have never seen Lut Socks or Ice Climbers and no one of my friends got them too. Just want to make sure I'm not wasting all my shards :p Thanks in advance.Louis1114 16 May 2014
16 May 2014 Istvan's paired blades As the title say's.... Anyone got any luck so far on 1 of the 2 blades ? Ive readed it supose to be among the rearest items in game, anyone got more info on it ? or if it drops only in specific difficulty/zone? torment only ? torment 6 only ? ubers t6 ? Love to hear ur opinion!pFuDaniel6 16 May 2014
16 May 2014 Marauder DH set Transmogrify bug/issue I have the pants (only piece currently) on my Demon Hunter (found through Kadala gambling), and I have transmog'd them to look like another piece. Buuuut... There is no option to change them back to the default appearance. Known issue or bug? Any known fix?RedShift1 16 May 2014
09 Jun 2014 Legend drop problem I don't know if it's a right forum to write about it but I'm kind of desperate after 2 years of playing D3 and I have to say it out loud. The problem I have and I had from the very start of Diablo 3 is quality of my legend drops. To say it straight - about 50% (or even more) of ALL legends I find are 2-handed weapons (maces mostly). It doesn't matter what character I play, the drop is always the same - 2h maces, axes and swords everywhere. To add insult to injury my legend drop rate is very low - really, there are times when my friends get several legends across few runs (they even drop them simultaneously) and I get nothing at all. Sure, after 2 hours of playing I finally get my mandatory legend which turns out to be... 2-H MACE! It really can't be called RANDOM and it's not even close to a term SMART DROP. Sure, there are days (1 day in a weak at average) when my drop rate raises and kind of "normalizes" but after that it goes back to usual state - 2-handed weapon every second legend at average estimation. I play quite a lot - about 4 hours a day and even more at weekends, but I just have ENOUGH of this nonsense. The cup went full after yesterday's runs I made with people from my clan using my female wizz - I got 4 legends which happened to be two 2-h Hammers, 2-h Axe and a belt for a barbarian! It can easily be checked it my clan log. IS MY ACCOUNT BUGGED??Star8 09 Jun 2014
05 May 2014 No more forgotten soul from Nephalem Obelisk ? I did't obtain any forgotten soul from Nephalem Obelisk after 1st may maintenance, i thought BettleNet did the changed during that system maintenance, but just confirm with my partners, they still van get FS from NO. How it can happen to me? previously my drop rate was ~66%, now is Zero. please help!ganboonee0 05 May 2014
01 May 2014 6% crit or 20% lightning damage Just recently got a SOJ with 30% elite damage, 443 str, reduced cds 6%, and 17% physical skills damage so I was wondering what would be more damage rolling the cdr into 6% crit or the physical damage into lightning damage? I am a lightning WW barb with currently 72% lighting damage and 43.40% crit. My current ring I would be replacing is either Leorics Signet with 449 str, 5% AS 49% crit dmg, and 4.5% crit or The Wailing Host with 416 str, 41% crit dmg 5.5% crit%, and 5% elite damage. Thanks in advancedDeece7 01 May 2014
20 Apr 2015 72 caches opened and still no ring of royal grandeur Title explains it all really... Only running act 1 and 4 bounties to completion in the hopes the caches drop this ring :P this isn't a whine post I just wanna know how many caches you warriors of sanctuary had to open before it dropped out? As of now my total is 72 over the last 2 days and still counting :( PipsqueaksPipsqueaks114 20 Apr 2015
03 Oct 2014 What's the point of MF if legendaries are on a timer? So I got that ring set that boosts magic find by 15% but is it even worth using if legendary drops are timer based? Or do I just get more blues/yellows that way? Same with the MF gem in helms.nsd43 03 Oct 2014
02 May 2014 Drop rate (bugged?) I'm sorry this is probably one of the most occuring topics on the GD forum. Anyhoo, I'm gonna be part of that mass for once today. It would seem that the legendary drop rate for me is, how should I put this. "Bugged" or "non-existant" pardon the English. In 16 rif runs as of yesterday I've come across 1 legendary and 1 set (this including 1000+ bloodshards in 1hwep) I've always felt that my drop rate was laughingly low compared to friends and other who'm i partied with. (10 of these runs were t1, 4 of these were t2 and 2 of them were t3 rifts) I also did the uber runs on t1 and found just 1 organ, no idea of that drop rate either. Is there a possability of certain accounts being bugged? Cause I literally search every, bone, loose stone, chair there is in this game and I get next to nothing. Hell, even the smart loot doesn't seem to affect me much, as I'm finding 2 handed flails barb weapons and anything but my own classes related items the few times I find anything. Blues, all I'm wondering is. Is there a chance of this actually happening or am I literally just cursed by your RNG drops? 1st Edit: 18 runs now no legs dropped (300 bloodshards on 1h wep finally a leg, but utter crap) 2nd Edit: 19 no legs no soul 3rd Edit: 26 no legs 2 souls total: 26 runs 2 leg drops 1 kadala (1430 shards)LambDa12 02 May 2014
24 Apr 2014 Decreased drop rate of legendaries Hello, is it just me or doesnt it feel like there has been a huge decrease in the amount of legendaries the last couple of days? I have been roughly done 50-100 rifts and got like 20 legendaries. Also spent like 3000+ blood shards on kadala for boots and got 1 single pair that was legendary. I would like to add that I do t3 and t4.. It might just be situational and I will get like 100 legendas the next hours.. ? :D Edit: done rifts since 0700 this morning, aprox 3 hours and 2 legendaries.. Yupp t3 rifts ftw!? And yesterday I had 8 or 9 rifts in a row without a single one..Hulkovius3 24 Apr 2014
25 Aug 2015 Class Set Items Drop Rate is too Low I get it, RNG and all. 203 Rifts and 628 Bounties (90% of which completed on my Wizard) and I have yet to find a single piece of Tal Rasha gear. At this rate I will never complete the set. I partied with someone yesterday (Barb - 150 paragon) who had 4 pieces of IK and numerous other set items. The difference in luck is truly staggering. As a result, I'm greatly losing interest in playing this game and I'm sure there are people with worse luck than me out there. The great aspect of the previous system with the AH is that I could put in this much time and just use the gold I've earned to buy an item that didn't drop for me through bad RNG.Kluez201 25 Aug 2015
10 May 2014 Problem with sets I hate it how Blizzard handle class sets. There are 17 torment only legendary sets. 3 for each class. You count right. Crusader have only 1 and 1 is questionable (thorn set). Why there is no "lvl 60" set for crusaders? and why some sets are not good at all. Firebird for example or shadow mantle set is equal to one legendary?? If you have any constructive feedback post it here. to have them at one placeMyrec2 10 May 2014
21 Oct 2014 Diary: "Ring of Royal Grandeur" Hello dear community. This is a topic-diary of my daily runs for "RING OF ROYAL GRANDEUR" I'm trying to get that ring since RoS came out( about a month), but atm the ring is still just a dream for me. Atm i got about 500 opened horadrick boxes behind my back, but not even 1 of those 500 drop "the ring". In last few days i open atleast 50+ boxes per day.... and still nothing. Trying all difficulty lvl's as follow: Normal - Master: 3-5m per run t1: ~6min per run t3-t4: ~10min per run. t5-t6: too hard to make effective split runs. Also i try to open the boxes in every difficullty lvl (normal - t6) and i get tons of Sanguinary Bracers and Leoric's amulet, but not even one single ring. So... i appriciate any tips or advice about farming, opening or "shaking" horadrick boxes. With two words: any help would be great. Thanks in advance.Madridist43 21 Oct 2014
15 May 2014 Weapon without socket Is there still a point in having weapons without a socket in the game? I can't think of a reason or item which would be so good that I would not want to have a socket with the 1xx% crit gem in the item. So right now I see a lot of items, which I wouldn't mind to try out or boost a certain stat through the mystic (eg change dmg type). But as I only have the option to either do that or switch some stat for a socket, these items usually end up being scrapped for a souls ... which I feel is a bit disappointing :o(Durancer3 15 May 2014
17 Jul 2014 First world problem: SoH vs Thunderfurry vs Odyn Son So a SoH finally dropped for me and now I have no idea what to use.. I did a couple of boss runs to test it out and I get about the same clear times, so I'm really confused about what to do. I lose about 70k sheet dps with Odyn Son, but it's proc hits for like 400% weapon damage and it chains 3 times, or triple this a single target. Pic: Any ideas?Adephx3 17 Jul 2014
25 Apr 2014 Legendary Gear - Unique abilities for Those Without Hi. This thread is a list of unique abilities that can be added to legendaries without them, or to those that are not so great, to add some flavour to them and truly provide a "Wow! How can I use this amazing item!?" rather than "Wow, another piece of forgotten soul...". Hopefully, you guys can help pitch ideas and leave constructive criticism on the list. Thanks! [NOTE: I’ll be moving certain general items to class-specific bonuses to provide incentive for builds rather than just some “random dps boost” item that doesn’t promote build variety, but that will after adding/modifying unique abilities of each and every legendary. Also, the numbers are just examples and should be tweaked for balancing issues. Also these abilities are all based on the little lore story at the end of the item description so they're not just completely abstract ideas] GENERAL GEAR: Torso: 1.)Heart of Iron: Gain a 30 – 50% armor bonus for 10 seconds when you pick up a healing globe. [You heart irons up with bravery.] 2.)Tyrael’s Might: Release a blast of holy damage for 200 – 250% weapon damage over 10 ft for each hit taken while buffed by nephalem glory. [Tyrael has truly got some might!] 3.)Mantle of the Rydraelm: Dealing arcane or poison damage has a chance to release an arcane or poison beam that follows you for 5 seconds. Each enemy hit by the beam has their movement speed reduced by 40-60%. [The Rydraelm mages would be proud…] 4.)Chaingmail: *After earning a survival bonus, quickly heal to full Life. *After earning a massacre bonus, gain a 1% damage bonus for 10 seconds for each monster killed during the massacre. *After earning a destruction bonus, gain a 1% cooldown reduction bonus for 20 seconds for each object destroyed. [Chaingmail did severely lack… why not spice things up?] 5.)Aquila Cuirass: Killing a human or beast casts a blessing of chieftain Ghaold around you, providing you with a 20% attack speed bonus and 10% all resist bonus for 10 seconds. [Chieftain Ghaold would be proud.] Feet: 1.)The Crudest Boots: Receive a 0.25% damage boost for each point of durability missing on The Crudest Boosts. Indestructible effects no longer apply to the crudest boots. [Truly mind these boots, as they are the toughest when at breaking point.] 1.)Boj Anglers: You receive a 10% dodge bonus for 5 seconds whenever you pick up gold. This can stack up to 3 times. Every additional stack grants a 5% dodge bonus. [Bill Robinson was quick on his feet!] 2.)Irontoe Mudsputters: Gain up to 25% increased movement speed *and attack speed* based on amount of Life missing. [Kormac would do anything to save you. His boots has his spirit embued…] 3.)Board Walkers: You teleport to destructible objects when you click on them. This ability can only be activated every 15 seconds. Additionally, you get a 25% movement speed bonus for 2 seconds after activating this ability. [Traveling the lands of sanctuary has never been easier…] Waist: 1.)Vigilante Belt: Enemies are blind to your existence. (Do not aggro them until they are hit. Effect is worn off for 300 seconds when a chest is opened) [Now you can truly stalk the evil like prey.] 2.)Quick Draw Belt: You gain a 50% attack speed bonus for 3 seconds after activating any buff spells. [Drawing your weapons have never felt this good in the wastelands.] 3.)Saffron Wrap: You are immortal when stunned, frozen or jailed. [Anrach put some epic bound on you.] 4.)String of Ears: Each kill provides a 1% increase in duration of control impairing effects for 7 seconds on enemies up to a maximum of 25%. [Dragging ears inspires fear in the hearts of you enemies.] 5.)Fleeting strap: Activating a shrine also adds you the bonus of a fleeting shrine. After activating a shrine, you gain a 10% movement and attack speed bonus for 10 seconds. [Fleet!] Legs: 1.)Hammer Jammers: Two-handed weapons gain a 50% damage increase (excluding Crusaders). Enemies are immobilized for 2 seconds after being hit by a Two-handed weapon. [Touch my pants and I jam you with my hammer.] 2.)Depth Diggers: AOE effects double in radius. [Diggers need ‘dem explosives, ya dig?] 3.)Skelon’s Deceit: The undead and humans have a chance to fight each other in your presence. [The bargain has been struck in your favour.] Gloves: 1.)Stone Gauntlets: Blocking 3 times successfully in a row throws giant stone (Weapon Throw – Boulder Bash, as if one had 100 fury) at the enemy last blocked. You gain a %armor boost equal to your %attack speed bonus for 15 seconds after breaking a loose stone. [A heavy, brutal stone indeed.] 2.)Gladiator Gauntlets: After earning a massacre bonus, gold rains for the sky. On your next attack, molten gold rains onto all nearby enemies dealing 2000% weapon damage. [Emperor Vaught was known for tossing a coin or two a bit too hard.] 3.)Penders Purchase: Doubles all resource generation sources. [Wise enough?] Wrists: 1.)Gungdo Gear: Dealing a critical hit guarantees the next hit to be a critical hit. The following hit is based on your critical hit chance. [A righteous strike.] 2.)Steady Strikers: Dealing a critical hit causes an enemy to bleed (rend) and explode when slain while bleeding. [Confidence is that of a seasoned veteran.] 3.)Slave Bonds: Enemies who hit you have a chance to be immobilized. Enemies you hit are slowed by 80%. [They dangle like chains at your mercy.] 4.)Lacuni Prowlers: Melee attacks instantly teleports you to an enemy. Ranged attacks have a chance for you to shadow walk. This has a 5 second cooldown. [The lacuni are stealthy yet vicious.] 5.)Trag’oul Coils: Healing wells*, xp wells and shrines* replenish all resources and reduce all cooldowns by 45-60 seconds. Upon activation, a massive frost nova explodes from the sources. [The guardians always keep a watch over you.] 6.)Kethryes’ Splint: Having your movement impaired has a chance to rain vengeance on your controller. [The Amazon Princess does not fear the apparent power of others.] Shoulders: 1.)Profane Pauldrons: Picking up a health globe has a chance to spawn an orb of nephalem glory. Picking up an orb of nephalem glory sucks in all nearby enemies into a blackhole. [The voices digest the vile to the wearer.] 2.)Corruption: There is a chance to spawn pools of Azmodan’s corruption on hit. These pools damage enemies for 100% damage per second and grants a life regeneration bonus of 1% of your maximum life. [Azmodan’s embodiment of corruption is a masterpiece of alchemy.] Head: 1.)Broken Crown: Rakkis spawns to your aid when you are below 25% life. In addition, Rakkis pierces enemies with magic missiles. If the Black King is present, Rakkis gains the ability to immobilize enemies. [Rakkis was the one and only true king…] 2.)Leoric’s Crown: The Black King spawns to your aid when you are below 25% life. In addition, Leoric showers enemies with meteors. If Rakkis is present, Leoric gains the ability to smash enemies with holy shields. […but only Leoric was worthy of following Rakkis.] 3.)Blind Faith: Blinding enemies has a chance to charm them. [Your eyes are deceitful.] 4.)Deathseer’s Cowl: 15-20% chance on being hit by can Undead enemy to charm it for 2 seconds. 15-20% chance to spawn an Opayan deathseer on hitting an Undead enemy. The Opayan deathseer has a 15-20% chance on being hit by an enemy to charm it for 2 seconds. [People praise the madman… and only you know who he is.] Weapons: Axes: 1.)Flesh Tearer: Bleed effects last twice as long and do double damage. A blood explosion occurs when the bleeding effect ends. [Those edges leave a nasty mark.] Daggers: 1.)The Barber: You gain a critical hit damage bonus of 100% with each successive critical hit. A non-critical hit reduces the bonus to 0% critical hit damage. [Only a master can have this level of precision.] 2.)Pig Sticker: Squeal! The siren emerges a horde of boars [Similar to Fetishes], running in the direction of your attack and mauling your enemies. [Let the slaughtering begin.] 3.)Kill: Enemies with less than 5% life join your side. [Their true side is revealed.] Maces: 1.)Nutcracker: Stunning an enemy with Nutcracker reduces their armor by 50% and allow ranged attacks to pierce the enemy. [The boulder has been crushed.] 2.)Telranden’s Hand: Dealing cold damage topples with walls of Viz-jun fell (Avalanche – Snow-Capped Mountain) onto your enemies. [The Horazon and the Warlord of Blood’s destruction reaped the lives of the unpure.] 3.)Nailbiter: Enemies have a chance to be stuck to walls for 5 seconds (if close enough) after being hit by Nailbiter. Blood from the nail wounds boils the impaled enemy alive. [So simple, but effective.] 4.)Neanderthal: You have a chance to deal a crushing blow (3-6%). Every crushing blow encumbers you with a 20% movement speed reduction for 4 seconds. [He ain’t heavy, he’s my club.] 5.)Echoing Fury: Enemies with fear are engulfed in flames of terror. [Their terror has been instilled.] Spears: 1.)Scrimshaw: There is a chance on hit that a great horned goliath (those fields of misery beasts) spawns and charges onto your enemies. [The goliath of Viz-jun is not to be teased at.]pusimusidu14 25 Apr 2014
28 Apr 2014 [BUG] Athropy base damage too low I got the recipe for the Athropy wand but I noticed the base damage is very low, lower than the Diabolic Wand needed to craft it. It seems as if the base damage of the item is around lvl 50 instead of lvl 70 (see vs ).Thez4 28 Apr 2014
03 Oct 2014 Gems - nerf or boost? There is plenty threads, talking about Emerald is too strong in weapon - nerf it!, or nerf Emeralds when dual wielding... At first i want to say, i am playing wizard, so for my class will have no impact, if there will be nerf for dualwielders, but i don't agree with it anyway. Well, i am thinking otherwise - if game should go forward, we do need nerf of Green gem. We need buff of other ones, to make thinking about "which gem to this item?". Look at Topaz. Is there at least ONE person, who ever been thinking about inserting Topaz in weapon? Well, of course NOT - Whoever will want enemies with 20 000 000 hp (well, it is example) to take 4500 dmg / hit? If you have enough toughness and will wait when this creature die itself by damaging by this, you will die in RL as old man earlier. Well, another gem is Amethyst. 1100life/hit.Hmmm... We can think about that at least HC players will appreciate it. But it is not true - If they have for example 500 000 hp, it is not worth for them at all - it's much more valuable increase allres, armor, because it is much more efficient. Most HC players are scared about disc, and there will be NO help from that gem in weapon. But some passive dmg (for example there: ) can save their !@# much better than gem in weapon. However - red or green gem in weapon will save them even better than purple in this case. Well, What about Diamond? Damage against elites by 20%. can be INSANE! But... lets use math: We have someone with 1 000 000 white dmg/hit. With that gem, he will dmg elites for 1 200 000 (that is simple math - not counting another possible bonuses). But with Emerald he will dmg 2 300 000 by crit hit (not counting base 50% crit dmg and other possible bonuses) on EVERY creature, when crit hit appears, not only to elites. So Diamond is not worth at all. Ruby? Let't talk about weapon with average dps 2000. Will it make from this weapon waluable with +270 dmg? Of course not. It is best possibility after emerald, but who will ever remember second place holder? Ruby is just best solution for players, which have low crit chance. But when they are on somethink like 20% crit chance+, it became worthless in compare to emerald. Well - question is - it is fault of emerald, that other gems are worthless in weapon? Of course NO. it is mistake of other gems! Topaz is usable maybe in lvl 1-10 on normal, it's without any doubt worst gem ingame (in weapon). Even if there is no other gem than Topaz, you will not appreciate, that you can take Topaz into weapon. So - stop calling about nerf Emerald, but start to call about BUFF for other gems, which are in weapon totally useless. I am happy, that there is now much more option how to make build/eq. But there is definitelly NO option how to build gems in EQ.Evilbringer21 03 Oct 2014
01 Jul 2014 Anyone get an item they want drop and cant use it? So I farmed for Born's key for Born's Furious Wrath, finally got the item and my damage was about 20% lower than my rare one. I'm not complaining, but I want to know has anything similar happen to you whether from kadala or whatever it is? (im a barb and got vitality if you wish to know)tommy3 01 Jul 2014
23 Apr 2014 Kadala legendary Drop List I spent 3000 shards buying helms on her while playing with my witch doctor, i got the same 4 helms 3 times each. I believe that you can only get certain legendaries from her. I think she functions much like the bounty caches where different acts give different rewards. these are the helms i got: Blind Fath Mask of Jeram Split Tusk The Grin Reaper Has anyone else experienced this? If so maybe we can compile a list of what she can drop per character per slot.GodLike30 23 Apr 2014
23 Apr 2014 Hack Weapon Ok i just want to know some things: 1. is the item fixed jet, or was it never buged to begin with? What i mean with this is, is the applied dmg the sheet-thorn dmg or the real thorn dmg? 2. does the applied dmg only work for auto-attacks or also for skills like heavens fury for example? and if yes for every dmg tick?No1Gamer2 23 Apr 2014
27 Jun 2014 Anyone got worse Kadala luck than this? Going strong at 7050 blood shards and not a single legendary from her yet, can anyone beat that?Lorg17 27 Jun 2014
23 Apr 2014 Legacy white balanced daggers So a legacy dagger such as Darkblade with the Balanced affix has 20% increased attack speed, for a total of 1.8 APS (DPS still sucks, and becacuse it's white there are no other affixes). Why did these sell for millions on the AH right up to its closure, and are people actually using them for something or simply kicking themselves for wasting gold?TheNoseKnows6 23 Apr 2014
23 Apr 2014 Boots of Disregard - working as intended? Hi, Just got the boots today and the passive sounded really nice at first. However, after some testing with my monk I am rather disappointed. It appears that the life regeneration passive only stacks up if one stands still and does not attack at all. Reading the tooltip I thought it would stack up if I am attacking but not moving. Thus, do you have similar experiences or is it bugged?Butschi2 23 Apr 2014
23 Apr 2014 Please add Equipment Manager for easy gear swap Blizzard, Could you add Equipment Manager to D3 just like the one in WOW? I think this is a really good feature for easy gear swap (and maybe even skills change?).Jezer6 23 Apr 2014
01 Oct 2014 Sunwuko set: Combat staff I got 3 items of Sunwukos set and one of the effects is: increase 20% damage while using combat staff. But the question is, what is a combat staff? Is a daibo a combat staff? Thanks for clarifying!Wayfarer9 01 Oct 2014
23 Apr 2014 Bovine bardiche bug Hello, I didnt saw section for this, so Im putting it here. It just small detail, when using bovine bardiche and it summons cows, when thez disapear, 3 cow will correctly vanish but forth one leaves dead body the ground, its just strange and little bit annoying. Edit: I just realized that the one leaving body on ground is acctualy Cow king (with crown on his head), so I suppose it makes sense a little now... they are not all same :-DFinni0 23 Apr 2014
26 Apr 2014 Legendary item dropped from chest - Out of reach So today while doing some rifts I had a Legendary Ceremonial Knife dropping from a chest that was unreachable to pickup. See screenshot below: Am i right to think there absolutely no way Blizzard will help me in restoring this? Looting so RNG as it is, please let us at least be able to pick up the few good pieces we do find.S4ilor892 26 Apr 2014
23 Apr 2014 Why offer 30% movement speed? The guardian set that can be crafted offers a total of 30% movement speed, 15% from helmet and 15% from set bonus. Why even bother offering 30% if you can only ever make use of 25% of it?Toomuchbob1 23 Apr 2014
23 Apr 2014 Loot Challenges Tab (Tyrael maybe) RNG is now horrible, except Blackthorne I havent found single set item. Stuff I have on Crusader like Akkhan Helm dropped for my WD friend (lol?) We cant trade, we cant trade in clan after 2 hours. How about introducing system that would allow to get that single legendary I want after doing something challenging? It would be a tab or maybe new NPC that would have a table with every possible legendary in game. Best to describe using an example. Item wanted: Legendary Flail: Mortal Drama Player clicks and talks to NPC, selects Weapons tab and then Flails tab. Then he/she clicks at item wanted and challege window appears. "Complete 10 rifts in 1 hour to unlock this item" "Complete 100 bounties in A4" etc, etc Player meets the requirements and gets item he wanted with random roll, just like it was legendary drop from some monster. Better quality items require harder challenge ofc.Revan1 23 Apr 2014
28 Oct 2014 injustice betwen class specific sets bonuses ok, lets follow that topics lead. The immortal Kings Call 2 and 3 set bonuses are normal and usefull, 4 set bonus is a game changer (Call of the Ancients last until they die.) The Legacy of Raekor 2 and 4 set bonuses are again normal and usefull, but check the 5 set bonus---> Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune. as a monk i never used the sanctuary skill but i can use it if its all runes are unlock. so that sets 5 piece bonus is also a game changer in my opinion. Might of the Earth the 3rd and the most popular set in this days. if u can combine this set with this boots ( you can turn the world upside down. 2 set-Reduce the cooldown of Earthquake by 2 seconds every time it kills an enemy. 4 set-Cause an Earthquake when you land after using Leap so its totally a game changer. for the result all barbarian sets are game changers. jay wilsons spirit still watchs over their shoulder.Deimar12 28 Oct 2014
23 Apr 2014 Loot + My Tinfoil Hat I'm starting to suspect that I may be wearing a tinfoil hat or someone has put one on my head without me noticing. I'll explain.... Some people say they're "falling over legendary items" and "loot 2.0 is brilliant". I really, really, really have not seen this. I'm not talking about having stuff drop and it not being an upgrade, I'm talking about stuff not dropping at all. I play for 3-4 hours each evening after work and if I'm lucky I'll get 1 legendary - which may or may not be useful. I've run bounties and opened 10 or 15 packs and not got a single legendary. I've hosed 500 shards and not go anything. I've run rifts all evening on normal and now T1 and maybe I see 1 leg drop through all of it. Now there's talk of timers, RNG, chest nerfs, rift nerfs, buffs, etc, etc. My questions are; How many rifts would I need to run? Do I need to run normal or T1? What results can I expect? Are there any limits/timers? Should I do bounties, rifts or the quest mode? <tinfoil> I really don't want to, but I'm highly starting to suspect that there's something wrong because neither myself or my wife seem to have much luck but clan members do. People on the forums do, yet others still experience the same outcome - ie, all or nothing. </tinfoil> Thoughts, advice, suggestions, please.Lorayana10 23 Apr 2014
15 May 2014 Yet again after long time offline (8+ hours) Leg withing first 10m (templar relic on dh), sigh people were right best way to play this game is keeping this and the failsafe timer in your mind.Holyfire4 15 May 2014
23 Apr 2014 Stupid rolls on BiS items (SoH f.e.) - pls fix it that's it. I think those are the only 2 movies on yt that capture moment of SoH drop - both with int roll while players had monks. It feels like Blizz trolling. If that had happened to me I would quit instantly. Blizz, fix it. I don't think it's how "smart drop" is supposed to work.RIPi8 23 Apr 2014
08 May 2014 Hexing Pants of Mr Yan bug If I start whirlwinding from a stand still I gain no +25% buff If I start with a run and then go into a whirlwind I maintain the +25% buff until I stop The video is a little choppy but it shows what I mean perfectly The effect of this while actually playing are very apparent, if I'm whirlwinding a mob and cast avalanche or call of the ancients or any spell that stops me moving for a second then I get the -25% debuff and I cannot carry on whirlwinding like usual, instead I have to make sure I run a little bit and then start whirlwindingJoe2 08 May 2014
23 Apr 2014 About weapon sockets... Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure this has been said before, but something has got to change about the current state of gems on weapons. It's been a recurring joke now that any weapon that you have just has to have that socket so you can slap an emerald on it for the extra crit dmg - you just can't seem to beat that stat... The "Hell Yea!" comic caught this perfectly: Now, I know that we have the mystic now, and that's all well and good, but what about a little balance? Not only are all the other bonuses on a weapon completely eclipsed by a socket, but the other gems (I've seen a few with rubies, I guess when the crit chance is low then it's a better choice) are useless when it comes to weapons... The game really takes a hit here when it comes to variety in gear choices. So, Imo, gems deserve an overhaul of weapon bonuses. I don't think anything can match up to crit dmg, so why not simply change all of them? I've read here some time ago a suggestion to make gems give weapons a skill-"color" dmg bonus - but there are 7 dmg types and only 5 gem colors, So it might be a problem, although I think it's a nice idea. (For clarification - rubies could add "+X% damage to Fire Skills", Emeralds could add "+X% damage to Poison Skills" etc.) Another option could be to just change emeralds and rebalance the game accordingly, because most players would be dealing less damage. They could do something else like maybe stun/freeze/fear chance. On that note, maybe Topazes could get one of those too, since right now they are totally useless on weapons. Bottom line, I don't think there should be a "must have bonus" that applies for 99% of builds, so that any weapon is useless without a socket and an Emerald. Please rethink and balance this.Galion6 23 Apr 2014
23 Apr 2014 D3 Causing Severe Road Rage How have you managed to cause such terrible problems..... 23 Apr 2014