Demon Hunter

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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Demon Hunters Avengers of the Fallen! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Demon Hunters in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Demon Hunter class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Demon Hunters: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: The Demon Hunter Den of Info by D3MON (EU forums) Builds: Fast Farming Build in RoS by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Multiple Rocket Launcher" Demon Hunter by Outlaw (EU blog) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "Dark Grenadier" Demon Hunter (+Vid) by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Lightning Rage Nocturne" Demon Hunter by Abachio (EU blog) The "Cold Sentry Build" by BANNDIT (YouTube) The "Rocket Druid" Demon Hunter by Alexus (EU blog) The "Physical Cluster" Demon Hunter by wudijo (Diablofans)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
1d Unhallowed Essence 6 piece question Ok so I'm new to this set but from what I gather you get +40% damage for every point of discipline you have. My question is. Does it apply to your TOTAL or how much discipline you have unspent. Basically do my attacks get weaker with less remaining discipline I have. I like to vault a lot to rush Grifts or just stay away from mobs.Ninetales1 1d
4d Viable?More Dmg? So stumbled upon a Mandals Heal with +10-12 extra disc. So i'm woundering how viable is to go with Mandals Heal/Compass Rose/Travelers Pledge vs. Focus/Restraint/Hellfire Amy. You lose an extra passive, but i think getting extra disc. does more dmg than any extra passive you can get for running with unhallowed set. Compass Rose/Travelers doing almost same job as Focus/Restraint. I might be completely wrong tho, still want an answear. :)Defrize2 4d
5d Power Amplification 30 Hey. As the topic says there is a thing called that in season 7 journey on Destroyer but i dont know what to do and google helps 0 %. I Hope you guys know. I am DH offcourse :Dkrammebamsle3 5d
21 Sep Focus & Restraint ? Is there a good reason why people don't use Compose Rose and Travelers Pledge instead of Focus and Restraint ?Sentry6 21 Sep
20 Sep [Era 7] GR92 Rank 6 - N6 build Hello, This era I've decided to switch back to N6 for some lb pushes. This build is still quite strong, dunno why people don't play it. I've recorded my run using shadowplay. It's my first time doing something like this, so please be kind :) 20 Sep
20 Sep Do I have to use the chest for LoN FoK? Is the build 90+ viable without using it? I'm attempting to gear for lon fok speedruns as I'm getting bored of swk wol monk. Is it possible to play without the shi chest? Is that what desolacer runs on hc?Itchy1 20 Sep
17 Sep Focus of Improvement Stuck at GR 75. Am I doing anything wrong with my setup aside from just progressively upgrading? I know I have room for improvement, just want to make sure I'm not doing anything majorly wrong, seasonal DH / UE. Thanks!FLuE1 17 Sep
15 Sep Yang's !@#$ing recurve 24 hours spent playing DH this season, nearly all of which was to gear up. Not a single Yang's Recurve found anywhere - nothing from rifts, cube, Kadala, you name it. Over 260 Hrs spent playing DH in general and I am still yet to see an ancient legendary Yang's. Was it removed from the game recently? Hate this ruckin FNG.Be02 15 Sep
13 Sep LON builds except FOK? See title. Tho they exist? I've tried bolas and elemental arrow but they suck. There has to be at least 1 other build for speedfarming T13.LohanCohan5 13 Sep
10 Sep Advise on my DH I cannot make it past Gr65 with this gear. Please if you have some time check my profile and tell me with this gear how far should i progress or some changes i must do. It's the Partal character. My cdr is at 37%. Thanx.Filimon12 10 Sep
10 Sep Unhallowed Essence survivability Hey, I have a question regarding where does the main toughness and dmg reduction in UE build comes from. The issue I currently have is that whenever I get around 60-65 GR I die getting 1 hitted by GR boss (well, 2 hitted, 1st one triggers Awareness). Especially with Perdition and his charge attack. I know that vast reduction is from the Dark Hearth rune on Vengance by cubed Visage of Gunes (I do have it. It's just that I need to recollect Diamonds since my last death, hence Broken Crown), and the reduction from Wraps of Clarity. Still this seems to not be enough to keep me alive on lower rifts. So am I missing something here with the primary stats influence on toughness that I'm ignoring, or is it simply L2P issue since the build is strictly "kill them before they get to you and don't get hit"? What should I aim for in gear regarding toughness: armor, all res, vit? Regarding my current gear I was killed of recently so this is my backup, still looking for proper items. The question is more theory so I know better what to go for.Mordis3 10 Sep
09 Sep Ancient quiver Got a new quiver, but I didnt like the missing "6th" skill on it..... Should I just roll the socket to "Reduces Cooldown of all skills"??? Its kinda weaker now compare to the quiver I'm using now.Nanarayo1 09 Sep
09 Sep Dead Mans Legacy - Ancient - What to do? My new goodie.. :) Primary: 949 Dexterity Attack Speed Increased by 18% Critical Hit Chance increased by 9% Chance to Deal 18% Area Damage on Hit Reduces Cooldown of all skills by 7% Increases Multishot Damage by 100% Seconday: +11 Disciplin Multishot hits enemies below 59% health twice Question: What to do? + 500 Dexterity Caldesann enchant 1. Enchant 959 Dex to 8% elite damage or 2. 11 Disciplin to 12 Disciplin or 3. Suggestions?Soh3 09 Sep
07 Sep Loaded for bear or shooting stars. Hello good day/night to all. I need help on marauder m6 especially on this 2 runes. loaded for bear or shooting stars. I wanted to hear pro dh opinions. which is more better running in 4 man GR party? what if you fight close range(dh close range = yeah i know its taboo) discard zei and lets say use powerful or pain enhancer? I did some testing doing 4 man gr 87 using shooting stars and guardian turret with PE,stricken and trapped works fine and has the potential to go 90 gr 4 man or maybe higher? i think loaded for bear would be great especially if you are in a 4 man party and swarmed by those mobs fighting close range. i may be wrong. let me hear your thoughts about this.Chaos12 07 Sep
31 Aug New to LoN Fan of Knives I've been MIA since Season 2 and came back for S7. Currently, I'm on UE build and have reached GR 80. It's getting harder and harder from there. I'm venturing to a new build which is the LoN Fan of Knives, and I'm wondering where's the crit coming from. Do you really have to get to 20-25% life to get the 100% crit?putangina2 31 Aug
31 Aug Yang's Recurve Got a new bow here, but I don't know what to roll on. Vitality??? 31 Aug
30 Aug Gear check / advice what items to change over Hi, I seem to be doing this all wrong with my multi shot hunter. Currently stuck around GR70 and I'm honestly not sure how to progress from here. Could someone take a quick look at my char and suggest what items i really need to replace / reroll asap? Any response is appreciated!Ginge16021 30 Aug
30 Aug Stuck on GR 77 please give me some advice Hi Guys i'm so stuck on my season 7 DH on GR 77, I can do GR 76 with 2 mins remaining but can't seem to finish GR 77. I'm a multishot DH. Can anyone tell me what gear or rerolls I need to be able to do it? Should I level up my Gems to 80 or go for more ancient items? Do I need a better quiver with Multi Shot damage?Sutanto2 30 Aug
29 Aug Unhallowed Essence and Discipline The Unhallowed Essence set gives you 40% damage for each point of discipline you have. The question is how to deal with items that increase discipline. My character have about 1,230,000 damage with my current quiver that adds +10 Discipline. I found another quiver with +12 Discipline, but with less critical hit damage and attack speed. My damage goes down to about 1,210,000 when I use the new quiver. It sounds like a bad deal. But does that mean that I in return get 80% more damage with the new quiver (the 2 extra discipline points x 40%)? Because then it's a pretty good deal after all, even with less critical hit damage.Snakes2 29 Aug
27 Aug Focus/restraint or + discipline rings for 70+grifts? On the Unhallowed Essence set, I keep seeing focus/restraint on top ladder chars. I don't get why since any rings with +10 discipline will increase your damage output by 400% (+40% damage per disc point as 6th bonus), is there something I don't understand to the damage mechanic or its normal to assume its totally stupid to switch +800% damage from set non-set rings for 100% if you use both attacks (and besides, if they hit). Because I'm enjoying my elusive ring and stone of jordan so far.Skolven1 27 Aug
27 Aug DH in GR70+(aspecially unhallowed build) Hello, please I'm just wondering how it is possible, that you make this game totally against DH. It is rly ridiculous, that creeps in rift are always against DH- I mean walls,martyrs, REFLECT, etc. Seems that there is zero cooldown on their skills and mobs don't need to use mana. And we mostly can't see when any mob cast any skill, because we are ranged and creeps are out of my view point on screen. DH is rly one hit character and dye exactly when any mob touch this char. I think it is rly not fair because all other characters can handle dmg on close range, so they can exactly see all and they mostly dont die on one hit. DH should have more evasion or sth.. Because anyway is not that strong as another characters.. And you are forcing people playing DH to go just limited versions of build for higher rifts because with unhallowed set is it impossible. Rly no dmg, one hit and you are down + all creep skills are against us.. And then you are going to make DH weaker in upcoming patch.. I know a lot of ppl fed up with this, because they can't enjoy they character, they are playing. Unhallowed is simply only for farm normal rifts.Make a good build sometimes take a lot of time and now I am not able to go high rift even with party, because I'm down most of the time because of High GR elite runs only.. I think this is rly big thing to think about. Thank you and I hope you will sort it out somehow cos DH is the weakest and lowest dmg character for GR at all.Beker2 27 Aug
26 Aug Vengeance cd bugged? I'm trying to get unlimited Vengeance on my Demon Hunter, and I know I need 37%~ cd, I got around 37,65%. I also got Dawn in my Kanai's Cube, but still my Vengeance has 5 seconds cd left when its over? It works for my friend with the same stats, is it a bug?Tonjez1 26 Aug
25 Aug Demon Hunter S7 SPEED FARMING / SOLO 55+ [BUILD IN DESC dh multishot farming gr lvl 55+ solo at 37 hr 25 Aug
25 Aug Visage of gunes vs. Cloak of garwulf Hello fellow hunters, Im using marauder build and there is something weird with those 2 items. Belt Zoeys Secret give you 9% dmg reduction for every companion you have. I was using in kanays cube Visage of Gunes for extra 50% dmg reduction, but i was curious why are DHs in leaderboards using Cloak of Garwulf in kanays cube instead of Visage of Gunes, so i tested. With Visage of Gunes which is 50% dmg reduction: resistances + 82% dmg reduction with active wraps of clarity With Cloak of garwulf which is +18% to my normal companion reduction: resistances + 84,07% dmg reduction with active wraps of clarity So whats that? Oo In default you have boar, ferrets, bat, wolf and spider = 6 companions = 6*9% = 54% With garwulf u have 2 extra wolves so 8*9% = 72% Vengeance dark heart rune - reducing all your damage taken by 50% so is there just calculation or visibility bug to see the damage reduction or why is additional 18% dmg reduction better than 50%? Maybe reducing all your damage taken by 50% means when u have 100 dmg reduction it takes half and adds it, so when i have 6 comps its 54/2 = 27% and 54 + 27 = 81% So for me is 81% still better then 72% with 2 extra wolves, but ingame calculation is different. Can anyone explain this please? ThanksChimere16 25 Aug
25 Aug Need advice on GR70 + Hi Guys, Need some advice on how to beat 70 +. I know my legendary gems are quite low (due to 2 x disconnect deaths last week) so still levelling them back up. But that surely can't be the whole reason. I vault around like a son of a b*tch trying to avoid damage but my damage seems low, plus I proc almost instantly when I get hit. Any advice welcome. Cheers.KoAtheRAGE2 25 Aug
21 Aug Rerolling Yang's Recurve Hey, I need some help with rerolling, what would be best? There is SS of a item 21 Aug
17 Aug calamity nerfed in the patchnotes nothing like this was described. so mark for death only applies to one single target, is this intended? before calamity applied the mark on all targets hit by it, but now it only applies to one target at a time so calamity seems pretty useless now. :/bekkar6 17 Aug
10 Aug Objective bug of the Chapter 2 the delight for tenches Hello; in spite of several delights realized with the mystic, the objective of the chapter II The delight for tenches does not confirm on my huntress of devils my colleagues had no concern to realize this objective in the same parts as me. Have a nice day!Nerick1 10 Aug
10 Aug Perdition (Nephalem Boss) Sorry for bad English. Need some tips to face Perdition for my Seasonal Demon Hunter. I was doing lv 71 Greater Rift and I had like 3+ minutes left to complete it, but I encountered this boss in the end of the Rift and I couldn't figure out a solution to avoid his teleport+1 shot combo. I was trying to get some distance to avoid his melee attacks, but he was blinking to my face and 1 shotted me even if I use Unity on my follower and on me with cube and during Vengeance + Dark Heart rune.Lorenzo1 10 Aug
08 Aug Demon hunter trap build Well last two season there are no big changes for us as far as i can see blizz try to make demon hunters trap builds viable choice. Yet still can not compete with our other builds. As an advice to the game developers you can combine our impale set with trap build like 2 set bonus when you cast trap you cast caltrops as well, or a legendary affix like when you cast fan of knives instead of damaging knives you summon traps all aorund you also giving some dmg potential to traps that give chance this build to compete with othersOrion0 08 Aug
06 Aug Shared Marauder farming group - over 80 DH's If you are looking for you're last piece of Marauder or Natalya's, even if just started to farm for it, simply add some of the kind DH's from our group and share the loot you dont need. Helping each other is the way to go! Warm wellcome to every little hunter!!! Hope I dont miss some one: Nixration#2659, JUilie#2482, Arden#2543, Matri#1293, Elusiveness#2669, Feanør#2613, Armis#2742, LuckpWnSkill#2821, Mintgreen#2653, Vamp#2298, Wired#2524, Hrwoje#2333, Raider#2677, oldboy#2789, Chris#2632, Midnight#1800, moz#1857, ViceGuy#2252, MichaelXC#1747, boombazelle#1674, Injaz#2768, fjellreven#2279, Nikz#1870, Bellamy#2212, Marcos#1406, jkim229#1206, Sapperdeflap#2264, WizardLizard#2801, brand#2810, Ammie#2187, Jennings#1837, Wassabi#2374, Darkside#1662, tsupi#2289, Pure#2307, MSK#1486, Rahoor#1712, shez#2678, Artifall#2770, Nately#2382, BINJOE #2655, garam#1254, Eragrim#2971, kagaya#6638, Eternalpain#2650, judgehett#2437, GustavoCosta#1899, Vaius65#1346, Senith#2332, SCaRPOD#2447, Mumriken#2472, gtm007#2669, daramas#1216, SgtLuffeWuff#2352, Bartloi#2419, Parisienne #2755, Yansen190612#6673, Onsevennine#1938, felixzr#1513, Abujoseph #1530, DeadlyHaggis#1210, divolverd#2548, Jester#2802, Balrog#2241, ketumx#2579, JtM#2221, andrei33#2905, Keen#1315, Svperstar#1991, Noxx#1245, LordMaxx#2703, Ashmael#2591, drunkmonk#2375, Estilio#2664, Flyerken #2310, Darctos#2964, Xiffic#2534, Blind#2938, Darthvder#2165, Ibis#2937, Davaco#1505, RaienX#2460, AWJnR#6891, LODRPR#2661. Edit: If you really like the DH playstyle, I can ensure you with 3 Marauder parts, a Rrog and some elemental dmg (phisical in my case or fire), you are able to do T4-T5, so keep farming and help each other. Edit: After patch 2.0.5 hit ( the 6 piece Marauder set bonus got buffed, now with 5 Mara pieces, Task&Theo gloves, Rrog, Calamity and Bombardier quiver, using senrty's and the pets, we are able to do T6! Happy hunting and share with you're friends.LittleLucas256 06 Aug
02 Aug Reroll Question + General Query Hi, I wanted to ask the experienced Demon Hunters here about damage coefficients for Multishot. Namely: Does each point of Discipline adding 40% damage to Multishot mean that I would reroll 9 Discipline to 12 on my quiver, or is it a different modifier to +Multishot Damage, meaning that it would be more beneficial to reroll 82% to 100% on my quiver? Thanks. 02 Aug
01 Aug Advice on my DH? Hello guys, I came back after a long break and starting to enjoy the game again. I am currently working on the set rings which refuse to drop and will probably spend some time getting a better hellfire amulet. Although wouldnt Jordan ring be better assuming +20% fire damage on the other ing as well or does set rings multiplier works differently somehow? My problem is that my paper stats seem to be very low compared to people i find on the forums for some reason. Gunes, Clarity and Elusive gives me amazing multipliers on my survivability but i am really afraid that my dps is quite low. Some items i can re-reroll to squeeze out an extra % here or there but it's nowhere near 2kk which i am aiming for. Is this the matter of having ancient weapon? My current yang's has ramalding on it and yet i am so far behind. Will appreciate your advice. My dh: p.s. does it matter what i put on my follower? is there a good follower build you can point out to me?Lieto8 01 Aug
22 Jul crits Hello all, I was wondering why I don't see any crit hits with my build. Now I have almost 60% Crit hit chance but when I am playing I only see ''white'' damage markers on screen and almost non ''orange'' crits? Is there something broken or am I doing something wrong. Can someone please explain. Thanks, NirithyNirithy6 22 Jul
21 Jul Cursed chest conquest Which build would be best for the +350 monster conquest event? I think it's the one in Act 5.Scourge3 21 Jul
19 Jul Need some help with my DH Hi all! I am a release player who left the game after RoS. I started playing DH and then switched to CM wizard due to better farm speed (still made some $ with the RMAH). Meanwhile, school became top priority and i slowly left the game. Now, after 3+ years i decided to see how things changed, found alot of new stuff and decide to try a season DH! I was ablo to solo GR 72 within 13 minutes. Now some help please: i know my gear isnt godly and i want to know what are the best shots for upgrading (where should i spend my mats and bloodshards). Is it best to farm mats and go for re rolling gear or just farm lower GR for upgrades? thanks in advancetXgOL1 19 Jul
19 Jul Squishiness in T10 Spent the day playing my new Demon Hunter and farming gear for a Multishot Marauder build, and actually managed to fluke my way to a full non-ancient gearset for the build, so i went into Torment 10. Enemies die quickly enough once i get a few sentries up, but i'm finding that i die REALLY quickly, an Arcane Sentry only needs to sneeze at me and i'm dead. Any suggestions on how to shuffle my stats/skills so i can actually hold my own? < my Demon Hunter.NiXin3 19 Jul
19 Jul auto-click ability for Vengeance? please add this feature for like "Vengeance" ability for Demon hunter, Where when my build gives me a cooldown that is even less than the regular duration of the ability. so it would make sense for the ability to auto-renew without me clicking it and focusing on it. it would be a nice feature just like in Warcraft 3 the auto abilities with the golden lines all around them and would save us alot of trouble focusing on other matters while in combat special in Hardcore mode :) hope you read this blizzard and really think about it and even apply it on other classes if they have the same conditionsDeath5 19 Jul
14 Jul m2 s2 where did the thread go? Where it go?Jitter4 14 Jul
10 Jul Some useful infomation about 6pc Marauder's set Also check out JayBird's thread with regards to breakpoints~ Updated some stuff from US section including the glitch w/ ias on certain hatred spender combinations. (>^^)> Was just experimenting with 6pc marauders since...well why the hell not? xD... As far as I know, these are the only skills that work... So try to get some relevant skill bonuses on your gear!... Yes! Both sentries and hatred spender bonuses work! So try to get some sentry skill bonuses on your gear!... For example, lightning% will increase the damage of senty's ball lightning attack. So try to get some relevant elemental bonuses!... Not really that important, but something I did notice. I only say this, because it may have some potential with focus+restraint set which I have yet to find yet.... I haven't done much testing on the ordering, but it seems to be based on the hatred cost. For example, cluster arrow is always activated first.... Below is the attack speed 'breakpoints' to reach an.attack ratio, using only 1 hatred spenderAll of these will use something like this format: Attack speed range | # of bolts : # of hatred spender shots Attack speed range will be an attack speed for which the ratio holds. Increase your aps will increase the frequency of attacks, but will not change the ratio until you hit the next 'breakpoint' (based on cooldown on hatred spenders on the sentry). Multishot/Impale w/o T&T (tasker and theo) 1.1??? - 2.15?? aps | 1:1 2.16?? - 3.???? aps | 2:1Oddly enough, both multishot and impale fall under the same frequency. I find this a bit odd, because their hatred costs are slightly different. I'll try to explain what this means. Having slightly under 2.16 aps will result in ~20-25% higher frequency for your hatred spenders on sentries, compared to being slightly over 2.16 aps. However, you will have 1 less bolt for every hatred spender cast on sentry. Elemental Arrow/Chakram w/o T&T (tasker and theo) 1.0??? - infinity | 0:1Elemental arrow and chakram will ALWAYS fire at 0.9-1 attacks per second, regardless of attack speed. You can probably create some interesting builds revolving around high min/max damage and 6pc marauders. I'm sure you guys can theory craft something! Cluster Arrow w/o T&T (tasker and theo) 1.???? - 1.255? aps | 2:1 1.2560 - 1.73?? aps | 3:1 1.7400 - 2.15?? aps | 4:1 2.1600 - 2.84?? aps | 5:1 2.845? - 3.???? aps | 6:1... For example, lightning bolts on sentries will indeed stun monsters on crit.... So like night stalker, suppression fire, nether tentacles don't give any returns to the player.As well, I haven't tested this (since I don't have T&T), but I heard that T&T doesn't change the cooldown of hatred spenders, but only the frequency of bolts. This probably is because hatred spenders have a fixed cooldown of some sort. If I had some T&T, I could do some testing. It may increase the frequency of the hatred spender, or may not. Well...that's pretty much all I've done. If any of this information is helpful, cool! If any of this information is incorrect, you should let me know! Some comfirmed tests from peeps (ill reference when I come home), saying that T&T does increase the frequency of chakrams and elemental arrow on sentry casts. Some additional information: ... Ghom results: Current glitch with 6pc marauder's set: ... <(^^<)VocaloidNyan67 10 Jul
09 Jul looking for a build ? >unhallowed fire build< 09 Jul
09 Jul Dungeon Sets Greeting Was wondering how the dungeon sets in D3 are arranged like which set is higher and which is not. a)Embodiment of the Marauder. b)Natalya's Vengeance. c)Shadow's Mantle. d) Unhallowed Essence thanks in advance for the helpIMutel0 09 Jul
04 Jul Skills mixed up Hi Everyone. I can't seem to select the same built configuration as everyone else. I'm sure there is the simplest of reasons but can someone suggest why I can't, for example, choose both Vault and Preparation. It seems to be popular in a lot of builds yet they are both in the same category for me. Also, my multishot is in archery (button 4) as opposed to Secondary skill. Not sure why my skills seem to be different. thanks for any helpRikRankin1 04 Jul
02 Jul Does PTR change anything whatsoever for DH group play? Thought not. I guess that means DH is written off as useless for group dps for yet another season. S6 - Needs to do at least another 50% or maybe even 100% more damage and have a chance to be the elite/boss assassin spec - perhaps make it pierce (all runes), but apply the impale damage bonus to the first elite hit if any, else whatever gets hit first. Perhaps a dedicated offhand (special dagger and allow dual wield?) could add some AoE and special piercing elite assassin behavior? UE is fine as a farm build, but it gets hatred starved past a certain level in GRs. M6 - not a fan, so no idea. N6 - not a fan, so no idea. New spike trap builds? I guess this is supposed to be an new LoN option?Khazul5 02 Jul
27 Jun Problem with GR 77 Hey guys, im struggling with GR77. Can't handle with reflect dmg. Can you give me some tips, what to improve etc?COYG3 27 Jun
22 Jun Wich Pets Demon Hunter I have spend quite some time looking into this , but have found both negative and positive feedback on my question.Some dating back a long time Does the enforcer gem include sentries as pets for the DH class ? And if so are there other pets (besides) companion , can you make a list please ? Thanks Etexrnaldreameternaldream1 22 Jun
19 Jun im back : so i used to play d3 since the release and i really liked the game (used to watch athene videos about innas belt %holy dmg and the zuni boots ..the good days :D ) and i took a break about a year ago more or less and now im back..back in the day i had really good gear but now i have no idea whats going on and i see that blizzard added some new gear is there any chance to get some info about the new sets and builds here? thanks :)felixzR0 19 Jun
18 Jun Farming/GR LoN & UE Hey guys just a quick query before I bother trying to gear up for it. I currently play as UE... Well I was wizard however it's so op it's kinda boring to play. Having much more fun on barb and dh. So I've finally gotten my ancient Yangs for my DH and comfortably faceroll gr50, tx etc. However I'm still curious if it's worth attempting LoN for the same situations. Is it a QoL improvement in general? Is it any stronger? Can LoN without the special chest climb higher than UE? Thanks allItchy6 18 Jun