Demon Hunter

28 Jan How to scale the S6 Bonus? Hello, I like the new Shadow's Mantle Set. I heared that the 6 bonus is bugged, that it does not deal the element damage from the rune insteat it deals the damage of your weapon. Now I'm confused what should I reroll on my gear. I have a Karlei's Point with just damage aka physical. Do I need noch physical damage on my bracers and my quiver or should I go with lightning, because I use the Ricochet Rune? Does Impale Damage on Boots, Quiver and Helm also increase the damage of the 6p bonus? MoeMrM034 28 Jan
28 Jan Shadow Mantle Set Dungeon Hi, I just completed the Shadow's Mantle set dungeon. It took a lot of pain and frustration but I finally completed find that I receive no rewards whatsoever for completeing it? Is this an error or am I missing something?Unseenchaos3 28 Jan
27 Jan Post your builds that failed! Hello everyone! This is the build! it dident work out as much as i hoped it would. even thoo its not really optimal just yet (higher lvl gems, more suitable anchients like a Buriza) So what have other people tried for crazy stuff?Tween1 27 Jan
27 Jan Marauder's set dungeon Still trying to master it even if they say that's the easiest. Random worms spawn on my feet and break the objective. The furthest i have been is: all basic objectives completed 6 mobs left. I felt the pain... Your experience???Psycho4Real6 27 Jan
27 Jan Hatred regen question Only level 41 atm but I love Rapid fire, is it possible to get 6 hatred per second regen on gear without DML? and if so what gear would I need to look for? Cheers GolGolgoth10 27 Jan
27 Jan Stuck on GR60 Hi guys, could you please help me to improve my build? Any tips? I know my rings and bow sux, but is it really so big deal? :( TYPanRadovan15 27 Jan
27 Jan Rate my DH How is my season DH doing? Any better gear, leg gems?Blaine4 27 Jan
27 Jan Need help clearing 65+ I dunno what to do. I switched my elements ring (200% boost) to elusive ring because I was getting hammered pretty hard in 63. Elusive ring helped me climb a bit. Using Shadow set. I have other sets too but I refuse to use them. I like Shadow more than others.leetk1ng4 27 Jan
26 Jan Critique my character please. Hey guys. To elaborate on the title i have been pushing greater rifts as high as i can go on this build and i have managed to get up to rift 77 and i am very please with that. However i seem to have hit a wall now and can't progress anymore at all. I am unsure if it is now a mater of my personal skill level / paragon levels or gear optimization. What do you guys think :)?FloppyPoppy4 26 Jan
26 Jan Gear upgrades Looking for advice on gear upgrades: What upgrades should I be looking out for? I was thinking a better helm, so it has crit/dex/multi% would be the most important for now, not sure tho. My focus need more crit dmg and I need atleast one more piece with cooldown reduction so I have 100% Vengeace (currently a few seconds wait). Anything else you guys can think of? Maybe a better bow? The help is appreciated.delfy1 26 Jan
26 Jan Have a bug with sentries in marauder build Hello all, when i created hellfire amulet with passive skill Custom Engineering i saw a bug, sometimes i can activate only 4 sentries (but i have Bombardier's Rucksack and can activate 5 sentries in theory). For example i entered to Rift, in 1st tier can activate only 4 sentries, on 2nd tier all 5. Sometimes in town i can activate only 4, but when i entered another area - can activate 5. I didn't see that bug when i have Custom Engeneering on passive skills, not in hellfire amulet. Sorry for bad English, not my native language. Thank you.Helix1 26 Jan
26 Jan vengeance 40% dmg-buff not working! hello, is the vengeance dmg-buff broken? can't see any dmg-increase when i activate vengeance^^ i can see a dmg-increase with wolf companion. when i switch to barbarian and activate berserk (counterpart to vengeance) i can see a significant dmg-increase too^^ so what's wrong with the vengeance 40% dmg-buff??KatiCat6 26 Jan
26 Jan Impale and Area Damage Since shadow build with Impale is considered mainly single target, I wanted to ask what you guys think about addind AD as a main stat to this build, making it a bit more splash. I personally think it should be good, but I have to test it. Leave comments if someone already tried it or if you have opinionUmbaru2 26 Jan
26 Jan Stats. Hey, So I've recently been switching between my Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter, the WD does better than my DH though I feel my DH is better geared. My friend can run Torment X fine and my stats are very similar to his however I can't seem to get past Torment 7 with mine, do stats actually mean amy thing?Haunter5 26 Jan
25 Jan non F/R build [UE]? Not superexperienced with DH but anyone mind having a look of a thought of mine?: Replace Restraint/focus with zodiac/COE and cube Manald heal ring. Cube Garwulf for 3 wolfs. Change all CDR into CHD. zoeys belt.(dmg reduction) Basically, Manald heal in cube for 6p UE bonus(increased dmg per disc) Zodiac for 100% uptime on companion:wolf buff(this will also be with 3x wolfs) since u also have zodiac u can swap cdr to chd and increase dmg. Im aware F/R is 125% dmg gain, but thats when u arent moving, with this u will gain more dmg from yourself via more crit dmg, while also gain pet dmg since pets hits even if you are moving. Am i completely off here or does this sound logical?Midrax3 25 Jan
25 Jan UE Manald/SOJ or F/R? Manald and SOJ give 20 discipline, that's a huge (400%) boost in dmg. But I see top players still using F/R. Can someone explain me. Thank You!Curumo2 25 Jan
24 Jan Wolf dead half the rift I usually take the mark when I do greater rifts, but after using the wolf for speed I tried to take it for solo 72. The result : he was almost always dead, and I could never use the spell for the damage bonus on elites packs or guardian. Is it the same for you guys?Adhael0 24 Jan
24 Jan 2 Ancient Yang's Recurve, which is best? I've got 2 ancient yang's recurve and currently I am using the UE/fire multishot build. Here a picture of the bows: As you can see one has Lightning Damage and I rolled the other one to Fire. Does it matter a lot to have Fire Damage rolled on it? As you can see the one with Fire Damage has -4% damage but am wondering if it's noproblemo cause of the Fire damage added? Hope anyone can clear this up/help me outFayah1 24 Jan
23 Jan TryHard: Marauder's Frost Cluster Build Hey again guys :D I've made a guide on the updated Marauder's set, going over skills to cube passives. More or less everything you need to know is here, if you have any questions please don't hestitate to ask. The focus of the build is greater rifting, although it's still pretty good for normal rift farm! I've included some GR 76 game play so you can get an idea of what it's like clearing the higher GRs, I'll have the commentary video out over the next few days for that though! Link: 23 Jan
23 Jan Help with Yang's, what to reroll? Pls. Hey guys so I'm a noobie when it comes to rerolling stuff and I thought I'd ask the people who really know about this stuff :D This is the first Ancient Yang's that I got, and I looked around the leaderboards and guides and rerolled the damage on it. I have no clue if I did well or not, I was just super excited. So here it is: Today the gods were kind and gave me a second one, I want to make the good decision with this one so can you please let me know which one of the two are better and if the second is better, what should I reroll on it? Here it is: Thank you!!!Ghips5 23 Jan
23 Jan Demon Hunter Hey guys, Is someone willing to boost a DH for me please? I will return the favour by boosting a char for you, Add me if you are willing Jubilee91#2939Jubilee912 23 Jan
23 Jan Best DH on HC EU streaming attempt on 72 grift! 23 Jan
22 Jan What to reroll on recurve? Hi I found this finally what do I reroll? I have the ramadin so sockets are fine really appreciate the help thanks.SuperSaiyan12 22 Jan
22 Jan the problem with the KANAI'S CUBE halcion'S ascent Demon hunter, necklace halcion'S ascent not visible in the cube, after extractingРвач0 22 Jan
22 Jan Max Movement Speed for DH hey guys I would like to ask if anyone knows What is the MAX movement speed for DH in 2.4? what movement speed buffs can we stack?CUKORKO3 22 Jan
22 Jan Some bugs on demon hunter new set and skills The shuriken cloud its not generating hatrated with the quiver equiped .The chakram dmg can use a litle boost from the weapon its usless that small boost and maibe make the pasive work for the shuriken cloud also that generates hatreted. Thank youFlopp1 22 Jan
21 Jan Hello fellow dhs, lets talk about Impale set. Hi, I been away for a while and dont really know much of whats going on with this set, what are team requirments for it to go higher gr group play? Is tanking only way or can u survive with less tanky spec? And last but most important, how much damage are u guys doing and with what rune? Write in 1,000,000,000 numbers pls :Pfew14 21 Jan
21 Jan Best build for Grift XP farming? Hey, so I decided to roll a DH this season, and am about paragon 200. I've come close to having full gear for the solo and group type of the shadows' mantle build, but I'm also close to completing some of the other sets. Therefore I was wondering: What is the best build for farming XP in grifts of about 60-70 in difficulty? It seems that shadows' mantle and marauder both do pretty decent, but what is best? Any links to builds would be sincerely appreciated. - DarkrazeDarkraze11 21 Jan
21 Jan UE - Dawn vs Calamity Which one should i use for cube ? I had Calamity and now when i tried to use Dawn it feels like i lost a lot of damage. Now I'm thinking is it worth to have 100% uptime for Vengeance or should i go for increased dps. Thank you. Here is my DH 21 Jan
21 Jan Help upping the DPS Hey all, I'm comfortably assassinating my way through T8 (GR32-ish). I'm using Boon of the Hoarder with Goldwrap so I'm getting crazy toughness but my damage... I'm using Shadow's Mantle with Karlei's point with Greenstone's Fan of Knives cubed to it as well. Could someone take a look at my seasonal DH and let me know how I can squeeze more DPS out? (I know that I need to socket better gems). ThanksRyanam4 21 Jan
21 Jan advice on mara's reroll I play a UE dh, and I just found this mara with stats: 740 dex 82% crit damage 8.5% crit chance socket Should I reroll the dex for elemental damage?slay1 21 Jan
21 Jan Quiver quesion So I've seen a few people using bombardier's on the impale build but not quite sure why - can anyone explain? Is it the only quiver they've found maybe or is there something I'm missing?KoAtheRAGE4 21 Jan
20 Jan Help me improve. New player here Hello, I am really confused and can really use some help. I know the basics and some stuff about the game but I am still overwhelmed I am overwhelmed with the kind of builds there are and I have no idea what any of it really means. Right now I own 4 of the Marauder's set and I am still doing very crappy DPS at T3-T4. Can anyone guide me to get better at playing my DH? Thank youFlanar4 20 Jan
20 Jan Getting Dawn with lvl50 twink and Cube possible? Hello, would it be possible to lvl a twink to lvl50 (where drop tables for legendary 1hand crssbows are lower), get him Kunais cube and then use the cube to transform yellow hand-crossbows to get a dawn with a higher chance than on the "real" level 70 demonhunter? EDIT: Sorry, i am retarded. Cube only works with lvl70 rares and nets lvl70Legendaries. Twink is only useful for kadalaMusax0 20 Jan
20 Jan Low damage output with right rolls Hello folks, My problem this season is that I have almost all the good rolls on my gear (shadow set) and being paragon 500 I still have low damage output, I can't keep up with all the dmg of people in grift 60+. Even when I'm using an ancient FoK dagger it's low. Can anyone see why this is looking at the gear? ThanksMisycs5 20 Jan
20 Jan Impale: why Ricochet rune? Only the first hit does real damage, so why have the Ricochet rune and not Chemical Burn, 500% fire dmg over 2 sec or Grievous Wounds, critical Hits deal 330% additional damage? I would understand Ricochet for regular rifts, but there are much better DH speedbuilds for rift farming... what am I missing?Gica7 20 Jan
20 Jan DH Needs tweaking Hi all... So my DH needs a little tweaking, at least that is what I think. I'm not having any issues with surviving. I have a calamity bow which I just recently found. Was thinking of using calamity as one of the KANAI'S CUBE POWERS. Also, what other KANAI'S CUBE POWERS should I use? My CD on my ROV is pretty quick... I was thinking of maybe dropping my obsidian ring to put a Royal Grandeur Ring as one of Kanai's powers and then going focus and restraint. I'm not entirely sure about armor cube powers with. Any suggestions?LordCavster2 20 Jan
20 Jan Trying out an interesting UE based build Its based on UE - adds a bit of CC in the form of freezes and slows and a load of group buffs and I think respectable damage yourself. Ive been using it GR farm groups between 60 and 65. Gear: UE set, yangs bow and DML quiver, add endless walk set (amulet and ring), CoE and Zodiac rings (use one, other in cube), cubed dawn and visage of gunes. Aim for 38% or so CDR in total for near perma-vengence. Belt and Bracer are up to you - witching and lacuni work, also crashing rain, nemeis (for shrines). You have no generator, so wrap of clarity are of no use. Gems: Ive been using iceblink, BotT and Zeis, but whatever (keep the iceblink and BotT). As it often hard to get a decent range in a GR, then switch Zeis to whatever you prefer (Taeghuk, striken etc for eg). Skills: multi-shot (wind chill) Mfd (contageon) Vengence (seeth) + (dark heart via cubed visage). Companion (Wolf) Vault (rattling roll) Rain of Vengence (flying strike) Passives: Awareness, CoTW, Blood Vengence (to help with hatred) and whatever other you like (I use ambush). Note: you are entirely dependent upon seeth and globes for hatred and this will be an issue in long fights (final boss for eg). Group buffs: Iceblink - your build is AoE, and via iceblink your cold skills chill/freeze everything. That appears to result in a 10% crit chance buff for the party. Wolf - 30% damage for the party MfD - 20% additional damage to marked monsters that spreads when they die. Group CC Huge amount of general slowing - procs anyone else who depends upon CoTW/BotT Regular freezes from flying strike (depending on how quick you can reset the RoV cooldown) I'm also liking it as a solo build just because it give a lot of control. Also liking it in typical public dis-organised public GR farm runs for the same reason (they are usually utter chaos) Two main weaknesses - You can easily run of discipline due to vaulting to avoid stuff (Only the impale build solves this problem really due to impale/vault belt) In long fights, you run out of hatred even with seeth if no HG drops and you have no generator to recover. However it does quickly regenerate with seeth. Less of a problem than you might think as you buffs are hugely helping everyone else in your gaps. (I think only the impale build is truly immune to this.) I'm sure there are higher overall damage builds around etc (MS normally is used with ballistics for eg, but by the time you do something to self proc CoTW/BotT), then that build quickly get non-ideal too, but on balance Im liking the extra control it gives and more time to reposition and shoot (which help the endless walk set - not good to move around alot with that). OTOH, when you have to walk+vault past mobs, then the EW set also helps protect you, so you can vault less and keep it more for when you need it. Any ideas for tweaks welcome.Khazul2 20 Jan
19 Jan Karleis Point Hi, I have been searching but can't find the answer, sorry if my google skills aint good enough. I am wondering how does Karleis Point work? It says "Impale returns 10–15 Hatred if it hits an enemy already Impaled." What does it mean by "enemy already impaled", when is an enemy considered "already impaled" Is there a certain period of time after hitting an enemy with Impale that it is considered "impaled"? Or does it remain "impaled" after the first time it gets hit by impale until death? Thanks.Dsparil3 19 Jan
19 Jan How to Grift 70+ with UE? I find it so risky to vault forward to check/pull more mobs. I usually tag few mobs, and vault back to shoot them from far away. How do you handle grifts?Kotje3 19 Jan
19 Jan What you think about this DH MaraudeRocket 2.4 build?!achU!abcbYa Whit Hellfire Amulet i would use Steady Aim passive Ofc there are some skill changes in patch 2.4 like Cluster Arrow and Thrill of the Hunt.Nazgul5 19 Jan
19 Jan DH season HC Hello mates i wanna ask how meele dh going on ? I decide play this build but im confused its not for HC? I see all DH play multishot build or sentry so i rly dont know is this meele build so so bad ? Ty for all advice and answersHaligy4 19 Jan
19 Jan Natalya - Am i doing it wrong? I tried running Nata after getting a monsterroll on the weaponslot for the set, but somehow i do next to no damage. I know im missing Dawn so i cannot cube the new dagger. But should i really have to use it to even be able to kill elitepacks on X? Right now i think the build crits 40-50m or so, i do not have the gems for the ring slots but it just feels underwhelming. So am i doing it wrong or does this build have a much lower capability than Shadow/Marauders.mmsdos3 19 Jan
18 Jan Best deamonhunter HC EU now on twitch 18 Jan
18 Jan Shadow's Mantle - Difference? Just collected the first 2 pieces of SM, switched to a melee weapon and I don't see any difference to anything... no buff, no damage increase, nothing to tell me that the 2 piece bonus even exists. Damage is pretty much as expected with a melee weapon (terrible). Did I do something wrong?Ryanam5 18 Jan
18 Jan Impale build with fulminator? Anyone else using this? I happened to have a usable ancient fulminator drop early and kept it in stash. As Ive yet to have an ancient dagger drop (playing season 5) I thought I would try it. Lightning build of course with ricochet, vengence and wolf (No FoK)) (Not bothering to link armory as it updates so slowly these days that its pretty much useless). What I have noticed it that you get two advantages: 1. Grouped trash dies noticeably quicker - I'm seeing lightning rod procs of upto around 300m (so that basically a 1-2 billion extra damage over time) with my current gear (about 1m dps on armory) 2. Because it a sword and swords seem to roll higher damage combined with lower aps, your single target impales hit *alot* harder. The 'disadvantage of course of that hatred is not as abundant and you have to pay attention to it. However, most of the time I'm finding that so long as you keep up the odd bola shot (which you need to proc proc F&R and wraps) then its mostly OK. TBH - when farming, then with the dagger I think it returns only when a target is already impaled, so combined with one shotting stuff, higher aps, then I dont find the hatred compatively much worse. But it needs more care in GRs. Just curious if anyone else has tried this? Seems a better alternative to the greenstone dagger for trash as you use wolf regular damage boost and not have to have FoK and so keep much higher single target dps as well and very much higher single hit damage.Khazul2 18 Jan
18 Jan Dex vs dmg% I can't decide what is better dmg % or almost 1k dex. 18 Jan
17 Jan How to beat Marauder set dungeon? I've been struggling with the set dungeon particularly because of the rock worms that come out of the ground without a warning. I find this to be extremely annoying and I don't know what were blizz developers thinking when they made this. Any tips on how to deal with this dungeon and not run into mobs when they come from the bottom of the screen where we have a limited view? How can I avoid the rock worms without constantly vaulting around and risking to hit another mob?Zedikus4 17 Jan
17 Jan season 5 DH Hi, just start playing diablo after long time, now im 70 in season but dont know which build play. Any advices?motodriv3r3 17 Jan
17 Jan Where are all DH players discuss game on internets? Here on blizz-forums (eu/hunter and on us/hunter) there is a barely 2 new threads everyday with 1-2 new posts. Same goes for Diablofans. Wtf is that ? maybe i dont know about some cool site where all DH gathers and discuss game? Cant believe thousands of DH players dont share their experience elsewhere on intranets. Did i miss something and this is a new reality with non-existant community?Reyialin1 17 Jan