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5h SuomiLeijona seasonal clan for Finnish players Suomileijona is seasonal clan for Finnish speaking players. So this part is Finnish Also: Tarjolla olis aktiivinen seasoneihin keskittynyt suomi klaani omalla ts3 serverillä. Pelaajat iältä ja tasolta laidasta laitaan. Osa juoksee perus riftejä osa gr +100. Pelissä viestiä jollekkin offulle jos kiinostaa.Yelda0 5h
7h The Hybrids (Active Seasonal Clan - Off Season Recruit) The Hybrids Our idea for creating this clan were making social-active and helpful team for seasonal gameplay. In the past as a clan leader (you consider me as a clanmate anyway) we created social (competitive, high competitive) clans for different type of games like Heroes of Newerth and Ultima online. Played the games as competitive as possible, at the same time we were hungry for fun, learning and teaching also and being team-friends together as one. Project Epoch, which was one of the best clan at Heroes of Newerth. Since they had players who are highly competitive and also had with lots of knowledge. At the same time (which is really hard to make it) clan had casual players inside. Since elders were mentoring the players who wants to learn more about the game. And it was amazing experience for me as a part of it. So wanted to make different version of this idea at Diablo 3. In conclusion, we have clanmates just for talking and hanging out with friends together. we have visioned-competitive players who they can gladly help your journey for being a better gamer. We are together as one with breaking the rules inside and outside for our gaming experience. That's why we are The Hybrids. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Best Regards,Excalibur19 7h
1d Clan TMRs Recruiting Hi All, we are a very active clan and in season 7 we were in the top 20 eu and plan to push again in season 8. we are looking for players wanting to farm xp and push in groups within the clan. What do we offer? -Active skilled groups for farming 90-98 speed -30-40 people online during the evening (number may increase at season start) -Teamspeak server -A friendly bunch of players that also enjoy a good laugh what do we expect from players? -You need to be active (2 weeks offline without a reason = kick) -Had atleast 1k paragon in s7 -Cleared 95+ in a 4-man group in s7 -Give priority to clan groups and play with members as much as possible If you are intrested in joining the clan leave a reply here look up the clan ingame or add either Stabilos#2222 or Eifos#2357 to your friendlist and we can have a chat. Thanks StabilosStabilos13 1d
2d The Outcast - friendly & mature clan Welcome to The Outcast - We're a fun, friendly and mature clan of active seasonal players of all ages and nationalities spanning the width and breadth of Europe and beyond. We have a great mix of people with paragon levels ranging from a few hundred to over a 1000 and can offer a little of something for everyone to enjoy. Some of us are honing our skills and aiming for the leaderboards, while others enjoy fighting demons in good company regardless of the fight's outcome. We have some accomplished GR players, some aspiring ones and some who do not care for GRs at all and prefer chilling in rifts and bounties instead. We are a sociable and helpful group always looking to help each other out, whether thats with levelling, finding particular items, improving our skills, levelling gems, or even just sharing news and advice and we're looking for likeminded people to join us and enjoy all that the game has to offer. Our main means of communication are clan and party chats (which see a lot of use) and also a TeamSpeak server for those who prefer talking over typing, however, the use of TeamSpeak is entirely optional and down to players personal preference. Although we're just starting up we've already attracted over 40 members and growing daily despite not having actively recruited yet, all of those are active and friendly people busily chatting away and working on improving our characters through the season and sharing some laughs along the way. So what can we offer you? That's our little introduction, so what exactly is it that we can offer you should you join our members: Fun, friendly atmosphere to game in with a group of active players. Social chat both in game and on our own Teamspeak server if you prefer voice chat Website and forums to post topics, ask advice and share articles and build ideas with your clan mates. Mixture of seasonal hardcore and softcore players Groups to push GRs and the leaderboards with. Support and advice to help you and us to improve. Hope there is something there that interests you and makes you feel like you'd like to come and join our community. Requirements We don't have a lot of specific requirements or rules as we want sensible mature people who can enjoy the game and be respectful of one another. So if you are: Aged between 18 and Ancient. Active player who wants to be part of a great growing community Play seasons and want to play with other season players then The Outcast could be for you. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you would like to apply then either sign up on our website or please reply here and tell us a little about yourself. 1. What are you looking for in a clan? 2. What do you enjoy most about Diablo? 3. What can you bring to clan? Please don't forget to add your battle tag so we can add you in game and hopefully see you soon. Good luck with your gaming :)Bariel21 2d
2d Konvict Gaming (16+) Mature Members Solo not your style? Looking for people to help you push the higher rifts? After people who will make your game time enjoyable, funny and relaxed? Or are you simply looking for some help? Well look no further, Konvict gaming offers it all and more! As a constantly growing community we boast a variety of features and can offer you the best gaming experience around! So what do we currently offer? We have our own TeamSpeak server which members are free to use and join with their friends We offer an ingame clan as well as external forums for you to use and enjoy Mentors are available to teach you the ins and outs of Diablo and even help you with the details of your character Teams are widely available and there are always people looking to team up and go on adventures in the realms of Diablo Events that will excite and test your skills as a player, but also make you laugh and enjoy them with friends The people of our community are great people with good humor and respect, you are bound to find many friends with us! Not only do we focus on Diablo but we boast a variety of games and content for players, so if you are ever tired of playing diablo or simply want to have fun trying another game we will most likely offer it! What are the requirements? You must be 16 or older Have Teamspeak and a working microphone Be respectful of others How do I join this fantastic community? Visit our website: Create an account on the site and fill out a diablo 3 application Hop on to our Teamspeak @ We hope to see you soon! Kind Regards; The Konvict Gaming Diablo Teamhiphop29 2d
2d Fever Clan Recruiting (International community) Hello everybody! I'm clavat, before speak about our clan, I would like to tell you a little bit about my experience there, I was a solo player and looking for a mature and friendly community to join, fortunately I found fever, a big community with lot of good and friendly players. I can assure you that it has been a really good experience in my gamer life and also my new home. We are currently recruiting member of every kind of game type (Season, non seasonal, hardcore and hardcore seasonal) and if you play any other games, you can find Hearthstone, Starcraft II, WoW, League of Legends, Smite, Counter Strike and more! Fever hosts a Teamspeak server which can hold up to 500 people and usually has 100 - 150 people online. Fever Clan also has an extremely active forums (over 1,200+ active users) where members can talk with each other on just about anything. You will find from gaming to healthy and real life stuffs. We have ranks, jobs, and a coin system that you can earn by posting on forums or joining events in-game. Can be used in Fever Store, get tour own room on Teamspeak, steam games and more. How to join: Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 15 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our TeamSpeak server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! It is well worth the 10 minutes it takes to register and fill out the application. You won't regret it. Register here: Submit application: Interviews: Conducted on our TeamSpeak server ( ) When answering “How did you hear about Fever Clan:” on your application please remember to put the following: Fever Member Referral Referrer: @Clavat Thanks for your time and feel free to ask me any question! |Fever| ClavatClavat30 2d
3d LFG/Clan (Very Active) WD dps season 8 If there is anyone or group of 2/3 people who need WD dps, at the moment playing firebats, doing sgr60 in less then 5 minutes, paragon 450 at this point add me @ dsr07mm#1927. Discord/TS/Skype..your choice, not having problem with anything, I'm fine with English. Don't mind being in voice conver while different language is spoken on regular base. Mostly focusing on nepalms and grs at the moment.dsr07mm0 3d
4d Casual clan looking for likeminded people Hello there, friends, As mentioned, we are newly formed clan, that is looking for more members.We all were done with the ''pressure'', rules, high GRift pushes and whatnot.We simply wanted to play the game for the fun of it, chat, joke and pick some loot along the way.Not running solo all the time and race to the end. What we have in mind - casual clan, with people with families, jobs and responcibilities as a whole.People who cant play 24/7 and cant keep up with GRift 90+.People who just want to have some fun with likeminded players. If you feel like this is you, contact either me or my ''officers''.Also if you got any questions, feel free to ask here or ingame, we'd be glad to help and answer those.Have fun !!! Update : We are ''recruiting'' again for season 8.Expanding, slowly but surely :) Duke627#2234 Bran#2931 Moses#2793Duke62716 4d
4d Co-op Achievement hunting Hi, looking for players who would like to help each other out in completing the cooperative achievements and the naked boss kills. We could also do the survivor and savior achievements. If theres any Achv. hunter whos interested, add me: Damien #2713Damien1 4d
4d Skilled player looking for party/clan S8. Hey guys and girls, I'm searching for a good group for season start. Im "hardcore"(not hardcore in game, playing sofcore) player and looking to play the first 20-24 hours at least and as much as possible in the upcoming days. I probably will play WD or Monk , had 87 Solo pushed as WD last season and GR 98 as support monk in 4 man(we missed on 2 seconds on GR102 quite early in the season, would have placed us top 5 at the time I think). Im also searching for an active clan for this season, played for EoD last season, probably kicked by now due to inactivity. If you need a 4th player or if your interested in creating a group , add me for a chat Vokthar#2905 .Vokthar0 4d
4d Monk + ALL Class Looking for some friends (s7-s8) I'm always alone playing all the time, my friends stopped playing long time ago. So that's why i am searching for any friends that would like to play with me, I'm Online everyday. play like 5-8 hours a day. I Do play season and i am paragon almost 2000. But the paragon does not matter for me. even if you are paragon 50. doesn't matter :) I look for friendly people to chat about anything and most important have fun !! And enjoy the game ! :) I am from Italy but can speak English as you can see :) I know little spanish ( can read it but cannot speak that much. ) NoLiFe#22830 I really like doing Greater Rifts at a certain level, ( 80-95 with my support monk, can also 100-110 if want but need a good team ) But anyone can join with me. I mean we can also do lower greater rifts if you have a lower gear or paragon. <---- I WILL HELP YOU. ♥ :) NoLiFe#22830 I also like speed farming rifts / Normal rifts with other players. And like i said with the Greater Rifts, it doesn't matter what paragon you are or what gear you have i will always help :) My Characters : 1- Kick Monk ( For farming rifts at any level. ) 2- Support monk ( 3k Life. / capable of doing from 90-110 Greater Rifts) - With support monk i haven't tried more then 110. 3- Also have a demon hunter for farming rifts at any level and mid Grifts. 4- Got a Firebat WD with kinda alot of damage. ( yesterday did GRifts 80-s ) 5- I have a Noob Crusader and barb . . . ( That says all. :) 6- Oh yeah got also a Generation Monk ( capable of doing 80-maybe 90 with 4Man) ( with 1 or prefer 2 support. ) NoLiFe#22830 Please. If you would love to play with me. And you don't mind to play with a 2000 paragon player. Add Me! :) I will be very happy to accept your request! For players around my skill level. It is the same, Please add me :) and we will play againts Diablo!!! :) NoLiFe#22830NoLiFe5 4d
4d HC\SC Looking active party\m8s 18\6h ~1week gameplay closeTailer540 4d
5d LF 2 Players for 20+ hours season start. Me and a friend need two more players to start the season with (or maybe even play entire season together if the group is good). We are both experienced players. I will play Barb and he will play WD. We hope to play at least 20 hours on day 1. If you are interested feel free to add me in game.ian2 5d
5d D3 PC Players Hi All, I run a small but fairly active facebook group. Its a relaxed community, we play together, help each other out, cheer each other on etc no elitism or any of that crap. Unfortunately, on the EU servers, its pretty much just me and few others! So am hoping for some new people to join us this season. If interested stop on by at: OR Search in communities: D3 PC Players FB (warning just created so only me atm lol) OR just add me: zaboozer#2264 Thanks for reading and good luck in S8 to all!Zaboozer3 5d
5d PETITION: VOTE IF YOU LIKE BLIZZARD GAMES OR NOT PETITION : VOTE IF YOU LIKE BLIZZARD GAMES OR NOT ¡Ser, o no ser, es la cuestión! -¿Qué debe más dignamente optar el alma noble entre sufrir de la fortuna impía el porfiador rigor, o rebelarse contra un mar de desdichas, y afrontándolo desaparecer con ellas? Morir, dormir, no despertar más nunca, poder decir todo acabó; en un sueño sepultar para siempre los dolores del corazón, los mil y mil quebrantos que heredó nuestra carne, ¡quién no ansiara concluir así! ¡Morir... quedar dormidos... Dormir... tal vez soñar! -¡Ay! allí hay algo que detiene al mejor. Cuando del mundo no percibamos ni un rumor, ¡qué sueños vendrán en ese sueño de la muerte! Eso es, eso es lo que hace el infortunio planta de larga vida. ¿Quién querría sufrir del tiempo el implacable azote, del fuerte la injusticia, del soberbio el áspero desdén, las amarguras del amor despreciado, las demoras de la ley, del empleado la insolencia, la hostilidad que los mezquinos juran al mérito pacífico, pudiendo de tanto mal librarse él mismo, alzando una punta de acero? ¿quién querría seguir cargando en la cansada vida su fardo abrumador?... Pero hay espanto ¡allá del otro lado de la tumba! La muerte, aquel país que todavía está por descubrirse, país de cuya lóbrega frontera ningún viajero regresó, perturba la voluntad, y a todos nos decide a soportar los males que sabemos más bien que ir a buscar lo que ignoramos. Así, ¡oh conciencia!, de nosotros todos haces unos cobardes, y la ardiente resolución original decae al pálido mirar del pensamiento. Así también enérgicas empresas, de trascendencia inmensa, a esa mirada torcieron rumbo, y sin acción murieron.Heroman65 5d
5d [ATD] ANGEL OF THE DEATH RECRUITS Already I hold has to excuse me for my English because he(it) are very bad Hello to all, the essentially French-speaking clan ATD recruits, all the world of any european nationality, no particular prerequisite(requirement). We play that in season. Good mood, mutual aid, (blah blah blah the same thing as all the world says) To step to refuse the access has future member potential and to have only active member within the clan (his(her,its) is of no use to be a clan of 150 members so has there that 5 asset(active person)), every members whose last one connected will exceed(overtake) 30 days will be excluded. We have a TS. Come in large numbers wispe Detsuda#2864Detsuda0 5d
18 Oct Active player LF active clan Hi, As title says. I'm mainly a non season player but i'm, this time, planning to rush season 8. What i'm expecting from the clan is ... - nice behavior between players - members having good knowledge of classes and metas - active players motivated to push further their best What i'm offering to the clan is ... - p2600+ NS - playing several classes dps & support (mainly monk, wiz, wd) - several hours of gaming per day Please feel free to contact me in game for further discussion. Enjoy the game.Nitrouze0 18 Oct
18 Oct Just started playing D3 and I need HELP! I'm a super noob. This is my first time playing Diablo and I'm having a blast with it. Thing is that I'm literally on about 5 hours in. I picked a Wizard and started doing story mode on hard tryin to level up. I'm currently only at about level 19. If anybody has any tips or wants to help out that'd be amazing. I'm not in any clans or anything, but would really like to eventually join one and get the full D3 experience. Thanks for your help!NsomniacFish1 18 Oct
18 Oct Guild Medieval--Mature Gamers Inquire Within Founded in 2001, Guild Medieval is well known as a haven, or sanctuary if you will, for mature gamers. We are family-friendly, helpful, and courteous. Many of our members form friendships that last beyond the games we play. Some have even gotten married! To save you some time reading, we do not allow swearing or off-color language/jokes. Or temper tantrums when someone dies or causes a wipe for that matter. Not that our members are all saints, but this isn't the venue for that. We all practice courtesy and the no naughty language rule is consistently and swiftly enforced. Click "JOIN" on our homepage and fill out the application. All serious applications are considered and replied to--this means filling out the reason for joining with more than just a couple sentences. Your comments will be on public display to our full members. This will be your first impression to the guild, so make it a good one. You'll also be asked to write an introduction thread once you join where you can provide more information about your hobbies, gaming history, etc. Responses are usually within 48 hours (could be longer over weekends). Reply here if you expected a reply and never got one (and check your junk mail folder in case). Once your application is approved, you will be sent a code of conduct/rules agreement to reply to, and then we will give you access to our forums and friends list. The rules and policies agreement is long and stringent. We find that making everything we expect from members clear and upfront prevents a lot of misunderstanding and drama down the road. You'll find we're quite different even from most guilds that brand themselves "mature" and "drama-free". If that makes you unsure about joining, we understand. There are other clans/guilds out there that would be a better match for you, and that's better for everyone involved. If though you understand and appreciate what we're all about, by all means, come on in. Please use this thread for any questions you may have or contact me through PM or in-game. Also please check out this video as a quick overview of the guild - If you want to run with some of us before filling out an application to just meet some people and talk with them let me know and we will be happy to set up a game. Q&A Section (carried over from older threads, updated as I get them) Q: Are there playtime requirements? A: None at all. Play as much as you like. Even if you quit D3, our forums are open to you, given you've achieved Knight status, i.e. full membership. Squires (trial members) have 90 days to show they are worthy of full membership. Q: Is Vent/Mumble required? A: Nope. Some members have hearing difficulties or just don't like using it. Some have to have it off for household considerations. You will need to communicate by text chat though. Q: It's okay to swear, talk about doing drugs, sex, and other "adult" topics, right? A: Incorrect. When we say "mature" we also mean having the ability to keep polite, civilized company. We are family-friendly, meaning we keep things we don't want our children hearing out of our guild gaming. You can swear to your heart's content with your mic off, but we keep our forums and chat clean. Q: What are your age requirements? A: Under 16 we take some consideration. Otherwise age is not a factor. As long as you are mature in thought and action, that's enough. We also have a special "Page" rank for younger children of members. Q: What does your clan/guild provide to its members? A: A safe and friendly gaming environment. That's all. We get you away from griefers, cheaters, the dishonest, and the people you just don't want to be around. We have lots of nice members who gladly share loot and will help you beat bosses, but none of that is guaranteed. A lot of what you get out is what you put in. Share and be helpful, and you'll see it come right back to you. Q: How skilled/experienced do I have to be to join? A: Skill and experience are not factors in joining or becoming full members of Guild Medieval. We have very skilled players and players that are still learning the game. We are only concerned about the person in front of the screen. If you have the qualities we share that make you a good person, and not necessarily a good player, we will be happy to have you. Q: I put in an application but didn't hear back. Was I not accepted? -OR- I replied agreeing to the rules and policies in order to get my site invite but didn't hear back. What should I do? A: Two possibilities. #1, your application did not mesh with our guild values (see above and our homepage), application showed a lack of overall maturity, or you told us nothing about yourself for us to make a judgment call as to whether you'd make a good fit for our guild. -OR- #2, the response just got lost. Check your spam folder, or contact us again by replying, or add me in-game and ask. If all else fails, put in a new application explaining that you didn't hear back and that you'd still like to join. Q: Will I be able to find group a play X game mode on Y difficulty? A: Mostly the answer will be yes. We have many players each playing at different levels and doing different things e.g. bounties, rifts, grifts etc. Currently most of our players are playing on seasons and going forward that will be where most of the players will remain. Currently the HC side of our guild is rather quiet, however this does not mean it will always be the case.Wisp17 18 Oct
16 Oct Looking For A Seasonal Clan Hi, I am a Softcore/Hardcore player, just got back into diablo 3 and would like to join an active clan to do things together in general. im currently in the 500s paragon with my DH and Monk my is DragonSlayer#2261 Kind RegardsDragonSlayer2 16 Oct
12 Oct Clanul/Comunitatea Diablo 3 Romania recruteaza! Recrutam membrii: Clan 1, D3RO <Ro Community>, paragon 700+ n/s idle max 21 zile Clan 2, D3RO <Ro Community public>, paragon 600+ n/s idle max 30 zile Comunitatea D3RO, fara restrictii paragon. Inactivii iau kick, inseamnand sa nu jucat 1+ luni... pagina si grup fb, Diablo 3 Romania. succes si spor la drop. contact@diablo3.roGore7 12 Oct
10 Oct [Online] MP7 Uber Carry Offering MP7 Uber Carries. Here are the instructions to keep things smooth and the queue moving: 1. Have 3 machines ready. We will carry you and do the rest. We have 2 other high dps WW barbs and a monk as potential team members for uber runs. You can stay dead if you like. 2. When adding me in-game be sure to specify Uber Carry MP7 in your friend request. See battle tag below 3. There is a queue and I will put you in the order I receive requests. If I do not respond immediately it just means I am likely doing Ubers but will respond and let you know as soon as I can. Battle Tag: YourDaddySon#1374 10 Oct
02 Oct [Non-Season] Rainbow Frame Farming Looking for a few People that want to farm Whimsyshire for the Rainbow Portrait. Farming on my non-Season Chicken WD at 90-120 seconds per run (Login, full clear, logout). Brjann#2900Brjann0 02 Oct
01 Oct <OL> Okami Legion new clan and a community We're just here to have fun. Okami Legion is a new clan and a community as well, we are looking for active players experienced or new, all is welcome we just like to enjoy the game have fun while we get to know each other, if you would like to push for GRs once we get enough members we can push for higher GRs and we're willing to help new members as well. We have our own teamspeak server "" where you can join in and talk to us or just hangout. What we offer is a friendly active community where all is welcome. if you would like to join just add me dem0z #21414 or you can get in touch on the ts server.dem0z4 01 Oct
30 Sep looking for clan that does seasonal im a returning player and would like to join a clan for seasonalEm3rgeRogue1 30 Sep
30 Sep Looking for an active clan So I have a little problem my clan isn't, active anymore. So I am playing solo al the time. Got my 964 season paragon by playing solo. So I am searching for an active clan if there are any, hoping for an answer. Have not left my clan yet, but I leave when I find a active clan. I posted earlier but on the wrong address, sorry for that ;)Aurora3 30 Sep
28 Sep Тема закрыта гAzazy0 28 Sep
28 Sep Just came back to the game - looking for a clan Just came back to the game after a long break planning on starting a new char for the new Season Kinda lost and dont know what steps to take first and which class to choose would love to join a clan who can bring me back to the old Vanilla fun days xD Jelly#22253 and Skype:Nirnirush both are ways to contact me hope to hear from any 1 soon! . thanks!Jelly1 28 Sep
28 Sep Looking for dutch/eu players seasonal sc Looking for casual dutch/eu people to play on pc seasonal sc. Currently paragon 57 My battletag is Mannyar#2364 Mannyar2 28 Sep
25 Sep LFC monk dps plvl 760+ Hi! I am looking for an active and friendly clan that i can join to run GRs with. I've been playing D3 off and on now for about 3 seasons and decided that i wanted to get into it a bit more. I am actively playing D3 every day and feel the need to join a clan to progress even further into the game! :) battletag: FigeN#21367FigeN1 25 Sep
25 Sep LF Clan Well every clan i joined was already dead i am always the only one online, which sucks. i am looking for an active clan with people that are active and actually play, i am mostly casual player but i can do whatever with a group i am paragon 800+ so please, add me if there is such a clan am just looking to have a fun time and enjoy myself.dem0z2 25 Sep
25 Sep TOP player look for active clan Hello, I am back to D3 after an extended break, two years ago. When I've quit, I was top 10 DH on EU with Paragorn 800+ in two years ago.... I only play DH, nothing else. I have definitely best helmet on server and probably a top 5 gear on server for DH. See bellow links for UE gear (did not equiped my dual yet). Regular D3: This season: As you can see, for this season I have a top 10 gear for UE farming. I also have all ancient items for soloing dual. Need an active clan for growing my paragorn.Vlahul1 25 Sep
25 Sep P800+ DPS/Sup Monk looking for season clan My old crew seems to have decided top call it quits for this season already. So, I'm looking for a mature friendly English speaking season clan that is large enough to always have many people online (evenings/weekends) looking for groups and not too hardcore, but still want to make some decent progression. Im playing monk this season - have a dps and a sup monk that are now past paragon 800 and doing 80+ and have TS. I've played since the game first came out. Played sup monk last couple of seasons past GR100. khazul#2940Khazul1 25 Sep
24 Sep hello, anyone want to join my discord channel? there you can easily arrange teams or help or ask for help. you just have to click this, thank you and welcomeForstarcom0 24 Sep
24 Sep Casual clan - Norfolk Nightmares recruiting ***CLAN IS FULL // RECRUITING CLOSED UNTIL NEXT SEASON*** Stay while and listen. A casual clan, <NFKN> is recruiting for S7 and beyond. We only expect you to be active and to enjoy the game. The clan started as a UK clan, but currently our players are from all around europe, and our playerbase varies from beginners to seasoned veterans. All of us in different life situations, with work or family, which takes priority over serious gaming. But don't get me wrong, we also have players who wish to push higher on the ranks. If you seek a helpful and friendly community to run rifts, bounties or random farmings, on season, nonseason or hc even, <NFKN> is the clan for you. We also have a TS server if you just wish to pop in to chat :) Contact me (Ayoka#2281) or Hannibal#1434 for any further details.Ayoka39 24 Sep
22 Sep Please remove this post, thanks! Can you remove this post thanks.Ajam0 22 Sep
22 Sep LFG Hi there guys, I am looking for a group of people to progress pushing with, i am currently 840 paragon and have support barb and support monk both with dps spec. I have done 86 max and looking to push higher with the right group. If there is one out there looking for a support feel free to reply on here or add my btag. Cheers AjamAjam0 22 Sep
22 Sep *deleted post* *deleted post*Bauble4 22 Sep
21 Sep LF INDONESIAN PLAYER Teman2 yang Indonesia kita gabung sini aja, best regard ziner#2454, Kita bangun komunitas disini yah teman2Ziner20 21 Sep
21 Sep need some help to 70 please add me sum116#1214 If you can help me to get to lv 70 thx :)))sum1160 21 Sep
19 Sep Looking for players to play with. Looking for players to play campaign with me on normal difficulty. havent played in a year and i have Reaper of Souls.Tom3334443 19 Sep
16 Sep Looking for people to play Diablo 3 with. I'm looking for chill, cool people to slay some beasts in Diablo 3 with. tag is ArchonSlayer#1781 if you wanna add me.ArchonSlayer0 16 Sep
14 Sep Any non season EU clans are recruiting players?? Hi, I am a Monk player based in Europe and struggling to find people to play with, I would appreciate an invite so we can conquer together. I am 31 with kids job etc but gaming almost every evening well and nights...early mornings ;) you know how its like when a new item drops and its a good upgrade :D Well its time to do some gaming now have a good day Thanks STYLU#1269 rank 1075+sTyLu1 14 Sep
13 Sep LF HC Clan season or nonseason Hi guys im looking for a hc clan season/nonseason im paragon 287 WD hc season right now. thank you ilay#2415Ilay1 13 Sep
10 Sep CREATION OF A NEW GAMING COMMUNITY! BECOME A LEADER! Hello there! I'll get straight to the point without going into full detail (you can ask me later about it). Currently I am the owner and founder of a gaming community with small to decent activity around. I love the people who are in the community but lately we're slacking on growing and making things active. Main reason: there is not enough leadership to do everything (things need to be shared). This is where I'm getting at. I'm searching for people who always wanted to get a "gaming" community going and lead it. I'm offering to start a whole new community, building it down from "scratch", with what I have (which is 20-35 active members). The most important things I seek are: - Friendly, fun and awesome other people to lead the community with; - Honest in everything that will be going around and active; - We use teamspeak as our main platform; - Decent age so things are being handled correctly. The rest has to be discussed about what will be created of course.Oh and before I forget, our community also likes anime a lot. I can't leave that out since we'll need it too :-). If this left you and impression then please get in contact with me. Contact me through e-mail please: wyrmgnosis(dot)xar(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll get some meetings going at teamspeak. Or add me: XaR#2994. Hoping to find some people with similar idea's to make something great! Please note that everything will become a shared responsibility! Once the new community is created we'll all be founders of it. Thank you for your attention! Extra information about me: I'm a person who has been with gaming communities for a really long time. It's just amazing to be around people who are up for a laugh and game, having awesome times with them. We even met at gamescom previous year. I want to keep this going, it's important for me. It creates new friendships, bonds and a home for many people!XaR0 10 Sep
08 Sep please REMOVE .JustMe0 08 Sep
05 Sep Lf Friends I am not a kid, turned 50 last year. So i'm looking for mature friendly players that have time and wants to play this game daily. At the moment i don't care about the meta, play whatever you want. That's what i'm going to do. I have played both hc and sc and like them both(i have two accounts). Can play both season and non season. I have been playng solo until now and want to see if i enjoy playing this game with other people. Contact me in game or here.Zeophar2 05 Sep
05 Sep Looking for someone to pair up with for grifts (HC) I have a hard core paragon level 102 Demon hunter. I can only solo T5 grifts, and at that level upgrading my level 21 gem of ease is 30% I am trying to get it to level 25 so if anyone has some time to pair up and do some higher level grifts with me add me! luv uLogan2 05 Sep
05 Sep Anyone want to play So i got the game about 2 days ago and i have no !@#$ign idea what im doing ,-, can anyone play with me and explain the system ty. senpai#22361Senpai2 05 Sep