Why is my Diablo 3 lagging?

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Hi all. I really like to play diablo 3 but its a shame its lagging on my computer. I will post my pc spec here so you guys can tell me where i need to upgrade my computer. I dont have that much money so hope it can be cheap. And one last thing, why is my ingame ping at 320 when i play on european server whit 20mbits connection?

My pc stats:

My System Specifications

Operating System:
Windows (Service Pack 1)
CPU Type:
Intel® Core™ i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz
CPU Speed:
3.09 GHz
System Memory:
3.93 GB
Video Card Model:
ATI Radeon HD 5570
Video Card Memory:
2.7 GB
Video Card Driver:
Desktop Resolution:
Hard Disk Size:
457.96 GB
Hard Disk Free Space:
77.65 GB (17%)
mines doing it too cant play like this i have similar set up to u
Your GPU is not the best one around BUT there are significant issues with performance that many people get anyway, regardless of their specs. I recommend to wait and see if the software issues get resolved, maybe new drivers will improve the situation as well.

I have Q6600, 4GB DDR2 and GTX460 - over recommended spec and the game regularly slows down to 10FPS.
Video Card Model:
ATI Radeon HD 5570

That's why.
The game even lags on my 5770 when we get into a HUGE fight with tonnes of particle effects.
320ping is coz servers full all the time, or your connection is not stable
i have freezes to

570gtx and a i5 2500k 4ghz and an ssd i dunno why ;f
Both your CPU and your graphic card is what i would rate as low/medium hardware for gaming and you don't mention the speed on your memory either it's a hardware failure and the only solution is to upgrade it or lower your graphic details more.
Do you mean LAG as in latency?

Or do you mean low framerates?

If you mean the former then your setup is not the problem, Blizzards servers are. This is a very important distinction if you're about to spend hundreds of Euros.

Lag (latency) and framerate are two very different things and rarely have any effect on each other.

Unless you intend to upgrade your hardware for improved framerates anyway, then do not waste your money because it will not solve the latency problems.
I am pretty sure he means FPS issues why would he post he's computer spec otherwise? mm :)
I'm pretty sure he means both, as he asked about both in the OP.
18/05/2012 09:04Posted by Denyus
I am pretty sure he means FPS issues why would he post he's computer spec otherwise? mm :)

Well 'lag' has always meant latency. Perhaps I'm a bit old school but thats how the nomenclature has always worked.

Also some people do not understand that latency is unaffected (indifferently anyway) by your hardware, other than your broadband connection.

I think it warrants a warning before he spends a lot of money. Don't you?
Hi. I have lags too

My computer is

AMD Phenom II X4
8gb ram
Radeon hd 6850
100mb connection.

Lagging and lagspikes
It's gots to be the server, I just upgraded my pc back in April. I too get lots of lag and I have a i7 2600 @ 4.0 ghz
680 Gtx
16 gb corsair dominator ram
1000 watt corsair power supply

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