Cant retrieve Hero List...

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Can someone help me....i installed the game on my laptop and started to play, when i get home i installed the game on my homedesk pc and im not able to retrieve the hero list...whats going on? should the list be available everywhere we log our account?
Are you getting stuck on the log inn, or do you get logged inn, but the character list is empty?

If your character list i empty, check Option - Account: and check what server your connecting too. This may be different from the computer you have played on.
I have same problem too. But i played the before this error.
Stuck the login method in "retrieving the hero list"..
In the web site i see my heroes correct, but the game is stuck...
Please help
Same problem :(
I have the same issue at the moment, stuck on retrieving hero list
Same thing here SOS!
is the server down?
same here!! wtf's goin' on!
Seems like it is staying forever on my account and doesn't retrieve the hero list.
They already know of this issue and say they are working on it
same here WTF have u done?
Have same probs damn .. !
Same here
i have the same problem :(
i hope they will fix it soon
10/11/2012 13:06Posted by Caulfield
They already know of this issue and say they are working on it

Then they working bad and i WANA PLAY
30 min max i understand from a friend
I'm also stuck at the "Retrieving Hero list"!
So maybe it's time for something to eat! =D
still not :S
already had something to eat because of the problem
still not fixed -.-
the same someone fixing the problem????

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