Quests and Achievements

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29 Sep Master List - Achievement Hunters Site/Forum/Community Hello Hunters! We are proud to present the Master List website to you at this domain, which now includes its own forum. ... ... ... This website is for Diablo III players on the EU servers looking to complete ingame achievements, including “Haunted”, “A Unique Collection” and “Bashanishu”. Players can create an account on the website and then manage their own list of unique monsters they require for these achievements. ... You can find all the information you need on the Master List website. So visit the Master List website today! ... Do you have any questions, remarks or feedback on the website? Just post it in this thread. Arveragus#2953 Arutenshi#2886 DeadPlanet#2899 HorriblyBlue#2705 Sarah#2189 Viper#2329Arveragus500 29 Sep
14 Oct Looking for Party to Earn Disorderly Conduct Not needed anymore. Please feel free to delete this thread.Zehef0 14 Oct
12 Oct Bounty Act V - research problems Realllllyyyy Blizzard.. how can it be that this bounty is still bugged ? Tried to complete the bounty (T10 only, luckily) and it did not spawn... (seasonal character) And it was the fifth bounty to get the materials.. It was reported as a bug years ago.. It's mentioned in 2014 !! disappointed...Rewena1 12 Oct
09 Oct Bugged Bounty: The Cursed Pond The cursed shrine bounty on greyhollow island. This is the second time it's happened to me. Cleanse the cursed shrine, I get to it and click it, and... nothing happens. The usual stuff in the UI on the right doesn't appear. After a while, the "time has ran out!" message appears in the center of the screen and the shrine becomes usable, but the game acts like I still haven't touched the shrine. Here's the (used) shrine, but the quest UI thinking it's not been done yet: We explored the entire map - that's the only shrine on the map. It's definitely the right one, and the locator arrow led me to it.Roph5 09 Oct
08 Oct (HARDCORE) Trophy Hunting & Champions Hi All, I am looking for the following elites. I hope someone can help me gather these to get 100% achievements :) Trophy Hunting (HC) Morlu incinerator Armageddon Enslaved Nightmare Darksky Fire Demon Collosal Golgor Skull Cleaver Skull Sword Skeletal Maurauder Wintersbane Huntress Fallen Fellhound Hulking Phasebeast Frenzied Hellion Charged Construct Lacuni Slasher Betrayed Fallen Cur Fallen Peon Disentombed Hulk Skeletal Archer Quill Demon Enraged Demon We are the champions (HC) Subjugator Mallet Lord Enslaved Nightmare Plague Swarm Skeletal Marauder Windersbane Huntress Demonic Tremor Spine Hewer Rock Giant Deathly Haunt Savage Flyier Fallen Cur Horned ChargerCXL6 08 Oct
07 Oct Looking for Help T13 rift whitin 4 min Would be nice if some pro can help me whit that? Ok done!Nazgul1 07 Oct
29 Sep Gibbering Gemstone Impossible? Gibbering Gemstone: This can be found in the "Caverns of Frost Level 2" from "Chiltara." (Who is not always there) (Act 3) Difficulty does not matter right? I have tried over 20 times in the last 2 hours and have not succeeded once..!!! So it's a yellow mob? Or does he jump from the wall (kind of important since I skip some mobs so im not sure to miss him.) This is the final item I need and its freaaking impossible. There is no easy way to get this? U can't trade it right?Reconhell188 29 Sep
18 Sep Multiplayer achivments The War that time forgot bugged I have now complete 2 x times The War that time forgot in the Battlefield of Eternity with friends in the game but i still not get the achivments check as complete. Am upload proff of video here done it another time with party members. 18 Sep
17 Sep Achievement [Need for Speed] doesn't count We finished the T10 rift twice in less then 2 minutes on HC and both times I coudn't get it. Here's the screen. It's in russian but I think it's should be clear. My teammate WhiteGuy got 'Need for Speed', but I haven't. We were in the same game and in the same rift from start till the end.GhostPNZ5 17 Sep
10 Sep The Seconds - 12 Thralls of Uber Maghda (Seasonal Ach.) Hello! Desperate completionist reporting for duty! I've just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to get this achievement (which has undergone some change since patch 2.4.1 came live and Maghda lost her shields). After finally figuring out how to do it (at least I hope I have), I decided that I utterly lack the skill to execute it properly, so I'm temporarily abandoning this repetitive pursuit before it drives me insane from frustration. Interestingly, relatively few people from the seasonal achiev leaderboards in the EU have this unlocked - hence why I'm writing this. Here's what I've established so far: I'm going in at T10 difficulty with a Shadow Mantle DH, no Area Dmg on my gear/paragon, using the Chemical Burn rune of impale, and grenades as generator, Bastions of Will rings, Preparation Punishment for quick hatred regen, Greenstone's fan in the cube for AoE, and Envious Blade MH. I focus Leoric and burn him to zero in seconds, leaving only Maghda (Merciless Witch). Now comes the tricky part - Maghda summons her thralls at 10 second intervals. If you don't kill any, she will summon up two consecutive groups of 3, and stop at that. No amount of waiting/burning her will cause her to summon new ones until the old ones start dying. The idea is that you have to start killing them one by one, with several seconds (ideally 4) in between kills in order to allow her CD to refresh and her to summon the next wave, while at the same time fulfilling the requirement to kill them in no more than 5 seconds apart from each other. I've established that if you kill 3 of the first 6, she will summon a wave of 4 additional adds. At some point in time (after failing numerous chains in the same instance, and having burned her below 25% HP) I managed to get her to initially summon a wave of 5 adds. After 2-3 of those were dead she would summon the next wave - which would be 3 (or 4?) new ones. Ideally, you will kill all her mobs at exact 4 second intervals, and she will always summon up new ones before you've depleted your final mob. Continue killing them in this sequence, and you should get the achievement. Sadly, I royally suck at timing XD Hopefully someone smarted than me will suggest a better way of doing this. Either that or I've misunderstood the requirement for the task, and the intervals all need to be exactly 5 seconds, no more no less - if that is the case, then I capitulate right now :D Let me hear your thoughts! Maybe we can help each other out! :DArchexecutor7 10 Sep
08 Sep Bounties.. Did menage to do all acts bounties in one game settings and when done the last i get kicked out from the game did not get my reward from TYRAEL! >:/ been playing for 1.5 hours for this.. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF am nerdraging atm I know it is a game only but my game time got wasted for that loot -.- it was in act IV sighs. and there is nothing wrong with my internet -.- 100/100MB Fiber -.- did listen to music at youtube at the same time the DC did occure so if the error was on my side I would have lost the music aswell.. :( And I wanted to get 2 achievements in one go, to extract enchant from the cube but since no loot from tyrael I lack the last item for it -.- that is what makes me most angry.Viking0 08 Sep
07 Sep Instant Karma dosent work complete in seasong 7 I have ungeared and do normal tryed into XIII but that he dont kill them i guess was to hige level so i tryed normal so they should be one shoted of the skeletton king but not even in normal do he kill his own. Here a video record when i try. Any know why they dont die?Rinesari1 07 Sep
04 Sep Bounty Quest kicks player from the game Hello, Bounty Event: Out of Time in A5 (I am not sure if this is the one, but the bounty spawns in Pandemonium Fortress level 1 or 2.) kicks player out from the game. In this bounty after talking the NPC who initiates the event - you have some 15-20 seconds to get to safe zone. If you do not enter into the requested zone within this timezone you are kicked from the game. Even if you are in town, etc. The only safe spot is within the zone of the bounty quest. This is quite disturbing, given that most of the time ppl do split bounties. Having being kicked is really disappointing as you will -most likely- restart to do the full round of bounties which will result in having different amount of crafting materials from the different acts. What can you do with the leftover? Nothing.. its a waste. I would raise this request to make a change on this quest. Kill ppl, teleport them back to the city. (even though it will be quite harsh for hardcore characters). Remove it from being global (only ppl in the given zone/close to the NPC shall be impacted). Thanks! Br,Kendalh0 04 Sep
30 Aug Sprinter/Speed Racer Conquest. FAQ/Walkthrough As the end of the season comes, more and more people are trying to finish the seasonal conquests. I'm writing this FAQ/Walkthrough with the hope that it may be useful to some of you. **What is this?** Sprinter is a conquest that consists of completing the whole campaign (Acts 1-5) in under 1 hour at max level. Speed Racer is the same, but in Hardcore mode. Although it may sound easy at first, it isn't. For most mortals, it requires a certain amount of strategy and practice. This FAQ tries to cover the aspects I've learned while doing it. **Do I need a group in order to do it?** In order to maximize your chances of success you should use a group of 4 units: 3 "runners" and 1 "towner". The runners are the ones that do the quests as fast as possible. The towner is a person who stays at town and turns in quests. At some points (such as act 4, where there is no town), the towner may join the runners. Some other times (such as in act 5, after Adria) one of the runners should come to town to help the towner. **What classes can be runners?** The Wizard and the Demon Hunter can be runners. I've read that the Crusader can be a runner too, but I have never played this conquest with one. Arguably, the best character is the Wizard with the Aether Walker wand, which removes the cooldown for Teleport and makes it cost 25 Arcane Power. In practice, this gives the character a perma-teleport. See below for a link to a specific build. The second best character is the Demon Hunter with the Danetta's Hatred crossbows. These crossbows make Vault cost 8 Hatred instead of Discipline. In practice, this gives the character a perma-vault. The perma-steed charge Crusader uses the Swiftmount flail, which doubles the duration of Steed Charge. Add the Lord Commander and Fervor passives, plus a lot of Cooldown Reduction and you get it. **What classes can be towners?** Any class with any build can be a towner. However, since the towner works as a runner at some points, the same requisites for the runners are desirable. **What are good general tips?** * Frequent teleporting to other players is fundamental for success. * Chaining quests efficiently is very important. I mean, once the current objective has been found, one of the runners should head to the next area/point/objective. As soon as the other two runners finish the current objective, they just teleport to the third and continue. * Similar to the previous one, always leave one of the runners out of the boss battles and get him run to the next area. You should have a designated person for doing this. It may happen that this designated person is the one that activates the boss fight (he can't skip it in this case). In order to have this situation covered, another runner should be designated to take the place of the first when this happens. * Another good tip is to agree an exploration schema in advance. One of the runners should always take left, other always right, and the third always middle. * At the end of each act, every player must talk with the corresponding NPC in order to advance to the following one. For some reason, this process seems to go faster if the players that have already talked with the NPC move away from him. * Voice communication is very interesting, although not fundamental. If you don't have voice comm, you can type "+" to indicate that the others players should teleport to you because you've found something, "-" to indicate the opposite, and "e" to indicate that you're going to the exit and they should teleport to you when finished. * Go to Options -> Gameplay and check "Automatically skip all cut scenes". * Map the "force move" key in order to be able to move freely between the mobs. * Map the "close all open windows" key to your mouse wheel in order to be able to spam it very fast. * If you reset your quests you'll get a guaranteed legendary when killing Malthael. **What is a good build for a wizard?** **What are good teleport spots for the wizard?** * On Act I - The Legacy of Cain, in the Leoric's Passage, you can teleport downstairs before the cut scene begins. * On Act I - Reign of the Black King, in the Royal Crypts, you can jump through a couple of holes after the pillars room. * On Act I - Reign of the Black King, after killing the Skeleton King, in the Desolate Chamber, you can teleport straight next to The Stranger. * On Act I - The Broken Blade, you can teleport to the entrance of the Drowned Temple from upstairs. Aim for the low part of the stairs. * On Act I - Trailing the Coven, in Wortham Bluffs, you can teleport to the entrance of the Caverns of Aranae from the top of the cliff. * On Act I - Trailing the Coven, after getting the Khazra Staff, you can teleport up the Khazra Barricade and all the way to Leoric's Manor. Once inside there, you can teleport from the stairs to inside the building. * On Act I - Trailing the Coven, after finishing Leoric's Manor and talking to the wounded man, you can teleport from the left part of the building to the outside, showing up in front of the entrance of the Halls of Agony Level 1. * On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, in the Highlands Passage, you can teleport from the bridge to the corridor leading to The Cursed Hold. * On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, in the Cursed Hold, after killing the warden you can teleport to the stairs leading to the Halls of Agony Level 3. Aim a little high into the stairs. * On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, after killing the Butcher, in the Cells of the Condemned, you can teleport from above the stairs to where The Stranger is. * On Act II - Blood and Sand, in the entrance to the Desolate Sands, you can teleport straight in the S-shaped curve. * On most of Act III the wizard shines and there are too many spots to enumerate them all. I'll describe the most important ones. * On Act III - The Siege of Bastion's Keep, just at the beginning of the act, you can teleport from the roof to in front of the door. * On Act III - Siegebreaker, in Rakkis Crossing, you can teleport all the way to the end, skipping all the obstacles. **Can you give some approximate time references?** * Act 1: 14-15 minutes * Act 2: 13-14 minutes (27-29 total) * Act 3: 11-12 minutes (38-40 total) * Act 4: 4-5 minutes (42-45 total) * Act 5: 14-15 minutes (56-60 total) **What items provide speed bonuses?** * Krelm's Buff Belt gives 25% speed when you aren't taking damage. * Warzechian Armguards give a short burst of speed every time you destroy a wreckable object. * Rechel's Ring of Larceny gives 45-60% speed for 4 seconds after fearing an enemy. This can be combined with a Pandemonium Loop ring (10.0–15.0% Chance to Fear on Hit, drops on Act V caches) or an Echoing Fury mace (10.0–20.0% Chance to Fear on Hit). **What legendary gems provide speed bonus?** * Boon of the Hoarder Level 25+ gives 30% speed for 3 seconds after picking up gold. * Wreath of Lightning Level 25+ gives 25% speed while under the effect of the gem. Continued on commentariesquik33 30 Aug
28 Aug reach greater rift 20 solo??? Hy guys!!! I have played all 20 greater rift in season mode with a monk to get the acheivment above but it didn't gave me the ok... I think i probably missed some greater rift on my way...what do i do? Help me pls!!!ciochinavio13 28 Aug
21 Aug How many achievement points you got? As there is no sub forum for this I'm asking here. I got atm 3270 Been playing pritty casually so far. Missing most points in hc, 70%Deadcorpse67 21 Aug
20 Aug Chapter 4- esquisitiness Hi. I'm new. Could someone please tell me how to reforge a weapon property for this quest ? I tried everything but need just this quest to get season rewards.Mentor1 20 Aug
13 Aug (bug) Haedrig's gift never received I started playing Diablo 3 again after a few months without playing and brought my character level 70 with a friend, completed the chapter 1 of the season journey and never received the mail with the rewards. My friend kept asking me to check the 'mail' icon on the bottom left, but I just don't have it. It's my first character of the season and if I understand well I should've received at least 2 pieces of set by now. The icon is nowhere to be seen on my interface. Did it happen for anyone else?Laodis1 13 Aug
11 Aug [BUG] Rite of passage and other level achievements They are not unlocking, i'm 43 atm and I dont have any of them.Evynet4 11 Aug
07 Aug Season journey /sanctuary's most wanted Is that achiv bugged or you have to do them solo ? i just split did all bounties /bonus and it didn't check ...SoulScar1 07 Aug
28 Jul chancellors altar please can someone tell me where this is. I've looked in crypts many times ans still can't find it. Thank you going insanerunespear1 28 Jul
20 Jul last greater rift season quest At my seasonal character "season 6". The system does not recognize my last missing quest. I must finished a large rift in under 6 minutes. I've also managed, but I have not become the frame etc. Can you help me?Fr0s71 20 Jul
18 Jul Master List - Achievement Hunters Site/Forum/Community So I was wondering why nobody was signing up for the site anymore and it may have something to do with the original thread reaching its post limit. Apologies for not noticing this earlier. Hello Hunters! We are proud to present the Master List website to you at this domain, which now includes its own forum. ... ... ... This website is for Diablo III players on the EU servers looking to complete ingame achievements, including “Haunted”, “A Unique Collection” and “Bashanishu”. Players can create an account on the website and then manage their own list of unique monsters they require for these achievements. ... You can find all the information you need on the Master List website. So visit the Master List website today! ... Do you have any questions, remarks or feedback on the website? Just post it in this thread. Arveragus#2953 Arutenshi#2886 DeadPlanet#2899 HorriblyBlue#2705 Sarah#2189 Viper#2329Arveragus38 18 Jul
18 Jul Great Expectations: Reach Greater Rift Level 20 Solo. done this on solo and no achievement any one know why doing my head in ?karlos2 18 Jul
15 Jul quest greater rift 70 solo so i have reached greater rift 76 with the help of a party.can someone explain to me how to complete greater rift 70 solo? do i have to do all the rifts until 70 solo or just gr 70? pls help thanks in advance! :-)JackFrost1 15 Jul
13 Jul Vendel the Armorsmith missing!? I have cleared Watch Tower a couple of times but no Vendel :S Is he random spawning inside or should he be there? Have tried 2 characters and have tried Inferno and HellCzelious47 13 Jul
12 Jul "Set Me Free" Objective S6 I haven't played much of Diablo RoS, so forgive me if I have a hard time understanding. I just want to know how to complete this objective, I looked around, and couldn't find a clear answer. It says I must be wearing a Class Set, yet, I have no idea how to get those, except from the green bags I got from Haedrig, which I'm saving to give my DH (I'm playing on a Barbarian in S6), is there any other way to get a set? Or am I just not understanding the whole thing correctly?... Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)Teato0o3 12 Jul
11 Jul Boss Mode Conquest Hello. Need mates for doing this Conquest. Can alone kill half of them, but 16 is really too much for me in 20 min. Plz call if interested. Thank You. Curumo#2135Curumo1 11 Jul
07 Jul Warriv's Body Spawn Bugged? So I have been looking for Warriv's Journal to finish off the achievement and I have run through Old Tristram Road an insane amount of times and still not found him, now according to that is what his spawn looks like I have seen this exact thing several times but with no body: Can anyone confirm that his spawn is still working and the event in my screen shot is something else?CAHelix155 07 Jul
05 Jul Need For Speed achivement bugged? Yesterday i was in a public T10 rift season HC game and we did the 2min achivement(Two Minute Warning) but i didn't get the Need for Speed achivement.The game was on torment 10.It needs to be solo?Doesn't say anything like that tho.Anyone else encountered the same problem?Xasapis2 05 Jul
05 Jul Can't complete the season journey. I just did the last quest of the season journey which was the set dungeon. i did it with a tal rasha set. But it didn't complete the quest on my season journey list? i'm still at 9/10.Makasu1 05 Jul
18 Jun Set dungeon mastery builds Hello! My OCD will soon take me on a path to complete all the set dungeon masteries... I have found the thread below witch lists them all and have links to guides: However, they do not say much about what the optimal build is for the particular set dungeon, nor if there are any specific items one either must or should have. I guess typical examples are immunity amulets, and the crusader weapons like the flense and the one helping with the falling sword CD. Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list or guide for this somewhere? Hoping there is :)Zarniwhoop2 18 Jun
11 Jun My progress in set dungeon I have full mauroder and i have done and compleeted the set dungeon a few times now and it stil dosen't count in for the season quest... any one else have tis issueFreya0 11 Jun
09 Jun Problem with Cursed bellows? Maybe I'm missing something but I have been clearing cursed chests at halls of agony, 1st and 3rd, but still no achievement. Am I doing something wrong or does it need to be in an exact spot for it to count towards the achievement? It's my last chest on that list.LibraryLad4 09 Jun
08 Jun Rift 2 min Has anyone beaten a rift in 2 mins? You need to get really lucky with a speed pylon and a cr4pload of mobs right at the entrance, or?Magos18 08 Jun
25 May Bashanishu - Rakanishu's Blade How to get the achievement step by step: 1) Select normal diffuculty, then Blood and Sand - begin quest; 2) select skills that allow You to travel faster, monks can use this:!adc!abbZZZ (with a 2H weap.) ; 3) use the waypoint to Dahlgur Oasis; 4) move east, then north until You reach the north-eastern most corner of the map; 5) move south-west and check the quest hub, You want one called Shrine of Rakanishu, ; 6) if it's not there leave the game, resume and go to step 3) ; 7) if it's there, do the quest and pick up Rakanishu's Blade (some claim the drop rate isn't 100%, if it hasn't dropped make sure You are running at normal difficulty and try again), then leave the game and resume; 8) equip Rakanishu's Blade, unequip items with thorns effect and any weapon in off-hand slot; 9) dimiss the follower, don't use any summons/pets; 10) mouse over any skill (preferably LMB or RMB), then click-hold-drag away and release whatever skill you have there leaving only a basic attack in that spot (if You can't do this, go to options -> gameplay and turn on elective mode); 11) use the waypoint to Dahlgur Oasis; 12) look all around the map (other unique shamans won't mean Bashion not spawning!) for a unique monster named Bashiok that looks like a Fallen Shaman, ; 13) if he's not there, leave the game and resume, then go to step 11); 14) if he's there, hit him with a basic attack (look step 10)). Congratulations! :) 18.06.2012 - editted step 12)GrimGreg86 25 May
24 May Some Hordes Achievement doesnt work!!! 10. post my some hordes achievent 1.000.000/1.000.000 when you fix this? 2050?Cannibal0 24 May
22 May fix the buged conquest plz fik the conquest on a good day where you have to lvl 3 legendaryes gems to 65 i have done that but dident get the achievement for that yetbrian40003 22 May
12 May Razel The Feared HC Done DoneCloudStrife1 12 May
12 May Which merchant sells polearms? Im doing "Shut up and take my money" and I didnt have troubles with either the spirit stone or migthy weapon. I cant find any signs of polearms however... Lots of 2 handed maces and axes, but no polearms. Anyone got a clue?Malorn6 12 May
11 May Chapter IV set item quest bug. i did these missions on hc hero but it died. so i started to play wizard. can game master uncheck the finished missions ''mercy'' and ''great expectation'' due to do these missions again please?Aksakal1 11 May
10 May Quest helper I was just watching some BETA gameplays and kept thinking how anoying it is with the quest helper showing you exactly where you have to go. So I was wondering if it is possible to remove it in some options. What do you guys think?PreeTouch4 10 May
07 May T10 in 2 minutes So basically I have tried this for hours, 4 people, good rift, we cleared everything and the guardian in under two minutes. Then I go to town, close the rift didn't get achievement. This happening for the 3th time. And everybody in the party got the conquest. Do someone have such problem? The first time this happened I got the conquest complete screen, but then in the achievements it was not checked as complete. Also tried to restart the game, and nothing changes.Xizario1 07 May
07 May Achivy "Decisive seconds" Now the "Magda" is not a sufficient number of spawns monsters to achieve. Only 6-8 and there are new only when you kill the old. This problem appeared after removed her shield, after which it has always been servants.Phantom1 07 May
05 May cant complete season journey because my comp is slow i cant complete the last chapter of the season journey because the diablo encounter includes two loading screens+animations that together take more than 45 seconds. i actually tried it more than a few times and each of my charcters kills diablo in less than a second, but i still cannot complete it. stupid design choice imo to use the diablo encounter and not lets say malthael or basicaly any fight without loading screens.MoonMage1 05 May
04 May Can't complete seasonal quest: "Under the stars" To complete this quest we need to kill Izual at Torment II or higher level. The completion of the quest is supposed to drop a Haedrig gift. I completed the quest (in the seasonal resume it is shown with a checkmark) but I didn't receive the gift which is supposed to drop two pieces of the seasonal armour. Please help me: did I do something wrong or there is a bug? Thanks.Golgota2 04 May
04 May Need For Speed Achievement/Conquest Completed the requirements for the Need For Speed achievement last night without getting the conquest... I know i completed the requirements since the other three players in my game got it, FML... I have screenshots to prove it, I killed the boss and the three others get achievement when the rift was closed.Zigurath0 04 May
21 Apr how can i check completed quests in diablo 3 hey all, just wanted to ask you smth quickly, is there a completed quests log in Diablo 3? I like to read what I completed just to keep everything in track. Unfortunately, I didn't find such option in game, or do I miss something? many thanks, C.Sadchild1 21 Apr
17 Apr A Rare Phenomenon - Sand Dwellers Do they really exist? According to 1.0.7 patch notes, they should wpan in Forgotten Ruins in Dalgur Oasis (A2). I did about 25 whole runs of it and I didn't found even normal Sand Dweller nor rare. Is there any trick in this? Should I break objects or something?Zereges13 17 Apr