Uber build !

Witch Doctor
What do we recon to this build then =)?


Gone for a very high damage build with the idea of using a lot of poison ability's to give the debuff.

Fire bats is powerful after last patch so no brainer there.

Got hex as I think this is a great CC ability that also has the poison run on it as the spell should be pretty much spam able, so explosions of poison gas yes please.

Then mass confusion for some extra damage % on the mobs as well as % chance they turn and fight.

Wall of zombies for slow

Annoying little fetishs to do great damage and 2 to apply more poison.

Only down side for me on this build is 1 v 1, this seems to preference groups, but hey hopefully I will have a fat barb and monk to meat shield for me in inferno ;)
Not a bad build at all, good luck with it.

Pls do not call it UBER BUILD! People will get confused.

All your defense has high CD. With low resi and no way to get away you will die very quickly in high difficulty level. Don't believe a "tank" can hold aggro against everybody, this is not wow.

You put far to much into damage. This is why they said:"You will all die in inferno..."

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