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Hey guys i just want to ask other owners :
Do u have feeling that game generates less shrines when u wearing those?
Feels like it, might just be the fact that you pay more attention to shrines though.

Either way, the gloves are overpowered as hell.
02/04/2014 09:48Posted by Sapphire
Either way, the gloves are overpowered as hell.

True-although they reduce my overall dps with approx 120 k (to do:find one with better stats) i became unstoppable
Fleeting + Empowered and game is over
Anyway I'm no so sure that its because i pay more attention ...there are well known particular spots for some shrines but now they are replaced with pools.
If you do solo bounties, just farm all the acts and skip the annoying ones (I skip 4 and 5, Diablo/Malph are a huge waste of time). You usually have 2-3 shrine buffs and every time you reset, playing without shrine buffs will feel ridiculously bad.

I have farmed a few of them and ended up with trifecta, was very much worth it.

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