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08 Oct The Secret of Greyhollow Island So, anyone figure it out yet? I have only been to the island once so obviously I don't have the full story, but as far as I can see, the society living there used to sacrificy their own kids to "feed" something evil on the island to keep it content and from escaping it. They worshipped this entity/goddess called Nereza, and this Rayeld was probably supposed to be the successor to the high cleric (his father) before he realized the evil nature of the sacrifices. I am guessing only that he realized too late after putting a stop to the sacrifices that they were needed to contain this evil, and did something horrible to stop it which made the island as it is now. Then he probably went mad and started to try and please Nereza in his own ways, with the altars and effigies. The Explorer's note, as well as your encounters with the Crazed Man make it obvious that he simply cannot be killed - he always returns. In top of the Tower I found the bodies of Nereza and a skeleton labelled as Sara, but clicking on them does nothing. Maybe I need to find something first? I also wonder how the fish-ladies fit into all this. Rayeld says they stick to the caves, and I did find effigies of theirs there, which summoned Senahde, a unique Abyssal Caster.BBShockwave8 08 Oct
29 Sep Could anyone tell me what happened to Amazon in Diablo2 Is she died?What happened to her???????????????????????????????????????Lamando1 29 Sep
07 Sep Questions about Names of Diablos playable characters I've wondered this for some time, do the playable characters in diablo 3 all have defined names and individual entities/storylines within the universe(s)? I ask because the Barb from D3 is said to be the same barb from D2, this was the initial interest for me years ago. Did he have a name? In the original Diablo the games story focused on the warrior specifically, but he was never given a name (that I'm aware of) - you are allowed to play various different types of characters, but the actual story i think ignores this and the lore establishes that it was in fact the warrior who did everything - and he becomes the wonderer in Diablo 2 after shoving the soulstone into his head cause thats a great idea in Diablo 1 which later makes him effectively be consumed by and become diablo (Before some d3 retconning which changes the wonderer into leorics son i think? did we ever establish what happens to the warrior and his lore then or did we just eastablish the warrior = leorics son?) then in diablo 2 the cinimatic story focused on a completely unrelated character not seen in game, and you are an "anonymous" hero trailing behind him Then there's Heroes of the Storm, which uses the exact same D3 char models for its diablo characters and we get to learn: Male WD - Nazeebo Male Monk - kharizim Female Barb - Sonya - I think this is confirmed in D3 as well? female Paladin - Johanna Female Wizard - Li Ming Female Demon Hunter - Valla - I think this is confirmed in D3 as well? each character in this game is a specific character from an established blizzard universe - a unique character with a name and his own story and lore within the realm. This didn't have to be the case and they could have easily just made "Male demon hunter from wow", "Female siege tank operator from starcraft", etc - the only one this couldn't have worked for was the lost vikings since they are a single unique 3 character team that can't be hot-swapped by a mass of other similar chars in-universe. However, only the diablo characters do not have - that im aware of - a hard defined/obvious character and lore, unless im mistaken so we have the barb who is a reoccuring character according to lore, and some names originally given to the characters in gameplay videos pre-release (Sonya im fairly certain was named such in early pre-release footage, which granted doesnt have to be considered canon) so it begs to ask, do the others have confirmed names/characters, or are they just random identities for this game's use only?Dragn1 07 Sep
26 Aug Why do people hate the new Tyrael? There are many reasons people hate the D3 story and I really understand most of them (like killing off the best character in the series), but I've never understood why they hate the 'new' Tyrael. Any explanations?Esbia41 26 Aug
11 Jul I'm a bit confused on the transition from D2 to D3 Hello, So after some time I got really interested in Diablo lore, so I decided to check out the video/text content, not actually replaying the games, because a) I had no idea what was going on at the time anyways b) I forgot a lot Diablo 1 couldn't be more straightforward than it is; Diablo's influence corrupts the local area, you kill Diablo and stab yourself with the soulstone to contain it. Now, I have no idea what exactly is the mechanic of a soulstone. How does it work? Baal was imprisoned in Tal Rasha's body with his soulstone inside of Tal Rasha. Marius removed the soulstone and Baal was free just because his soulstone wasn't stuck in anyone? How did all the prime evils ended up in the black soulstone? Weren't they permanently destroyed at the hellforge? All except Baals? Because Marius screwed that up. How did Diablo return after his soulstone was smashed? Belial and Azmodan haven't been seen in the Diablo 1/2, so I can understand how they fit in the story, but Diablo? How come nobody had to break or stick the black soulstone into themselves? In Diablo 2 (if I recall correctly), Baal takes his own soulstone from Marius? How does he exist if his "soul" is inside the soulstone? And even if that was possible, why doesn't it happen in Diablo 3 with the Black Soulstone? I'm so confused right now, I'm assuming the "make believe" answers incoming. Either I'm missing something big or there really are inconsistencies in the story. And "Diablo had to return out of nowhere because he's the main character of the game" is a joke of an answer. How hard is it to make up an explanation in a fantasy game? I'm really confused right now... thanks for reading.Hexo11 11 Jul
01 Jul What happened to the Paladins? I'm not clear on what exactly happened to the Paladin order of Diablo 2, since they're never mentioned in D3. Anyone who knows? And what happened to the Paladin character from D2?Solidpontus6 01 Jul
09 Jun Malthael did not die When we slew him, Nothing happened to totally kill him, He just exploded. Which he will recover with time. Tyrael survived through alot stronger explosion. And evils are released. I say next expansion is going to be about evils and they are saving malthael for diablo 4Navhkrin17 09 Jun
22 May So Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 have the same story Here comes a lengthy rant on how the story of Diablo 3 is exactly the same as its predecessor. Act 1: You start in a shady town where apparently it's always night for no particular reason. Kill some stuff until you have to go to Tristram to pull out Cain who, as per usual, is balls deep in !@#$. While there take a side tour to kill some Npc's from Diablo 1 (Griswold/Leoric). Proceed the endless slaughter of evil, while pondering wtf is going on, kill a female npc no one gives two %^-*s about (Countess/Queen Araenae), go in catacombs, kill boss with big boobs (Andariel/Butcher). Act 2! Act 2: The desert act no one likes. Start in the Jewel of the Desert, which apparently is two different cities, Cross endless deserts, take a detour to kill a boss who's only there to further the plot (Radament/Maghda), cross more deserts, collect pieces for the thing that will finally help you reach the final boss (Horadric Staff/Kulle's innards), enter a sci-fi sanctuary of a master mage and navigate its puzzles, kill said master mage (Summoner/Kulle), Head in the opposite direction, find act boss, fight him in an overly small room, go to act 3. Act 3: The exotic place that seems like every ounce of bad luck in the world decided to go there on vacation. Since it's crawling with enemy forces, go and launch an attack into the heart of their territory, confirm that Blizz has a fetish for innards (khalim's parts, hearts of sin and what not), kill act boss in the very heart of his very citadel, learn that you are late and Diablo is free, so off to act 4. Act 4: Venture into a place straight out of the bible, chasing after Diablo, kill Izual along the way for old times' sake, find Diablo at his strongest, proceed to jihad him until he converts to Islam and wonder if the act may have been bit short. Also prove that angels are useless pussies. Act 5: Expansion time. How you got to where you are, no one knows. Enter a town besieged by a huge enemy force and proceed to dismantle it completely, killing the siegemaster (Shenk/Urzael), go through zones no one likes (Frozen River, Swamp with puddles more deadly than the game's namesake), find a traitor (Nighal-whatever, Adria), slaughter him to learn how to get to the %^-*!@# act boss, who may or may not have a title that is synonymous with that of the guy from the other game (Aspect of Death/Lord of Destruction), do some favors for some dead guys/statues to finally find King Baddie, murder him until he dies a gruesome death. In the end an angel $%^-s up some important stone and the world is *!@#ed again, proving that no matter what happens, your efforts are useless. TL; DR: Druids confirmed, will be named Shaman.TheChase3 22 May
22 May Archangel and Deathangel classes for diablo 3 i would love this, to play as angel or demon and you eventually become one of the two classes i mentioned above! ( they should be hero classes) The Archangel will have for example Holy power as resource and Deathangel demonic power etc. and have badass skills and spells What do you think about it?Arghonan38 22 May
15 Mar The history of Pandemonium, The Discovery of Sanctuary Anyone knows where to get these books? At the moment I got 0 parts respectively. Can't figure out what I've missed. I really enjoy these books for the lore and trying to ge into the lore more and more. Couldn't think of a better place to ask this question than the lore section of these forums. Thanks in advance.Kumori23 15 Mar
10 Mar Most disappointing boss in Diablo III: RoS? Which of the bosses did you find the most disappointing? Personally, I'd have to say Azmodan. He is introduced by Tyrael and Deckard Cain as the best battlefield general of the hells (or something like that), so I was pretty excited when I finally encountered him the first time. My heart said "OMG This will be one hell of a fight against that battlefield general" and I expected a lot more than a boss who doesn't move, spreads some kind of black pool on the floor and summons some minions. Nothing really big happened.Mausiee14 10 Mar
28 Feb Request to change the name of a mob I would like to request the game developers to change a name of a elite mob I encountered in Weeping Hollow of Act I in adventure mode. The name of the mob is "Kankerrot". Since "kanker" is the Dutch word for cancer, I would find it respectful to change that name for all who suffered, and still suffer, from this aweful disease. Thanks.Nacht7 28 Feb
26 Feb New character : the engineer Rifle and balistic skills Robotic companions Traps Cybernetic upgrades temporarily Source : nano energy Special offhand : battery Special chestarmor : energy supply core Nano energy regenarates from taking damage, moving, and charging with a special stanceozgen7 26 Feb
20 Feb Halls of Valor,angel training ****** I AM NOT ROLEPLAYING ****** I need Blizzard's permission to train my angels.There are various comments about Imperius,most hate him some call him badass but the angels,they call them sore losers and weak... I ask Blizzard's permission to train my angels and improve them. I want to teach them how to use Spear,like me. If only King Morhaime lets me... Regards Imperius,Knight Commander of the High Heavens aka Archangel of ValorImperius1 20 Feb
19 Feb Azmodan and references to the 7 deadly sins So, realizing it can't be a coincidence that Azmy has a !@#$%^-face, I've tried and seen if he references all seven of the deadly sins in his appearance. Here's what I got so far: Pride - his crown Gluttony - the teeth on his belly Lust - the shape on his face looking like female genitalia Greed - ??? Wrath - ??? Envy - ??? Any clue as to what references the other sins? Could it be the %^-*!@ face, the belly teeth and the crown are just coincidences, and he doesn't reference sins?Manji782 19 Feb
15 Feb Someone explain this, please What is the difference between The Summoner, Horazon, and the guy who faked to be Horazon and *BOOK SPOILERS* vanished with Bartuc's armour to be gone forever? Also, why is Arcane Sanctuary so much different in Legacy of Blood than in Diablo 2 ?Achylles0 15 Feb
23 Jan Why can't I name my wizard with her canonical name? I'm weird, I know, but I named all the other character with their name from canon, so, why can't I do it for Li-Ming?Jaeskier1 23 Jan
07 Jan what about thathamet and anu? they are gods, they are cool where are they?KingTyler3 07 Jan
12 Dec The complete Diablore printed collection Hello everyone, Here is a picture of my personal collection of all the Diablo related printed books out there: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qer00bl1dm62agi/Diablore.jpg?dl=0 I have also collected all the digital books/stories published in the past years: Morbed, Heroes Rise Darkness Falls (+ the 5 extra short stories not included in this collection) and Stay Awhile and Listen. Could the community please confirm if I am missing anything still? Thanks a lot, HarakyriHarakyri2 12 Dec
01 Dec Why did Deckard Cain have to die? I have gone through the lore a couple times, and I have done internet searches for possible theories on this. However, when it comes down to it, I just don't understand. I feel you wanted to shift the focus of the story from Deckard to Leah, and you wanted to do it in a dramatic way. I can understand this, but I feel you could have more deeply developed both characters if Deckard Cain remained alive. Leah refers back to things Cain had taught her, but she does so breifly in a way it feels to validate things she is doing. Would it not have been more entertaining to have both characters discuss the plot over one just tell it to you? Cain directly confirming passages and teachings of Cain could have given players a reason to trust and believe the things Leah was saying. Most games are more than capable of developing more than one character at a time, and I feel that the change of Leah into Diablo would have been more heart felt if you were to watch Cains reaction to it. Cain, having raised Leah, emotionally crippled by the Leah-Diablo transition would have caused a more powerful player reaction than the pitiful death you bestowed upon Cain. One of the major reasons I no longer play the game is because you constantly kill Cain over and over in a jokingly fashion. Each difficulty is the same thing. Could you not have killed Cain prior to act one, so the audience would only witness the death once? I am rather curious as to reasons behind killing Cain off. I would appreciate if anyone could navigate me to forum post or thread which outlines Lorewise why he had to die. I have done many an internet search only to find reasons which were indeed humorous, but lacked underlying meaning. I would appreciate any assistance that can be given. Thanks.Kitatek21 01 Dec
25 Nov The next expansion's class Hi there ! As an introduction, I have to say that I'm not exactly here to talk about lore, though my interrogations are linked to it. I'm here to think about the game itself, as a game, not as a universe. However, this will probably lead us to use the lore, and that's why I think that this topic has its place in this forum. (And also, excuse me for my mediocre english... I hope this will be understandable...) Here's the question : what class will be added into the next expansion ? It is well known that at least two expansions are planned by Blizzard for Diablo 3. Since they clamed clearly that the maximum level limit will not be extended and that no already existing class will receive any improvement, we can easily state that the new content will be one new act and one (or maybe two) new class(es). I don't want, in this topic, to seek where the action will be set : to answer, we would need to predict the scenario, and there already has been numerous topics about that. So we don't talk about Act V and its geographical location here. However, it is not necessary to know the scenario to imagine what class could be added in the expansion : in the Diablo games, classes rarely have a direct link with the places where they fight. For example, Diablo 2's Amazon came from Skovos island, and we never go to Skovos in Diablo 2. In fact, that's precisely because Diablo classes come from elsewhere that they have this exotic aspect and so are charismatic. That's why I think that the next class will not be linked to the next act's location, even if sometimes we visit one of the classes' homeland (Harrogath for the Barbarian, Kurast for the Paladin...). So what do we know about the next class ? Not much, but we can guess that : 1) It will be a Strength based class, just like the Barbarian. Actual classes are all paired by their primary attribute (Wizard and Witch Doctor are Intelligence based, Monk and Demon hunter are Dexterity based) but the Barbarian, who is still the only Strength based class. 2) The player HAS to be a Nephalem, that's all Diablo is about. So don't even think about a playable angel or demon. 3) We have to avoid ideas that are too similar to existing classes and followers. That's the biggest difficulty : how can a class be Strength based without looking like a brutal warrior (Barbarian) or a noble knight (Templar) ? That's where your creativity, imagination, and lore knowledge will be useful. 4) The new class must fit into Diablo's atmosphere. That means firstly that it must be whether in an oriental or a mythological style and secondly that it must match with a dark fantasy universe (zombies, demons, murders, violence, blood, onslaught, etc. That's not Warcraft nor the Lord of the rings.) There are the rules. Now, the ideas. Obviously, this list is not finished... I am not fully satisfied, and I sincerely hope that you will add new and greater ideas. But I already have some : - A metamorph class, like the druid in Diablo 2. With some modifications, the druid could be really feral and clearly differ from the With doctor, who's already linked to nature and already have invocations. However, the druid was never popular, so I don't think Blizzard will add it in a Diablo 3's expansion. Still note that another metamorph class could be possible, but what class then ? (Don't forgot the Strength attribute.) - An original kind of knight (so an european warrior with a real armor), with a special feature deeply different from light, honor, loyalty, etc... in other words, a knight that has something special (for example magical powers) but do not looks like a paladin. However, this idea is still really abstract... it needs more ideas. Maybe a heavy necromancer ? But the problem would be an excessive resemblance with Warcraft's death knight. I think (and I hope) that Blizzard will avoid this. Or maybe a mage-knight, like in Dongeon & Dragons ? But here we need to avoid a possible resemblance with the Wizard... - A pirate from Kingsport. Original spells could be imagine, for example spells using a pirate gun. The pirate gun could also be a off-hand weapon only usable by this class. However, this idea would hardly fit in Diablo's dark atmosphere, in my opinion. Possibly, but hardly. - A melee Amazon, in a Sparta style. It is right now my most realistic idea, I think. Different both from Barbarian and Templar, with a both mythological and oriental style, Strength as attribute, a deep identity with the Diablo games (this character would obviously come from Skovos), etc... What do you think ?Oneyr263 25 Nov
24 Nov http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Imperius_Curse HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHImperius3 24 Nov
16 Nov So..what happened to Leah? After Diablo's death, it's same to assume she died as well...or?Returner88 16 Nov
11 Nov Happily never after in Diablo (SPOILERS) This was something I was thinking about in response to the continued gnashing of teeth over the fate of Leah. Can anyone, think of any named character, who has gone on to 'live happily ever after'. I can't think of any, from any part of the Diablo story, who has gone on to have a decent end. There are some who have no ending, many of the heroes from Diablo 2 for example, but for everyone who has an end written into the story not one has been pleasant. I'm really not sure why anyone would expect anything different for Leah. Just for funsies, I've listed all the major and minor characters I could think of, as well as their eventual fates, with where the information was got from in brackets. If I've missed any feel free to add them. Pre-Diablo 1 * Inarius - Captured and given over to the demons of Hell, where he is still being tortured to this day. (Diablo 1 rulebook & Diablo 3 & Sin War Trilogy) * Lilith - Banished to the Void (Diablo 3 & Sin War Trilogy) * Tal Rasha - Entombed alive with Baals soulstone to wrestle with the demon in perpetual torment. Eventually over powered, controlled, and his body presumably destroyed when Baal 'hatched' from his prison ala Diablo from Aiden. (Diablo 2) Diablo 1 * Lazarus - Corrupted (presumably) by Mephisto in travincal before leaving for Khanduras, released Diablo, kidnapped Albrecht for Diablo, killed by the Heroes in the catacombs under the Cathedral. (Diablo 1) * King Leoric - Driven mad by Diablo trying to possess his body. Sends away his eldest son Aiden to an unwinnable and unjust war, executes his wife, loses his youngest son Albrecht to a suspected kidnapping by the local townsfolk, tortures and imprisons said townsfolk, killed by Lachdanan, resurrected by Diablo as the Skeleton King, killed by Heroes under Tristrams Cathedral, resurrected by Tyreal falling to Sanctuary, killed by the Nephelem. (Diablo 1 & 3) * Aiden/The Warrior - Kills Diablo, takes the Soulstone into himself, fathers Leah unknowingly before succumbing to Diablo and becoming a husk until Diablo 'hatches' from him at the end of Act 2/start of Act 3 cinematic. (Diablo 2 & 3) * The Rogue - Corrupted during the fight with Diablo, becomes Blood Raven and is killed by a group of heroes. (Diablo 2) * The Mage - Driven mad by the fight with Diablo, takes on the guise of the Summoner and is killed by a group of heroes. (Diablo 2) * Griswold - Killed by demons during the sacking of Tristram after Aiden leaves. Becomes a Zombie, killed again by a group of heroes. (Diablo 2) * Wirt - Captured by Fallen, tortured and loses a leg, mother dies from the grief of losing her only son, killed by demons during the sacking of Tristram after Aiden leaves. Body in top left corner of the map, drops his leg. (Diablo 2) * Pepin the Healer - Presumed killed by demons during the sacking of Tristram after Aiden leaves. Body is where his house was in Diablo 1. (Diablo 2) * Farnham the Drunk - Killed by demons during the sacking of Tristram after Aiden leaves. Raised as a zombie and killed again by the Nephalem. (Diablo 3) * Gillian - Went with Cain to Caldeum, where she looked after Leah. Eventually driven mad by the memories from Tristram, she attempts to kill Leah and is imprisoned in an Asylum. Her diary can be found in Diablo 3 Act 1 which says she stayed on with Ogden, tortured by nightmares that were getting stronger. If she hadn't died in the Asylum pre-Diablo 3 and she wasn't killed during Belials take over, presumably she is still there. (Diablo 2 & 3) * Ogden - Presumed killed by demons during the sacking of Tristram after Aiden leaves. Body is where his Inn was in Diablo 1. (Diablo 2) * Deckard Cain - Survives Diablo 1 & 2, only to be killed by magical moths by Magda. (Diablo 3) Diablo 2 Most of the heroes have unknown endings, however, we know that; The Necromancer survived long enough to have an apprentice who appears in Diablo 3, Act 2, as a random event quest. The Sorceress was the master of the Wizard from Diablo 3, and was murdered by a mage Assassin from the Viz-Jaq'tar, possibly the same one you play from from Diablo 2 or even Natalya from Act 3, though it does not state for certain. The Barbarian from Diablo 3 is confirmed not to be the same Barbarian from Diablo 2. We can presume that most of the townspeople from the Rogue Encampment of Act 1 either left new Tristram or died there, since none of them are seen in Diablo 3 except for; * Warriv - Killed by the undead during the troubles after the Fallen Star, rare spawn corpse outside of New Tristram with a journal. (Diablo 3) It can be safely presumed that Akara, Kashya and the Rogues are either all deceased, or have moved from the area entirely, since Act 1 of Diablo 3 takes place in the same area and there is no mention of them fighting or even being involved with new Tristram. From Act 2, no characters are seen at all. Most can be presumed to still be alive, since Lut Gholein is pretty far from both Belial at Caldeum (across the sea) and the troubles at New Tristram. From Act 3, none are seen except for; * Asheara - Still leading the Iron Wolves, she is seen inside Caldeum. (Diablo 3) With Belial ruling Kehjistan, it is possible that there was trouble in Kurast again, but nothing is known for certain. It is however likely, since many of the Zakarum in the area, especially at Travincal, had already been corrupted by Mephisto. From Act 4, Halbu and Jamella are not seen again. From Act 5, only Nihlathuk has an ending, no others are heard from again. However with Arreat shattered and Sescheron destroyed by Baal in Diablo 2, it can be presumed they had at least a bit of bother from the armies coming fron Arreat crater in Diablo 3. * Nihlathuk - Killed by heroes after betraying his people and allowing Baal to bypass the Ancient guardians and reach the Worldstone. (Diablo 2)Elicas8 11 Nov
20 Oct 2015 Belial speculation. I was toying a long time ago with the speculation that Tyrael couldve died in the worldstone chamber and that Belial stole/took his form. Or that (Even more conspiracy :D ) ... Deckard Cain is Belial - and that "helping the heroes" and events of the previous games has only been to further his own goal. I mean how brilliant wouldnt it be if Belial guided the heroes to kill Diablo and such so he himself could take over? Belial is the Lord of DECEPTION and LIES. So in my eyes not using this for such an awesome story twist would really be a waste imo. Im still in the hopes that Tyrael or Deckard Cain will turn out to be the Lord of lies. I read from the wiki that "He has been confirmed to appear in Act II of Diablo III where he is apparently causing trouble in Caldeum. " For Belial, the lord of deception and lies - which offer so many awesome story twist possibilities to just be some small boss in an act? Im hoping that is wrong. It would be taking a big dump on huge possibilities storywise and I truly hope Blizzard has more imagination than to just make him a small chapter boss of sorts. Thoughts?Ouroboros8 20 Oct 2015
03 Oct 2015 Who rules Khanduras in D3's time? Hi, I finally bought Book of Cain for myself and perusing the tome I started to wonder if anyone has taken control over Khanduras and New Tristram since Leoric's madness? His bloodline was effectively destroyed when Aidan became the Dark Wanderer. Book of Cain says that after D2 people again moved back to Tristram before the events of D3 which aren't detailed in it but in Book of Tyrael instead. It doesn't however tell who rules the area. Did Zakarum Church take back the governance because Khanduras isn't part of Westmarch either, right?Teryn1 03 Oct 2015
25 Sep 2015 Bul-Kathos' missing story Before coming here i already used search here.I also checked all related pages. All sources claim he is dead but none of them say how. Anyone knows what happened to Mr.Hammer of Himself?Imperius5 25 Sep 2015
25 Sep 2015 Diablo 3's worst Act story-wise? What Act from Diablo III do you guys dislike the most, which had the most boring story behind it and gave you the least satisfaction upon finishing it? For me, strangely, it's Act V. Out of all the Acts in Diablo III it felt very small, short and 'rushed'. You appear in a random area and sh*t is going down, awesome. You expect to be thrown into one hell of a fight and are all braced for a tough ending to the Diablo III story. This hope ended for me as soon as I encountered a random guard, who is no smarter than anyone else (you'd think) but he starts bombing you with in-depth knowledge about these Reaper Maidens or whatever they're called? Makes you wonder how a lousy guard can have all this knowledge about what's happening while you were used to guards being all like "OMGZ It's a hero! Sorry I cant help you, i have no idea dafuq is going on here mate!" So Malthael is doing sh*t to the world since the Prime Evil was defeated. However, I never had the feeling like "Oh geez, what's happening here? I have to stop this guy!" but instead after playing this act for a little bit I had the reaction "Oh ok, so I'm at the end boss already?!" Compared to Act IV, it was pretty cheap. Diablo in Act IV was constantly mocking you, he was keeping watch over you and you felt it. Whatever you did that made you feel super awesome (beating his pets, Tyrael's old luitenant Izual or closing his Hell Rifts) was always followed up with a dialogue saying that what you just did doesn't matter because he will be victorious in the end anyway. When I compare all the endboss fights, Malthael was probably the most boring one too. If I review them all: Act I - The Butcher: A huge motherf*cker who reminded me a LOT about the Pudge hero from Dota, but all silly jokes aside, he was a tough skull to crack at that level. He was charging into things, pulling you across the map, and not to forget the floor was randomly igniting the sh*t out of everything. Exciting fight. Act II - Belial: Even when you encounter Belial, you are fooled by his appearance (called the Lord of Lies for a reason!) so it starts off like a lousy fight, but when he takes on his true form it scared the crap out of me, not to mention he was smashing everything and launching weird green fireballs across the map. It was a chaotic, and therefor fun, fight. Act III - Azmodan: As soon as you enter Act III Azmodan's vision keeps appearing in front of you where he tells you how doomed you are and that you cant stop him. But you know better.Azmodan itself barely is a challenge, though, but the reinforcements he spawns are the annoying part. It was definitely not one of the most exciting fights, but still...stuff was happening that keps you guessing what it did. Act IV - Diablo: This is obviously the fight the game is based around, which shows in the way how your adrenaline gets built up towards this boss fight and how the fight itself is played across 2 seperate maps (Your own realm and the 'Realm of Terror'). The only annoying part about this bossfight, for me, was the amount of dialogue it contained...it was silly. But the fight was awesome and the way you can beat up Diablo for roughly 10-15 seconds after you defeat him gives you the satisfaction you want. You'll almost be shouting "Die!!!!!". Act V - Malthael: As soon as you encounter him you're still hoping for an awesome fight. However in the end it turned out to be quite boring and dull....he shoots some fireballs, he summons some angry clouds...and thats about it.MissZoey30 25 Sep 2015
21 Sep 2015 Tale of the Sanctuary (Part 1 - The Origins [Video]) Dear all, Diablo universe is riddled with fascinating stories that span over countless ages. However, there is but one story that explains it all; the birth of Anu, the primal being that spawned heavens, hell and everything in between. This mystical entity existed before the time and struggled with its own creation and "the reason of its being". All that we know in Diablo universe can trace it's roots to the first eternal struggle. Below is a link that sheds light on this struggle and explains what lead to the destruction of the primal being. The eternal struggle that continues to this day began inside this deity of old.and it's own struggle on a grand scale lead to the creation of small beings that would change the course of the universe as we know it. The Origins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLD6cBLR7CU This audio link is my humble attempt at re-telling the grand story of origin in a 7 minute poem/song format. If you think I missed something out or would like to the lore progress further, do leave a comment here and I will be glad to oblige. Thanks, Holy HermitHolyHermit2 21 Sep 2015
07 Sep 2015 Evils' Designs I like this game. A lot. But the single thing about the lore that I was really let down by was the design and the inexistent depth of character of Azmodan and Belial. When I played Diablo 2, I was quite honestly scared !@#$less by Diablo, especially in the guise of the Dark Wanderer, and his brothers. I mean, just look at the opening cinematic for Lord of Destruction. That's creepy, that's an Evil that you really feel is just plain... well, evil. It might just be because I've grown since then, but Azmodan and Belial tell me absolutely nothing, they seem like empty shells. High def, well detailed shells, but still. Even their models just look like fairly random and generalised "demons". Once again, I was much more scared and struck by the Dark Wanderer. Adding to that, they're just plain stupid, I mean who hadn't got that Belial was the Emperor? They really couldn't be bothered to construct a better lie for the Lord of Lies? What did you think? On the plus side, I liked the maps a lot. Maybe not so much for Act 2, but Act 1 and 5 really feel dark and gothic like Diablo II did.Khandest6 07 Sep 2015
02 Sep 2015 Ruins of Sescheron and Barbarian I've completed the small area called Ruins of Sescheron and get the Kanai's cube. What struck me was; There is no voice over dialogue from your charachter. There is no response from your charachter , not even as text. There is no special response, text response, nod, nothing , from a BARBARIAN visiting IMMORTAL THRONE.................. COME ON? Gameplay mechanics , cubes and such all great, really, Zoltun Kulle is the best NPC and has some new dialogue -- so it CAN be done-- , i liked Abd -al Hazir ... But really, no comment from a Barbarian who visits his long lost home? Finds and frees other barbarians? Nothing?? Huge disappointment.. really.Lanetolsun2 02 Sep 2015
27 Jul 2015 Sin War-Trilogy; more specific [SPOILER]: Uldyssian I'm just about done with reading the Sin War Trilogy and besides it being a great trilogy and a must read if you like fantasy and zero to hero writing; I'm particularly interested in the vague explanation of Uldyssian's sacrifice: What has he left Sanctuary with? Or isn't it Sanctuary he changed? I've got a few theories myself in the hope I can spark your interest and get you hyped about this topic yourself, so you can fill me in on points a forgot or your own desired theory. Facts: After beating Inarius he became an almost perfect being and what we could call, a GOD. He was able to easily push both armies back to their homeland by freezing time itself, in my opinion more like reversing time, since some beings have notion of what happened, like Tyrael and the Angiris Council and The Demon lords. After taking up all magical energy of Sanctuary and storing it in himself, he cleansed all Sanctuary from the swirling influences of both sides and healed all living things as well as Sanctuary itself. Trag'Oul showed him a spot where he could release all the energy; where or what that place exactly was, we don't know, nor if it is on sanctuary. We also know that Trag'Oul had a certain time in mind, so his release of energy can have an effect on the past or on the future, but i would guess the future! (gives Blizzard an opening to continue the Diablo lore). To quote the 3rd book,The Veiled Prophet, " Uldyssian Ul-Diomed let himself scatter throughout ALL, which forever would change the world of Sanctuary, wether any would know it or not!" I can't believe his sacrifice only did help the Angiris Council to vote for humanity and laying the ground for a standstill between Heaven and Hell. One of both sides could easily ignore his sacrifice and just finish what they started, because humanity was nothing without Uldyssian as it's guardian. That's why there has to be more to it, certainly for the enormous magical quantity he released on a specific PLACE and TIME. (that's the biggest hint to me that there is something more!) Now for my own speculation: 1. Uldyssian can be seen as the essence we call god! By releasing all the energy inside him and spreading his consciousness over ALL, he was able to create other worlds where human live could be possible, but much less powerfull, since these people would only be an image of himself. The magical energy creating people out of resources it could find in all the different worlds. Much like humans are consisting out of +70% water and more or just like the Bible tells us that we are created from clay. But with only magical energy he would only have puppets that have no will of their own or just randomly walk 'this world' and that's where his conciousness comes in, that enabled these creations to have a concious of their own and would enable them to think, dream and create and fantasize. All Uldyssian had seen in his life and was branded in his memory, he unconciously shared it with his creations, who now know of Angels and Demons, even if they never encountered proof themselves... 2. Leaving the realistic and theological theory aside, i'm keeping myself in the lore of Diablo: Because Trag'Oul guided him in releasing his energy, there's a big chance it has something to do with "The Balance"! Since I don't know much of Trag'Oul and his kind, I hope someone else can link this with other possibilities, for example everytime the world would be scaled to either side, Uldyssian's power would be activated, leading the world to Balance again. The only thing I can think of, but has so many flaws in it, is that this enables A Chosen One to be born, much like Uldyssian himself. This is the avatar with which you play in the games and which has been granted Uldyssian's power. But that doesn't explain Trag'Oul pointing out a specific place and time, nor scattering it over ALL... But more like interpreting that each being in this universe can draw off some extent of his power, but ultimately leading to the continuation of Sanctuary, so Uldyssian is just like Trag'Oul, Or rather Uldyssian is Sanctuary now... 3. To focus more on a specific time and place: Maybe he explained Uldyssian the great struggle of Anu against his dark counterpart, which Uldyssian by channeling his power to that place and time, could've been able to mend both sides back together and creating Balance again. What is clear to me, is that there has to be more then Uldyssian only saving humand kind and Sanctuary by sacrificing himself. He changed things on a far bigger scale, but what it is, we can only hint at for now... Do you have other explanations or additional info, please feel free to comment!Yaerius0 27 Jul 2015
08 Jul 2015 "If only they could see me now" This is what the wizard says when he feels cool or something. "If only they could see me now" So, who is he referring to? And why should they see him? Is it to show off? Prove what he has become? A monster serial killer? A true hero? An adult who can decide for himself when to have candy? But the main question here, who is it he wants seeing him? Maybe mom and dad. Maybe his fellow cadette wizards from Hogwarts? Im sure this is to be found somewhere in the lore but I must have missed it somehow. Could someone please shine some light on this matter.JohnLysis1 08 Jul 2015
02 Jul 2015 Imperius vs Diablo; Who is really the more powerful... So who do you think who is actually the more powerful one? Even though Imperius got stabbed by Diablo, I think Imperius actually can win the fight...Silence63 02 Jul 2015
02 Jul 2015 Favorite side character in Diablo Universe? I know you might say that Diablo or Tyrael is your favorite character but who is your side character and why? My personal favorite is Baal. He is really smart and always sassy, and powerful of course. Reminds me of Russel from True Blood. I also love Baal because he's the Lord of Destruction inb4 the cinematic at the gates of Sescheron.Achylles2 02 Jul 2015
17 May 2015 Diablo III: Next Expansion Theorycrafting I love to theorycraft about the next expansion of Blizzard games, so here we go: The 3rd expansion would involve the Vizjerei and Diablo in its male form & possibly in the dragon form, Tathamet, later into the boss fight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got the idea from several sources: 1. The Vizjerei mercenaries from the King Justinian event in Westmarch Heights infers that the very same Vizjerei organization that Eirena the Enchantress talked about serving the demons and waging the Mage Clan Wars still exists in the present world. They will serve yet-again freed Diablo in the expansion. Maybe what Adria prepared to ensure Diablo's return was the Vizjerei - human servants that provide support physically on Sanctuary. 2. The Phantasms found in the Plague Tunnels were the Nephalem that was born with more demonic features. The new breed of demons would be in a similar as the Vizjerei will turn regular human beings into demons. Also, the Morlu monsters were once men who became demons by Mephisto. (More on this later) 3. RoS followed this stage: Westmarch > Blood Marsh > Pandemonium. The 3rd expansion's plot order will take places from Kingsport to Kurast to the Burning Hells. This is based on the areas we never got to explore on the map of Sanctuary and guessed plot line. (More on this later) 4. Iconic Diablo elements are Diablo's iconic buff, Lizard-man appearance and the dark, lava-filled realm of the Burning Hells. These elements at the end of Diablo I & II were real climax capturers and the 3rd expansion is likely to do the same. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, the plot! Like it was stated at the end of the Reaper of Souls, the age of angels and demons is over. The Malthael fiasco really alarmed everyone on the Sanctuary that the angels are not necessarily on mortals' side and a Nephalem - us, the players - is no longer a myth. Human beings will desire to possess the power of the Nephalem so that will not be pushed around by angels and demons anymore. Also, they might want to become better than other human beings. The Vizjerei will resurface and offer unbridled power to those who are eager to become a Nephalem. The Vizjerei would operate much like Magdha's Coven but in a Jim Jones style. The evil mages will openly attract and trick unsuspecting people into demonic rituals - rituals in which they will be turned into demons rather than the Nephalem. The Burning Hells' purpose for Sanctuary has always been to turn the Nephalem into its slaves, and the Vizjerei will do just that for their new master, Diablo. While we, the players, pursue the scheming mages, it is revealed that Diablo is gaining a new physical form from the ruler of Kingsport, escaping to Kurast where the portal to the Burning Hells is located (the portal to Hell from Diablo II was never mentioned to be closed; or the portal can only be opened in Kurast because of Mephisto), and becoming Tathamet in his home ground, the Burning Hells, for ritualistic purposes like he can only be fully reborn where the dreaded dragon's remains lie.치킨의달인9 17 May 2015
23 Mar 2015 Who is Covetous Shen? Really... (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!) My guess is that he could possibly be Greed. Some devious little goblins have been robbing our merchants! When pursued, they simply open portals and disappear with a most aggravating chuckle. The peasantry seem to believe that the goblins serve a great demon lord known as Greed and furthermore, that their portals lead to Greed's domain! A ludicrous notion, truly. Abd al-Hazir To support my guess we could simply look at his Name! Covetous - cov·et·ous /ˈkəvitəs/ Adjective Having or showing a great desire to possess something, typically something belonging to someone else. Synonyms greedy - avid - grasping - rapacious - avaricious Ok, so his name litterly means Greed. and his surname... Shen (Chinese: 神; pinyin: shén; Wade–Giles: shen; literally "spirit; god; awareness, consciousness") is a keyword in Chinese philosophy, Chinese folk religion, and Traditional Chinese Medicine So his name directly translates as Greed God. Or the God of Greed. Strangely enough he has lived a strangely long life and has quite an obsession with Jewels. It could be possible that Covetous Shen could be Greed. Atleast what I think. Feel welcome to comment! Would like to hear everyone's opinion!ChosenOne30 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 "...as Fate lies shattered forever." 2-nd expansion? Fate = Itherael?Draco2 23 Mar 2015
15 Feb 2015 "even in the heart of heaven, angels can feel fear." who else cringed like hell at this line? so bad it's not even funny. sounds like a line taken out of a hipster's caption photo.badrobot66 15 Feb 2015
01 Feb 2015 Questions about Adria and The Warrior from Diablo 1. Hello , 1st of all i refuse to call the Warrior from Diablo 1 by his Diablo 3 name because Blizzard desecrated their Lore with this giant Plot Hole. Now to my questions... According to the Diablo Timeline Adria was around ~40 (43 if i'm not mistaken) and she slept with the Warrior from D1. How old was he(The Warrior) and how the hell did he walked with a crystal in his forehead around people before he left Tristram ? How did he get laid with Adria with this look?VithaR1 01 Feb 2015
29 Jan 2015 Problem with the storytelling Hello. FIrst of all i am a big diablo fan a long time and i love the game,but something is bothering me. When you play the game wery inportant thing is to sucsesfuly to represent the lore wich is the base of any game. Diablo have such great lore and i enjoy it but when i play the campain i have the felling that i just go from one place to another in such hurry that lore come in second place than runing around killing stuff.Dont get me wrong that is what this game is about :) but i hope that blizzard will change the representation of the lore and go deeper. Lets go step by step. My point is that i have the felling that instead of diablo development team had the story first and than make all other things acording to story,we have story adapted to maps and npcs wich they had done before.I have felling that some quest is done like that because they had that place and needed to be filed and not other way around. Also many major points in diablo 3 story are just fast pased by like they were casual thing. -Death of decard cain is the first one.Here staff must have said we must replace cain so lets that be tyrael and then lets find quick way of killing it.Wwhole quest was too bad made and it was the most inportant thing in the lore. -Death of leah.I still to this day forgeting that she died.Also time rushed major point. -And may other things but i wont describe so this wont be so long post. Second thing wich is wery much bugging me is the folower quests.In Diablo 3 i was dying to find out more about them so as rest of players and blizzard made that happend.they added folower quests.These quests i fell like were unplanned becase they are so bad made.you speak with each of them ad suddendly all have major issue and need help.So you go in small map kill one elite and that is it.I like the efford but there is so much more to expand.This should be some multi quest and not single small quest wich was fast made just to say ,,we listen to players,,. I like that they added audio logs in wich you can understand lore but we need something more. Logs dont matter much when you complete the game and still dont know what happend exept you killed diablo. I dont know if i am the only one who presentation of the story is in bad direction but i hope that in future expansion blizzard will make this better instead of rush to publish small rushed up act. I very much like the anouncment that they will be adding new map(s?) to game(barbarian homeland) in future patches so if anyone from blizzard ever read this please add QUESTS in the zone.In this way you can add simple off-side quests and with these quests you can tell about the barbarians and what are they,about their history etc. If you are planing to add more maps after this one will be great opurtunity for geting into lore of other classes with different quests,adding places who are in books but are inportant for diablo lore and not just tristram,also introducing people who those who read books will recognise well and those who dont will get to know them.So in short this is great opurtunity to go deeper in the lore and keep players happy. If you have some solutions please share i wana hear them so maybe blizzard will hear us. Sorry for bad english and thanks for reading.Devx0 29 Jan 2015
07 Dec 2014 How cool would a Diablo MMO be? If you haven't played through the Reaper of Souls story yet, don't read on as there are some spoilers. After killing Malthael, we got the little cut scene where Tyrael basically says that he sees a different side to the Nephalem, and he worries about what could happen if the Nephalem were to become corrupted. It seems to me that they have created the perfect setting for a Diablo based MMO. If the Nephalem becomes corrupt and raises an army of like minded Nephalem, they would become the antagonists and Heaven and Hell would be the playable factions, trying to stop them. I do know though, that they will never create an MMO based in the Diablo Universe, the lore is there to do so but they already have WoW and they had Titan, which I think they rebooted? I know that it was cancelled but I'm sure I read that they just started again from scratch. Although they did say that Titan was "linked" to one of their current franchises I dont think it was Diablo, most likely Starcraft maybe? Either way, I don't think they would want 3 MMO's. But don't you think it would be cool? If it were to ever happen, It would be a far darker and more atmospheric MMO than WoW ever was.Chris18 07 Dec 2014
06 Nov 2014 What might happen next (STORY SPECULATION) To recap what we have seen so far: -Diablo working with Adria managed to absorb all the other Evils, become the Prime Evil and succesfully raided the High Heavens. -By striking him down his soul along with the other evils was trapped within the Soulstone. -Malthael saw this as an opportunity to wipe all demonic beings (humans too) from the face of existence, destroying most of mankind. -Malthael fused with the souls when he shattered the soulstone. -When we killed him, we destroyed them as well. However, when demons die they return to the Black Abyss where they are reincarnated. In conclusion, the High Heavens are in the worse shape they have ever been, Sanctuary is mourning the countless dead and, finally, all the Great Evils are somewhere in Hell with fresh respawn timers. At this point we have to remember the following: -Heaven's power is limited whereas Hell's isn't. -The very first being in all of creation, Anu, was the embodiment of everything, light and dark. When he got rid of all the evil from himself, it took form and became Tathamet, the Prime Evil. They fought until both fell and from the remains of each angels and demons came into being. -Inarius, an archangel advisor to the Angiris council, serving under the command of Tyrael, has doubts about the Eternal Conflict. He gets caught during an attack and in captivity meets a demon who feels the same, Lilith. Together they gathered others who were fed up with the Eternal Conflict and using the Worldstone they escaped in the newly created world of Sanctuary. -From the union of angels and demons a new race was born with the ability to surpass their ancestors' power; the Nephalem. And this brings us to the interesting part. Throughout the games in the series, we have constantly tried to hold the demons from conquering the Sanctuary with the aid of angels (Tyrael) and their angel groupies (Horadrim, Cain was one). So far the story has shown us that angels=good and demons=bad which leads us to the conclusion that the eradication of all demons would be the ultimate goal for us. However, this approach has made us overlook one thing, the balance. The first being in the universe was everything combined, all aspects of both good and evil. Inarius realized the futility of the Eternal Conflict because it can't have a winner. When there are no demons left there won't be any balance of dark and light in creation which can only lead to two possible directions. Life will cease to exist due to the absence of the dark or evil will manifest through others (what Inarius did is viewed as a sin by the angels) which ultimately means that the Eternal Conflict didn't actually end. So we come to the point of realizing that our actions have no significant consequences in the overall picture of what's happening around us, the player character. But, there is a way to continue the story in a meaningful way. In the next expansion we will try to venture into hell in order to either finish off the Evils or try and get Leah back. Up to this point anything can happen. During our journey in Hell we will come across Inarius, who will be tortured and deformed. He will explain to the hero why he abandonned his post and shed light on the futiity of the Conflict. The hero will then put Inarius out of his misery and continue to put an end the the war by creating a truce or possibly severing and cutting of any connections between heaven, hell and the sanctuary. Possible bosses: -Inarius might not want to go without a fight. -Imperius will not just stand there and agree with the demons-are-friends-not-mindless-sadists campaign nor he will leave them be without pursuing their destruction. -Diablo, since we are in hell, won't just give up on trying to gain dominion over Sanctuary. Also, since he absorbed the rest before he died, it could be that Tathamet will make an appearance instead of him. -If Tathamet won't happen, Inarius is held by Mephisto so there could be some action from the other Prime Evils as well or at least their lieutenants. -Tyrael forgets to eat again and this makes you mad. I mean REALLY mad. So you decide to do him a favor and rid him of his hunger forever... Areas: Most of the Burning Hells, Heaven, the Black Abyss The story can conclude by either: -Creating barriers or severing the connection between the realms -By defeating Imperius and the Evils, others will rise to power and they may come to a truce. TL;DR: Pew pew pew, many dead, more pew pew, more dead, truce, no dead. The end. (I posted this on both EU and US forums. I read all the rules and guidelines but can't find if this is allowed or not.)Deathquest3 06 Nov 2014
28 Oct 2014 Do Diablo love his brothers? Do you think the Prime Evils love each other? They call themselves the Three Brothers. And after all, if angels (the good guys) are susceptible to "evil" feelings like hatred and envy, is it impossible that demons love and care for each other? :)Solidpontus11 28 Oct 2014
25 Oct 2014 Necromancers, Followers of Rathma - Where are they?!? Hi team, So, for those of you who have read the books (namely the Sin War Trilogy and Moon of the Spider - I have only read these 4, so far), have you not wondered where on sanctuary the necromancers have hidden? I mean, we saw Jon'dar, who was basically a necromancer in appearance, but not really, and somewhere in the deserts of Act 2 and in Act 5 if memory serves me. But necromancers play an essential role in keeping Sanctuary (the world we play in) afloat - yet they are NOWHERE to be seen in the conflict proper, which they, as Rathmians, should be all over. This is the purpose of their existance, yet they do nothing? Curious, at least, blasphemous at most. I long to play the necromancer. Sadly, Witch Doctors seem to have stolen their signature daggers and shrunken heads, so I guess introducing them to the game would provoke alot of casual gamer hater - if you don't know any of the lore, then necromancers would be a weird copycat of Witch Doctors, really. But Witch Doctors don't have bone daggers. They do not conjure bone magic and I miss this aspect in Diablo 3. It was by far my favourite in Diablo 2, only rivalled by Warcry Barbarians (Singers, Crybabas) and Kick Assassins (Kicksins) - both ALSO missing completely from Diablo 3. So am I the only one with an urge to play Necromancers? Am I the only one wondering why they aren't playing a bigger role in the game?Filth1 25 Oct 2014
22 Oct 2014 Which aspect of Anu was Inarius? Was he Valor, Hope, Justice, Wisdom or Fate? Anything in the lore suggests either?Azgalada5 22 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 Old Diablo 2 classes in future expansions I was thinking about possibilities for "new" class(es) in future exapnsion(s). And only cool ideas I thought were based on Diablo 2 heroes. First to my mind comes Druid. Druid could be the first hybird class in Diablo 3 and can be without problem male or female character. I'm basing this idea a little bit on WoW druid. Werebear as a strenght oriented tank, Werewolf as a melee dexterity oriented DPS. Elemental Druid as a ranged intellect oriented DPS with some healing spells. Druids would use nature energy. I think to put them into the story wouldn't be difficult as in my opinion Druids can be added anytime and anywhere with random backstory. Second idea little bit harder to make it happen is Amazon. The first problem in that class would be gender ofcourse, as many knows that Amazons from Skovos Island are the only warriors in their community. So I was thinking how to put male version of the Amazon into the Diablo lore. Only idea came up to my mind is that male Amazon could be infamous son of Amazon champion who defeated Diablo and his Hellish band. The back story of that character would be that male amazon would embark to the journey to prove his worth even tough he is male amazon and unwanted son. In case of Female, the hero would be the daughter of the champion who would to prove to the Amazon that she is not only daughter of the champion, but the future champion of the amazons. Amazons would use bows and javelins/spears with some melee skills. I don't really know which would be better for main stat dexterity or strenght. Second problem by making this class appear in Diablo 3 is not to make it too similar to Demon Hunter or Barbarian. Energy resource would stamina or focus.. Third is Necromancer Reaper. Backstory of that character would be easy, disciples of the Hero Necromancer were send to bring the balance to the spirit world and players would be playing his prodigy apprentace. No problem in making it male/female. Problem would be make it diffrent than Witch Doctor, so it would be cool to make some Necromance who fight for example with scythe in melee enchanting his fighting abilities with some Necromantic powers. Some melee fighting with spells and his death bringing scythe. Main stat would be intellect and would have some necro energy like Leoryk. Fourth and last ofcourse Assasin. Gender of this charcter is not the problem, same with backstory. I thnik problem of that character would be skills, not make it too similar too Monk, but keep it cool and stylish. Dexterity as a main stat, weapon daggers and claws. What is your opinion of idea putting old classes to Diablo 3?Hera5 12 Oct 2014
07 Oct 2014 Easter Eggs in Reaper of Souls Hey all, just curious if anyone has come across any interesting easter eggs in RoS, I decided to start reading the books around last november and finished Storm of Light just before RoS got released, so knowing we were going to westmarch I kept an eye out for any references, obviously there is General Torion/Lorath Nahr and King Justanian, but the one I think people will like the most (as hes now been in 3 books - and seems to be a bit of a fan favourite) is Zayl - came across him in my first play and took some screen shots : http://i61.tinypic.com/2wq4jsk.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/21n0cd1.jpg Anyone here notice any other references I've missed myself?Marcodian11 07 Oct 2014
02 Oct 2014 Foundry low spawn rate? Does anyone know this: In Act 3, I get Cryder's Outpost (the "rare" dungeon, haha) almost every time and haven't had any Foundry spawn in like 50 resets! Is it my bad RNG, or does Foundry spawn less often than the other dungeons? Thanks in advance!MaliForQueen0 02 Oct 2014