Big Gameplay Problems Imho.

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I think there are two main problems in D3 gameplay.

The 1st is the targeting system. I played D2 and I like so much that system, but in D3 I see some "movement and attack" problem, this is one of several threads in us.forums that speak about it:

Diablo 3 Targeting vs Diablo 2

The 2nd problem is the possibility to swap skill during the game, in a bad UI also. I think the game will be a lot less fluid, and not good overall. I suggest to eliminate the possibility to swap a skill during a single dungeon or a single mission.
That ruins also some slightly RPG aspect of the game.

This is one of several threads about this argument:

Skill swapping is too easy/fast

Tell what do you think about. I don't like D3 atm, in my opinion these two aspects are really important to fix, I'd like to hear some critic but constructive messages about it.

Thank you.
Skill swapping is penalized.
Targeting system is flawed , and i think it has come to Blizz atention , hopefully it will be fixed before releaase.

Skill swapping works good atm. If you change a skill , the new skill will be available after some time , or if you change a skill at lvl 60 , your nephalem valor buff resets , so it works good.
I agree with the target system to some degree, I dont think it will really hinder me all that much but it is definitely annoying.

I disagree about skill swapping though, I think its great. I disliked it before the nephalem valor buff was introduced, as there was really no reason to think about your skills and just adjust them according to your encounter. Now there is a good incentive to stick to your skills while still allowing great experimentation before endgame.
Skill swaping should not be changed, its there to prevent swaping back and forth for each encounter although that is still possible *though with the current cool down*

Target system could be a good deal more accurate because it feels like it helps to a certain point where you no longer require the *broad target area* and want more accurate.

Though the option to choose whether to have it or not should be implimented so that if you have some sort of disabling effect and actually need *broad targeting* at all time.
And or just new to games.
Skill swapping is fine imo.

1) You gimp your chance on getting good drops when swapping.
2) You can't swap out a skill that is on cd.
3) After swapping you have the 'swap cd' itself.
4) same goes for changing a rune on a skill.
Skill swapping is fine as is.

The targeting system I agree needs improvement.

Trying to path my way through mobs is a real chore since the target box is so large. Directional AoE attacks also don't function well with the current system and often don't go in the direction that we're actually pointing at with the cursor.
Just found the video about the targeting system. Holy !@#$ that's bad. Really hope they fix that soon. Does indeed look like it's made for consoles. It's just weird and unnecessary for a mouse, and might even hinder us.
It completely destroys the reason why I prefer computer games over consoles. The precision of the mouse. That precision is no longer needed, why even have a mouse cursor? Might as well make it completely auto aim now .___.
Targeting system seems to be a big issue, but the Nephalem Valor buff should reduce the instant freespec issue at high levels.
So its basically hard to pinpoint a target among many, thats the problem?
Having watched every youtube video under the sun I love the skill swapping system. It's so fluid and simple to change around and sample everything

I just finished a d2 playthrough with a fire sorc.. I'd really like to try out some other combinations of skills though.. oh wait... I can't.
06/04/2012 19:10Posted by Victory
I just finished a d2 playthrough with a fire sorc.. I'd really like to try out some other combinations of skills though.. oh wait... I can't.

Yes you can 3 re-specs per difficulty from den of evil quest in act 1, plus token of absolution farmed in hell quite easily.
Fanboys can't analyze an aspect of a game, please stay out of comments.

For all the others, I just asking two features:

1) 1 Build = 1 Mission

So, u can yet use 290'28590843590435 combinations, but not changing them in a single mission/dungeon/arena/etc.

2) More customization about Hotkeys/Attacks/Movements

So let to choose at the player if he want to play in one way or in another.

For example, I like move with left-mouse and attack with right, one hotkey to change the skill in the right button, etc, etc.

I think with these 2 options, the game is 10x better.

P.S. Read and understand the questions, before answers.
agree that targeting is bad atm, it's most obvious on ranged chars and not to bad on melee.

the skill swapping I don't agree is a problem, I like it the way it is now. the UI could be better but the system is good.
06/04/2012 15:49Posted by ButtahMonkey
Does indeed look like it's made for consoles.

Um why? If the console port is any good there won't be any need for a targeting hitbox on the cursor because there won't be a cursor.
06/04/2012 23:19Posted by D3BETA
Does indeed look like it's made for consoles.

Um why? If the console port is any good there won't be any need for a targeting hitbox on the cursor because there won't be a cursor.

since there was a mention of console people blames everything for it to be console like...
I don't get that.

They have said themselves that D3 on consoles WON'T be a port... it will be made from scratch with it's own coding to suits the consoles needs... They will change some things like how you control character and such to fit consoles.

Stop bringing it up now, please :(
Damn... that looks so annoying. Why would they change something like that? Half the game is about aiming your skills! This sucks so bad. I hope there will be a way to turn sticky targeting off.

I mean sure, give me hints and tooltips, but let *me* handle the frickin pointer! Please! Dont guide my hand while Im playing.

For instance, if I wanna hit a spot between a barrel and a monster with an arcane orb to get em both I wont be able to because the orb will go straight onto the monster even though Im aiming in between.

My suggestion to Blizzard is:
Include an option to turn Sticky Targeting off
Reduce hitbox size to preserve the thrill of aiming.
Agreed, its like autoaim in FPS games. It just screws everything up.
Is it a flaw.. or did they seriously make the targetting system this bad by purpose? Hope not :c
Gief D2 targetting, and i'm happy!

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