error 315300

Technical Support
incorect login information, but.... its corect
I get the same !@#$
me 2
Same, got this last night as well...
i getting this somethimes...
I know it! I used CTRL+C on the password field. This is incorrect. Type the pass to another field and copy it, than use CTRL+V.

I did get to play...for a while, then I alt tab out for a break and to check a website only to come back to five different messages not to mention the bull!@#$ authentication section, seriously, not needed, it should just take you directly to your character page when you log in.

What I find the most humorous is if you look at Blizzards sticky's on some of the issues they are so fast to blame you, check your firewall, your proxy, are your ports no Blizz, your just f***ed at bringing out a new game, get you damn act together, second life has millions more members than you will ever have yet they don't even need to shut down for maintenance, they never have any issues after updates and only ever have rolling restarts that last maybe 3 minutes and their platform is a thousand times more complex and advanced than yours could ever hope to be, frankly it's pathetic, if you aren't capable of doing something correctly, then don't do it...simple, yes?

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