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I've got massive FPS lag, even in menu cinematics, even in Diablo 3 intro. I had same issue on beta.

Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
2x2GB 800MHz DDR2
Zotac GeForce GTX 470 AMP

Even Crysis 2 runs on everything maxed, but D3 is freezing even in everything on low settings. Any help? :(
Obviously your computer can't handle the awesome that is Diablo 3
Impossible, my PC looks like an old Russian tank and it's loud like one. And tough like one!

Any ideas anyway? xd I'd like to play it, but with 4 fps no matter of what it's impossible
This is the least legit post I've ever seen.
There is and FPS limiter in the options. Do you have that lag all the time, or only when not focusing the game? Cause by default, when the game isn't in focus, there is a 8 FPS limit
It's lagging all the time.

@Awm - why? It's just weird.

Menu and character creation screen isn't lagging, but when I'm ingame it does lag. And even cinematics are lagging.
My ping is low.
I have the same problem and my pc is pretty much at the same level as yours...
I am having the same problem... Can't get into the game yet but I had the problem with the BETA and now the cinematics stutter like crazy.
Hi there,

If you're getting lagging even in the cinematics, it usually implies the download never completed fully.

Can you please open the Launcher, and see if there's a download still available? Please let it finish, if there is an extant download.
I'm getting lag also. I made sure my download was completed. Intel i7 2.8 ghz Mac OS X 10.7.3 8GB RAM. Tried restarting my computer, still have issues.
Got the same issue! really annoying it happens when i enter a new area my pc handles far heavier spec games but Diablo seems to hit it hard :(
its nothing to do with underpowered machines, mines running at 40fps in combat all high settings, amd athlon single core processor 3400, 2 gig of ram, nvidia geforce 9800gt and windows xp sp3.

My problem is occasional lag spikes every 5 mins or so.

Edit to add to this i got the my processor is below minimum requirements message too : P
I'm also lagging on Diablo 3 Terribly, I'm running a dell computer with a great graphics card.... What is this?... I cant even play.. 4-5 FPS!!
Lag town here too!

*Seems* odd considering there is practically no load times between areas and cinematics are buttery smooth... it is distinctly like Diablo 2 multiplayer lag where you see your character run up and then they are suddenly reset to their original position / OR where you swing at an enemy and then both the character and the enemy stand there for several seconds and then the enemy suddenly dies.

Would *love* to see an offline mode for D3 single player so that these server issues would not be a problem -- could even involve logging in online and then playing offline...
Bump! More microstuttering or huge FPS Drop players please post here to make our anger know about this issue that has been around since Beta.
I also experience stuttering, even with Low FX checked, shadows off, and anti aliasing un-checked.

i5 2500 k CPU, GeForce GTX 580, 8 GB ram. Shouldn't be a problem at all....
Hello i got this bug aswell! not only in the movie but also in the game! everytime i clicked the mouse it had fps lag Also when i was installing the game i couldnt even open my google chrome because it was so slow...

i fixed this by restarting my computer(at least i think i fixed it..i cant go back in but i tryed to watch the movie again and it doesnt lag)
I too have this problem, and I'm running a very high end Alienware pc. A lot of slowdown and lag spikes.

I find it incredibly hard to believe that I can run crysis maxed out with no issue, but can't run diablo 3. What's going on blizzard?
I'm havin the same issue. What a bummer. My computer runs lol at 51 fps. I've played many pc games and I haven't seen this type of menu lag since the 90s. Wth! Help!

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