The Art of War: Barbarian

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Advanced Game Mechanics

Magic Find:

Magic find is an attribute that can only be found on items. It comes in percentage and does sum up. The number is not your absolute chance to find magic items. It is a factor that does increase your chances to find magic or better items from monster or chests or other container in the gameworld. Every object and monster has a certain base chance to drop better than avarage items, these base numbers are multiplied by your magic find. The chance to find a specific item ( for example one special legendary axe you search for) is also modified by the monster class and if it is elite and of course the monster lvl and the item lvl.

Basic example, numbers are made up for understanding:

Lvl 51 Zombie, Chance to drop:
magic: 3%
rare: 0.1%
legendary: 0.0001%

Your hero has +200% magic find this changes the numbers to:
rare: 0.3%
legendary: 0.0003%

Magic find does not make the items the monster can drop "better" but it increases the chance to find the best items it can drop.

Skill Scaling:

This one is actually not proven yet. But we have several hints that this mechanic is part of the game. Effects/Skills/Runes that are bound to happen on a special trigger like on hit or on critical hit seem to have an build in skill scaling factor. Exceptions are cases where it is stated that it always happens on trigger or on death effects like Rupture.
One example where we were able to confirm this is +health on hit from items. CyberianK made a nice test run for us to confirm the proc on several skills. It did show that the bigger the aoe of an skill was the smaller the actual proc number became. In this case it did proc on every attack but with smaller numbers than you would expect.
Rune effects like Into the Fray do state in their description that they will not always proc but with a certain chance. This chance will be linked to the skill you use to get the proc.
This mechanic is needed to balance the game. If not many aoe abilities or attacks that use high speed animations would otherwise break the game balance.

link to the test numbers from CyberianK:

Stacking of dots:

Damage over time effects do not stack in diablo 3. Everytime you use the same dot on the same target you do only reset the timer to the maximum duration. This does prevent extreme damage numbers from long time dots. The dot effects are balanced to make good damage over a loger time allowing you different actions in the mean time. They have the best damage to cast time ratio.

Dual Wield:

Because many players are badly informed how dual wield works I decided to include a short chapter about it at this point.

If you carry one weapon in each hand you get a 15% speed bonus that does get sumed up with the gear speed bonus (pls look at attack speed calculation for reference). Attacking while dw does alternate the weapon you use to attack.
You do not attack with both weapon at the same time. Many high damage skills use always the damage from the main hand. This was introduced to make dw more reliable.
Because of the way attack speed is calculated you can get very high aps. With Frenzy full stack and high end equip even 5 attacks are possible if not caped somewhere.
When you reach very high attack speed you will run into an loss of efficiency with most builds. If your build does rely on build up and burn phases you will shorten those times to a point that you start to waste time with to much build up or to fast spender spamming while the target mob is already dead. If you run into this problem you should favor damage and defense over more attack speed. Builds without any resource managemant like fury less builds do gain the full benefit of attack speed as they can spam their main attacks without break.

Life Leech

Life Leech is the ability to converte a percentage of the damage you deal in +hp for you. This works with all your damaging skills and can be granted from items or skills. Life Leech gets passivly deminished every difficulty level to counter high damage builds which could achieve 9 or 12% ll with dps numbers close to 100k.

Life Leech Effectivity:
normal = 100%
nightmare = 70%
hell = 40%
inferno = 20%
thx to vael who tested this numbers!

to be continued.
Now I'm turning red. I'm embarrassed. Thx for the praise.

Well... i can only speak for myself, but i guess i could say that the Barb community on this forum, as a whole, greatly appreciates and values your time/effort and brain cells.
And, as a side note, your English is wunderbar.
I haven´t stated this yer, but your short stories are most welcome. A delightful way to kill time before it´s kill time!
Nice a short story and another game post both in one evening.
What's with those short Barb names starting with G? Mine will be Gror. :-)

Thx boys. I'm really happy you like it.

Each of these "short" stories only took three hours straight writing. oO

I hope to ad more mechanics in the future but right now we have only so much info. More than adding new ones, confirming and adding some math will be a big part after release.

I will have my hands full and as I already stated I will need some help.

But you are right like everybody I also just want to beat the !@#$ out of the hell spawns and collect LOOOOOOOOOOOOT.

Right now I'm reall torn between my burst wiz and my crimson hammer barb for my first. This torture!

Edit: barb names with G. You can call them even with clinched teeth or while drinking beer or eating raw meet or you can scream them really loud...GHARRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Right now I'm reall torn between my burst wiz and my crimson hammer barb for my first. This torture!

Same for me. But I decided to start with male Barb. Just for the first playthrough to 60 and all the blood and pain when first going to the higher difficulties. Would feel pity for the female wiz I play after :-).
Plus I usually can identify more with the story and feel better when I achieved sth. when playing a handmade class.
But teleporting to 60 with some XP gear shortly after my Barb.
Thanks for the post Rhaloz, tons of good info.

Some comments:
In the section "In the Heat of Battle - The situational barbarian skills"
You mention multiple times combining Overpower and Revenge, that's not possible, they are both might skills, you can pick only one of them

For Revenge it may be worth to mention a drawback: it forces you to alternate your eye attention from the battlefield to the skills bar to watch for the procs. For some people that may be ok / no problem, but for me it was very bothersome, I dropped the skill because of that.


You can combine skills from the same category if you deactivate the guidance system from d3 in the option menue (forgot the actual name of the option..). Actually an often asked question...maybe I should ad it to basic mechancis...

Revenge: Yeah could be right. The animation is a bit weak right now. Blizz should boost it to make it more apearant. Good thinking. I will not ad it at this time but if Blizz does not chnage it some time after release I will ad this info to this skill.

The barbarian Hoggar has 70% armor mitigation, a shield with 20% block and 10% dodge through dexterity. As a barbarian he also gains 30% damage reduction against every source.

Compared to physical melee damage:
With the assumption that the full damage can be blocked with the shield we see that Hoggar gets only 15% damage from physical melee attacks.

Hi Rhaloz,

Firstly great thread, much apprieciated.

My question: re the above - how does physical resistance come into effect? such as the 50% resistance from the barb shout (cant remember rune name)? does that equate to:

100*(1-(1-0.7)*(1-0.2)*(1-0.1)*(1-0.3)*(1-0.5)) = 92.44%

or is it worked out differently?



Before I answer pls tell what skill/rune.
Skill: War Cry
Rune: Impunity

The below is your comment re the rune:

Impunity: 50% more resistance! And its all even physical resistance. Instead of increasing your overall damage you can plan to gear for special zones with known damage types. A high resistance gear stup and good physical resistance can make this rune to the most wanted rune in your setup. Combined with Superstition you can take on act bosse from the "heavy elemental damage" typ without breaking a sweat.

Okay i thought so. This rune multiplies your resistance by 1.5 . It does not give overall 50% resistance but increases the resitsance on your equipment.

And know to your original question. Yes resistance is also added multiplicative.

With the new inferno numbers I fear we all need to stack the resistance high in addition to armor. 20k critter damage is just a bit too high to ignore.

Now I made this screeshot from a d3 beta.
Why? Because its cool AND it shows chain effect and crits from explosive bolts.
Why should you care? Because it is the same mechanic as Rupture.
And did I mention it looks cool?

The effect was made by one cast of Explosive bolts in the dense mob pack the player first gathered.

Yeah my first picture upload. Where is the cake?


I want to promote some less used concepts for build making. Most barb builds are "stand your ground" setups. This is absolutly okay. The barb has many skill that let him stand right in the middle of a storm of steel and he is able to take a stroll through a razor forest while humming "Wonderful World".

Another approach is the hit and run concept. Instead of taking on all enemies directly you use mobility and CC to split up enemies . The goal is to only fight under conditions you choose. Such builds lack the brutal power of "stand your ground" builds but they excell in defusing difficult situations through tactical utility. The main strategy is "divide and conquer". Splitting up grps and taking out smaller parts safely with CC or raiding weak ranged enemies while avoidung melee attacker are basic example for such a strategy.

You may need a bit more time in a fight but you will live quiet safer. This of course is only true if you can make use of all your skills to the max. Are you prepared for high speed tactical combat and razor edge decisions?

Example: Skirmisher!bfZ!ZbbYcY

Those of you who already have quiet some knowledge about barb build making will be able to understand the build in a blink. For all the other I will explain a bit.

As we do not intend to fight all the mobs in the world at the same time or even better not to get hit at all we have less defense skills than SYG setups. But we still need defense as boss mobs hit hard and sometimes you are just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
War Cry+Impunity and Nerves of Steel are our only real defense upgrades.

Speed is most important for hit and run. In this cas I choose Marathon instead of a CD based mobility skill. Add some +speed from gear and you will be faster than anybody. This will allow you to always use your speed to your advantage. Marathon must be fueled and so we need a bit fury. The bonus for this skill is that it will cut down our overall travel time and so increase our overall real dps in a run.

Onslaught and dual wield will give us major single target damage to take out even the strongest guys fast. In addition we will get a good amount of fury once we hit the 3 or 4 attacks per second mark. Besides Marathon we will fuel our main damage dealer.

Rend-Lacarate. Very high damage over 3 seconds as dot. Minimal fury cost and the option to deal damage on a mob while doing something running to the rest of the mob pack and hitting them in the face. Apply Rend on mobs and get to the next grp. The damage per cast is high enough to kill critter mobs even in inferno in one go. Touch and Go.

The Harpoon is most important to safely split up grps from the distance. Aim well and use the best firing position. Draw in dangerous caster and finish them before the "real" fight starts or catch some minions away from a boss to take them out before you take him down. No Escape will allow you often to drag some more mobs into your reach. The added fury income is also nice.

Revenge Grudge is the breaker skill. When things go south or if you need to split up many mobs put Grudge to work (drop Rend before) and advance to single mobs and take them out bit by bit. The nice heal is also very welcomed.

Get +hp on hit and life leech on items. High crit and crit damage is also nice.

This is only one way to achieve a hit and run build. There are many more and you should try to figure out what kind of skills you want to use. The effectivity of your setup is mostly up to. Make smart decisions and chain your CC and movement in the best way and plan ahead. This playstyle is more demanding but you should have a great amount of fun.
Thanks for your efforts. I really like this thread.

I do not like your last build however because you don't have any slow ability. Even if you assume that you just wait for your enemies to die by rend damage you need some time to deal a few hits to generate some rage. Assuming you will run away for a full sprint duration at 150% speed you will only have 2.5 seconds to deal with your foes until you are surrounded by everything you left behind.
I agree that it may work, but it is a very fast paced build with no ability other than revenge knock-back to give you some space to take a breath.
Smallest tweak should be using threatening shout - intimidate (instead of war cry) before sprint. Sprinting for 5 sec vs 70% movement you would have about 5.7 sec before the slowed mobs reach you.
Hey Rhaloz,

First let me join the choir and thank you for your amazing work in this thread and the forums. The wealth of information and discussion is a great way to pass the time untill the game is finally here.

That said, your Skirmisher build gave me an idea for a similar concept, but with a few key changes:!bXc!ZYZbca

This build is also based around your idea of jumping in, using rend, and jumping to another group, but it's a bit more defensive minded, as I'd hate having to rely on "skill shots" with Ancient Spear, as well as getting lucky with crits to proc No Escape.

Instead of Sprint I took Charge/Merciless Assault as a combo AoE and mobility tool. I then noticed that Rend is the only fury spender, so I decided to change the rune to Mutilate to further reduce the Fury expenditure and add in Berserker Rage, as I could probably regain max fury quite quickly between Rend applications.

With Threatening Shout/Intimidate I also gain a slow and further damage reduction, which supports the concept of jumping between groups and applying Rend. I therefore decided to take Inspiring Presence to be able to slow more groups at a time.

I think this build might work with a 2hander in Inferno, but I guess that would require some very nice defensive gear.

What do you think?

@Charnel: As I stated there are many ways to do it and I like my approach. Normaly the fight starts with a Harpoon and some fast kills. When the rest shows up Rend+Grudge and some more fast kills. I think this kind of build needs to be seen in action to be valued. OF course it is more demanding for the player as you need to think ahead whom to attack, where to run and what to do next. You need to know monster abilities and the best way to beat them. There is not one "overall" answer. Concerning the slow. Indeed a slow would be nice but I can not make the sacrifice. I just do not have the slots. But thxs for reading and comenting. More opinions enrich the comunity.

@PooSlapper: A neat idea. I saw something comperable some time ago. Merciless Assault is really powerful but has one drawback. If you can not hit enough monster you will be stuck with base speed and you may be prey to mobs. The next problem is Berserker Rage. With a 2h weapon and decent gear you will need about 2 seconds to get up to max again. As you will refresh Rend quiet often (several grps etc) your BR uptime will be rather low in the end.
Go for dw and or ad Mighty Wepaon master instead of Inspiring presenc to get faster max fury. The problem here is now that you produce high fury without much use for it. The better way I think is Ruthless or Weaponmaster with a damage increasing weapon. This gives 100% uptime and no fury problems. My thoughts.

and thx@all.
Somewhere in the depths of this thread there was meantioned that +X Attacks (Kings affix, not Haste%) works on both weapons when dualwielding.
Now browsing through diablonut I can't find the kings affix on weapons. Instead there is superiour AS on there which has the same effect.
I am not sure now if this affix is Masterwork only meaning white items.
Can anybody confirm seeing a magic or rare item with this on it? I do not remember from beta.

Here what I did come up with trying to find out maximum Attack Speed from items:

I already mentioned this in another thread but blizz did some deep changes to affix system without telling anybody. ;)

They reduced the affixes per item by 33-50% overall. Many effects can only be found on special item slot now. Speed was hit and other dps increasing stats too. The monk has lost nearly all +spirit reg on items but his own special equipment.

I believe that the superiour AS will do the trick too and I do think you can get it on blue and rare ones too. But can not confirm it fo 100%.

I'm a bit sad they reduced the affix list per item so strong but on the other hand I think it was needed for balance. Before the changes you could get easily 100% speed from items. This change does for sureboost the worth of Frenzy. With lesser overall speed we can hope to see Frenzy(Maniac) on par with Bash(Onslaught) in far more cases.

The other reason I think they did this was to promote legendaries stronger. For once they will be able to have bigger bonus stats and for anther they will most likely have stats on them you could normally not find on the particular item slot. Like boots with +crit.

I still believe that there are special restrictions on affix combination on items. Like only one element per weapon or only one affix with dex etc.

Also the planer on diablonut is not complete and does not count many things in like dual wield. With only a few days left we can only wait and see what comes of it.
ok, where are those stone cookies? :)

you did a very nice job gathering all this info in a single thread, gz :)

concerning the limitation on affixes of items :
you will have a main bonus - the base stat of a class
you will have some secondary stuff like the bonus weapon speed
you will have some non-combat bonuses - magic find, health regen etc.

I do not see Blizzard allowing for a random item to have 3 out of 6 random bonuses boost base stats like strength. Most probably you will have one of each main bonuses and a few secondary - will probably get intelect, weapon damage/speed, and 4 more less-combat-more-welfare stats.

I'm curious if there will be a rage generator bonus on items :)

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