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it's doing it all over again :(
Thanks for the heads up and sorry you guys cant play :( this should have been found along time ago..
This is !@#$? I buy a game so i can play it? Not so i just can have it? Next time use more betas! This is retarded.
!@#$ blizzard. stupid bug, give me my money back. GOD
have u tried un installing and re installing ?
I feel for you guys. I would be extremely pissed if this happened to me....
yes, i tried that. but the account is bugged now, cant loggin, the templar i overpowered.
Same problem, Demon Hunter with 1 handed crossbow and a shield, can't login back since this happened.
what can we do man?

Does blizzard knows the problem?
go here and bump the !@#$ out that thread so it gets finally fixed"
Was playing as a Demon Hunter, female ( with authenticator on my acount )
Was around lvl 10 in a cave the problem occured. Got a random better white buckler who i eq with my 1handed crossbow, then switch it from my inventory to the temblar.

Is this a demonhunter specific problem or?

US thread, I think we will have better luck there
Same problem, Demon Hunter I put the rare shield in my stash, and then while joining the game I was disconncted. Now I can't login back since this happened because of this error 3006.
So has this only happened to Demon Hunters (anyone not a DH) or just when swapping a shield from your hero to the templar. Feel for you guys, hang in there and thanks for alerting the rest of the community
in the other thread someoen said it happened to him as a wizard too.
i think its just everyone playing demon hunter lol
I was tried to join public game and it just keep loading. when I restarted game, I can't log in now. it shows Error 3006..... anyone can solve it?
only blizzard can solve it.
Do I need report to blizzard?
Got the same problem, Was playing as a Demon Hunter, portaled back to town to vendor items from catacombs level 4, told templar to leave so I could change his gear in town, gave him new spear and shield, after that all interactions ceased to function eg. talking/selling though could use skills. Logged out to Character Select screen to try to resolve issue and was met with Error 3006: The request has timed out. Restarted Diablo 3 to try and resolve issue and now cannot log into account at all to play on any character. Keep getting 3006: The request has timed out.
Bravo, this happened after selling the items, after telling the Templar to leave or after swapping items with the Templar?

If after swapping items did you swap a shield your DH had equipped or did you swap from your main inventory?

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