Female or Male ?

Demon Hunter
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Which is going to be your first on the demon hunter ?

Mine surely female.
Female for sure.

Female of course
I can't imagine why ? Giggidy.
my all chars will be males. Better identification with chars ;)
female... she just looks so badass in the trailer... :)
Ghey char anyway :O Wizard is da shiiiiiiiiiiit ;)

Btw feemale. :P
Blizzard Marketing department did a good job to advertise Female Monk, there will be few Male DHs =(
Femme Fatale :-)
Male Monk and of course Female Wizard. =)
i ll probably get this big dicision while creating my char
Female :P
Male Barb then maybe female WD to mix it up a little.
I'm gonna go male for every class. I just like my character to be of the same %!!##%# as me.
Pretty easy: both for each class. Will take a while and will, probably, start with a male barbarian.
Will most likely choose a male character, as it fits a little with the warcraft idea of a demon hunter from wc3 =)

Female for sure... male demon hunter aint working that great in my head :S
Very likely female. Just prefer playing own gender. :3
First class will be the female DH of course.

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