Witch Doctor

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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Witch Doctors Masters of Spirits and followers of Mbwiru Eikura! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Witch Doctors in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Witch Doctor class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to CMTeamEU-Diablo@Blizzard.com tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Witch Doctors: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Advice and general WD info by Fean (EU forums) A WD's Guide to Acronyms and Abbreviations by Arbeia (EU forums) WD Proc Coefficients by Arbeia (EU forums) A WD Compendium to the Grin Reaper by Wachati (NA forums) Pet Damage - a collaborative resource for understanding more about Pet builds by PaulNg (NA forums) Jade SH, DoT & Area Damage by PaulNg (NA forums) Builds: Fast Farming Build in RoS by HolyHermit (EU forums) Videos of different WD builds by Wakeman (EU forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "At My Signal, Unleash Hell" Witch Doctor by OftRepeated (EU blog) The "Venomous Horde" Witch Doctor by Thibbledorf (EU blog) TryHard: Jade Witch Doctor Guide by TryHardGaming (YouTube) The "Crafty Spirits" Witch Doctor by Dardor (EU blog)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
3d WD too easy? Hello, I'm new to D3 and the genre in general. This is my very first playtrough ever in D3, I only did the first 2acts in D2 ever before my eyes started hurting and I only got to lvl16 in Path of Exile, so I consider myself to be a noob when it comes to action rpg's. However I'm bored to the core to be frank, I recently started act 2, I'm lvl32, I cranked up the difficulty to expert and I'm obliterating everything I see in a matter of seconds, I can't pump up the difficulty any higher untill I completed act 4 I think. At this rate I don't see myself reaching act 4 as it's such a snoozefest. Will the game become fun eventually? Or is this just a waste of time? Don't get me wrong, I like the game, else I wouldn't have bought it yesterday after trying every single class. It just feels like the potential is barred behind an insanely boring start. Regards.Zand0r1 3d
5d Helltooth or Arachyr's? Hi! When i started this season i knew i wanted to go wd and i looked at diablofans and saw the arachyrs build and no helltooth so i thought this one was better. When i looked at the leaderboards I only saw helltooth builds. So my question are which build is the best in season 8? Helltooth or Arachyr's? Or anything else Thank you :)Wallin271 5d
15 Nov Witch Doctor Vs Necromancer I wonder if Blizzard will change any of the Witch Doctors skills to make a more original class? Out of all the different classes the two that seem the most alike imo are the Witch Doctor & Necromancer.Ozgardian2 15 Nov
12 Nov Interacting problem in Angry Chicken form Sometimes im having problem interacting with stuff (loot,portals,chests, etc) in angry chicken mode! Anyone else having this problem? Is it a bug it should be like this (dont think so) ? Also the teleport interrupted when the chicken form expired thats annoying as well.Jépé7 12 Nov
10 Nov ANCIENT GEAR - CHANGE/UPDATE !!! It`s so damn hard to find ANCIENT gear this season for my SET gear. It`s make it boring to play, every time i go to KADALA i get yellow gear!!!! I have reached paragon level 540 now, last season was easier to find the right gear for my character. Please make a change/update in this season... And next season please make the Barbarian stronger (boost it)... /GurreStealthG1 10 Nov
10 Nov What witch docters need right now 6 min ago (Edited) Witch Doctor Few Skills getting some minor buffs/changes Poison Dart Now Deals 400% Weapon damage as poison and 50% poison damage over 2 seconds. Rune Changes Splinters - Deals 200% weapon damage as poison x 3 Flaming Dart - Deals 400% weapon damage as fire and increases damage from all sources by 10% for 4 seconds Big Bad Voodoo Increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 25% - 90 second cool-down Rune Changes Jungle Drums - Rituals radius is increased by 50% and lasts 30 seconds Rain Dance - Restores primary resource instead of just mana. it varies for each class or party member Slam Dance - now offers 25% damage increase with 50% crit damage bonus for you and your allies Ghost Trances - Damage Reduction Is increased from 20%-50% Boogie-man - puts you and your team into spirit-walk as long as they standing in the feild but duration of big bad voodoo is reduced by 12 seconds (meaning 8 second spirit-walk) Fetish Army Now Deal 250% weapon Damage this is upped from 180% weapon damage Fetish Ambush Deals 1000% weapon damage upon first attack as cold Devoted Following You can now "Sacrifice" your fetish army (not your fetish sycophants) (this gives zuni's another damage opinion" Tiki Torchers Now Deal 450% weapon damage as fire uped from 85% and summon 4 of them instead of 5 normal fetishes and 2 tiki's Head Hunters Instead of summoning 2 additional head hunters.. you summon 5 head hunters each dealing 220% damage each Passive Changes Zombie Handler - Increases your critical damage by 50% and fetishes/dogs attack speed by 25% health bonus we get from this isn't really needed Items Thing of the Deep - Increases the Damage of your signature spell by 600% but now they 50 mans per cast Zuni's Shoulders - Added - 25% Fetish Army - Intellance - 2 other slotsSakurarosa3 10 Nov
06 Nov In this Labyrinth.... Do you know where I can find The Babe?Slarg2320 06 Nov
06 Nov WD with pets and G-rifts. This is mostly a question for Blizzard. I play a WD with pets. When i die in a g-rift shortly after i recasted my pets (to get them in a better position) or if i die twice really quick, i then have to wait not only for the respawntimer, i also have to wait for the respawn-timer for my pets. On my own i do zero damage so the only option is to stand and wait. Is there a reason pet based WD's have this penalty. One more thing, i have pirahna as only thing to use when i have wreck through doors and stuff. And guess what, it has a timer. Boring to wait on the cd on pirahnas when you see the g-rift timer roll. Again, is there a reason pet based WD's have this penalty?Lazaruz2 06 Nov
04 Nov Perdition I've just been one-shotted for the second time by this guy's teleport attack. The only way to fix it seems to be to resurrect at the nearest checkpoint, skip back to the previous level and get the pets back, then cast spirit walk and let the pets finish him off. Any other ideas?Scourge5 04 Nov
04 Nov GR 75/85+ speed 2s build help Hello. What build would you say is the best for running GR 75+ speed pref 85+ I gonna play with a monk and he is NOT playing support, so we are running 2x dps builds Wich one should i go for? Hope you can help me out a bit.zyppz0 04 Nov
04 Nov How can I upgrade my WD? Hi guys, I am wondering how I can upgrade my WD to play w/o any issues on T10 (HC + Season)? Any particular items I should be looking for? Thanks in advance :DptK5 04 Nov
01 Nov Strange purple devils? Hello, i am playing arachyr WD at the moment. I suddenly got these purple devils with daggers following me. Anybody knows where they come from? Picture: http://i63.tinypic.com/2upvmlk.jpgDavidje2 01 Nov
26 Oct "bane of the trapped" + Helltooth wd-> 15 yard range Is "bane of the trapped" useful for a Helltooth wd ? wonderig cause the 15 yard range. Aint gonna stand in the middle in high grift'sniller1 26 Oct
25 Oct Pets...fix them please Is it just me or is the pet AI stupid as fk? They barely follow you and you cant command them, i would love for them to be able to attack what you have on cursor. Feels very clunky and overall just poor designed.Deyll1 25 Oct
17 Oct spirit vessel bugged on hardcore? I just died in hardcore with my WD and my spirit vessel didn't activate. I want to try again but I'm afraid the passive will not work .Quilon32 17 Oct
09 Oct Jade or Helltooth? I cant decide what build should i play... i play both solo and group and enjoy the both? What would you recommend?Genetix3 09 Oct
09 Oct which build for Rift speed farming(gearing up)? T10-T13 atm i use arachyrs angry chicken for solo rift farming but to farm t13 i need much better gear i think right now i am able to farm a T9 rift in 4 - 5 mins with that build. group rift is not so fun with that build it's pretty fast for bounties tho :) how do you farm torment rifts?Remedin1 09 Oct
02 Oct ANCIENT SACRED HARVESTER RE-ROLL ADVICE Re-forged an ancient SH, what should i re-roll? I'm guessing re-roll the vitality to either AD or %dmg? I currently have 80% AD or 97% depending on my gloves and whether i need the life or AD. http://imgur.com/fFg8xBo ThanksDrpie1 02 Oct
21 Sep T13 Speed rift help I'm pretty much done with the journey except for both the speed rifts on T13. I'm finding finishing a T13 rift within 4 and 5 mins absolutely impossible atm. Do you have any advice for me? Running HT garg, T12 is joke with Manajuma, but in T13 I'M the joke ._.Whispered12 21 Sep
18 Sep Is it just me or gargantuan is fkn retarded? I wanted to play full pet wd so much at the start of the season.Now I dont want to see it again.It sux beyond hard to me.My best is GR78 for now and its nothing connected with skillz or the player its all the map and the monsters.Blizzard made WD completely dependant on pets for solo push and the AI of those pets is maybe the same as their devs.Why can you aim the frog when you throw corpse spiders when no1 is using this build or set?Like wtf?PangGblast15 18 Sep
12 Sep Pain Enhancer with pets Just so I understand it, does the Pain Enhancer gem give the 3% IAS for each enemy wihin 20 yds of the character or the pets?Scourge13 12 Sep
04 Sep ROE Nerf - Are you taking the piss Blizzard? Seriously? It might've been strong, but it made WD possible to be the DPS meta, something that hasn't ever happened. Why MUST it always be Wizards that are the main focus in group play? Why can't you change it up? Don't you get that people are sick and tired of playing the exact same game season after season? There's a reason the active number of players drop off by a LARGE margain after the first 1-3 weeks, and that's because people burn out from doing the EXACT SAME they've been doing for the past multiple seasons. It's sad how anyone wanting to deal damage must roll a Wizard time after time. Fix our damage somehow, or make another class dethrone Wizards. I know you guys get next to no revenue from D3, and hence why we see next to no development in D3, but seriously..OnlyStimOnce4 04 Sep
29 Aug pets and stricken how does that gem work whit pets :S do you get the bonus for every att a pet makes ? or only when all the pets have attacked onceznylle3 29 Aug
28 Aug bug guys i have wd my wds build is jade harvester so im using it for speed runs i have 3m+ damage in game with buff so i wanna ask u guys i have full gear and yesterday im gonna one shot everything in game in t13 now i cannot do that my char is bugged can someone help me?Kasap1 28 Aug
21 Aug R45 non-set conquest What's everyone using? I thought about a fire build with Cindercoat and Magefist.Scourge3 21 Aug
19 Aug Have you ever wondered.... how they programmed this insane Gargantuan? it was clearly inspired by this Video :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cmOCl3AAcsAntares0 19 Aug
19 Aug Ancients from the Cube? Not sure if its the RNG gods or an issue with ceremonial knifes but I so far I've crafted... 40 x upgrade rare - Not a single ancient although I did get 2 SMKs 25 x reforge legendary - Again not a single ancient This seems beyond RNG to me. Anyone else managed to an ancient ceremonial using the cube?Thunderblade12 19 Aug
19 Aug Helltooth set dungeon - how? hello guys, so i tried the new set dungeon. like 10 times... no success... i know that it isn't supposed to mean 1 run = 1 set, but at least, it should be doable like 1 out of 5 times, right? my problem is of course the 4x "kill 20 enemies with a single wall of death" objective so: . fetish belt = off follower = dismissed grim reaper = off now i can acutally kill the mobs myself. but guess what, there's never enough mobs. even if i'm running through the map gathering every mob possible, i can do the bonus 2 times max, never 4 times. (and by doing so, i leave too many of them behind, as they're stupid, thus not completing the "kill everything" objective). any idea how to be succesful there?Pekelnik18 19 Aug
19 Aug wd P330 LOOKING FOR TIPS TO IMPROVE/OVERHAUL BUILD AS THE TITLE SAYS, LOOKING for a build to speed up rifts: main items i'm aware of that are missing from my collection witching hour a decent star metal kukri sacred harvester tasker and theo the travellers pledge dagger of darts ring of empty promises i have a full 6 set of jade harvester and helltooth, working on getting ancient versions. can currently solo mid-high 40 greater rifts. advice on maximising efficiency and gathering missing items etc, would be greatly appreciated. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/raskunda-1642/hero/997825raskunda3 19 Aug
19 Aug What is the easiest set dungeons for WD? As title says, wich is the easiest for a total scrub with laggspikes?Stoneflyer6 19 Aug
19 Aug Wilken's Reach question Hi guys, I found a Wilken's reach and have a cubed deadly rebirth, I have been having some fun with it so far this season but I wanted to ask, does the grasp of the dead damage stack, or is it pointless to spam this on bosses/rares? I guess it does not matter either way as it costs no mana and has no cooldown, but I'm just curious.LaserChild92 19 Aug
17 Aug Hotfix the Gargantuan :( So it´s nothing new, the Doctor is the last minute looser this season AGAIN. So whats really anoying? You have to recast the Gargantuan to deal any Dmg, and if you die the second you recast it you can go and have a drink or something... I think if you have the Spell Gargantuan it should not have a Cooldown.. if nothing die´s you have no Cooldown reduction... So we really need to have more control where they go. The Button could be a "GO TO" command or they should have a general "Attack the ELITES" I am tired of seeing the Gargs spreading out hitting one shi.tmob while the Monk pulled away the elite from there 30 seconds ago.Antares6 17 Aug
16 Aug WD Pets not proccing Oculus Ring on follower This has been reported before but I have not seen any 'activity' on this matter. Does anyone know if is going to be patched this season? Or is it intended and is another thing that pets are not supposed to do? EDIT: Removed useless paragraph.ApoAlaia1 16 Aug
14 Aug Zunimassa problems This set clearly lacks something, i'm not sure if it is simply thoughness or the lack of damage. Why is this not the go-to set when it comes to pets, instead of a (not-intended) helltooth? Zuni alone leaves places for loads of variants (endless walk/ focus-restraint/ zuni ring + other options), plus it supports carnevil builds wich way more witchdoctory then any viable build atm (2.4.2). Do you think anything will change for WD this patch? Anyway, discuss zuni and it's flaws/positives.HIMYM2 14 Aug
14 Aug Need improvement for gr Looking for constructive feedback I've done gr 63 and probably can go to 65 68 max what's next upgrades I need ty for your timeGothicwolf7 14 Aug
14 Aug HT Firebats gr 105+ Hi guys, Just to let you know, a friend of mine TMaster created actually a quite good DPS build around firebats. We have been testing it since ROE nerf on EU servers.. We managed to clear 103 using 2 Firebats WD with not optimized gear few days ago. And here is the final result of our testing. Check it out and enjoy! http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82419-2-4-2-helltooth-firebats-dps-105saansord2 14 Aug
14 Aug bonus to gold radius working even without using it ? Hi, i was making some attempts to the Avarice Conquest and, i was attempting to do some tactics for wich i need/want to have ZERO bonus to gold radius, so i removed all of this stat from my gears and even dismissed all pets and follower but STILL, when i kill a mob at distance, i noticed that i pick up the gold in the ground without moving from standing from like 5 or even 10 yards away, so i need some clarifications, maybe i missed something from latest patches and they introduced increased gold radius with paragon increase ? I don't understand why, if i don't want to pick it up, i can grab gold from distance without any gold radius bonus on my gears, thank you for any answers.Kyashan1 14 Aug
11 Aug Eskandiel need advice/help please :) Im currently trying to clear GR87 and everything is going semi okay :) isnt cleared yet but it should happen soon enough In one of my failed attempts i face off with eskandiel, but are you kidding me ? :D holy crap ! really? I dont see any way a WD with pets clear this boss at a high level with a time worth talking about. I wont complain too much about the no warring pull/vortex that hurt like no tomorrow but the fact that my pets had little to no uptime on the boss itself due to amount of adds and knockback. I mean the adds themself arent really the problem but the teleports and knockback is :) so your pets are all over the map, and resummoning is ricky if the crazy vortex get you :D It took freaking 7 mins to kill the boss. with a 2 or 3 deaths that is but the timer was already out so no time really added there. There is few others that take longer then avg. like Perendi/Perdition but he is no where near as annoying as eskandiel ! anyone got any good tactic to get this annoying boss down abit faster?Random4 11 Aug
11 Aug My pet doc any thoughts to help me get better ? I use a build I created based on my loots, I am still lving her but build seems strong and very effective, clearing t9 easily, just want to share it with you and talk over it :) I named the build - Do not rain on my parade :p - Check my profile http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sophiemj-2745/hero/71693152 . I play solo and slow to enjoy the season at full speed :) TY in advance.Sophiemj2 11 Aug
08 Aug garganturan problem!!! Im obviously pet build, i have fetish, zombie dogs and garganturan, all fkin pets atacks but the retards garganturan just stay put and look around doing nothing. They have fixed this in previously patches just in PATCH NOTES in game garganturan is still retarded...Bobdinro8 08 Aug
06 Aug Viable builds for 2.4.2 hc? Is there any tanky build for 2.4.2 for quick gr70s? I was sure to play wd but after yesterday nerf im confused. Dont think so I will head for more than 75 solo. Are there any nice lon builds ?Reborn1 06 Aug
05 Aug 2.4.2 Wd dmg dealer nerf!! So wasnt 2.4.2 suppose to even out dmg dealers. Meaning other dmg dealers classes should be able to replace Wizards?! Appereantly not. I did gr l 83 solo with my LoN Poison Dart before patch with pretty much insane gear. Now with the nerfs i have a hard time doin 80!! Pointless to play on actually if you cant progress. Useless patch.Wheninrome8 05 Aug
05 Aug Should i Ye so should i play wd or its just waste of time atm? Looks like everyone needs barbs now..Remorselessx2 05 Aug
29 Jul WD Defensive Scaling Hello, Been playing D3 since vanilla, with WD as my main most of the time. Is it just me or does WD have very sub-par defensive scaling compared to the other classes? Let's break it down: Swampland Attunement: Nice defensive bonuses for trash, trash for RG. Should in theory scale well with Confidence ritual, except you're so squishy the risk tends to outweigh the benefits, if you can run both at all that is. Case and point - Jade Harvester: You need to run spirit vessel, creeping death, grave injustice and you have one slot left (provided you play Endless Walk, not hellfire) which will be taken by either confidence ritual or swampland attunement. No synergy between passives allowed for the set. You try to offset this with Esoteric Alteration but you're still leagues less survivable compared to any other class (maybe except DH which you'd be on par with) Pretty much the same story for Helltooth, except you get to run both passives but no esoteric which puts you back right where you began. Now let's look at a wizard. DMO wizards are virtually immortal thanks to the APD and HoA combo. Provided density isn't helping, they have the defensive bonus of Time Warp + esoteric alteration. The class set/passive/gem synergy is so much more cohesive. And i'm assuming this is a Energy Twister wiz. If you're running orbs you might as well compare some guy in a loincloth (the WD) with some guy who's in a bunker on a battlecruiser behind shields (A wizz buffed by shields, and dmg reduction to the point where you actually consider if it's worth the effort avoiding affixes) TL;DR sumup: the WD needs some changes to his playstyle that facilitate defensive synergy between skills; gems and sets. You have jungle fortitude and bad medicine which are almost never used...Perhaps it's time to fix the class instead of just patching it every now and then...Markaleth7 29 Jul
29 Jul WD SUGGESTION - WAVE OF MUTILATION RUNE I think it would be really cool if one of the WD sets removed the cooldown of wave of mutilation and increased its damage significantly enough to be used as a primary ability in the endgame stages. It's a really fun looking skill, but of course the only useful piranha skill rune is piranhado. Thoughts? (Pets are cool but they're getting old)Heimdall0 29 Jul
27 Jul Is Cloud of Bats and Life on Hit broken?? I just went to kill Ghom at T10 and his gas was killing me more than my LOH was replenishing my life. And i have 100k Life on hit so this is not normal... Is there a bug or something?? Cheers.AreoHotah2 27 Jul
27 Jul Name that Spirit Barrage item! with the new spirit barrage item incoming, blizz doesn't have a name for it yet. let's give them a hand! my suggestion - Lakumbas' Infuser.KushiSensei1 27 Jul
21 Jul Green gem vs. % Damage So... I'm pretty new to D3. I'm trying to understand the "Damage/Toughness/Recovery" stats. I've been following this guide for angry chicken build (patch 2.4) http://www.icy-veins.com/d3/witch-doctor-angry-chicken-build-with-arachyr-set-patch-2-4 My question is... let's take weapon... the suggested stat priority is: 1. Damage range 2. Intellect 3. % Damage 4. Cooldown Reduction If I enchant the weapon with +10% damage (which is max), I says my DAMAGE is around 561k. If I enchant with a socket and a 130% Critical Hit Damage my DAMAGE is around 656k. Yet the previous mentioned stat priority does not mention socket. Now I know that DAMAGE is more than just numbers, and set bonus etc. makes a huge difference, that isn't accounted for in the DAMAGE numbers. Is it like that for say "% Damage" and others as well? Even though my DAMAGE number is higher with the green gem, it seems as if mobs were dying faster with the 10% damage enchant instead?!?Goel8 21 Jul