Monk is never using his weapons in order to fight.

It's quite silly to notice that you can make a monk wear two hand weapons or dual wield, and then you notice that in all animations, he is kicking, punching,... without using any weapon at all!

There should be specific animations for the 2hand weapon staff, or a monk with some sort of 1hand weapon and in the other had like a support tool (a "magical necklace", or something like the "budha pendants").

Or why not something like the Tonfa or a tekko? which can fit perfectly with hand attacks?

Now...if Blizz wanted to add a very cool weapon, that would be the Surujin. People would have a blast using that one in the game, if they could recreate the actions into the game!
I actually read recently that at some point (probably a long time ago) they said they've thought about it, and they don't want that to happen (to have him use a weapon when his animations are unarmed), so they're thinking about something like, if you use a staff, then it has sweep capability, and if you use fist weapons, they support faster, less-damaging attacks. So you have a choice of fighting style that's dependent on your weapon. I think they said you can't use certain skills that don't go with your style of choice. I thought it'd be interesting to see what they come up with, but I guess they didn't go somewhere with that idea after all (or maybe they will yet).
Personally, I think it could've been way cooler if they made the monk more close to real life, by having him not need weapons to fight, and thus be the only class that doesn't need weapons (maybe even armor, or make the monk's armor always be enchanted cloth of some kind, even the best ones, but I think that having an armor on you, even for a monk, is much more in keeping with the spirit of the diablo universe, so giving the monk some metal pieces in his armor is ok all in all). You'd gain damage increases through your skills somehow.
Or maybe just get an option to 'hide' the weapon so you don't see it. You still have it in the inventory but won't see it when fighting. So from visual perspective it's bare hands fighter :) Sure, such option should be configurable.
I´m sure that we will get used to this sooner or later. If Blizzard thinks this´s the best thing to do to Monks then that´s how it´s going to be.

Most of us haven´t even tested the game yet, it´s another thing to watch a clip on Youtube than playing it for yourself.

Many orders do in fact train with weapons in real life so it's not all that surprising to see it included. It's almost more rare with bare-handed only, although I guess not needing weapons as you put it is also accurate :) I think it's safe to say that kind of warrior-monk is what inspired the d3 one at least...

That said I don't really mind the idea of bare-handed only; personally I would have loved to see at least staff and polearm animations as well but the other weapons I think are fine left sheathed.
I can agree to show daibo/fist weapon (but dunno how this would work probably whole new animations would be necessary) on skills but nothing else. Swords, axes etc just dont fit the monk "style" in game. Sure they train them in real life but in d3 monks are emphasised as fist fighters. And thats what im sticking with. I also accept daiblos because they fit.

And i like monk as a fist fighter. Its just pure badassery to kill stuff with fists and kicks.

i hope blizz will add more animations for weapons i.e staff or else i will end using fist weapons only, i hate it to have a nice daibo for trinket purposes only :/
I think that in harmony with blizzard intentions, the monk is a fast paced, combo user, who is trained with unarmed and armed combat.

I mea, c'mon, you got punched, stabbed, sweeped, kicked-in-the-face and punched again in the time you say "argh". How cool is that?

I think the best course of action would be to have some abilities, or some level of attacks to use weapons and others don't. For example: a combo chain's first two attack would not use weapon, but the third would.
There should at least be combat animations for staffs. Not having them for swords and the like makes sense, but staffs are very much monk weapons.
Differance of monks is this, Using weapons will ruin epicness of monks.
well he does spin his staff in few parts here

but agree that some animations should have staff included :)
To be honest with you, for me it´s not a big issue that he does not use his weapons while fighting.

It´s quite the same when you are for exampel a Warlock or a Mage. How often do you use your wand really?

You just have it for the stats, and look.

Same will be about Monk as a class.
The issue for me isn't that he only uses his hands, that's badass tbh. The issue for me is that when he's in combat the monk will run around with his weapons in his hands, which will then teleport to his back when he attacks, then reappear in his hands afterwards. Just, either make weapons invisible and only have them on monks for stats, or just keep them sheathed. Please.
28/12/2011 21:19Posted by Hulaman
It´s quite the same when you are for exampel a Warlock or a Mage. How often do you use your wand really?

well warlock and mage are casting classes, you cant expect to use staff or wand when you have fire ball or smting else to cast, monk is fighting class , who uses his weapons to kill, not magic, so it would be nice to have few skills with monk where he uses his weapons in this case staff :)
No caster classes can use weapons too, They can throw fireball from their staff which would make fireballs stronger.
Monk is just same as wizard/warlocks he uses his weapon to gain power but doesnt uses it in fight, His power is his spirit. (Watch monk trailer he uses his power at his hands to deal damage dont just punch)
Hey just found this post from Bashiok on the US forums. (

Stating that (for now) there will be no Weapon animations for Monks. I am actually(for now) ok with that since he is a martial arts fighter and its fine with me if hes using his fist and kicks to slay evil, but and I cannot stress this enough please leave the weapons on the monks back/side all the time.

It just looks ridicoulus that he runs arround killing everything with his bare fists but as soon as the demons are dead takes his weapon in his hand just for the kicks?! What are you thinking about this? I cant post this on the American forums so if anyone that can agrees with me pls do so since we all know how regular EU forums are visited by blizzard.

And if you dont agree with me pls do tell why, I cant wrap my head around this and it anoys me very much.

So in short, if we wont get weapon animations pls let the weapons always be holstered!!
Weapon animations for only Wall of light and Seven sided strike would be nice
weapon animations are definitively on their to do list. at least in theory:

Unfortunately we never managed to get these implemented. They were a really cool idea, but a pretty huge amount of work. The one we showed of the siegebreaker was a scripted sequence we set up specifically for that video. It was never implemented, and never actually worked without someone sitting there typing in a bunch of commands to get it all to fire off properly. It's still something we'd like to do, though.

All things considered there are just higher priority tasks sometimes. We'd love, for example, to have the monk display his weapons during all of his skill animations. But it's an enormous animation and effects investment to get it done, and we have to weigh all of these things against other features and polish. A lot of the skills we could improve have multiple animation sets, multiplied twice for each gender, and then multiplied by each weapon type he can equip. That can be 40 or more unique animations, and then there's a full FX pass, approvals, QA testing, etc. etc. and that'd just be for 1 skill.
We have our wish lists, but it's a balancing act of resources. Ideally our choices when balancing go toward setting realistic limitations, and producing the best game possible.


its not a fact but i think monk animations will come one day (release, patch, addon ...)

EDIT: didnt read the link @cabak, my bad. but nevertheless encouraging.
same as casters on wow having their staves strapped on their backs while casting. makes no sense to me it should be used as a lightning rod of magical power. :P

but with monk, i do like the punches n kicks
i do think a top end spell or two that differ depending on weather you have staff/fist weap equipped would be nice.
31/01/2012 02:52Posted by Cabak
So in short, if we wont get weapon animations pls let the weapons always be holstered!!


Though tbh I would prefer always holstered weapons to weapon animations, as bare fist fighting is what makes monks so badass in the first place.

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