D3 Game Lobby Screen should look like this!

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Chat field is too big.

Talk less play more!

But an idea never the less.
The D3 Lobby should look like this:


The chat itself could probably have tabs or whatnot. Also, I imagined that when you join a party or create one, the little 'avatar lineup' at the bottom would switch to your party's avatars (since there isn't much room behind your guy anymore lol). Then you could use the tiny arrow button next to "Monk Chat (1)" (which would say "Party") to switch back to avatars in the chat channel.

Also not really sure what "Leave Chat" would do... maybe or maybe not downsizes chat window, but it would take you out of the channel, leaving you to still type to friends/party.

Edit: The pedestal is because I had already traced out that guy and didn't want to do it again for one without a pedestal, though I probably should have. Try and imagine it's not there.

Mockup by OneTwoSC
from: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/35494-new-battlenet-mockup/page__p__761197#entry761197

feel free to post comments and suggestions.
Fine by me.

- The idea of having an ad for the RMAH on an item which is good for your current level/character
- A chat window/party lobby in the character screen


- Chat window too big
- Bottom left character panel adds too much clutter
- Stats in the bottom middle feel too compact to be meaningful in the character screen
- The chat bar/diablo face is too messy for my tastes
I like it.
I fail to see anything positive about it..and how it could improve a chat system in a game that limits u to 4 players anyway.
This is made by 1 guy in probably 1 hour so cut the bs. Everything is better then the abortion of the chat we got from SC2.
Why was the image removed?
21/02/2012 15:32Posted by Shaft
Why was the image removed?

This is made by 1 guy in probably 1 hour so cut the bs. Everything is better then the abortion of the chat we got from SC2.

love it how you think photoshopping a image takes equally amount of time it takes to actually program it in so it works properly.

Hint: takes quite awhile.

Though I don't see the reasons to actually see each other characters, just seems pointless to me and was pointless in d2 aswell..
it's a fun mechanic though which should be implemented after the release or if they got time.

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