Pick your two favorite classes

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Like Bashiok over in the US, we're also curious to see your choices on this; You can pick two options, and the poll is going to be open for about 48 hours. Remember peeps, this poll has nothing to do with anything, it's just for fun :)

Note: The poll only refreshes votes every few minutes so it may not update with your picks right away.
Pick your two favorite classes
Poll ended on 02 Mar 2012
Can I pick the Wizard twice? I mean, you can double the radius on Arcane Orb, so it seems only fair.
I absolutely loved the monk and barbarian. They really give the "Diablo" experience. (I'm a close range fighter, get out with your silly wands and bows) :)
Wizard and Barbarian. They will rule all!
Demon Hunter and Wizard.. best classes in the game <3
Monk with 28% (atm) votes is kinda weird, most boring class imo.
Demon hunter and Witch doctor. After that it's Barbarian.
Gotta be Monk and Barb, with Wizard a REALLY close third.

Monk for the win tho, LOVE that class <3
I can see just my votes -.-
First Monk after that Demon Hunter or Barb, can't decide right now.
Barbarian then Witch Doctor
29/02/2012 14:52Posted by D3BETA

29/02/2012 14:54Posted by Tiberius
Barbarian then Witch Doctor

+1 :)
*Fill in two highest rated* ---> Incoming nerfbat!
Picked just 2 random. In the end i will end playing all classes.
Wizard with a Lazor ofc
Yer' a Wizard 'Arry!
witch Doctor all the way.
Real men play Witch Doctors!

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