Where do the Blacksmith PLANS drop?

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reason for rarity would be fairly simple, it helps make you play through the game when it is still challenging.....when the legendary and patterns drop you can then give to an alt character so it is easier playing through the second time
In Act 1 butcher runs i got lots of exalted dreadshield/ exalted helmet/exalter chest gear plans.

theyre cheap to buy anyway tho, around 10-15k

never found a better 1
At first, u need lvl 10 blacksmithing before u begin finding plans.. ´
And then u need some magic find, get lvl 60, 10 bs, 70-90+ mf and then 5x15mf buff..
best place i have found so far is warden act1 inferno, he has given me 2 legendary 55+ items, adn 1 from butcher inferno..
I'm lvl 1 Blacksmithing and all three tiers of plans have dropped for me, so you don't have to be lvl 10 :p
17/05/2012 03:02Posted by LillRutger
Afriend I am playing with got one from act 4 normal. So I guess they drop randomly. This one was somewhat special too. You need the black mushroom, wirts bell and a few other things to make a 3.1dps grey staff. Nothing to do with the lack of a cow level I'm sure ;)

That recipe is dropped only from Izual. Account bound and is used to access Whimseyshire
2000+ elite kills and no recipe or legendary drop. Lol 100+ hours now
i'm level 53 playing Act 1 Hell and still no Plans dropped for me, more over killing Diablo on the nightmare did't drop a single yellow item :-(
well, i got no plans dropped till lvl 60 so i thought i have to be level 10 bs.
then realised that 1. there is nothing usefull for reaching lvl 10, 2. plans droprate is absurd poor and has nothing to do with your level of blacksmithing.

oh and yes, got my first plans today: some "exalted" shield i have problems to sell for 3k lol.
yeah that plan that izual drops is for the staff of herding to do the secret level
belial inferno and 2 level 60 characters up to there never seen a plan done plenty of neph valour runs aswll
besdies for staff of herding plan that is
act 1 inferno and not a single plan in sight :( i dont understand how im supposed to find 100 of them for the achievement.
I found two plans , both doing inferno butcher runs. Both have been dropped by the warden (the one you free by clicking 6 skeletons remain glowing green)

I would guess i made around 20 farm runs at max (Edit: butcher runs i mean.)

First Legendary item (no plan) i found in act 2 inferno opening a chest after spending over 20min killing champion flies dropped two blue items.

It all about luck luck and more luck :P

I have over 5000 elite kills , where i would estimate 4000 of em made by same char, my first char.

I certainly would have prefered more plan by now lol.
Hehe seems it helped getting some steam of on forums :P

Went into game after writing post.

I start on lvl 2 of butcher run, run throu killing it all. have 4 valor when i smack warden around, he drops !@#$. lvl 60 voodo mask, but iam monk :P

I go smack a regular skeleton using a bow . It drops "Plan: Exalted Sovereign Mail"

Just too bad i allready own it , as it was the first plan i found.
Strange actually because I was thinking the same recently. Have found a legendary item - just outside act 1 town, zombie dropped it.

But no craft recepies yet. But from what I've read is it even worth it? It'll cost a lot to create in the game right would I just be better off buying from the AH?
At first, u need lvl 10 blacksmithing before u begin finding plans.. ´
And then u need some magic find, get lvl 60, 10 bs, 70-90+ mf and then 5x15mf buff..
best place i have found so far is warden act1 inferno, he has given me 2 legendary 55+ items, adn 1 from butcher inferno..

This isn't true.

While MF/NV of course helps, you do NOT need any level of smithing to find plans.

I had several lvl 60 plans waiting for me to lvl smithing up to 10 before I could use them, pre lvl 60 character too at that point so no NV and near to no MF.

To date I've looted 16 rare plans and 9 legendary items.
Not one of either legendary items or rare plans have been worth a crap however.

FWIW, all my legendary items have dropped in either Highlands (on Nightmare and Inferno) or Desolate Sands (on Hell and Inferno). Not that it means anything.

Butcher, for me, has dropped nothing but crap. Warden however, due to the ease of swapping to full MF gear + 5 stacks for KB, is a loot pinata.
After watching my husband find 2 legendaries since we started playing, then my older son found one, then my younger son found one, im the only one playing three characters.at one time, up to level 32, 40, &45 now. I was mad! But last night I finally got mine...first I picked up captain crimsons set in dalgur oasis in khab? Tomb treasure cave after.fighting someone guarding a chest. Had the 25% treasure shrine active and I think I got it out of that chest or after fighting him. Then about 2 hours later I couldn't believe my eyes when I picked up cains set of 4 items plans, in the pot of gold in whimsyshire on normal. Two in one night! Both picked up by my wizard! They take up alot of subtle/shimmering essence to craft though. Bu.t hey at least I got something rare, my husband & boys got weapons they can't use. Yeah!
I've cleared all acts on two characters up to the butcher on inferno and I've never seen a plan drop. I leveled a large majority in coop and have artisan level 10 blacksmithing and still no luck.
hi guys,

i farmed inferno act1 quite a while with my bard, who got 230% magic find in full MF gear (but only 18k hp... but it works good enough).

I found about every armor recipe there is at least once (4 prop armor). I dont think any 5 prop can drop in act1, but not sure. On that runs I also picked up ~5 legendaries, all worth crap (best one sold for 75k). The recipies are also worth nothing, dont cry, just buy them for 5k at the AH and make crap weapons with them :P
I have a bit over 100 game hours,

I have now found 5 plans. 2 of them were duplicates. Most likely because for a long while i farmed Act1 inferno. Those had +4 random stats
1 plan from act2 with +5 random stats on wizzards offhand

Considering i have found 4 legendarys. consider plans to be just as rare.
6+ stat books drop in act 3 for sure, not earlier. My brother got one in the "barracks". Still we usually play 2-3 together its really hard. I'm just waiting for the patch more or less so the mobs gonna be slightly easier to kill (at least aint gonna hit more if you play together, just will have more HP), and the drops will be better.
Until then, KILL THE SIEGEBREAKER!!! :) It's better than Azmodan himself, regarding the drops as I heard. Though we killed him one time, just other friends of mine finished him like 4-5 times and not a time a useful item was dropped.

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