BUG: Items that reduce level requirement don't do that

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I have 2 items that lower level requirements and i tried them out on my second lvl 52 character
One does
Level requirement reduced by 10
Another does
Level requirement reduced by 8

I have tried both items both separately and together.
I still cannot use items with that character that require lvl 53 and above

The items are usable by that class (i believe i must say this to discourage any misunderstanding)

I also do not know if this is a proper way to report a bug, but there it is.

Also if i misunderstood the meaning of the phrase:
Level requirement reduced by xxxxx
My apologies
Everything is working as intended. Tooltip shows required level after applying such bonuses. I.e if base item requires lvl 60 and it has reduced level requirement by 5 then tooltip will show that required level is 55.
as xenum said it reduces only the level requirement for that particular item not every item that you can equip

for instance lvl 50 ring has reduces item level by 10 for instance would mean that ring will now show it only requires level 40 but it wont reduce the level requirement of say a lvl 60 sword if your wearing the ring
Ok, sorry for my mistake then.
ur ok miss understood it myself when i first saw it till i saw a similar item with alot higher level and put 2 and 2 together :P

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