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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Monks Holy Warriors of Ivgorod! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Monks in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Monk class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Monks: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Monk in RoS - a mini guide by Arafaryon (EU forums) Monk spirit generator guide by Davlok (NA forums) Monk InDepth - Wave of Light (+Vid) by HolyHermit (EU forums) Builds: Tempest Rush Guide - Monk TR Builds by IronMan1975 (EU forums) Monk InDepth - Lashing tail kick by HolyHermit (EU forums) Fastest & Most Efficient Farming Build for Monk by HolyHermit (EU forums) The Unholy Monk by Zips (EU blog) The Guiding Palm Monk by Karma (EU forums) The Path to Divinity Monk by Siar (Diablofans) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "Demon Queller" Monk by Vaeus (EU blog) Best Monk build for Patch 2.1 (up to Grift 38) by HolyHermit (reddit) Monk's Tempest Rush and Grift Build by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Sizzle Splat" Monk by Bitshift (EU blog) The "Icepick Assassin" Monk by Capicorp (EU blog) Best Bell Build for T6 & Low Grifts by HolyHermit (EU forums) Quinsane's Strongest Monk Build GR50+ by Quin69 (YouTube) The "High Voltage Monkey King" Monk by Rhykker (YouTube) GR50+ Serenity EP Monk Build by Quin69 (YouTube)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
2d Macro a button to be pressed once hi guys, i'm playing genmonk in 4man setup this season. In my eternal quest to maximise my damage i found out when i use dashing strike (bound to 4) i sometimes dash twice or thrice. this way im losing more spirit then i want to, and results in dpsloss. Is there a way to macro my key to be pressed once? using a g110 logitech keyboard.Koelkast0 2d
2d Best farming monk? Best build for farming t13?TheUtopia0 2d
3d T10 stats So, been a few months since I've played, came back for this season. What kind of stats should I be at to comfortably farm T10+? Damage/Toughness/Recovery/Paragon? Playing hardcore for a change, nearly RIP'd when I tried T10. :p (Might just be that I haven't found a single Unity yet, let alone two.)Mistwhisper0 3d
4d Ah, can't master dungeon, giving up on season Dang, I tried to see it sporty, but I can't stand it anymore. Neither Uliana's nor Monkey Garb I can master in time. Been over a week between trying the dungeon, following guides, going back on the field and collecting better equipment and trying again. You got me there, Sirs, giving up on the whole Journey, obviously.Tamyndris6 4d
5d Uliana's Set Dungeon - What you ask is impossible Hi there, how the hell are you supposed to master Uliana's set dungeon, especially killing all monsters in time? I have rather good equipment, 125% run speed, perfected the build, dashing strike, In-Geom, have no problem killing the groups, but I always run out of time about 2/3 to 3/4 through the dungeon. It seems impossible to kill all of them, even if I don't waste time pulling the groups together... Am I missing something? Thanks for any tips! Cheers morphMorfex27 5d
22 Nov Top 1 monk LON LTK build query Does anyone have his build mechanics? I am curious seeing he stacks CDR and not a single RCRYunaKim1 22 Nov
11 Nov Blizzard, do you even consider Ulianas Set dungeon fun? I'm currently trying to solve the Ulianas set dungeon but the dungeon has way to much RNG. If you get really lucky, mobs cluster almost perfectly so that hitting 21 mobs is no problem at all - if you get uber-lucky you almost have all the mobs at one spawn (I killed like 54 mobs at once but the rest of the dungon only had 2-3 mobs nearby ...). This dungeon is just anyoing. Draging mobs from one side to the other (with large gabs in it) is NOT fun, even more when you see that you hit like 18-20 mobs even after carrying them arround for 40 seconds ... The mobs are to slow which requires you to constantly cyclone them. If they are a bit to far away they just return to their position. On top of that, the slightest fire dmg, which can hit you randomly, ends the trial. Almost any video I have seen doing the dungeon in master mode hit the last mob within the last second - there is almost no wiggle-room or buffer. Set dungeon, especially on master difficulty, should be challenging - but not ridiculously luck-based and frustrating. On top of that the dungon is way to large for the given amout of time and the requirement to constantly carry those mobs arround. So, please change this trial as in its current form this is everything but fun.Rovo18 11 Nov
08 Nov Quality of Life - Sun Wuko,Armory suggestions QoL Sunwuko: Kyoshiro's Soul - the usual + "whenever you cast sweeping wind it now starts with 3/max stacks" Reasoning: for the bell monk I like how the belt works but for the odd moment when you are in a crowd and the wind drops - sometimes there is no space big enough too get away from enemies to start again. The possibility of dropping is great for gameplay so that you have to move but if it drops you are exposed for a sec anyway and you have the mana cost as a penalty. Same goes for flying kick - should help alleviate some of the troubles with running way around rift bosses without taking the mechanic that forces you to move or wait for spirit once in a while. Armory: don't know if it is still possible to work in but it would be great if there was an indicator for each saved build that shows the max grift and time you did with it. Does not have to be for the leaderboard but just for yourself to be able to compare what you can do with the different sets/buildsRuarigh0 08 Nov
08 Nov Laws of Seph Spirit Stone Still In Game? Hi Monks. I recently returned to D3 and need only the Seph hat (spirit on flash) to compete my LTK phys monk, however despite using over 2500 mats upgrading rare spirit stones, and spamming thousands of shards at Kadala - I just can NOT get a Seph hat! I've been using Kekegis as a substitute but with 51% CDR it's nowhere near as good and I'm struggling to progres much past G rift 67.... Has anyone seen a Laws of Seph Spirit Stone drop recently?Wired1 08 Nov
07 Nov LoN LTK gr 90 less than 10 min enjoy and please tell me how to improve the gameplay if you have any good ideas :)SuperFoolDk2 07 Nov
11 Oct LoN LTK 90+ closed 93 1400 para season closed 95 1600 para non seasonBeginner0k7 11 Oct
09 Oct What's the best build for the speed rift in S7? Having got fed up with stupid Gargs, I thought I'd level up a Monk. What's the best build for the lvl13 5min speed rift?Scourge4 09 Oct
06 Oct Sweeping Wind dropping stacks? I usually have no trouble keeping the stack between 5 and 10, but occasionally the entire stack just disappears. Is there a known bug, or a particular monster ability, or something else which is causing it?Scourge2 06 Oct
06 Oct Gear check and advice Hey guys, Have been making a monk as my second character and have been having a load of fun with it. Tried the LTK build with no gen skill and just found myself too squishy and I'd suddenly lose SW stacks and get instagibbed. So I switched to an LTK build with the way of a hundred fists and found it to be much more forgiving. Have pushed up to GR 72 with my current gear. Now obviously I am lacking ancients and augments, but is there anything I should change immediately on my gear? What should be my main focus for my next upgrade? Am planning to reforge the WH to get a better CHD roll, then continue to reforge weapons to get better damage, but what should I be spending my blood shards on? Thanks in advance 06 Oct
25 Sep Hey! Raiments Set dungeon: Go F yourself in the Ahole! What moron came up with this ADHD mastery,Midrax6 25 Sep
22 Sep Inna's Gen, Uliana's or a mix? Hi All, My R6 monk is squishy as hell at the moment (see profile) and doing any GR's of significance (60 and above) is a real pain. I am therefore thinking about changing the spec a bit, awaiting some gear upgrades. I know that last season, the inna's generator build was pretty good in terms of damage and survivability, has that changed somehow for this seaon? (apart from inner sanctuary as a damage buff). I have also seen a I6+U4 build, using Inna's to buff the EP damage, but then I will lose the shenlong set/damage... How do you guys think the 2 compare?ZTeeVeR0 22 Sep
20 Sep 11% reduced dmg from elites OR 15% life on chest? What the title says. Char. name Jeeves, seasonal. According to d3planner, I get 2mill more ehp from 15% life (+5k more LPH since I use Simpl. Strength). But most guides say 11% is better. Thoughts?Rhye3 20 Sep
17 Sep Need more info on EP support monk Hey guys. I have retuned to D3 after a two-week break and feeling like grinding some 4mens again. Before I was playing healmonk, but now I keep hearing about this EP support monk. I have tried to look up anything about it on the Interwebs, but there is not really much. So, can any proper EP support monk please link his/her profile her? Also, is EP support monk better than the standard healmonk?Angelfirelor0 17 Sep
05 Sep 2.4.2 T13 Speed LoN Cold Monk Hey guys, Just made a video about a new LoN LTK Cold monk build. You can check it out here: Been playing a lot with Quin's awesome SWK build and Davlok One's Kick monk, and wanted a cold variation since I really like to freeze stuff. I recorded the video on GR65 because some players record their video on a solo T13(=GR60), and forget that monsters have much more health in a 4 players T13. Hope you enjoy it! :)DarthKitty2 05 Sep
03 Sep reflect damage issues with LTK proc i recognized lately, that i was dying without knowing i just saw monster affixes when it happened again and it seems like ltk "gyana na kashu proc" kills me like instant..i first thought it is just not enough toughness since it is already 78 (now 83) grift, but i encountered it even in public games on t13 it just procs my nde after some fireballs and then im dead..i started dodging all reflect packs at the moment as it is the only way i can progress, but i wonder if it is intended? i got like 2200 phys res and a string with 28% melee reduce (i believe reflect is melee damage i read somewhere) and 31k loh via 1 weapon and paragon can anyone help me on that, anyone else experiencing this? is there a solution except dodging all elites even on 65+ grift?? thx in advance :)th0r1 03 Sep
03 Sep Monk Sweeping Wind won't go away! I posted this on the console section but I thought maybe someone might know what is going on: Do I have a glitch? On the Xbox one version I have a Monk using Sweeping Wind and I press "Y" to activate the Sweeping Wind. The circle of fire circles around me and it is supposed to go away after 6 seconds. It never goes away. The green cooldown bar starts to go down but then jumps back to full every 1/2 second or so. It never goes below 80% full. I unequipped it, changed runes, restarted etc.. and when I do and then press "Y" to activate it then it appears and never goes away. WHAT IS GOING ON?EvilCalvin10 03 Sep
28 Aug Set dungeons should not be about luck - Uliana Blizzard, if you want people to do set dungeons please don't make them so frustratingly dependent on spawn luck. Set dungeons are supposed to be about using set abilities and one's skill in doing so effectively. Who thought it was a good idea to make a dungeon that has nothing to do with skill nor set abilities but pure luck? Any moron can clear the map if it spawns even half decently. But no, 1 guy here, 2 there, 5, half a mile gap, 9... Can't take fire damage? Have these mobs that spawned on a fire grate. It is literally impossible to complete if the mobs don't spawn well. Every time you enter a set dungeon you should have the opportunity to complete it first go if you know what you're doing and how to go about it. I have done all set dungeons for Demon Hunter and Monk and I can honestly say none of them were luck dependent aside from Uliana. I loathe the thought of doing any further set dungeons as bad as that one. It's enough to make a person rage quit a class. I honestly don't want to play Monk anymore after that experience. Goodness forbid I ever have to use Cyclone Strike again.CrimsonFox3 28 Aug
28 Aug Wave of light... : / Can some one please just help with this.... I use the 1-shot Sunwuko build (or a version depending) and for some reason the Wave of light does little to NO damage some times. Sweeping winds stacks are up and I am at max range or try to be and still nothing.... I move around a bit, and try again. Some times it works and others NOTHING. I run away and come back and still it's 50/50. It's not fun with CoE rotating Fire and nothing happens...Luchen15 28 Aug
26 Aug Quick Question Regarding Double Gen Group Monk Hi guys, returning from season 5 I'm seeing monks run transgression and double gen in groups now with slight changed to items because im rather curious and I also want to have a crack at this build myself. just wondering how does it work and how does it benefit in a group? do you play it like static monk or do you just hold down crippling wave Thanks a lot your help is appreciated :)Seize3 26 Aug
25 Aug To much area damage? R6 gen Hi guys. Can I get to much area dmg as generator monk? Found an element ring with ad instead of dex. My sheet dps took a hard hit and I'm wondering if I maybe should roll as or maybe %damage on one of the weps. My endless walk sucks so dps isn't that good at all :/ It's the char BrWertski BTW :)Wertski1 25 Aug
24 Aug New monk Shelong set question Hey all, I'm puzzeled & need your help! I started a monk for the first time two weeks ago so forgive if I am doing something really stupid. My question is: is there a point in having more than one primary (generator) skill, aside from the "combination strike" passive (& the damage increasing/attackspeed primary runes)? Here is the situation: I'm running 5 innas (with Rorg), 2 Raminets & the shelong fist set. Strangely enough, if I use two primaries I am clearing grifts consistently faster than if I add EP (with any rune) & Gungdo's bracer (explosive palm spreading on mob death). I am merely applying one EP per mini fight, so unless I am missing some fundamental game mechanic, I must be doing something very strange. If no combination mechanics are functioning, my only explanations include less Flying Dragon procs (in cube), less consistent use of cyclone, or bilzzard making mob density less in over 25 grifts for one ability than the other (???).ZulFury1 24 Aug
23 Aug Improve the Monk above you Hi fellow players! With all the 'help me with my monk' topics I've been seeing on here lately I thought it might be a nice idea to start another 'improve the monk above you' topic. The idea is simple, comment on the monk of the person who posted before you. As for me, I currently have 2 monks on my account, a wave of light build that's pretty much done and an Uliana's build that I'm still working on. Tips on either are welcome.Torgeist1 23 Aug
20 Aug what's wrong with my monk??? Hi all, I really want to know what's wrong with my monk. I do enough damage, but can't clear Tx normally. Please, advise me, thanks.Gabriëlle3 20 Aug
16 Aug Another "help me" Thread well, hi. i'm by no mean "noob" to diablo indeed casual nowaday but not a noob (vanilla player) i rolled monk this Season i main wiz, but didn't play it last season, hated twister gameplay with passion xD well, the point is i got a "GR" Monk with kind of all required stuff and few ancient (not gg not enchanted yet i know lol but still) annnndddd i get rekked in GR 70+ i mean it, HARD. xD damage look like they'r here but i get OS by qui a LONG list of monster and it's "just" 70 ... hell how do "they" do 100 ? huhu if anyone could give me an advice or 2 about what i'm doing "wrong" ... i'm lost here ... here is the link : the things i tried : swap "seize the initiative" for "gardian's path" or "sixth sense" it did improve a bit, but loosing some damage -_-' i got a "BotT" in amy when i run ofc ;) i got the unity that's on "FarmingThing" whith a stricken on it. got ~900k sheet damage and ~35M toughness (so looooowww )with seize the initiative passifKhepesh1 16 Aug
16 Aug Returning player need help. Hello all, as the title says i'm returning player i started playing D3 when it first came out but quited soon cause it was boring and AH kinda messed everything for me back then. Been playing for 2 days now and i'm trying to find good builds for my monk,a bit hard cause i don't understand all the shortcut names like " LTK" etc. I see some name sets popping up here and there like Uliana set and Sunwuko set if i spelled that correctly, been trying to search where is the highest possibilty of those items to drop? or is it fully RNG, any ACT any map any difficulty setting? ( i managed to get some gear to do rift and bounty on T2 ) all above that i die in seconds and when i die it just seems mobs/elites give less drops (maybe just a bad luck) so no point in reviving all the time :D Any advice would be appreciated.Nullified2 16 Aug
16 Aug Ulliana Mythic Rhythm Question Hey fellow Monks! Just got back to D3 after much needed time off.. so many questions now, however this one question i have get a lot of different answer: How does Mythic Rhythm work with Uliana set? What do i need to know? *I asume SSS gets the 40% damage boost since that is my spender after procing MR, right? *Now what if i manually put an EP will it have 40% damage on all 14 SSS detonations? *Or is it a boost to both SSS and EP detonations whitch seems unlikelyGoZuHaZa3 16 Aug
14 Aug Witch build to go for in Season 7 The title says it all.. Im going Monk as main in season 7. Witch build do you think would be the "best" build to go for? The goal for the build will be to solo the journey (at least to stash tab) and Gr 85+ in 4 man groups. If there are different builds recommended for leveling and speed farming, Im interested in that as well.. I have not played the Monk for years, som Im pretty much behind on builds etc.. Hope someone has some input :)Zarniwhoop3 14 Aug
01 Aug Help wanted: which items to reroll? Hi. I'm not a very experienced player. I got my first "serious" character: to complete a popular seven-sided strike build. Could someone take a look at my items and give me an advice on which ones to try to reroll first? R.Rythin0 01 Aug
23 Jul Monk solo 99 Gr 12:53 Raiment PTR 2.4.2 Hey guys. 99 Gr 12:53 monk solo PTR 2.4.2. New solo meta for season 7. This result was set up after nerf generator Fists of Fury. Armory Guide P.s. If y want, y can start to write new guide in this forum.RazieLider0 23 Jul
16 Jul [Bug?] - Sweeping wind Heya, please read the following (fully!): Is there a known 'bug' regarding Sweeping wind when using Kyoshiro's Soul AND encountering the following: 1.) Reflect dmg from packs 2.) Hitting the Vault-Boss (goblin vault) 3.) randomly? I'm losing the whole stacks AND the whole spell... Anyone out here who got the sames issues?daftpanda4 16 Jul
12 Jul Please I need help to improve my monk Please can you assist me and look at "Sheman" my monk char, and any suggestions will be awesome please!!!!!!Observer0 12 Jul
07 Jul What's the deal with life regen in builds? Hey guys. I am quite noob monk by all means. I noticed a lot of people leave life regen on chest, pants and boots for uliana and innas as well. What's the deal??? I don't see any life regen skills at all.DarkSol1 07 Jul
07 Jul Help: the return of a lost monk I just came back to play diablo 3 again and I am a bit lost in what build to go for and what to gamble for. As I quit this game the dashing strike build was the top farming build but now it seems to be changed and I would need some help from you monks who have stayed with the game to give me tips and advice for future upgrades/builds. ThanksJohansson1 07 Jul
07 Jul Sweeping wind randomly turning off (bug) Hey! Let me introduce you to my situation and the problem: First off, I am trying to master the Monkey King's Garb (Sunwoku) set dungeon and have gotten a few items to help me out with this. Kyoshiro's Soul (Belt) and Vengeful Wind (Fist-weapon) are the items and they are supposed to help me keep the stacks on sweeping wind up at all times, like the set dung requires. By using the belt, which increases the stacks by 2 every second, and the fist-wep, which increases max stacks to 9 (in my case), one would have to use wave of light a hella fast if you want to use up the stacks. Now here's the problem: Sweeping wind randomly turns off. The belt's secondary, which is supposed to add 2 stacks per second, wears off. This happens at any given time. It has happened a few times at the beginning of the dungeon and most times in the middle of it. It's not often I get close to the end and it stops working, but it has happened aswell. I also recorded this video of it in action: It turns off at around 2:05. I appreciate any kind of help!SgtFrosty8 07 Jul
07 Jul Lashing Tail Kick I have two items contributing to its damage at the moment.. Eye of Peshkov and Rivera Dancers, what other items are there that increase lashing tail kick dmg? How can I search through items based on properties?David1 07 Jul
01 Jul I have a problem in the game. Hey , I have a problem in the game. I play a monk and I went into choosing the magic then appear to me only four options. What should I do?Roi442 01 Jul
20 Jun weapon bug?? I have been having a rather troublesome bug i think... i have ancient weapons, but after i reroll anything i go from a 3000 dps to like 392 dps or 415 dps on that same weapon arrggghhh. Can anyone explain why this is happening?Nuno1 20 Jun
18 Jun New Lashing Tail Kick Fire build Hi guyz, i am proud to annouce that after several days of testing finally Lashing tail kick is viable. Here a test GR72 in 4P public let me know what you think. Note: Gear is not enchantedNagaraja11 18 Jun
02 Jun Need to finish all objectives (season) ? Do I have to finish all objectives in season to roll my monk to normal character (inclusive stash) when season ends?Sodril2 02 Jun
01 Jun innas gen solo gr, gear swaps question hey everyone, easrly this season i found some good shenlongs and i decided to try my luck with innas gen for solo gr. i've been slowly upgrading gear and now i have a couple options to choose from with the gear currently worn i've cleared an 81 in 11 minutes no conduit. found a nice relentless assault last night (not as good as the fist of legend which i'll reroll the dex into cdr at higher para) with stun secondary (with the gloves im at 7% something stun chance). im a bit worried about the lack of max spirit tho and the lower damage range unfortunately it had life per spirit primary so had to reroll that, wish it had some other useful stat so i could have rerolled a secondary into max spirit but w/e i dont have time to link a ss of the optional gear swaps so i'll just write it down it basically boils down to: option A, normal innas gloves with dex vit chd cc & high stun chance% paired with the relentless assault now worn option B, ancient rainment gloves dex chd cc area dmg, and another relentless assault with dex, cdr, max spirit secondary and either loh or area dmg (or even 10% dmg, no idea if that would be better than area dmg tho). Option B has about 110k more sheet dps (without having 10% on weapon, if i rerolled loh or cdr into dmg% it would be some 250k iirc), giving up some 150k hps and a nice 7% stun chance Keep in mind im still missing roughly 600k dps from missing caldesans Which gear setup would you run for higher pushing, or is there any other combo of the gear worn/listed you'd try? Anyone with any experience pushing higher than 81 as innas gen with only 1 loh weapon? Say i tried option B and somehow managed to survive with only 1 loh weapon, would you go for area dmg or dmg% on the other one? Thanks, appreciate any helpoldo0 01 Jun
27 May Monk rift weapon drops..... Why can't we have weapons that we would use drop more often. Every rift I complete pretty much looks like this in the image I've linked There are enough fist weapons Daibo etc without having to get this junk drop. I play every class and you dont get drops as regular as this.Legolas1 27 May
26 May Hi guys, quick question about health globe% What's a good solid number to have for pushing hight GR's? i currently have 143,981Arkaddius0 26 May
23 May Quick Sunwuko + Kyoshiro feedback New sweeping wind set mecahnics with Kyoshiro`s soul suck.. "gain sweeping wind stacks when its not dealing damage" eeehh developers srsly what on earth!?GoZuHaZa3 23 May