Can't find game key?

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Hey,<br/><br/>I bought the game and downloaded it all yesterday via Blizzard- I've gone to install, and it asks me to Activate Diablo 3- so I click the button and it takes me to somewhere I need to enter a Game Key- but I can't for the life of me find out where this game key is supposed to be- anyone know where to locate it?
Hey Sorin,

I've been having the same problem for like 30 minutes now and finally found this on the Blizzard support website:

"If you purchased or pre-ordered Diablo III through our online store or are part of the WoW Annual Pass promotion, you will not have to enter an Authentication Key to activate the game license for your account, this was done automatically during the purchase process. Once you have installed the game, simply log in with your credentials."

We should be good to go? I'm installing now and will let you know!

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