how long will servers be down this time??

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They won't.
A just question, my liege.
i wish i was dead
Should be back by morning/noon prolly
We should have an offline version so we don't have to wait around for this.
excuse me?
bump, would like some sort of time frame . just sayin
it said restart so u would imagine it wouldnt be too long, but then u need to remember the busy server bull that will probably occur for about 5-10 hours
I can't believe it. Launch for 3 days and how many times did the servers go down? What the heck did they do? All the times, it went down when most ppl be able to play (7pm + ). heck!
I am usually very patient with Blizz, but this is disgusting. Sort it out.
Damn. This time of night is when i can play the most. And last night the servers were shutdown. Tonight the same. Just sort it out, Blizzard.
This was on the Blizzard Twitter page, just posted, I bring it to you, the masses:

Unfortunately we've had a few delays in bringing the #D3 servers back online. No ETA yet, please stay tuned.
When did the servers come back last time?
We are Angry blizzard, please make an offline mode, Damn you blizzard!
Asia going strong with no down time.America and Europe down.
any1 know what is fixed this time ?
Yesterday they shut down with a warning 15 minutes before 04:00, same today. Yesterday they were back up @ 6:00 at least, if not before.
online game is nice when it wrks, this isnt pleasent at all blizz, get better reliability on the servers plz

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